Walter F Mueller

21 September 2003

Dear Fellow Patriot!

This is an early Patriot Letter, because, as you know,
today the Oktoberfest starts in Munich and I am
preparing for my Oktoberfest party. Muenchner Beer,
Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Potatoes, Apfelstrudel, Brioche
and Strawberry Cream-cake.

If the Birdman reads this, he will make me again one
of the greatest compliments, and calling me "Hitler's
Pastry-chef." By the way, I have made pastries for
quite a few prominent people, amongst them Dr. William
Pierce, California Governor Deukmeijan, Willie Nelson,

We are reaching the 2,000 mark on requests for issues
of the special Zuendel issue of Community News. Just
appropriately (I would have wished he would have done
it for Community News) Croatian Diplomat and political
activist, Dr. Tomislav Sunic, has written a commentary
on Ernst Zuendel. Dr. Sunic just spent some time in
Sacramento and was a guest of the European American
Culture Council. His commentary will appear in the
next issue of Community News:


Zundel in the Kangaroo Court
The Hole of Oblivion is not solely the trademark of
communism.  For instance, besides his close
associates, few in Europe and America have heard of
Mr. Ernst Zundel, an aging publisher and activist who
is currently languishing in Canada's prison-system on
some obscure and vague charges.

The rumor goes that the incarcerated Zundel is viewed
by Canada's judiciary as a "threat to national
security" - allegedly on the grounds of his
"incitement to hatred" via the Internet,  and his
long-term association with "holocaust denial." On the
other hand, the administrative reason for his
expulsion from the USA and his deportation to Canada,
which transpired in February of this year, was
apparently due to his having missed a visa appointment
with local US immigration officials.  This may sound
like a postmodernist joke, in view of the fact that
Mr. Zundel has been married to a US citizen, has had
no criminal record, and also in view of the fact that
millions of illegal immigrants roam with impunity the
land of the free and home of the brave.

Why then did the Canadian authorities, with all due
local media coverage, deem it necessary to keep this
old and harmless German-born old man in solitary

In modern liberal meta-language Mr. Zundel is
denounced for  having preached violence and terror on
the Internet. One can immediately draw the parallel
with the syntax and semantics of the ex-Communist
judiciary. In Eastern Europe, communist lawmakers and
their scribes employed similar linguistic constructs,
such as "incitement to hatred," " hostile
propaganda," "fascist terrorists," or "foreign spies,"
in order to discredit and then arrest their own
trouble-makers. Oh, how eagerly did the Western media
jump at every such chance to give wide publicity to
anticommunist dissidents in the late Soviet Union and
Eastern Europe!  At least Western moral support had a
nourishing effect for anticommunist gadflies. They
knew that somebody in the West paid lip service to
freedom of speech.

Not so in the case of Ernst Zundel. He has dared to
question openly the veracity of some modern liberal
verities which serve as the foundation of the liberal
system, and which, in addition, provide the pecuniary
backing for a host of pressure groups. Allegations
against Zundel resemble medieval rhetoric against
witches and werewolves. Unless Zundel some day
publicly admits having slept with the Devil Adolf and
openly recants his critical comments about the
holocaust, he may well do extra time in prison.

The much-vaunted verbiage about human rights and
freedom of speech does not carry much weight.  When a
person prone to intellectual curiosity -- however
honest, bizarre, or witty his motives may be --
questions some "self- evident" truths, he will likely
have his career and his life ruined.

In hindsight, the advantage of communism was its
transparent barbarism that left torrents of blood in
its wake.  The danger of liberal democracy lies in its
temptation to rehash the cliche of  "freedom of
speech" as a cover and an alibi to remove persons who
dare to speak freely  --  as Mr. E. Zundel has done.
Zundel  seems to be among the first victims of this
new version of totalitarian salami tactics.

Who will be next?

Dr. Tom  Sunic
Zagreb, Croatia
(fmr US political science professor, author)


As you know, on the 23rd, Ernst Zuendel has another
hearing. Isn't it so cool that we just came out with
the special issue before the hearing? That's why it is
so important that a lot of people get the issue out.

Just heard from Paul Fromm that one of the Canadian
papers has refused to print an ad on behalf of Ernst
Zuendel. So much for freedom of speech. We have sent
more than 200 Community News to people in Canada, and
50 to Frank Schmidt, owner and publisher of Heimat
Publishers. We also sent a bunch to Paul Fromm. They
all will distribute them hopefully before the hearing.

Our friend from Norway has sent us another comment
that I think you will like:


Do the Jews Have a Hate-Germans Gene?

Dear kindred and fellow Aryans,
There should be no doubt that Jews hate
Germans/Austrians and people of Germanic blood.  This
the Jews have proved during the last 70 years.
Germanic people are not the only ones hated by Jews,
NO, all people are hated by them.  One of the most
fundamental teachings for Jewish children is that
everybody hates them.  This has been the case since
the Jews visited Babylon some 2,500 years ago, when
rabbis started discussions regarding the Laws as laid
out in the Tora.  These discussions led to what we
today know as the Talmud books.  These books are used
in the early teaching of all Jewish children and have
been so ever since their stay in Babylon.  What does
constant teaching of hate do to people if this
teaching goes on for generations?  We know that by
studying how they, after only 2 generations, have
manipulated Germans and the world to believe 6 million
Jews were killed by gas during WW2.  Since the
manipulation of our minds has only been going on such
a short period we cannot see any change in our genetic
make-up,  but if they are allowed to keep up their
lies for many generations there is no doubt they will
manage to even give us a gene saying people of
Germanic blood killed Jews in gas chambers during WW2.

