Germar Rudolf on German prosecution of Dissenters

  I have steadily documented the figures of people prosecuted in Germany for
"Thought Crimes" since 1997 on my website at

These figures stem directly from
the German authorities, from their yearly "Report of the Agency for
the Protection of the Constitution" (Verfassungschutzbericht), which gets
its information from the German Federal Bureau of Investigation
(Bundeskriminalamt, BKA). The German authorities are particularly
proud to have successfully and effectively prosecuted so many
"political extremists" for their "illegal expressions of opinion".
This authority's website can be found at 

The reports with the relevant
figures of the last two years can be found at:

Those reports list criminal prosecutions against individuals who have
committed a crimes for political reasons. Those crimes are divided in
several categories, some consisting of "normal crimes" (violent and
non-violent, like murder, robbery, theft, assault, destruction
of/damaging to property, etc.) and "unnormal" crimes ("propaganda offenses,"
stirring up the people, and the like). I summarized only those
prosecutions concerning "unnormal" crimes, that is only those, which
were committed by merely stating an opinion by, e.g., publishing a
text, selling, distributing, storing, importing, exporting, or
offering a medium (pamphlet, flyer,
sticker, book, video, CD...), giving a speech, wearing insignia,
waving a flag, being member of an (organized or non-organized)
"illegal" group, participating in an outlawed assembly/demonstration,
singing prohibited songs, etc.

Thus, the following figures include only such crimes, which are
described by the German authorities themselves as THOUGHT CRIMES,
which are covered by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

(Figures for 2003 estimated to make it a complete decade):

Year      Right*            Left**      Foreign***       Sum
1994      5,562           185             235             5,982
1995      6,555           256             276             7,087
1996      7,585           557             818             8,960
1997    10,257        1,063          1,029           12,349
1998      9,549          1,141         1,832           12,522
1999      8,698          1,025         1,525           11,248
2000    13,863             979             525          15,367
2001      8,874             429             353             9,656
2002      9,807             331             467           10,605
2003~    9,000             300            400              9,700
Total:    89,703         6,266          7,946          103,915 !

~ estimate for 2003.
* "Offenses with right wing extremist background", that is:

"Propaganda Offenses" and "Stirring up the People"

** Left: "Offenses with left wing extremist background", generally referred
to as "other offenses", i.e., crimes not covered by the usual definition of
a crime (=thought crime)

*** Foreign: offenses committed by foreign extremists, that is, crimes not
covered by the usual definition of a crime (=thought crime). These are
primarily "thought crimes" committed by Turks and Kurds in their ongoing
civil war against each other on German soil.

NOTE: These figures are prosecutions started by the German authorities
for recorded "Thought Crimes." Not all of them led to convictions, because
culprits could only be found in an unknown fraction of these cases. Only a
small fraction of these cases led to prison terms, and again only a fraction
of them were not suspended. Therefore, it may be assumed that 100,000
prosecutions per decade might have led to 50,000 persons being tried; most
of them were fined; perhaps a few thousand of them received prison terms, of
which perhaps several hundreds had to serve their term (between a few months and up to five years). Only the latter category would correctly be referred to as "political prisoners." Many individuals sentenced to prison terms for their revisionist views belong into this category (Remer, Deckert, Leuchter, Schmidt, Walendy, Witzsch, Töben, Rudolf,...).

Did anybody think I was joking when I went into exile and applied for
political asylum in America?

It seems that not even most revisionists have fathomed the degree, to which
Germany was transmogrified into a Stalinist dictatorship over the last two

Germar Rudolf

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