Dear friends, today we offer you an interesting paper by a friend of the
list, Dr Marek Glogoczowski, a Polish philosopher. He is a severe critic of
the American ideology, however, he throws away the child together with dirty
water. An enemy of Globalisation, he does not stop at disposing of
Christianity we know of. In no way I agree with him. While accepting his
conclusions (it makes him an ally) I do reject his chain of arguments. A man
of uninhibited, run-wild logic, Dr G misinterprets the Gospel. Naturally, St
Paul said 'there is no male nor female in Christ', but it does not mean he
intended to castrate mankind. In the same way, when he said, 'there is no
Jew neither Hellene', he meant that Jewish Law is quite irrelevant comparing
with faith and salvation. Though the positive message of the Old Testament
was sublimated in the New Testament, it does not mean that all ideas of the
Old Testament found its way to the Gospels. In his search, Dr G arrived to
the same conclusions Marcion the Gnostic reached 1900 years ago. Probably
this piece should not be distributed to people of weak mind; but our readers
are anything but that! Still, you will enjoy his tempestuous style and
unbridled humour and take his arguments with a grain of salt.

This paper was delivered by Dr G at the recent conference in Rhodes.

Religious Roots of American Superpower

Globalization: The Project of "Flat Earth" and Flat Brain Cortices - but No
Dialogue of Civilizations Ahead

by Marek Glogoczowski (


European Conquista, which began roughly 500 years ago, was originated, in
large extend, by the missionary spirit of Catholic Christians, trying to
fulfill the Christ's demand expressed in the Gospel of John: "And I have
other sheep, that are not of this fold; I must bring them also... So there
shall be one flock, one shepherd." The Catholic period of world's conquest
was soon replaced by the Protestant one, with the Bible as the source of
ideas to be implanted everywhere. And the Bible calls for the extermination
of hostile to "sheep" wild beasts (which task has been successfully
accomplished in Western Europe), and for the transformation of the world in
a way so the "God's chosen flock" will live in a perpetual peace and safety.
These "chosen" in Protestant understanding are men who managed to amass
"pleasing the God" riches. Born thanks to such religious interpretation of
God's orders, capitalism quickly spread all over the planet, causing not
only tremendous devastation of earth resources, but also the ever increasing
division between "good" (rich) and "evil" (poor) social classes and nations.
Ultra-Protestant and Zionist, so-called "neo-conservative" lobbies, which
sized power in USA (and Israel) of today, overtly preach the "final crusade"
, which will eliminate last "rogue states", remaining from the socialist
period of the 20 century. This purgation of Earth shall be followed by the
creation of "New Global Israel", where "LORD will become king over all the
earth; on that day LORD will be one and his name one. The whole land shall
be turned into plain, but Jerusalem shall remain aloft and shall dwell in
security". The realization of this 2,5 thousand years old dream will permit
the second return of Christ and the expected End of Times, before which
"chosen" will be directly raptured out. These are creating the actual
reality ideas, which radiate from highest circles of power in USA, and
against this insanity we seem to be completely defenseless at present.


I've read an opinion that the "globalization" - which means the total
political and cultural unification - become automatically decided once
Magellan in 1521 made the first naval trip around the Earth. The fact that
we had to wait for the subsequent 500 years for "globalization of the Globe"
is attributed solely to the lack of appropriate technical means to attain
this goal. But is the unification of Mankind an "automatic goal" towards
which we are inexorably heading? Thanks to an article written by Austrian
philosopher Dr. Siegfried E. Tischler, I learned that Magellan was not the
first one to make the trip around the Earth, already in 1241 the fleet of
Chinese junks performed the same exploit[1].

Why did not the Chinese (while having at disposition appropriate technical
means few centuries ahead of Europeans) engage themselves into the route of
planetary conquest? I read that exactly five hundreds years ago, following
the order of Chinese Emperor, the biggest and best in the world at that time
fleet of junks was burned at Chinese ports. After a period, when Chinese
merchants were already colonizing West Coast of Africa, approaching Europe
from the South, China turned towards the self-imposed isolation, which
lasted until 1841, the date of "opening" of the coastal city of Canton by
the bombardment performed by flourishing English navy. Historians attribute
this "antiglobalist" tilt in Chinese foreign politics to the Confucian
philosophy dominating in the Empire of Middle. Namely, men of commerce and
high rank military commanders, pushing for the global conquest - which
formed the "Party of Eunuchs" at the Chinese Court - were considered, by the
Confucian imperial bureaucracy, to be a disruptive force, which risked to
corrupt spiritual fundaments of the State of Harmony, laid by Confucius two
thousand years earlier.