What I am saying is that the environment in which the
Jews have lived for over 2,500 years, among
themselves, under control of their rabbis, has given
them a gene saying "we hate everybody."  The bases of
the Darwin hypotheses are that change in environment
will over generations lead to a change in the genes of
species.   But from such a gene to a specific
Germanic-hate gene among the Jews is something we must

For decades I have tried to understand why the Jews
hate all people of Germanic blood and especially
Germans and Austrians.  I have read a lot of history
books to see, if I could, if we, the German race, had
harmed the Jews in any way. I learned that the Jews
were expelled from our countries, cities and towns.
The reasons were the Jews had been swindling us, been
carrying out trickery, committing blasphemy and many
other things which were illegal.  I came to the
conclusion: I do not understand!

Then I came across a quotation in an e-mail from the
Chinese Swastika Newsletter which says:
"The Jew has a profound hatred for Europe, believing
that Europe has offended him, and he joins with gusto
in whatever will discredit our continent. Thus we see
him figuring prominently in the theatre and the novel,
and in the  erotic cinema, in `cubism' and in the
falsifications and homosexuality of Freud and his
"Communism today is a great crusade that the Jewish
race marshals against the European world and culture,
for its own  peculiar purposes....
"The Jew, who is hardly ever an inventor, much less a
true man of ideas, seizes with great enthusiasm the
Communist theory of a man of his own race like Karl
Marx, and he propagates it with great artistry....
"The Jew believes that he is destined to be the
supreme power among the nations. He has an inflated
idea of his superiority, a profound contempt for other
people and is a person of slight scruples."  -- Pio
Baroja Nessi, 20th c. Spanish novelist,  in
"Communistas, judios y demas ralea".

This must only be part of the reason why they hate
people of Germanic blood and especially Germans and
Austrians.  Ever since before WW1 Jews have showed a
hate towards all Germans and Austrians.  For a long
time I thought the reason for this immense Jewish hate
was that Germans and Austrians had been more resistant
to freemasonry than other nations, but - except for a
short time in the late 1700s and early 1800s -
freemasonry had not been a problem in either of the
two German states.

The only good reason I have come across is that
Germany and Austria did not rely  on Jews when it came
to ruling their countries.  And that is a capital
crime when it comes to the Jews.  This was good for
the time up till 1918.   During the Weimar Republic,
1919 -  January 1933, the Jews had no special attitude
 against the two German states.  Jews, due to the
economically bad times, were able to buy up German and
Austrian industry and farmland and estates - not that
the Jews intended to live off the land,  they wanted
Germans and Austrians to run the farms for

With Hitler and his National Social Labour Party,
NSDAP, a new era entered the lives of all the German
speaking parts of Europe.  Hitler and his political
friends  recognised that the Jews controlled the
western world.  Superficially, Germany under the NSDAP
did get to break that control within its own territory
before the start of WW2. World Jewry saw the danger,
worldwide,  in NSDAP philosophy.  From experience, the
Jews knew that the success of the NSDAP in Germany
meant it would spread to other countries.

The fact that Hitler and the NSDAP broke the Jews'
control in part of the world was the reason why they
hated Hitler and the NSDAP then and now.  Why now????
 In an opinion poll, taken in Germany in late 1948, a
majority of Germans saw no wrong with either Hitler or
National Socialism.

Could it be that the Germans saw evil in the Jews that
no others saw?  Hardly, all normal human beings will
after a few encounters see the evil in the Jews. The
Jews have always been afraid someone should see
through all their lies and reveal the truth about

What does history tell us?

If the Germans had had, from ancient times, a bad
feeling towards Jews this would have shown up in the
216 Fairy Tales the Brothers Grimm published between
1812 and 1822.  Of these fairy tales only three have a
Jew as one of the characters:
- "Good  Trade" is about a man who sells everything he
has and loses everything; a Jew tells him to appear
before the king, and since the man is badly clothed
the Jew lends him a coat.  In front of the king the
farmer says: "A Jew always lies."
- "The Jew in the Thornbush" is about a Jew who tries
to swindle a farmer and gets his punishment from the
- "The Sun Brings Everything Out in the Open" is about
a farmer who swindles a Jew and gets his punishment
from the court.

None of the above fairy tales is harmful - they show
the Jew as he is:  willing to swindle, lie and call
upon the authorities if common people take back what
the Jew has stolen. One of the reasons for the "lack"
of fairy tales involving Jews could be that the Grimm
Brothers collected their fairy tales among farmers and
people living in the countryside, and Jews always have
lived in their ghettoes in towns and cities.

From this we must not be led to believe the Jews were
not a problem for the German farmers and ordinary
people. The Jews had contact with the nobles and
through that they caused problems for all Germans.

In the face of Chutzpah, Jewish audacity and swindle,
resistance must be a national duty.

Heil og sael


Walter F. Mueller
"The truth is back in business"

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