Walter F Mueller

17 September 2003

Dear Fellow Patriot!

Below you will find three items concerning freedom of
speech. One comes from the Adelaide Institute at

and the other from our friend in France.

The third item you will find at

An interview with IHR Director Mark Weber about the
imprisonment of Ernst Zundel with Kevin Strom, also a
freedom of speech issue. My commentary will follow.


Government to curb web racism

Bernard Freedman

The Australian Jewish News

5 September 2003

The Federal Government wants to make spreading race
hatred on websites, emails, Internet chat rooms and
computer games a criminal offence.

To do this, the government will amend the Criminal
Code Act to include a range of internet offences,
Communications Minister Richard Alston and Justice
Minister Chris Ellison announced last week.

Using the internet for "offensive and menacing
purposes" will be a crime punishable by a two-year
jail sentence.

This will include "cyber-racism", material that
"reasonable persons would regard as being, in all the
circumstances, offensive".

The new law will also apply to child pornography, to
"rebirthing" of stolen mobile phones and to those
using the internet to "advocate or facilitate violent

The minister gave as examples "spreading information
on methods of violently disrupting international
meetings and attacking police officers protecting such

The Attorney-General's Department said this week a
draft of the new legislation would soon be released
for public comment. The Human Rights and Equal
Opportunity Commission (HREOC) has been calling for
years for criminal sanctions under federal and state
laws to combat racism in Australia.

HREOC research on internet race hate last year found
some 25 Australian racist websites, mostly promoting
white supremacy, as well as overseas produced computer
games inviting players to kill ethnic minorities.

The Commonwealth Government already regulates internet
content through the Online Content Co-Regulatory
Scheme which deals with complaints from the public.

Under this scheme, the Australian Broadcasting
Authority can order internet hosts in Australia not to
present material refused classification or classified
"X" or, in some cases, "R".

"The new offence will complement this scheme by
introducing criminal penalties for placing material on
the internet that would be regarded by reasonable
persons as being, in all the circumstances,
offensive," the minister said.

Fredrick Töben comments:

Although we consider our work at Adelaide Institute
has nothing to do with race, there are now precedent
cases in the Federal Court of Australia, Jones vs.
Scully/Töben, where criticising Jewish matters such as
the 'Holocaust' story, is deemed to be a racial matter
and is "regarded by reasonable persons as being, in
all the circumstances, offensive".

Truth is not a defence in such cases. Any Jewish
person who feels offended does not have to prove in
any way the quantum of that hurt suffered as a result
of reading so-called offensive material. The argument
of volition, that the act of reading is done
voluntarily and the option of getting out of a
so-called offensive websites is there, is rejected.
The victim-role is absolute.

Imagine, a person enters a website, reads material
about the 'Holocaust' that contradicts the official
version, then that person continues to read this
so-called offensive material and gets ever more upset,
so-much-so that great hurt is experienced. It is
claimed that the only way to redress this hurt is to
cleanse the internet of such hurtful material. A
person with a sound moral and mature appreciation of
personal values would not even look at such alleged
hurtful material.

The legislation is a one-way traffic for Jewish
Australians, and it propagates German hatred. For
example the many documented 'Holocaust' lies are
hurtful for Germans and for Australians of German
descent, but this is deemed irrelevant. Why? Because
such individuals are not organised as are the Jews and
so have no powerful lobby to push their cause.

That's what justice in Australia is all about. Anyone
can now lie about the historical period called the
'Holocaust'; lie about the alleged gassings and the
number of individuals allegedly gassed, and the
alleged Hitler-order that started the extermination
process about sixty years ago towards the end of World
War Two.

Asking questions will be a criminal offence - and the
Zionists have achieved their goal in securing and
enshrining their 'Holocaust' dogma in Australia's
legal code. Being Jewish is a matter of religion and
has nothing to do with race, but thanks to Adolf
Hitler's confusion by granting Jews a racial status,
we have National Socialist laws entering Australia
that in fact makes Australia a racist country. The law
is designed to defeat 'racism' but it in fact
generates 'racism'. Anyone who dares criticise Jewish
behaviour will be deemed to be a racist and an
antisemite. Both terms have nothing to do with being
'Jewish'. But tell that to those who have swallowed
the decades-long onslaught of 'Holocaust' propaganda.
Would anyone have the moral and intellectual courage
to admit that they have been hood-winked into
believing in such nonsense terminology all because a
small minority wishes to give itself legal protection
against justified criticism?

Is it worth while spending more time in jail when only
a minority of Australians can see the danger such
legislation poses to our cherished ideal of academic
freedom, of our free speech ideal? Natural Justice, a
pillar of Common Law, disappears. Now gossip rules
because a right of reply is irrelevant. A hurt feeling
is what matters, and that we can all produce, even

And so the proposed legislation will permit the real
racists, Australia's Zionist, to continue to hunt down
critics of Israel's oppression of the Palestinians,
and continue to kill Palestinians as their evil
empire, Israel, continues to expand. No
right-of-return (nor a right-of-reply) for the
Palestinians. Why not?

Remember what Mohammed Hegazi wrote a while ago on
this topic? Israel is the doomed Zionist project, and
we can be certain of that country's demise, perhaps in
50 or even a 100 year time, but end it will. Will
Australia's leading Zionist and racist, Jeremy Jones,
now run to his mother and claim: "Mom, Hegazi says
Israel never happened!"



You lucky Americans! Not one line of Community News,
not one line of this Patriot Letter could be published
in France! You'd better take advantage of the freedom
you have before it's too late!