Interested in the Perfection of their social order, Chinese elite had not
internal incentives for a pursuit of an external conquest. Europeans, to the
contrary, since the very appearance of modern Europe, have an 'internally
in-build' drive towards imposition of their cultural (and political)
hegemony everywhere. This impulse towards never ending conquista was (and
still is) provided by our religion, known under the general term of
Christianity. The "Holy Mission" of the world unification was supposedly
ordered by Jesus Christ himself, who in Gospel of St. John gave a following
instruction to his apostles: And I have other sheep, that are not of this
fold; I must bring them also, and they will hear my voice. So there shall be
one flock, one shepherd[2].

The Christianization of countries issued of Roman Empire was achieved in
relatively peaceful way, but once missionaries crossed the limes of Antique
Rome, the "evangelization" began to reach ever more wicked forms - to
mention only the Teutonic Order of the Holy Mary, which in 13 and 14 century
totally exterminated Baltic pagan tribes of Jadzwings and Prussians. Not to
say about atrocities which accompanied the not so distant in time
"Christianization" of both Americas, in particular of the present territory
of USA, where more than hundred Indian nations simply vanished during the 19

As Noam Chomsky suggests in his book Year 501, the Conquest continues, and
at present the whole set of "disobedient to LORD" nations seem to be slated
for extermination. In particular this shall be the fate of these nations,
which inadvertently worship LORD's competitor called Allah. The
"neo-conservative" elite in power in USA of today without any shame affirms
that it engaged itself in the final accomplishment of a mission proclaimed
by Christ so there shall be one flock, one shepherd.

In Gospels Jesus teaches "by their fruits you will recognize them", and
since USA is the most "Christianized" at present Western industrial
country[3], so by visiting USA we shall see the best the direction this
"Kingdom of Lord" is heading for. And what we see if we "walk by sight and
not by faith (in power of USA)" - which means if we behave in a way
forbidden to Christian "sheep" by Apostle Paul[4]? It is sufficient to
travel a bit inside this "Wasteland" (as calls his native country Theodore
Roszak) to recognize the unbelievable ugliness of its cities, the unhealthy
obesity of its inhabitants, the depletion of its natural resources, its
millions of prisoners recruited mostly from whole quarters of crime, to feel
that something is very wrong with this supposedly "Christian" super-state.

If the internal situation of the country, where nearly 60 percent of
population claims to be active "Christians", is so disastrous (as state it
both external and internal observers of "American way of life"), so it must
be something wrong with this "mission from Lord", America is supposed to
incarnate. Where from originated this demand "there shall be one flock, one
shepherd"? In the Gospel of Mathew Jesus tells his disciples "Go nowhere
among the gentiles, and enter no town of the Samaritans, but go rather to
the lost sheep of the house of Israel[5] It is only after his resurrection
Jesus takes the pose of a Supermen and assures his, doubting in his real
presence, apostles: All authority in heaven and on the earth has been given
to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations[6]. Only in the Gospel
of John, which was written around year 110, when thanks to missionary
efforts of St. Paul already thousands of gentiles become Christianized,
Jesus assures his listeners, well before his crucifixion, that he has a
superhuman capacity to lay down my life and to take it again, this in order
to realize the supposedly "good shepherd's" mission of imposing "one flock,
one shepherd", everywhere on the earth[7].

Moreover, when we read carefully the Bible, we find that Jesus quoted in
Gospel of John merely repeats prophecies of earlier spiritual leaders of
Israel, in particular these of Zechariah and Ezekiel, who lived 5-6
centuries BC. In particular Zechariah states And the LORD will become king
over all the earth; on that day the LORD will be one and his name one[8].
Was it thus possible that texts of Gospels were manipulated in order to make
of them a tool of "New Israel's" conquest, which was not desired at all by
the real Jesus, who considered all earlier leaders of Israel to be "thieves
and robbers"[9]?

