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"Richard Perle is a madman, totally out of control, possessed by the

Forces of Darkness. Perle is a world class propagandist and absolute

master of the Big Lie. Perle is the Prince of Darkness, the most evil

man on the face of the earth. Hannibal Lecter only ate his victims one

at a time. Perle likes to eat them en masse."


Rendon Group Spreads Malicious Propaganda Against Muslims and Arabs.


Memo To: The Fourth Estate Editors

From: Jude Wanniski

Re: The Office of Strategic Influence



The lead story in the Tuesday, February 19 NYTimes was headlined:


first wondered if it were some kind of joke. The subhead read: "New

Office Proposes to Send News or Maybe False News to Even Friendly

Lands." What it comes down to is the Pentagon is cranking up something

called the "Office of Strategic Influence," which will have as its

mission the manipulation of public opinion in foreign lands in ways that

will win support for our "war on terrorism." The story makes no attempt

to disguise the fact that manipulation is at the core of the mission.

Unlike the Voice of America or Radio Marti broadcasts to Cuba, which

have been kept scrupulously objective in presenting news, the OSI

intends to feed "disinformation" into the global population in ways that

will lead the people of the world to do what Uncle Sam would like them

to do. "Disinformation" is a nice word for "falsehoods," and when

applied to official government falsehoods, the dictionary word is



As I read on, I soon realized that this is the brainchild of Richard

Perle, the Chairman of the Defense Policy Board, whose underling, Paul

Wolfowitz, serves President George W. Bush as Deputy Secretary of

Defense. Perle is a world class propagandist and absolute master of the

Big Lie. I've written in this space before that Perle, who I have known

since 1969 when his skills helped win the Cold War, will not be happy

until he makes the world safe for an American Imperium, no matter how

that objective is achieved. At the top of his list of "things to do" is

to crank up a war with Iraq, to rid the earth of Saddam Hussein. It

remains a personal affront to him and his henchman Wolfowitz that the

first President Bush was talked out of destroying Baghdad in 1991, when

he should have had our troops march to Iraq's capital in order to kill

Saddam. Perle has an uncanny ability to "cloud men's minds," like the

Shadow of yore, and over the years he has not only clouded the mind of

Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld, but also of a great many world leaders.

Perle loves not only war, but war against small countries that can be

easily squashed by America's military might. He has a long list in his

pocket of those he proposes to squash after he takes care of Iraq.


I, of course, knew there would be some editorial commentary on plans for

this Orwellian Office of Strategic Propaganda (OSP) and I thought the

NYTimes would lead the way in denouncing the idea in no uncertain terms.

When I turned to the op-ed page Wednesday morning, I found a secondary

editorial that said the idea of such an agency was not very nice and

maybe it should not be done. That's it folks. In rolling over so

quietly, the NYT must be part of the plot. I knew The Wall Street

Journal would not say a word about it, as the editorial page has been

taking orders from Richard Perle ever since his father-in-law, Albert

Wohlstetter, died four years ago. Wohlstetter was the behind-the-scenes

genius who masterminded nuclear strategy against the Soviet Union, and

Perle was his Minister of Deception. Perle inherited Albert's vast

private network of agents, a network that includes former British Prime

Minister Maggie Thatcher. The idea of an Office of Strategic Influence

can only have come from Perle and its only purpose would be to foment

the casus belli which would prove to the world that it should join the

Coalition to Bring Down Saddam. I note the Times story says "Secretary

of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, while broadly supportive of the new

office, has not approved its specific proposals and has asked the

Pentagon's top lawyer, William J. Haynes, to review them, senior

Pentagon officials said." Of course, Lawyer Haynes has had his mind

clouded too, and has no idea of the evil intent behind this "black

operation." The Times reports a senior Pentagon official saying: "It

goes from the blackest of the black to the whitest of the white."

