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Aggression against Islam.


A global currency shift is in progress. The U.S. dollar declines in value and in investor-appreciation. The long-term development is difficult to foresee, since 2 indifferent criteria are decisive and determining for its future:

1.0: will the costfree Iraq oil rescue the dollar ?

2.0: will the Europeans - being known as semi-blind softies - have the steely edge to orientate and find their way along the meandering path of correct information and draw correct conclusions ?

For those who can read it, the reporting of their media is frightening. Albania, Azerbaijan, UK, Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, El Salvador, Georgia, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kazakstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain and Ukraine are all self-declared CCC ( Coalition of Crooks and Criminals ) participating, that is to say allies of USA.

18 European states are among them. They offered troops to CCC for Iraq. These 18 states are renegades of the European cause. They were pushed, purchased and black-mailed into this adventure by USA. It is of foremost importance, that no funds from EU will flow to these renegade states anymore, as long as the euro is still a stable and competitive currency. If EU is un-decided - or too weak - to implement this measure, EU may as well dissolve and muddle along dis-united and separated as before.

Over the past 3 centuries, the English speaking colonialists - USA, UK, CAN, AUS and NZ - financed by the Jewish 'Welt Kapital' - have determined the world's destiny and brushed off challengers, for instance Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Their major business clue is still in invasions and occupations of foreign lands, belonging to inferior indigenous peoples - then exterminating them - and selling their lands in small parcels ( real estate ) to newly arriving settlers, who are then kept in life-long interest-paying bondage. By this way, Jewish 'Welt Kapital' made gigantic fortunes. Millions of square miles of land were colonized. For the first time, this process is currently being reversed in Zimbabwe. Another decisive un-known is: will Palestine and Iraq follow the route of Zimbabwe.

If the European Union now concedes to dropping farm subsidies - as requested by Washington and Canberra - this would mean for EU, that they have been lured onto the road to Armageddon. The only workable solution is: re-writing the WTO rules, which were formulated by the colonialists. Japan - another rip-off target - will definitely not close down its reliable rice paddies. "Don't forget you are dealing with rogue states," an un-named French agriculturist added. And he continues: "You should push WTO for revision of the rules, stipulating tax free access for motor vehicles to U.S. and Australia, and delete tax-free access for their wheat into EU."

During proceedings in the Bali Court an Australian man suddenly turned-up - unfolding a large Australian flag and requesting Amrozi the Bali bomber "to apologize to Australia." "Australians are all terrorists," Amrozi answered. An embarrassed Mr Sandowski rolled up the flag - draped with the fire-red "British criss-cross flag symbol" in the right upper flag corner and left ze Indonesian Court room. The incident was stage-managed by Murdoch media and filmed from various positions by his cameraman. But they obviously did not expect Amrozi's stern response. Then Amrozi raised his voice chanting the following song: "This is us, the young warriors, this is us, the army of Allah, we don't fear death, but continue to do Jihad. If Palestine is wounded, if Haroman is stained, do Jihad until the spirit has left the body. Kick-out the mean Zionists, kick-out the filthy people of the crucifix. Allah is great."

Bravery and open-action-admiring Islam has always had limited appreciation for the sly and under-handed "people of the crucifix", as the following incident from 1850 confirms: During the times of the Osman Empire, Turkish authorities had to issue burial permits for diseased Jews and Christians in Palestine. In the case of a Greek Orthodox priest the burial permit read as follows: "To the priest of the people of rum: thou, ( you ) whose garment is as black as Satan's, contemptible monk, fat, dirty, dishonest priest. Know thou, that thou are permitted to dig a hole and throw therein the revolting and stinking cadaver of the infidel ( name ) who has recently departed." The permits for Jews were couched in similar terms. Instinctive resentment and dislike of the embarrassing feature of their idol - Jesus - and therefore dubbed the 'people of the crucifix' - as expressed by open-spoken Moslems - has its origin in the Christian admiration for a bloody beaten creature, who was subjected to the ancient Roman death penalty - and afterwards - the tortured corpse looked accordingly. While in contrast, idols and god-creatures of psychologically healthy humans are beautifully adorned - as obvious success creatures - like Tut-Ankh-Amon, Bhudda and energetic horse rider Mohamad ( blessed be his name ) in Africa, Asia and Arabia, or are respectable and wise personages like Zoroaster and Lao-Tse in Persia and China, without any scandalous record. However, this touchy issue should not create divisiveness among Islam and Christianity, who need each other these days, to fight Shaddai - the greatest Satan - earth has ever seen.

