The predicted fall of the US President? Rumsfeld says about US forces in Iraq: "The harder they work, the behinder they get".

President Bush's arrival in Australia

did not shut up Green Senator Bob

Brown because George W Bush: "I love 

free speech!"



Bush in Canberra, addresses Australian Federal Parliament, met with

Peter Myers

24 October 2003

3-4,000 demonstrators gathered outside Parliament House, then marched to
the US Embassy and the Prime Minister's lodge (which is only 200 metres
away from it!).

Yours truly was one of them. My placard was an old black umbrella, on
which I had painted the words "9/11 Inside Job" with an old paint brush.
Folded up, the umbrella was quite easy to carry by bicycle.

I made sure that the 200 to 300 police and plain clothes security men
had a chance to read it. It also briefly got onto SBS TV news.

Bob Brown, and another Green Senator, confronted Bush inside the
Parliament, and were about to be evicted, when Bush said, "I love free
speech", whereupon they were allowed to stay.

The demo was organised by Trots and Greens. Common placards at the demo
read "Socialist Alliance", "Socialist Worker", and "the Greens".

Socialist Alliance is a new political party whose core is the
(Trotskyist) Democratic Socialist Party, publisher of Green Left Weekly.

Socialist Worker is the newspaper of the International Socialist
Organisation, a Trotskyist movement based in the universities. Rick
Kuhn, of the ISO, was busy organising things with his mobile phone.

Unlike earlier demos, the "No Blood for Oil" theme was absent from
placards. On the other hand, I did not see or hear any mention of
Zionism or Israel being a factor.

I heard speakers complaining about the Government's making refugees
apply to come here. Thus, implicitly, they were attacking Aryanism,
while ignoring Zionism.

Nevertheless, beggars can't be choosers. Despite my differences with the
Trots, I was glad that they had put this event together.


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