Islamic Community Radio Station 


Radio 786


Cape Town


When a small group of individual Moslems refused to bend to the pressure exerted upon them, via the court system, by South Africa's Jewish community, this small group made world history.

South Africa is the only country in the world where so-called 'denying the Holocaust' is not considered a legal matter, and that is a promising sign for those who oppose the 'Holocaust' lobby.


Read the story for yourself at:


 On his way to the Revisionist Conference in Italy, Fredrick Tben made a brief stop-over at Cape Town and visited Radio 786 for a picture opportunity. 

Office of Islamic Radio Station 786 Cape Town


Station Manager, Farid Ahmed Sayed, is proud of what his Islamic community achieved by resisting Jewish pressure.


The News Department's Head is fearless.



The Talks Department is, likewise, led by a fearless Moslem.



And now for that fearless interview wherein in a civilised way we celebrate freedom of speech.



A job well done, and it's time to relax and celebrate those who dare stand up to the pressure exerted by the Jewish-Holocaust lobby.

If someone responds by saying that the Jews never give up, then the fitting response now is, neither do the Moslems!  

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