Professional investigators of texts of New Testament have discovered that
several miracles done by Jesus, were "borrowed" (to use a euphemism) from
pagan myths well known to the Greek population of Palestine. A friend of
mine, Prof. Ludwik Kostro from the University of Gdansk - who as a clergy
man has studied in 1970-ies both physics and biblical sciences at Rome's La
Sapienza Catholic University - informed us during a seminar that the famous
miracle of changing water into wine at Kana of Galilee is a "plagiary" of a
similar miracle done by the Greek god Dionysus, and moreover, it was feasted
by early Christians on January 6th, the date of pagan festivity of Dionysos.
According to competent catholic researchers from La Sapienza University,
Jesus disciples in order to heighten their hero willfully attributed to him
potentials of known (at their time) gods of gentiles. (The superhuman
capacity of Dionysus to resurrect after being torn into pieces evidently was
also attributed to Jesus, as it confirms His statement inserted into Gospel
of John - I may lay down my life and to take it again...).

If this catholic "La Sapienza" interpretation of Gospels is valid, it is
evident that Jesus disciples attributed to Him also these ambitious - and
noble in appearance - prophecies of spiritual leaders of their own "flock",
which prophecies were incessantly repeated in Israel of their times. And
thanks to Christian "sheep" these "blind to Reason" prophecies, conceived
about 2,5 thousand years ago, become really immortal: Jesus' demand "one
flock, one shepherd" is clearly echoed in 20 century Hitler's call for
totality "Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Führer" (One State, One Folk, one

Here we come to a point, which I elaborate in more detail in a larger paper.
A careful reading of "Letters" of Christ's most prominent apostles - in
particular of these of St. Paul and St. Peter - confirm the suspicion that
the "Christ crucified" has become a vessel (a tool, a mindless "God's lamb",
or - to use the American preferred expression - a "gadget"), which
willy-nilly facilitates the intoxication of believers with completely
perverted ideas of Old Testamental prophets. These 2,5 thousand years old
ideas, once put into realization, AUTOMATICALLY must lead to the total
corruption and devastation of our planet.

The discovery that the message of the New Testament is in its essence the
same as that of the Old one is not new, for already Clemens of Alexandria
claimed it in 2nd century. Our contemporary, the Talmud translator and
editor Rabbi Adin Steinzaltz described Christianity as "simplified Judaism,
adapted to the childish minds of Gentiles". This conceited opinion is
contradicted by a Rabbi's grandson Karl Marx, who claimed, in the middle of
19 century that "Christianity is the sublime Judaist thought, while Judaism
is a sordid utilitarian application of Christianity"[10]. As a person grown
in catholic environment of "papist" Cracow I cling rather to Karl Marx
opinion. New Testament is indeed a sublimation of Judaist thought, in
particular of ideas of prophet Isaiah conceived roughly 500 years BC. The
'mindset' of this blind prophet[11] transpires from "Letters" of both most
prominent apostles, Peter and Paul. St. Peter writes for example in his "I

Christ suffered for you... He committed no sin, no guile was found on his
lips... He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree (it means the
cross) that we may die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you
have been healed[12].

Such explication of the Mystery of Redemption is a faithful copy of a text
"sufferings of God's servant" written 500 BC by prophet Isaiah[13]. This
very important fragment of the Bible was elucidated by contemporary Austrian
theologian R. Schwager in a following way: Evil people (gangsters) unite
against righteous, and through a violence done to him they throw on him
their own crimes. The role of God in this process consists of making the
servant (or God's Son in case of Jesus) apt to withstand voluntarily the
sufferance inflicted upon him[14]. For Schwager it is thus evident that God,
imagined by prophet Isaiah, is a hidden collaborator of a specific Crime
Syndicate - which Syndicate of God's Servants Jesus called simply "Brigand's

