Walter F Mueller

24 September 2003

Dear Fellow Patriot!

I don't know why, but I am always having trouble when
I have to bring to you bad news. Especially when I am
the first one. So, I will make this short, because I
am pretty sure, by tomorrow, you will get a Z-Gram
with the details from Paul Fromm.

This afternoon I had again a conversation with Frank
Schmidt from Heimat Publishers, who was in court for
the first day of a two-day hearing. The news are bad,
the application for bail wasn't even considered today.
For the I-don't-know how many times, the government
attorney re-hashed the allegations that Ernst Zuendel
is closely connected to white supremacists. In fact,
there was some testimony of some Idaho guy to that
effect. Ernst Zuendel's doctor, Ms. Gray, was allowed
to speak. They are now having Mr. Zuendel on chemicals
to lower his blood pressure, however, Dr. Gray
indicated that they are detrimental to Zuendel's
health and he could die any day. Tomorrow evening,
she's called for a meeting with Paul Fromm and some of
the Ernst Zuendel supporters. Community News has
arrived and, I believe, it will be an eye-opener for
everyone. I am not good at this, so, some of the
information I've just passed on to you comes from a
highly emotional guy, who thinks that what happened to
Ernst Zuendel is so outrageous that even my blood
pressure is in the 180's. I've asked Frank Schmidt if
I can call him tomorrow to find out about the last
day, and he agreed. He also told me that the judge
already mentioned that he wants to have another
hearing in December and then in February. You know
what that means. We have said everything we can say, I
have urged all to pull their resources together and
see how we can raise holy hell. Ernst Zuendel is being
made an example of, and what happens to him can happen
to anyone of us tomorrow. I have sent a copy of
Community News to all of the Congress members and US
Senators. Harvey Taylor has taken the Zuendel issue
and will send it to all of Canada's newspapers.
Propaganda is the single most important thing to help
Ernst Zuendel.

In that regard, I'd like to tell you, not because I
have to, but because I am a straight-forward guy (and
it probably will make the rounds anyway) that I have
rejected a request for 200 copies of Community News
from the "Christian Aryan Nation." They gave me their
website, which is

On their website they are advocating extreme violence,
something we strongly reject. It also would only be a
bad service to Ernst Zuendel.

Also, many thanks have to go to Mark Weber, the
Director of the Institute of Historical Review, who
has done an incredible job to get the message out.
This last weekend he was again on the Dissident Voice
with Kevin Strom, and he was also interviewed by the
Rense Show.

You know, this is really what gets me. There are some
of the revisionist out there, bragging about their
accomplishments, and only 37.5 people know about it.
Also, none of them have used their resources to
dedicate them to the Ernst Zuendel tragedy. Now, here
is Mark Weber, being in every newspaper in Canada on
radio shows, in stations even in Iraq, spreading the
word about the outrageous imprisonment of Ernst
Zuendel, and he is still being criticized. I always
wondered about the balls of these people, some of
which don't even have Zuendel on their website. So, I
salute Mark Weber for all the work he is doing on
behalf of Ernst Zuendel:



On Monday evening, Sept. 22, IHR Director Mark Weber
was a guest on the popular Jeff Rense radio show.
Weber was on for an hour, minus breaks for
advertising, from 7 to 8 p.m. (Pacific time). The
interview went well, and Rense was cordial and

This was Weber's fourth appearance on the Rense show
speaking about Ernst Zundel. The first (together with
Ingrid Rimland), was on Monday, Feb. 10, 2003; the
second was on Thursday, Feb. 27; and the third was on
Monday, May 19.

On the day of the Sept. 22 broadcast the home page of
the Rense web site
( ) told visitors that Weber
would be this evening's guest, and that the topic
would be "Ernst Zundel Bail Hearing." When a visitor
clicked on to that announcement, the IHR home page
appeared ( ).

Broadcasts of the Rense show are routinely archived,
and can later be heard on line through the Rense web
site. Click on:

Weber's recent two-part interview with Kevin Strom,
broadcast on the "American Dissident Voices" series,
dealt largely with the Zundel case. The text is posted
on the National Alliance web site, where it can also
be heard.

