Walter F Müller

7 October 2003

Dear Fellow Patriot

Today's Patriot Letter was supposed to be my book
review on Dr. Töben's new book, The Face of
. Please check out

There is some great stuff on his website.

But then, the mail arrived, and Harvey Taylor called.
We both received a handwritten letter from Ernst
Zündel's cell in Toronto's West Detention Center. My
letter included a hand-painted drawing with children's
coloring pencils, because those are the only tools
Ernst Zündel has in prison. It is a beautiful
drawing, with a cross on a hill and the Glory of God
surrounding it. The inscription, handwritten:

"Unbroken, in Spirit"

The drawing has written on it:

"To Walter Müller - a modern Paul Revere" in red
colored pencil.

In his four page letter, Ernst Zündel wanted Harvey
and me to thank those who have helped to put together
the special Ernst Zündel issue. He specifically says
to shake the hand of Dr. Töben, Mark Weber, Stan Hess,
Bob Countess, Paul Fromm and Apollonian (also, see
Harvey Taylor's letter below). The Zündel issue was a
huge success. After reading the letter, I got a little
choked around my throat, hearing again on how he is
being treated in prison. Here is Ernst Zündel:

"Lieber Walter! Dear Walter and Hans.

It's late Sunday evening, the prison is getting more
quiet. The other inmates are obviously either settled
down or sleeping, while I am still bright, alert,
awake, and my mind going at 10,000 rpm.

Sorry for the pencil, Walter, it's the only writing
instrument we are allowed in here, in a Canadian
prison. Harvey sent me a copy of your Zündel-issue of
the Community News and you must have sent me an
earlier copy, the one with those very interesting
copies of the Time and National Geographic issues
about Adolf Hitler in it.

I want to thank you, Harvey and all those who have
made the Community News possible, for keeping my case
before the public eye! For keeping the issue alive and
also for alerting other patriotic Americans to what
kind of treatment they can expect as the "Patriot Act"
is applied to other dissidents across the nation.

Walter, I enclose two photocopies, which will explain
the complexity of my case, better then I can; Eddie
Greenspan is one of Canada's best known criminal
lawyers, who is a member of the Canadian Civil
Liberties Association, the Canadian version of the
ACLU, of which I was a member of over 20 years.
Greenspan has protested my persecution on numerous
occasions, over the decades, and one more time he
comes to my aid without mentioning my name! You will
get a pretty good overview of the horror of these
cases with their secret witnesses, secret evidence, in
camera hearings, etc. I don't think American patriots
have any idea what it is that we are facing in such
unconstitutional proceedings.

Only the press can help! By stimulating the public to
phone, fax, e-mail and write to their representatives,
local, state and federal, to put an end to these
abuses of the American and Canadian traditions.

But now to the case at hand:

Read Greenspan's very apt descriptions! He makes the
very same arguments I and Doug Christie has made in
court over and over again! Over the last eight month!
Unfortunately, I will be losing Doug Christie, as of
the reset hearings 12-15 December 2003, because his
poor wife has breast cancer, had already one breast
removed, and now is in a painful debilitating
Chemo-Therapy. This meant I had to hire a new legal
team. Doug helped me find them! We had our first
meetings in jail here, and unfortunately, they are
more expensive then Doug Christie, who has been my
lawyer for over 20 years now. It cannot be helped,
they are worth the money!

They demanded a retainer of $20,000, half of which has
already been used up by the time you get this letter.
And Ingrid and I have to come up with more money this
week, because they have to file several motions in the
next two weeks in superior court and possibly federal
court, in a Habeas Corpus and constitutional challenge

Because the current hearings judge said he will only
make a decision if I should be granted bail between
Christmas and New Year, some three month away. The
lawyers feel that the Ontario Superior Court will act
more swiftly. Well, we will see. Because of the tight
financial situation, I particularly appreciated the
appeal you published for helping us meet these
horrific expenses.