There is a very important problem with this, modeled at Isaiah's prophecy,
"redemption of Christian sins by Christ's Passion". The Cross, symbolizing
Christ's Passion, has become a kind of an opiate, a kind of morphine which
inactivates in believers specifically these brain centers (front lobes)
where ethical conscience is localized, and which centers create the feeling
of pain (so called "pricks of conscience") when someone is committing a
fraudulent action. If one believes in redemptory power of the Cross, his
sins simply "disappear". Due to this psychological phenomenon, believers in
Redemption do not have incentives to develop their endogenous, autonomous
ethical system. It means that in the shadow of Cross the most unethical
behaviors can proliferate. For St. Paul - as well as for St. Peter - was
evident that servants can be abused by their selfish masters (as their
appraisal of "sufferance of God's servant" indicate it). St. Paul
additionally claims that "all power comes from God", so no one is aloud to
revolt against social injustices, not only of the slave system of the
Antiquity, but also of the corporate serfdom of the Modernity. In his lack
of a deeper moral sentiment, St. Peter goes even to the appraisal of the
conjugal submissivity of Sarah to Abraham, which Sarah was compelled, by her
enterprising husband-brother, to work as a 'sexual gadget' at Pharaoh and
other Middle-East courts, contributing in this way to the fortune gathered
by this "righteous" Father of Nations[15].

The Father of the Church, who successfully changed Christian temples and
monasteries into "machines" to collect riches of all accessible world, was
St. Augustin, living roughly four hundred years after Christ. In his opus
"De doctrina christiana" he proposed a sophisticated (indeed) method of
collection of (spiritual and material) goods belonging to pagans, modeled on
extortion by Jews of treasures belonging to gentile inhabitants of Egypt,
just prior to Exodus from this antique, hosting Jews for 400 years,
country[16]. St. Augustin was fully conscious that without appropriate
redemptory sacrifice this "appropriation of pagan wealth" would not be
successful - and he gives as an example the behavior of Moses who ordered
paschal offerings for "salvation" of his Robber Tribe from the pursuit of
Pharaoh's armies. Having in mind the salvatory meaning of Jewish pasha,
Augustin rationally proposed, referring to the wisdom of St. Paul[17] that
"our pasha is Christ offered for us"[18].

Reasoning in a way proposed by their highest spiritual authorities, Catholic
coquistadores had not pricks of conscience while robbing riches they found
in freshly discovered by them countries of America and Asia. The Chinese,
observing the insatiable, insane greed of Portuguese sailors and merchants,
called them 'white devils'. Of course, these "Christian" merchants eagerly
paid tribute to the Spiritual Authority, which legitimized their ethically
dubious conquests. The opulence at that time of Vatican has been truly
extraordinary: in Rome during the Renaissance worked about hundred thousand
of prostitutes, serving innumerate clerical and court missions pilgrimaging
to Saint Siege.

It is necessary to stress that the principle "one flock, one shepherd"
realized by Catholic Church had not immediate, disastrous for bio-diversity
of the Planet, consequences: Indian tribes conquered by Spaniards managed
somehow to survive, and to incorporate their endogenous cultures into frames
imposed by Church. Big wild animals were preserved in royal forests, for
they served as a game for catholic aristocracy. And the cultural and
linguistical diversity of European countries was assured thanks to Latin as
international language, used only by a narrow educated elite.

But the opulence and hypocrisy of "God's servants" of that time was too
visible for jealous inhabitants of European cities. The invention of
printing press accelerated the outburst of their discontent, modeled not so
much on teachings of Jesus but on these of St. Paul. Soon the Hebrew Bible,
translated to national languages, has become an object of idolatry among
sedentary (bourgeois) classes of Europe. And what is the essence, the "Ding
an Sich" as would say Kant, of this book, which shapes until now our
Civilization? Rabbi's grandson Karl Marx was right when he wrote that the
true God of Jews is Money. A similar opinion about "God" of Jews (and of
rich Christians) we can read already in letters of Roman emperor Hadrian.
This suggests that the Hebrew Bible is trivially a book of an "invisible
 god" called by Syrians MAMMON. I was surprised up to which point biblical
texts are becoming transparent when we substitute the frequently repeated
there word LORD by Mammon: it is in answer to the Call Of Mammon Abraham
(Abram) lef Ur to seek fortune in Egypt; also Jacob made Covenant With
Mammon, after he stripped Esau from family heritage. It was in all evidence
Mammon who ordered Moses to rob Egyptians prior to Jews' Exodus from this
host country, and surely Mammon instructed Moses to order his kin Levies to
slain three thousands of their "brothers and sons" under Mount Sinai. This
perfidious, "proto-Sept. 11 (2001)", butchery they did in order to throw on
these innocent Golden Calf worshippers the sin of cupidity, which sin was
filling Levies' souls up to insanity.