As you can see, freedom of speech seems to have
serious problems in Australia. In European countries,
like France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc., etc.
it is non-existing. European countries have laws that
make it illegal to deny the holocaust, to talk bad
about immigrants and to posess Nazi paraphernalia.

When we talk about freedom of speech, we cannot forget
Canada, where it is also almost non-existent.  You
gathered from the letter from France that there are
still many people who believe that the United States
of America is the land of freedom of speech.

Sure, compared to European countries, Canada and
Australia, we are still better off. Officially, we
have no such intrusive laws that threaten you with
imprisonment when you discuss certain subjects. Not
that the enemy hasn't tried, however, incrementally,
they are getting there.

Having said that, let's destroy the myth that the
United States of America has freedom of speech. And I
hope you pass this on to everyone of your friends who
has the same illusion.

As we all know, in the US, as in so many other
countries, the majority of the media is owned by the

In order for someone to talk about freedom of speech,
one has to know the Constitution and the Bill of
Rights. Freedom of speech was the First Amendment that
the Founding Fathers made sure to be in the
Constitution. Especially political speech. And,
officially, the US pretends it is still so.

Let me tell you from my own experience, they have
found a way around it. As so many things in America,
freedom of speech is overrated.

I've always been a straight-forward guy and I prefer
crisp and clear rules. As terrible as it sounds, at
least the countries who have no freedom of speech
left, know their limitations and know if they overstep
them there will be incarceration.

Officially, in the US, freedom of speech is
"unlimited." Reality - it has the same limits as these
countries mentioned above, with, in my opinion, much
more severe consequences. It's not the government that
we are afraid of and their sanctions, it's the social
sanctions that are devastating. They are physical,
they are psychological, they are fiscal and they
destroy your families.

I call it stigma, that is put on those of us who take
freedom of speech all the way. Sure, I am still
producing Community News, distribute it and write
about things "freedom of speech" allows me to do.
However, socially (gesellschaftlich) I have suffered
severe consequences.

And I am not sure I am the only one. I personally know
many people who have suffered just as much. Thank God
I am very passionate about the things I write, and I
am fortunate enough to have a family that supports my

Once you've written about the lies of the holocaust,
touched on the troubles of immigration, and showed
admiration for the Third Reich era, many, many social
doors are closed forever. We never talk about this,
because it comes with the territory. But those who
have been socially destroyed know what I mean. Yes,
you can say that Europeans endure the same thing, and
imprisonment. But, at least, in prison you don't have
to be putting up with the social stigma.

While the public celebrates "freedom of speech,"
behind the curtain, the enemy celebrates the erosion
of the same. For example, removing Ernst Zundel from
the US.

Here is the short story of me personally. Once, I had
a bright future in politics and in the restaurant
business. I was a local celebrity, and police and city
and county ate out of my hands. I was invited to all
the important parties, and my advise was valuable to

But when I started to use my First Amendment rights, I
became an outcast of the "mainstream." An anti-Semite,
hater, racist and a neo-Nazi. Former friends would
leave the room so they would not be seen with me.
Couldn't find a job in my field anymore and if I did,
it was for a very short time, because the Jews would
always find out and threaten boycott.

Even your well-deserved civic services are
disappearing. I used to gather with police officers in
coffee houses. Today they make it a point to even
avoid my calls for service.

Sure, I can complain about the black, the Mexican, and
immigration, but I am alone, if they ever decide to

But it goes much deeper then that. The stigma always
precedes us. Whether you want to rent a room for your
organization, or put on an event, it is always
difficult. My story isn't an isolated story. For
example, Harvey Taylor told me, once he started to
talk about the holohoax, his entire family was
threatened. Yeah, freedom of speech, well and alive in
the US.

Unofficially, they make you a social freak, because
you are a holocaust denier, an anti-Semite, and a
racist. Legally, there is very little you can do.
Because no one is denying you your First Amendment
right. Say anything you want, but be prepared that
your life becomes a living hell. Not by threats of
imprisonment or laws, by threats of your civil
standing in society. I take the advice from my friend
in France and use it as long as I can.

I believe that we are all human beings, and no one can
tell me that is out there fighting the lies of the
world Jewry that sometimes the torture and harassment
doesn't get to you. I remember when my first firebomb
flew through my living room window. Is it all worth it
is the first thing you ask. The pipe bomb on the front
door that blew out the door and the windows - same
thing here. Freedom of speech in America is in the
speech, my friends. The multi-cultural world of the
Jews unofficially dictates your freedom of speech,
violate it and the world as you know it will cease to

Every day I behave like a paranoid human being.
Whenever a police car stops on my block, I wonder if
they are coming for me. You notice things you haven't
noticed before. And when I started, there wasn't the
Internet, where one could hide behind a false name.
Not that I would ever do it.

And if you think that my story is bad, you have no
idea. I know people in our movement whose brother,
whose children, and whose grand children have
abandoned them, because of the stigma that the Jew
media has put on them. In many cases, their own
children want nothing to do with them. The stigma of
anti-Semitism, holocaust denial, and racism has become
a contagious disease. Most people will have nothing to
do with you. Yes, they are all free and not in prison,
but they've lost their homes, their families and their

I am still the lucky one, because I am now
self-employed, and I have friends who support me. But
here it is, my fellow Patriots, yes, freedom of speech
is well and alive in the US - officially. No laws that
limit your speech. However, in reality, get ready to
see a piece of hell if you actually use it.

Walter F. Mueller
"The truth is back in business"

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