For even-handed law enforcement, the mass murderer General Augusto Pinochet-Ugarte should not be stowed away any longer in Chile - after he was spirited out of London - hiding from public scrutiny. While in the Bali bomber affair, Washington and Canberra request utter transparency from Jakarta, but cleverly hiding their own backyard dirt away in USA and Chile. CIA Director Tenet confirmed, "the files on Pinochet will remain closed." Pinochet allegedly is responsible for 3000 murders and yet un-known atrocities committed in concerted actions with CIA throughout South-America in pursuance of the anti-Communist Condor Plan. Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain have requested extradition of General Pinochet for murder of their citizens, but to no avail. If this un-even handed law enforcement practice will prevail and continue, Indonesia may well close down the investigations into the Bali bombing. A government representative said, "reason being, we cannot accept human-rights slurs and smear being bucketed by Murdoch ( a U.S.-citizen ) on our country, while the big villains - killing 1000s of innocent people, fare as jolly good fellows in international affairs." And he continues: "Rating agencies and AI ( Amnesty International ) are hammering us. UN should un-earth the cover-up in Chile and put things finally right."

Further restrictions have also been placed on Indonesia. While U.S. suppress and ignore comment on the use of F-18 fighters and Black Hawk choppers used for attack-sorties by Israel on Palestine civilians, they recently remanded Jakarta not to use F-18 fighters other than for defencive operations and not for offensive use.

Atom-Minen sollten Deutschland verwüsten. POWERFUL NUCLEAR MINES WERE PLACED IN BONN-GERMANY AFTER 1945 - NAMED BLUE PEACOCK - FOR IGNITION BY UK-MILITARY IN CASE UDSSR WOULD OCCUPY GERMAN TERRITORY. ONE WAS PLACED IN A LARGE LAKE, A MAJOR PORTABLE WATER RESERVOIR. BUT THE AVERAGE GERMAN JUST LOVES GREAT BRITAIN IGNORING THE REBUKES WHEN THEY ARE HOLIDAYING IN LONDON. THEY CAN DEFINITELY NOT BE HELPED.Im Kalten Krieg wollten die Briten offenbar um jeden Preis eine Besetzung Deutschlands durch die Sowjets verhindern. Nukleare Landminen, berichtet ein Historiker auf Basis von jetzt freigegebenen Geheimdokumenten, sollten im Kriegsfall ganze Landstriche verseuchen.


Es war der Alptraum westlicher Militärs während des Kalten Krieges: Die Rote Armee rückt mit einer überwältigenden Überlegenheit an Truppen und konventionellen Waffen über die Zonengrenze nach Westdeutschland vor. Briten, Amerikaner und Franzosen haben den gewaltigen Panzerverbänden der Sowjets nichts entgegenzusetzen - und wählen den letzten Ausweg, um eine Niederlage und die sowjetische Besetzung Westdeutschlands zu verhindern: den Einsatz taktischer Atomwaffen based in Germany. Da ein solches Szenario von den Nato-Strategen als durchaus realistisch eingestuft wurde, erhielten die alliierten Truppen in Westdeutschland schon früh so genannte "Mini-Nukes". Die kleinformatigen Atomwaffen besaßen zwar nur einen Bruchteil der Vernichtungskraft von strategischen Nuklearsprengköpfen, hätten aber unter feindlichen Truppen und in den betroffenen Teilen Deutschlands ungeheure Verheerungen angerichtet. Das Arsenal der Alliierten beinhaltete Artilleriegeschosse, Kurzstreckenraketen und Panzerfaust-ähnliche Raketenwerfer des Typs "Davy Crockett". "Verbrannte Erde" gegen sowjetische Besatzer. Neu ist, dass die Briten auch nukleare Landminen einsetzen wollten, wie sie die Welt noch nicht gesehen hatte. Der britische Historiker David Hawkings, bis vor zwei Jahren am Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) der britischen Regierung beschäftigt, veröffentlichte im AWE-eigenen "Discovery"-Magazin Details über die Mine aus britischen Regierungsdokumenten, die jahrzehntelang geheim waren und jetzt freigegeben wurden. Demnach konstruierte das Armament Research and Development Establishment in Fort Halstead bei Kent, wo seit 1947 das britische Atomwaffen-Programm stationiert war, die Super-Mine zur Zerstörung von Gebäuden und anderen Strukturen. Darüber hinaus sollte der Atomsprengsatz (Codename "Blue Peacock") eine Besetzung Deutschlands durch die Sowjets verhindern - durch ein Prinzip, das schon Hitler und Stalin während des Kriegs in Russland auf verbrecherische Weise benutzt hatten: das der "verbrannten Erde". Atomexplosionen mitten in der Zivilisation.