If the Bible, taken as a whole, is the BOOK OF MAMMON (known in Hebrew as
MOLOCH, Molech, which means "King" or "Lord"), than the idolatry of this
Book automatically transformed Protestant countries into counties of
Invisible Mammon's Kingdom: in agreement with teachings of Luther and Calvin
men in "God's (it means Mammon's) Grace" were only these, which were
affluent and businessminded - which gave an unknown in any other
civilization impulse for the tremendous industrial and financial
development. The allegedly Christ's demand "one flock, one shepherd", which
earlier was interpreted in terms loosely related to affairs of everyday
economy, by simpleminded Protestants become interpreted strictly in a manner
given by biblical recipes. By a careful reading of these ancient "words
which become flesh", we can easily trace the overall direction into which
our world is heading.

In a book of prophet Ezekiel we find a following "God's order": And I will
set up over them one shepherd, my servant David, he shall feed them ... And
I LORD will be their God, and my servant David shall be prince among them.
... I will make with them a covenant of peace, and banish wild beasts from
the land, so they may dwell securely ... and none shall make them
afraid[19]. The part of this project of Ezekiel, which relates to animals,
which may be dangerous for "sheep", was successfuly accomplished in most
advanced countries of Western Civilization: in huge and densely forested
Alps, and on Scandinavian Peninsula, big predatory animals practically do
not exist, while in nearby Carpathians, where the density of population is
similar to this in Alps, thanks to recent "gentile" communist regimes (and
to Habsburg's Catholic monarchy earlier), we have still thousands of bears,
wolves and lynxes.

The demanded by Ezekiel suppression of not only wild beasts, but also of
men, which may endanger the wellbeing and safety of "God's chosen", is also
under realization - and this is in fact the "divine mission" of United
States of America. "Chosenites" (in Protestant, especially Calvinist
understanding of this term) are men which are rich, which dispose of bank
accounts, luxury cars, houses and of all these items which please the "Lord"
called Mammon. So Americans killed (by an unexpected shot into its head,
like did it this biblical hero David) the "Empire of Evil" in form of the
Soviet Union, where the personal enrichment was in fact heavily limited by
Marxist dogma of predominance of State (and not Private) property.

Clifford Longley writes in his recent book "Chosen People""[20] that The
United States of America no longer needs to call upon God; it is God, and
those who go abroad to spread the light, do so in the name of a celestial
domain. ... Those foreign states, which seek to change this policy, are
wasting their time: you can negotiate with politicians; you cannot negotiate
with priests. This means that NO DIALOGUE OF CIVILIZATIONS IS POSSIBLE, all
of us have to incline to orders of this MOLOCH (in Hebrew "King" or "Lord"),
exactly as predicted it Isaiah 2,5 thousand years ago: For the nation and
kingdom that will not serve you shall perish; those (gentile) nations shall
be utterly laid waste[21]. Details how this will be accomplished are
furnished in a document called "Project of New American Century" (PNAC)
commented in a following way by David Chiang[22]:

The Bush Administration is primarily composed of rightwing ideologues
closely associated with the Zionist settler movement in Israel. Several
years ago, Paul Wolfowitz and other current administration insiders composed
a document entitled "A Project for a New American Century (PNAC)". In the
document, they called for the establishment of absolute global hegemony
utilizing unilateral American military power. The overthrow of Iraq was to
be followed by Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Cuba, North Korea
and eventually China. (...) PNAC proposes that the United States and Israel
jointly share hegemony over Middle East oil reserves. Assuming Bush's
reelection, Iran is the next nation scheduled for regime change according to
my friends in Washington.

