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4 December 2003

The December issue of Community News featured a
follow-up article by Paul Krupp on Dachau.

Mr. Krupp did inquiries to the City of Dachau about
the renovations of the concentration camp Dachau. Mr.
Krupp received a letter back from the city, that the
administration of the "Concentration Camp Memorial"
falls under the jurisdiction of the State of Bavaria
and the City of Dachau has nothing to do with it. The
City informed Mr. Krupp that his letter was sent to
the administration of the "Concentration Camp

But here is the news. In the letter sent from the City
of Dachau to Mr. Krupp, the city says they could give
some tips about the renovation. Newest research
reveals that, even though there was no "Dachau Gas
chamber", there were experiments with gassing.
According to their research, 30 people have been
gassed in Dachau. And this was the reason why the old
signs were removed and with the renovated "gas
chambers" now the new inscriptions are placed.

Incredibly, the City of Dachau, in its letter to
Krupp, also admits that the Americans between 1945 and
1965 have replaced many pieces of the concentration
camp. The City also admits that the now internment
camp for former SS members and the refugee camps for
ethnic cleansing was rebuilt in 1965.

The letter was signed by an Andreas Braeunling, City
Archivist, Dachau.

Paul Krupp points out that, with such liars, there
will never be a discussion, because it would be their


Another controversy is brewing in Europe over the
study on anti-Semitism. The World Jewish Congress
accuses the European Department for Observation of
Racism and Immigration Hostility, EUMC, of trying to
suppress the study.

15 members of the European Union (EU) states have been
included in the study and it was supposed to be
publicized in 2004.  However, mysteriously, the study
found its way to the Jewish World Congress, and was
publicized by the organization. The EUMC accused the
Jewish Congress of distorting the study, to give the
impression that anti-Semitism is on the rise. They
further accuse the Jewish Congress of publicizing the
study without permission of the EU. On the other hand,
Vice President of the Jewish Congress, Elan Steinberg,
fires back by accusing the EU of dishonesty and

It looks like that this study has also caused friction
among the different European Jewish organizations. The
French Jews refused to post the study on their site,
as well as the German Jewish Congress. The whole
controversy has forced the EUMC to place the study on
their website with comments of their own.

Interesting is that the study especially points out
that, because of the tremendous Arabic immigration to
Berlin, anti-Semitism has risen dramatically in

"It's not anymore Skinheads and Right-wing Extremists,
but young Muslim from the Middle East,"

says EUMC Director Beate Winkler.

Furthermore, the study points also out that
anti-Semitic conspiracy theories have reached new
heights and the typical anti-Semitic stereotypes about
the power of the Jews were sticking out especially.
Additionally, critic over the US support of Israel has
turned into hate towards Jews. The study says
anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism have become one and
the same in Europe.


Hitler's Art:

Much discussion has taken place about this subject.
The Jews have made it part of their demonizing and
even portray Adolf Hitler's background as artist in a
ridiculous way.

I am bringing this up because German's popular women's
magazine "Frau im Leben" did an investigative report
on the history of Hummel figurines, in lieu of the
66-year anniversary of Bertha Hummel, the real name of
Maria Innocentia Hummel.

In the report, the lie surfaced again that German
Reichs Kanzler Adolf Hitler considered the art of
Hummel as "decadent" (ent-arted). It's a bold-faced
lie that has served the denazification program of the
Germans well.

Today, still an incredible amount of Third Reich
artwork is locked up in the United States of America's
Pentagon. The excuse is that it is a danger to the
young people of the world. The truth - if the art
would ever be displayed, it would change the opinion
of the brainwashed world, concerning artwork during
Adolf Hitler's reign.

I am a Hummel collector, and have extensively research
the Hummel history. Most Hummel figurines from the
30's and 40's can be found in the US by the thousands,
in antique stores around the country. Literally
thousands and thousands of these Hummel figurines have
been stolen or looted by the US Army. Interestingly,
if you think that the "Frau im Leben" alleges that
Hummel art was illegal under Adolf Hitler. The truth
is pretty simple. Hummel figurines are a tradition in
Germany. They represent the innocence and childhood of
Germany. Hummel art is children art, in the best and
most glorious way.

