Walter F Mueller

6 October 2003

Dear Fellow Patriot!

Before I get into the issue of Kurt Marnul, let me
give you a background into the life in Austria after
the war.

Let's clarify also how Austrians felt about Adolf
Hitler. There are many distortions about "den
Anschluss." Austrians were ready for Adolf Hitler,
100%. In fact, there was very little opposition to
"den Anschluss" by communists and monarchists.
Remember, Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria.

I was born on the day when the last Ally left Austria,
after signing a very restrictive agreement in 1954.
Amongst the conditions were: No weapons industry in
Austria, no Nazi party, no Nazi paraphernalia, and no
Nazi gatherings. I was born in Upper Austria, outside
Mauthausen, and raised in Vienna. In all the time I've
lived in Austria, I have never, ever known of any Nazi
rallies or Nazi gatherings. The punishment was too
severe to even try.

And now to Kurt Marnul: Kurt Marnul, 74, recounted
this morning in several American newspapers, that he
had seen Nazi soldiers kill three people at "a"
concentration camp, two of the Jews, and one, a child,
and how that motivated him to break up "neo-Nazi"
rallies, later in his life.

Who is Kurt Marnul? He is a dubious celebrity, who
owns a Gym and Weightlifting shop in Graz, Austria. He
was Austria's weightlifting champion and currently is
the president of the National Amateur Bodybuilder
Association. He is accredited to have introduced
Arnold Schwarzenegger to the body building business.
In this mornings press, Kurt Marnul is alleging that
Arnold Schwarzenegger was vehemently opposed to all
Nazi activities and even joined him to chase down
Nazis on the streets of Graz.

Boy, if you have ever heard more bullshit in your
life, then it is this. Either they think we are all
stupid or they are just so used that the mainstream
believes their lies.

Kurt Marnul met Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was 14,
by watching Schwarzenegger and his friends swim around
naked in a lake near Schwarzenegger's home. Soon he
befriended the young boy and convinced him, against
the will of his parents, to skip school to join Marnul
in Graz. That was in 1961.

For Kurt Marnul to have seen Nazi soldiers kill two
Jews and a child, he himself needed to be in a
concentration camp. Where would that have been? There
was only Mauthausen in upper Austria, near the Capitol
City of Linz. Check out that Marnul does not say which
concentration camp. He says "a" concentration camp.

It is also questionable that "Nazi soldiers" where
actually in a concentration camp. Extensive research
reveals that Kurt Marnul isn't listed as a survivor in
the Vienna Holocaust Archives, or in any other
holocaust institution. The fact is that very little is
known about his involvement in WWII. Three
possibilities: 1) he was a communist snitch, 2) a
Kapo, or 3) he is a liar.

It is my opinion that Kurt Marnul is, simply put, a
criminal, who likes young boys. His involvement in a
steroid drug scandal was covered up with the help of
then Jewish President of the House (Austrian
Congress), Rudolf Gerstl.  Nevertheless, in 1991,
"News of the World" picked up the steroid scandal
again, but the protection from the powerful Jewish
press led nowhere.

As to Marnul's statement that Schwarzenegger had
joined him to break up "Nazi-Rallies" in Graz in the
60's, it is a bold-faced lie.

In 1961, Marnul met Schwarzenegger at the age of 14.
At the age of 18, Schwarzenegger goes into the
Austrian military. In 1966, Arnold moves to Munich and
in 1968, Schwarzenegger moves to the US.

Today, Kurt Marnul lives off the stardom of
Schwarzenegger, who he claims he mentored. The story
about concentration camps, breaking up Nazi rallies
are nothing but damage control.

But you want to know what this "Hitler controversy"
has done to Schwarzenegger's campaign? Check the
Jewish newspapers. "Nada, zilch, zero." The Austrian
Jewish newspaper "NU" gives him a free pass. SO does
the German Jewish Congress. In the US, the Simon
Wiesenthal Center does not even discuss the issue. And
the ADL completely ignores it. Imagine, those are the
same organizations who usually raise hell if someone
just paints a Swastika.

For me personally, it's a win-win issue. If Arnold
Schwarzenegger gets elected on Tuesday, it indicates
to me that "the Nazi issue" isn't that important to
the voters, and if he loses, Schwarzenegger has to
realize that the Jews are nobodies friend, but their

As a Governor, he can't be worse than what is already


Speaking of Jewish terror, here is a little update on
what happens with the special Ernst Zuendel issue.
Altogether, we have received requests for 8,069 issues
of Community News. We are in the process of
distributing the rest of about 9,000 issues. I have
received almost no critical letter in mail or e-mail.
However, I have received literally dozens and dozens
of nasty phone-calls. One even pretended to be from
the Idaho State Police, and warned us not to come
back. The rest is your usual vulgarities and
obscenities and the Jewish obsession with feces and
bodily fluids.

Many threats and personal slurs. Another strange thing
happened. As we have sent many packages to Canada,
amongst them were Paul Fromm and Frank Schmidt. They
received the first shipments without any troubles,
however, when asking for some more, these packages
were sent back to us with a request to declare what's
in it. We assume they know what's in it and that is
why they are hassling us. Otherwise, it went smooth.


And here is a response to the commentary from our
friend in Norway to yesterday's Patriot Letter:


<< Their witch hunts will be revealed as lies. What
will  they then do? Start another one? I do not think
so. They will not be able to do that -- the world will
by then have learned how Jews operate and stop them.

My point with regard to this quote from the writer
from Norway is that there will certainly be a new
hue-and-cry from our adversaries once the WWII hoax is

broken up. We have seen such an event for many years.
In the late 1800s it was "pogroms" in Romania, since
revealed as almost entirely fraudulent.

Around 1900 it was "horrors" in Czarist Russia leading
to breaches between the USA and Russia, especially in
the Taft administration. The "horrors" have since been

revealed as expanded by a factor of one-hundred. That
is, the number of "victims" might have been 200, but
advertised as 20,000.

After WWI, the promotion was that 6,000,000 would die
in post-war confusion and famines. They added about
three zeros to that one.

After WWII, the promotion has been that 6,000,000 did
die at Germany's hands. When this lie is broken down,
a new one will replace it. Once again, another one or
two zeros were added.

It is hard to predict what will replace it, but it
probably will be Arab & Muslim "pogroms" and it might
even be some kind of assault of accusations against
the USA itself with bizarre claims of suffering
inflicted by America. Our turn will come soon.

A people that needs a hoax persecution to survive as a
people will not be long in finding a new hoax to coax
the nations into sending money, soldiers, and
equipment to succor them in their sorrows.

Maria Santos



Walter F. Mueller
"The truth is back in business"

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