The next four months are the most difficult
financially, because now four lawyers are at work in
Canada, three in the USA, the reason is that in both
countries we will almost certainly end up before the
Supreme Courts, because of these "National Security
Implications" of the Zündel Case in the US and

Once again Walter, we are blazing a trail, plowing
like a mine sweeper through a "legal-mindfield" - what
we do will be precedent setting in both communities,
and we dare not take this lightly. For we have to
understand that if we don't cover all bases, and goof
up just once, the repercussions could be endless,
disastrous for possibly thousands of patriots in both
countries, as the New World Order conspirators tighten
the noose on ever wider circles of patriotic and
dissident Americans and Canadians!

In short, I am the "Guinea-Pig", the "Litmus-test", in
which the forces of repression, will try to see what
they can get away with in both countries! They have
already so twisted "due process" out of shape that the
laws begin to look like Pretzels on one of our

I mean, if ever a famous top-flight, Jewish criminal
lawyer, like Edward Greenspan is alarmed by these laws
- and writes a "Paul Revere" like article about it in
Canada's leading newsmagazine, coming in the process
to the defense of what are alleged "Arab Terrorists"
and Canada's best known "Holocaust Denier" turned by
some spooks of the Spy Agency into a national security
threat, then you know that this ewish high profile
lawyer really is alarmed by the implications of these
horrible unfair, medieval laws!

His article deserves to be printed in full and to be
made available to the widest possible audience. I know
of no finer, more succinct explanation of these laws
and the threat they represent to freedom, then this
article. You may use the article any way you see fit.
My freedom may well hinge on its distribution,
circulation, and translation.

Walter, please thank all of your many fans, supporters
and especially your subscribers from me and also from
Ingrid, who is overwhelmed with grieve and has to work
so hard, now that I am no longer there to share the
work and to lessen the burden. You may use this letter
and the enclosures any way you see fit. I included a
little drawing for you, from cell No. 5, Maximum
Security in Toronto.

In Treue fest, Ernst Zündel"

To comply with Ernst Zündel's wishes, please let me
know if I should forward you a copy of Greenspan's
article. Please forward this far and wide!

Now, here is Harveys letter. It includes an address
where you can send much needed money for the defense
of Ernst Zündel.


Ernst Zündel Expresses Heartfelt Thanks

"Ingrid had told me about the Community News issue,
discussing my case from various angles, by various
writers/contributors  from the far corners of the
planet. Thanks go to Mark Weber, Walter Mueller and
his brother, Stan Hess, Fredrick Töben, Apollonian and
some of the people I of course don't know."
 "Do me a favor, thank everybody involved in this
effort, all the little people, pensioners, those who
are on marginal incomes, who for decades have loyally
carried the burden of Revisionism, without ever
seeking the limelight and thus rarely getting

"From my jail cell in Toronto, I want to reach out to
them, via you, to shake their hand in spirit, to look
them in the eyes, and to bow my head in gratitude for
the help extended to Ingrid and myself  in this
gravest crisis of our lives."
"The facts simply are frightening."

"To think that the fate, which has befallen us,
happened to us in America, the land of George
Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, of
Thomas Paine and the land of the first amendment, of
habeas corpus and all of the other fine protections
enshrined in the Bill of Rights, and the checks and
balances anchored in the Constitution, is what makes
this all such a surreal nightmarish experience."

"Only by remaining in Canada or the U.S.A. do I have a
chance! To live- literally!"

Ernst Zündel

The above is from a letter, slightly edited, from
Ernst Zündel, received  today , October 6, 2003. Ernst
and Ingrid Zündel are highly respected friends. They
are in dire financial straights . Their legal bills
are astronomical. Lawyers in Canada and the U.S.
charge $200 an hour. We are requesting that everyone
pledge as much as possible every month to support the
legal fees. Neither Ernst nor Ingrid have misused
donated financial  support. I urge every supporter to
heed the call and  send donations to

 Ingrid Rimland
3152 Parkway, Suite 13, PMB 109,

Pigeon Forge,TN 37863


The Zündel case is an historical watershed, lies and
perfidy on one side and truth and light on the other.
Please help!

Harvey Taylor



Walter F. Müller
"The truth is back in business"

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