Chancellor Hitler never opposed this form of art. In
fact, research reveals that the Chancellor had Franz
Goebel as his guest to praise the work of his
porcelain manufacturing plant in Roedenthal by Coburg.

It was in 1934 that Franz Goebel found some of the
Berta Hummel cards in a store in Munich. Berta Hummel
was born in 1909 in Bavaria. When she was a child, she
already drew pictures of children. Her family were
staunch Catholics, and encouraged Berta Hummel to
attend Munich's State Art School, where she graduated
with flying colors. After that, Berta Hummel applied
to the Franciscan Monastery in Upper Swabian, where
she was taken in. Shortly thereafter, she was renamed
to Maria Innocentia Hummel, hence the logo on Hummel
figurines, M.I. Hummel.

Important note: Goebel also produces the work of Berta
Hummel, before she went into the monastery, at a much
lower price than the M.I.Hummel collection.

Maria Innocentia Hummel became the drawing teacher for
the monastery's children school, and that is where
most of her own drawings originated. Little postcards
of children playing, chatting, praying, sitting, etc,
where used as gifts for guest.

That was when Franz Goebel discovered these postcards
in Munich in 1934. He was asking the order for
permission to created figurines, replicas, of these
postcards in his porcelain manufacturing plant. The
order vehemently denied permission, however, changed
their mind in 1935, and gave permission to produce the
first three figurines. The Violin Boy, the Wanderer,
and the Gaense Liesel! They became an instant hit with
the German population. Just in the first year, more
than 120,000 of these figurines were sold. Ooh - and
how can that be possible if Chancellor Hitler was so
opposed to the Hummel art?

It gets better, though, Franz Goebel, in 1936,
received permission to add an additional 47 different
figurines to his production. Of course, all in the
likeness of the drawings of Berta Hummel/Maria
Innocentia Hummel.

More than 500 different figurines, varying in height
and description were produced under the watchful eyes
of the "Nazis." Berta Hummel/Maria Innocentia Hummel
contracted tuberculosis and died on November 6, 1946
at the age of 37.

Chancellor Adolf Hitler was in fact a true admirer of
the beautiful art of Hummel. In 1936, Adolf Hitler
received an original copy of the Gaense Liesel, which
could be seen on his desk in the Reichs Chancellery.

For 66 years, the Goebel factory is now producing
Hummel figurines. Hummel figurines are the third
largest collectible item in the world. Still, today,
each new mold has to be sanctioned by the Berta Hummel
Consortium, and is blessed by the Franciscan

Hummel figurines can truly be describes as a cultural
treasure of the Western world. The boys and girls,
happy, surrounded by dears, rabbits, dogs, etc. are a
magical display and represent the children of Germany.

The Jews cannot afford for the public to know that the
Goebel factory blossomed under Hitler's reign,
especially not when the Hummel figurines are a true
reflection of white children. At least in the first 30
years. Sure, today, Hummel figurines have gotten some
colors. You can find now black children, but they
surely have nothing to do with the drawings of Berta

Just imagine that the world would know that Adolf
Hitler admired Hummel art, which are loved and
treasured by German people, would paint a completely
different picture of the former Chancellor. The
demonized picture of the Jews wouldn't fit the Hummel
mold. It's just another one of the vicious lies of the

One only has to look at Adolf Hitler's own artwork to
realize these lies. There is a beautiful book
available, called "Adolf Hitler, The Unknown Artist,"
edited by Billy F. Price. The book is available
through the IHR at

If you don't already have it in your library, go get

Hummel figurines, my friends, are everything that
Germany stood for. Her drawings and the later
production of figurines are the height of German art.
The happy faces of innocent children are evidence that
Germans are good and decent people. That is the reason
why the Jews invented the lie of Hitler's opposition
to Hummel art. The Goebel manufacturing plant made it
just fine through the Hitler era. Today, it is still
Germany's largest porcelain manufacturing plant.


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