Feeling the heat of widespread alarm and criticism within the foreign

policy establishment over the OSI mission, Sec. Rumsfeld now gives

assurances that the DOD will "tell the American people and the people of

the world the truth." But then, why is there still a need for the OSI?

Certainly the Pentagon does not need a second press office, but as long

as the OSI remains, the probability for deliberate lies and

disinformation is high.


If you do not believe me, way down in its story the Times says: "To help

the new office, the Pentagon has hired the Rendon Group, a

Washington-based international consulting firm run by John W. Rendon

Jr., a former campaign aide to President Jimmy Carter. The firm, which

is being paid about $100,000 a month, has done extensive work for the

Central Intelligence Agency, the Kuwaiti royal family and the Iraqi

National Congress, the opposition group seeking to oust President Saddam

Hussein... the firm is well known for running propaganda campaigns in

Arab countries, including one denouncing atrocities by Iraq during its

1990 invasion of Kuwait."


The Times reporters, James Dao and Eric Schmitt, are practically giving

us hand signals that this is a Perle/Wolfowitz black operation from the

gitgo and the object is to spread stories of Iraqi atrocities of one

kind or another. If I know Perle, he will have several Iraqi "defectors"

turn up in places where there are no Pentagon fingerprints, telling of

Saddam's plans to wipe out Israel with chemical or biological weapons he

already has on hand. In a February 2 debate with Leon Fuerth, a

professor at George Washington University, Perle insisted action against

Saddam cannot wait for more than "weeks or months." Richard expects the

bombing of Iraq to begin in early September, so the American people will

rally behind President Bush and the Republicans in the Congressional

elections. This means his propaganda campaign has to get underway

forthwith. In the debate, Perle revealed that "it would be a great

mistake to insist on the return of the inspectors. Because if Saddam

were shrewd enough to take us up on it, it might make it more difficult

for us to act in other respects." In other words, the objective is not

to find weapons of mass destruction at all, but to kill as many Iraqi

people as are necessary to kill Saddam, and to heck with the



Fuerth actually put the question to Perle: Suppose Saddam says "I have

the capability to launch missiles with chemical or biological warheads

against the gulf states, Saudi Arabia and Israel, and if I'm attacked

I'm going to go ahead and destroy as many people in those countries as

possible, just as you're proposing to kill the Iraqi people," what if it

comes down to that? What do we do? To which Perle replies: "I'm not sure

we would need Saudi Arabia....and the scenario you've just painted

(laughter) is a reason for not attempting to enlist the Saudis. Israel

is a special situation. Israel is menaced by Saddam in a way that most

Israelis understand...although no one can give you a guarantee that he

could not successfully launch a weapon of mass destruction within the

ranges of his present missile force."


You see, editors of the Fourth Estate, Richard Perle is a madman,

totally out of control, possessed by the Forces of Darkness. If Albert

Wohlstetter were alive, he would tell Perle that chances are another six

million Jews would perish in a second Holocaust, if his Orwellian black

operation were to move forward. If any of you editors would take the

trouble to look further into the operations of the Rendon Group, you

will no doubt find it helped with most, if not all, of the falsehoods

spread about Iraqi atrocities over the past dozen years. Perle knows

Saddam never "gassed his own people." He also knows Saddam never

attempted to assassinate former President Bush, the daddy of our current

President. Perle is the Prince of Darkness, the most evil man on the

face of the earth. Hannibal Lecter only ate his victims one at a time.

Perle likes to eat them en masse.

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"Deep down, I believe that a little anti-Semitism is a good thing for the

Jews - reminds us who we are." --Jay Lefkowitz (NYT Magazine. 12 F. 1995, 65) Jay

Lefkowitz is now Deputy assistant to President Bush and Director of Domestic

Policy Council. A sick man! Don't you think?



Chinese Axiom:

When things are investigated, knowledge is extended.

When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere.

When the will is sincere, the mind is correct.

When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated.



Peace is patriotic!

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