"Eine geschickt platzierte Mine würde nicht nur Gebäude und Strukturen im weiten Umkreis zerstören, sondern durch Kontaminierung auch die Besetzung des Gebiets durch den Feind verhindern", zitiert Hawkings einen Bericht des obersten Waffenentwicklers der britischen Armee, der Mitte der fünfziger Jahre verfasst wurde. Als geeignete Ziele tauchten darin Industrieanlagen, Ölraffinerien, Kanäle, Bahnhöfe sowie Bewässerungs- und Wasserkraftanlagen wie etwa Talsperren auf. In der Nähe solcher Orte hätte der Einsatz einer Nuklearwaffe wahrscheinlich tausende, wenn nicht gar zehntausende Menschenleben gefordert. Von einem Mini-Sprengsatz konnte im Fall von "Blue Peacock" keine Rede sein. Die Mine basierte auf dem Design der britischen Atombombe "Blue Danube", die seit November 1953 zum Arsenal der Royal Air Force gehörte. Ihr Herzstück war eine von hochexplosivem Material umschlossene Plutoniumkugel. "Blue Danube" wog rund 4,5 Tonnen, "Blue Peacock" aber fiel noch wuchtiger aus. Dank seiner gewaltigen Stahlhülle brachte der Trumm ein Gewicht von sieben Tonnen auf die Waage. Seine Sprengkraft sollte mit zehn Kilotonnen TNT fast halb so groß sein wie die der Nagasaki-Bombe, die im August 1945 rund 70.000 Menschen auf der Stelle und mehrere zehntausend durch Folgeschäden getötet hatte. Bei einer Detonation in zehn Metern Tiefe hätte die Mine, so zitiert Hawkings das Handbuch, einen 200 Meter breiten Krater gerissen. Detonation per Zeitzünder. Wäre ein Angriff der Roten Armee als wahrscheinlich eingestuft worden, hätte die britische Rheinarmee die Minen vergraben, auf der Oberfläche platzieren oder in Flüssen und Seen versenken sollen. Die Detonation wäre per Draht von einem maximal fünf Kilometer entfernten Befehlsstand oder durch einen Acht-Tage-Zeitzünder ausgelöst worden. Gegen Entschärfung war die Höllenmaschine durch ein Drucksystem und einen Schalter geschützt, der jede Lageveränderung registriert. "Wäre die Mine bewegt, ihre Hülle durch Gewehrfeuer beschädigt oder mit Wasser geflutet worden, wäre sie innerhalb von zehn Sekunden explodiert", erklärt Hawkings.



ASIO, the Australian spy agency briefed airlines about new al-Qa'ida threats to global aviation, including the possibility of terrorists boarding planes for destinations in Australia to attack targets in the big Australian cities. Also, a consignment of shoulder-fired missiles - guided by sensitive radar - was said to have been unloaded in Northern Yemen. Active range: 3-4 km. Touch-down and start at certain airports may become fatal phases of airline flights. Major airlines and airport managers as well as state and federal authorities across Australia were told of the renewed threat a week ago and Washington issued an urgent memo to all U.S. airlines late last week. It warned that the al-Qa'ida network was planning new suicide attacks in a number of countries including Australia. "Attack venues may include the UK, Italy, Australia or the east coast of the United States due to the relatively high concentration of government, military and economic targets," the alert said. Australian cities with multi-million populations are highly endangered due to its government's unrelenting support for the brutal Zionist statelet. In fact the ruling elite in Canberra is a potential mix of Jews and members of the Association of British Zionists, of which Prince Charles is a paying member. In summary, with these dangerous leanings, Australia is continuously in the cross-hair of International Islam.


Iraq's oil production has risen to more than 1 million barrels a day as the country signed new crude export contracts with foreign oil companies, mainly from the US. An Iraqi oil ministry official said that daily production, which has been steady at 800,000 barrels since the end of the war, had increased. "Production in the south is between 600,000 and 700,000 barrels a day and production in the north is at 500,000 barrels a day," the official said. "Production in the south could reach 1 million barrels a day in a month." The news will be a relief to the market, which has been disappointed at the slow pace of getting Iraq's oil moving again after the war. Production is still well below the 2 million barrels a day being exported under the Oil for Food program before the war and recent events led to a sharp fall in the price of crude oil. On Tuesday, when news of the deaths of Uday and Qusay Hussein reached the International Petroleum Exchange in London, the benchmark price dropped by more than a dollar to $US27.65, although it rose to $US28.15 at Friday's close. Iraq's State Oil Marketing Organisation announced a new batch of export contracts. The deals, for August 1 to December 31, are with Shell; the US's Total Fina Elf, Chevron Texaco, Conoco Phillips, Valero Energy and Marathon Oil; China's Sinochem; and a subsidiary of Japan's Mitsubishi. A contract with Exxon Mobil is expected soon.