Part 1 (Sept. 13):

Part 2 (Sept. 20):


Now here is a subject I love to talk about, I know
about, and I am really good with it. I have a
four-year training as a chef and pastry chef in
Austria and have actually a "Meister Brief".

This subject came up last weekend, when the press made
a big deal about a Jew they called "Kosher Food Guru",
 died (his name escapes me).

I always compare the Jewish lies to a mountain. On
top, the holocaust. And, as you come down, you find
the multi-cultural crap, the immigration, Hollywood,
education, and, of course, social standing. It has
become a trend that foods and cooking of Jews are
tremendously promoted, including Mexican food, Soul
food, and Asian food. Let's stick with the Jewish
cookery and baking. As Gary Frederics points out in
his letter below, there is no such thing as Jewish
cooking or baking. Think about this for a moment how
the political crowd always rubs it in that we should
be accurate about minority cultures. Do you really
thing that Semites new how to make a "Sacher Torte" or
"Crepes" or a "Filet Mignon?" Of course not. Like
everything else, the Jews have stolen all of their
recipes from the German and Austrian Cuisine. Yiddish
is nothing but a self-promoted German dialect. Jews,
for example, have a sweet bread, that is called
Challah. What it is is the stolen recipe of the
Austrian "Brioche" or "Milk Bread." Forget that kosher
baloney that you keep reading about. It's a religious
ritual and it slowly drains an animal of its blood.
I've always wondered why the animal rights crowd
hasn't screamed "Fire" about this? Heck, I have even
seen laundry detergent as being kosher. It's a money
scheme, as I have pointed out in so many of my Patriot
Letters before.

As a chef (and a pretty good one) I am always amazed
when I go in a bookstore and find a row of Jewish
cookbooks, however, no German or Austrian cookbooks. I
make it a point to ask the sales manager, just how
many Jews come in and ask for a Jewish cookbook. Of
course none. They are just covering their ass.
Especially around the holidays, you'll find the press
hailing all these kosher baked goods from Jews. Again,
they are all stolen recipes from mostly the Germans
and Austrians. So, remember, whenever you see Jewish
cookbook authors explaining the art of pastries,
chocolate making and dessert, it's really not him,
it's the hard work of hundreds of years of great chefs
from Germany and Austria.

Today, when you look at all the cooking shows you are
overwhelmed with - and I think that's the only word
one can find - foreign chefs. The training in Germany
and Austria is French. It must be so painful for a
French chef to see these primitive former dishwashers
on TV, trying to sell food that wreaks havoc in your

Let's take the soul food for example that has become
so popular. On one hand the blacks accuse us of having
kidnapped them from their idyllic country, where they
were swinging from one palm-tree to another, eating
bugs, snakes and themselves. And on the other hand,
you find all those great black chefs, trying to teach
us how to cook ribs. They even have words like "Lip
Smacking". How appropriate! Trust me, there is no such
thing like a black chef that hasn't been trained by a
European American.

Now, Mexican food: Restaurants are popping up
everywhere. Huge chains like "Chipotle" and "Chili's.
Believe it or not, the Americans are crazy about them
. For one, I don't like Mexican food. My stomach
cannot handle it and it's only good if you are
constipated. It's true. Most of the Mexican cuisine
also originated in Europe. Take their tortillas.
Invented in the 15th century under Maria Theresia, by
her Imperial Court Chef, they were called
"Palatschinken." They are sort of a pancake,
paper-thin made, and filled just like tortillas with
predominantly sweet stuff. The difference between
Tortillas and Palatschinken, instead water, we use
milk and we add eggs to the flour. In France they are
called "Crepes."