Prophet Ezekiel assures his readers my servant David shall be prince among
them, so also this "LORD's (or in Hebrew, MOLOCH's) project" will be soon
realized. The method of its imposition will probably be exactly the same as
the method, which used Christians (considering themselves to be "New
Israelites") in late Antiquity in order to seize the power in Roman Empire.
At that time their "pascha" for this act of appropriation of imperial power
was Christ Crucified ("Pascha" autem "nostrum immolatus est Christus" wrote
St. Augustin). Nowadays "pascha" for Zionist onslaught on power in Global
Empire is the martyrdom (Holocaust, or full immolation) of these supposed 6
millions of poor Jews from Central Europe. (They committed no sin, no guile
was found on their lips - to use words of St. Peter imitating Isaiah.) As it
was the case of Conquista, when the Cross successfully obliterated crimes of
Spaniards in America, Auschwitz Memorial of today successfully redeems
crimes of Jews in Palestine and everywhere else.

In year 313 Emperor Constantin promulgated the "Tolerance Edict", and by a
mystery it happen, that immediately after, instead of cultivation of
tolerance, the eastern part of Roman Empire become an Orthodox Christian
Theocracy. Is it thus possible that in oncoming years we will witness a
similar mystery in USA, where religious tolerance is inscribed into
Constitution? To seize power in Byzantium, in such covered way, Christians
had to be, prior to this "coup d'état", well organized, with 'influence
agents' placed in most sensitive organs of Constantin's Empire. This is
precisely the situation we have inside USA of today, where the Zionist
clique is closer than ever to realization of its dreams. The information
about activities of Chabad Lubavitch Chassidic movement I've seen for the
first time on August 19 this year, but if this sect - whose 'influence
agents' in Washington are supposed to be Paul Wolfowitz and senator
Lieberman - is able to organize activities for a million of young Jews
yearly, and its budget solely in Russia is 20 million of dollars, its
chances to influence sensibly our lives in nearby future are quite real. The
danger that we will have soon a strictly racist, "Chassidic" ("pious")
theocratic regime in USA, sharply increased after remotely commanded plane
crashes in Manhattan towers on September 11 2001. This perfidious attack,
blamed on Islamists, was a trigger of a "Final War for Jerusalem", as
pertinently observes it Carol Valentine [23], who adds that the cover-up of
criminal negligence of NORAD system that crucial day was assured by Senator
Carl Levin, a supporter of Chabad Lubavitch cabal.

The idea that Jews provide a "glue" (literally a "religion") necessary for
the unification of humanity, was expressed not only in the Bible and in
these famous (although forbidden in liberal Europe) "Protocols". The Israeli
war commander David Ben-Gurion predicted World Government already by 1987,
when in 1962 LOOK magazine invited him and other leaders to picture the
world 25 years into the future. Not only World-Government was supposed to be
created before the end of the Second Millenary, but the Supreme Court for
Mankind was supposed to be established in Jerusalem (and not in Hague), as
well as a shrine there, commemorating the Jewish role in the
bringing-together of mankind[24].

If we scrutinize carefully Biblical prophecies, we discover that not only
wild beasts will be eradicated, that all nations will pray to the same LORD,
and that Jerusalem ("The site of peace") will dominate over all world. The
Holy Bible states also that the all land beneath Jerusalem's Shrine of
Unified Mankind will be... flat. This says the prophecy of Zechariah, from
which Jesus Christ apparently borrowed his, repeated two thousand years
later by Hitler and Ben Gurion, assertion So there will be one flock, one
shepherd. The full Zechariah prophecy is as follow: LORD will become king
(Hebr. Molech, MOLOCH) over all the earth; on that day LORD will be one and
his name one. The whole land shall be turned into plain from Geba to Rimmon
south of Jerusalem. But Jerusalem shall remain aloft (...) and shall dwell
in security"[25]. Zechariah limited the proposed plain to the center of
Palestine, but other prophets were overtly dreaming that the "LORD" (USA in
understanding of Clif Longley) will change his Chosen People into a kind of
Super-Bulldozer: you shall thresh the mountains and crush them, and you
shall make hills like chaff. ... Every valley shall be lifted up, and every
mountain and hill shall be made low; the uneven ground shall become level,
and rough place a plain[26] Of course, all this "pleasing the LORD (i.e.
Mammon)" devastation of not monotonous enough wilderness has to be done in
order to "make straight highways for our LORD". This commandment, as assured
me a friend, catholic priest-emeritus from Wroclaw, has to be taken