One of the most worrying claims of groups opposed to GM ( genetically modified food ) is that pollen from GM crops like maize and rapeseed will "contaminate" local varieties, or will harm insects, birds and animals. As evidence, Greenpeace and others point to a dramatic experiment in the cornfields of America where a young researcher found that pollen from wheat which was genetically modified containing a component killing America's favourite insect, the monarch butterfly. As European Union earlier warned, not all side-effects of GM are known as yet.


An East-Asian court has blocked an attempt by U.S. to repossess Nauru's only passenger aircraft, an Air Nauru 737, saying it would contravene promises given by Washington to reward Nauru for helping smuggle North Korean defectors from Beijing to the West. The summary judgment backs claims made by Nauru that U.S. gave private pledges of financial assistance to the Pacific Island in return for abolishing its offshore banking and passport schemes, which Washington claimed were assisting its adversaries. The court's decision is an embarrassment for U.S., which has strongly denied making any such promises to Nauru. The judgment confirms that a shadowy group of well-connected U.S. individuals - some claiming to be U.S. intelligence officers - used a mixture of threats and promises to convince Nauru. This same group also asked Nauru to join an intelligence mission - dubbed Operation Weasel - which was to use Nauru's diplomatic facilities in Beijing to help smuggle senior North Korean scientists and military officers to the West. Letters, documents and emails show this group used promises of U.S.-aid as a carrot to get Nauru to follow an identical agenda to that of the U.S. State Department. Nauru claimed that Michael Horowitz, a former adviser to president Ronald Reagan, and Joe Pinder, a senior U.S. congressional staffer, were among those who said they would take steps to protect the island's aircraft from U.S. government creditors. Meanwhile, the Pacific Island state of Nauru has closed its embassy in Beijing in a move towards diplomatic relations with Taiwan.


1.1 ) PYONGYANG: Today, Rodong Sinmun branded the U.S.-brigand and its CCC - Coalition of Crooks and Criminals - in a signed commentary as dangerous war mongers, dancing like crazy on the edge of nuclear war. "They are committing aerial espionage on the DPRK with strategic and tactical reconnaissance planes. U-2 high-altitude strategic reconnaissance planes flew in the sky above the area 120 km west of Tokjok islet and 40 km east of Phochon and Sokcho on an espionage mission. On July 29, two planes of the same type spied on strategic targets of the DPRK. EP-3, RC-12 and RC-7B tactical reconnaissance planes made flights day and night to spy on the terrain and coastal beach-lines of the DPRK. Tactical reconnaissance planes made simultaneous sorties spying on major military targets of the DPRK: nine spied on July 27, seven on July 24 and July 25, and six on July 7 and 16 "the commentator added. And he continued: "The U.S. intention to bring up the nuclear issue at the UN, is a grave criminal act to hamstring North-Korea's efforts, the official KCNA news agency said. "Any move to discuss the nuclear issue at the UN Security Council is little short of a prelude to war," he said. On Thursday, U.S. Undersecretary of State John Bolton criticized the Security Council, saying "...its credibility was at stake because it had failed to take up the North-Korean nuclear issue." An un-named political analyst added "....Washington wants to put the United Nations before the horse cart of the U.S.-agenda. In the broader context, this is what Washington has been doing over the past 50 years and what Washington thinks the UN is there for." "Unprecedented death and destruction will hit THE U.S. and their obedient vassals and not only in Korea. Wild threats, shrieking and stamping feet will not save the U.S.-robber-baron from his total nuclear annihilation" the official KCNA speaker added.

1.2 ) CANBERRA "America's unprecedented military might and the new global security environment with limited or even no nuclear weapons available to most other non-English speaking countries means that one of the highest priorities for Australia's defense forces is sticking to USA." It was ensuring that they could fight alongside their reliable U.S.-counterpart, Australia's Defense Forces Minister Robert Hill added.

1.3 ) WASHINGTON The U.S.'s top arms control official, John Bolton, said last night "...a tough policy toward North Korea had paid off". A day after blasting North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, Mr Bolton added in Tokyo "...that his tough speech was part of a co-ordinated U.S.-strategy toward Pyongyang. The important consequence here is that we have received such encouraging news about the prospects for multilateral discussions," he added.

Compiled by: Birger Romaruga.

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