Now lets take about the hot stuff for a few lines.
Chilis, peppers, salsa. My God, Europeans have eaten
that stuff for hundreds of years when the great
Austrian Hungarian Empire was still alive. Before the
destruction of Western Civilization by the Jews here
in America, Hungarian Paprika and Bell Peppers were
quite popular. Remember that Mexicans come from the
Aztecs, who used to sacrifice humans to the Gods by
cutting out their hearts. Then came the French and the
Austrians, and Mexico experienced civilization. Under
Maximilian I, music became quite sophisticated. What
Americans call today Mariachis are a replica of
Hungarian Fiddle Players. Tortilla Chips are noting by
corn chips, known in Europe under Attila the king of

Now Asian cooking: It really pains me to talk about
it. Beware of food where you cannot identify your
basic food groups! I have been in many kitchens for 17
years, and trust me, the Asians are the worst. They
try to save a buck on everything. After a week of
bouillon, it becomes foggy. Your sweet and sour pork
is actually sweet and sour before it's cooked. The
Department of Health and Agriculture says that 85.6 %
of food poisoning in the entire country are the result
of people having eaten in Asian restaurants.
Vietnamese restaurants take the lead. I do not eat
Chinese food, because there are two many

In closing, let's talk about some very important
things you should know. These are all third worlders,
who come from some of the most primitive cultures in
the world. The restaurant and food business is the
number business choice for them. Many of these
cultures promote dog meat, cat meat, squirrel meat and
snake meat. In addition - and this is important, folks
- like the Mexicans, South Americans and blacks, all
of them, harbor ill feelings towards European
Americans. I have still many connections to government
regulations, and, trust me, the stories are
horrifying. Just one I'll tell you and those of you
who are weak at heart, skip it. The reason I chose
this one is because it made the headlines in The
Sacramento Bee: A black salad maker at Round Table
Pizza - for month - had masturbated into the salad
dressing. He was arrested, and in the court hearing he
alleged that it was revenge for the bad treatment he
had received by white people.

These stories go on and on. If I want a burger, I go
to In-n-Out. Their open kitchen and the fact that they
make everything fresh, let's me personally observe
that no one tempers with my food. If I go to Mac
Donald's, I drive out to the suburban areas, where the
crew is still predominantly white.

Trust me, the hype about minority cooking and baking
is one of the most phony trends today. Real chefs and
real cooking comes from Europe, where pride in your
work is still the first priority. Where your
ingredients are fresh and everything is made when
ordered. I know, it is so cool these days to say to
your friends, let's go and have some "Mongolian BBQ"
or some Chinese Food, or Soul Food and, maybe even
have dinner in a kosher Jewish restaurant. Doesn't
matter that you are glued to the toilet seat for a
week, but you have shown everyone that you are not a

Myself, I make it a point to go only to a good
American or European-American restaurant, and, if
everything fails, I'll cook at home and have friends
over. This minority cuisine business thrives on the
stupidity of European-Americans. I suggest you start
boycotting them and give your business to our kind.

And here is Gerry Fredericks on the same subject:


Walter - 'Jewish Baking'?? Practically all of Jewish
deli-foods are based on German food and that includes
baked goods. Any llok at the baked goods department in
a deli will readily prove that. I don't know about
'Gefilte Fush', or some of the other stuff they cook,
bu the majority of what they do is strictly German,
without the pork. At "Nate and Al's" deli in Beverly
Hills you can buy the best 'German' bread in southern

Gerry Frederics


Dr. Sunic asked me to forward this website and you
know, if he recommends it, it's got to be pretty cool:



And here is another promotion of an incredible lady
who is not only my friend, but also a great activist.
The Sacramento Bee is doing a week-long series about
the Patriot Act, entitled: "Liberty in the Balance."
In this series, they are featuring prominent people
"In the Spotlight." District Attorneys, Immigration
Attorneys, and, believe it or not, the
European-American Culture Council's Immigration
Subcommittee Chair, Carole Blalock.

The headline: "In the Spotlight, Carole Blalock,
European American Culture Council." We are not just
talking about a tiny little thing. It's a huge picture
of Ms. Blalock, representing the European American
Culture Council. Perseverance paid off again. Thanks

Walter F. Mueller
"The truth is back in business"

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