If we look in a broader manner at all these, ardously executed biblical
programs, we see the future world in form of a monotonous and sterile desert
(a "Wasteland"), animated only by obese and shortsighted "chosenites"
turning around objects of their idolatry: cars, conditionned boxes to dwell
in, and rising to sky banks (shrines of Mammon). Not to say about these
8-meter high concrete walls and barbed wire fences, which symbolize the
"Eretz Israel" contribution to Architecture of Global Empire. Karl Marx was
really horrified, when he realized that the inhuman, inanimate word, which
earlier existed only in ill imagination of prophets-psychopaths of his
tribe, is becoming the real one, thanks to efforts of "Mammonites" of 19
century. At the beginning of Third Millenary the situation is even worse. I'
ve seen in Germany, just after its unification, how they literally "slice"
mountains in order to "make straight freeways of our LORD", which is locally
worshipped under the name of Mercedes-Benz.

The Jean Piaget's research in personality development informs us that young
men - as all other higher animals - thanks to numerous interactions with
their environment, develop in their brains neuronal structures forming a
kind of "assimilation" of this environment. If human environment is flat,
easy, sterile and deprived of stimuli necessary to develop the personal
strength, agility and courage, the cortex of adults adapted to these
conditions is also relatively flat, with only few folds, where all
associative processes occur. The "flat world" necessarily translates itself
into flat cortices of its dwellers, and vice versa, projects of word
"flattening" (i.e. uniformization) can be born only in brains with flattened
cortices. This is without doubt the reality of 'mindset' of all globalists,
beginning from antique Isaiah and his gang of prophets, through apostles
Peter and Paul, St. Augustin, Reeb Schneerson, Ben Gurion, Bush, Wolfowitz,
Lieberman and all this Chabad Lubavitch Chassidic clique.

Of course, the "The Global Flock" lead by this "Shepherd" groupie, is
supposed to "walk by faith not by sight", which surely will end up in a
global disaster. What kind of a disaster we are heading for, told us a
graduate from West Point in mid 1960-ies, at present professor of philosophy
(of Catholic origin) at Joint Special Operations University at Florida, Dr
Robert Hickson during the last year's "Mut zur Ethik" Congress at Feldkirch
in Austria. He said literally this:

It would be illuminating to understand the influences and motivation behind
what has been called not just our (USA) "messianic foreign policy", but our
"apocalyptic foreign policy". The "Protestant Christian Zionists" are
certainly a significant influence in this direction, basing their
political-military views on their "dispensationalist theology" and rather
stark views about "the end of times", although "the chosen of God" will
purportedly be "raptured out" before "the Armageddon comes" and then their
"Messiah will return". Moreover, there are certain segments of Jews who are
striving to (re)built "the Third Temple of Jerusalem", which would require
the prior desecration and destruction of the mosque, and likely produce an
enormous war, if not even more serious devastations.


Does exist any possibility to escape from this laborious insanity, which
indeed, may end up in the transformation of the planet Earth into a
subsequent belt of asteroids turning around the Sun? I propose to look once
again at information I quoted at the beginning of this lecture. Chinese
discovered America already in 1241, and despite their technical supremacy,
they did not engage in its conquest. All these mentioned above, ultra potent
"groupies", pushing for the creation of "New Global Israel", consider
themselves to be heirs of these Hebrew "pious" (Chassidic) gangsters-idiots,
always in search for new occasions to suck and to wreck subsequent nations
and territories. But for me all these Bushes, Wolfowitzes, Libermans and
their "cabal", conspicuously resemble to these Chinese high War Commanders
and financial tycoons, who 500 hundred years ago formed the super potent
Eunuch's Party at the Court of the Empire of the Middle. And Chinese have
managed somehow to scale down the sterile, anti-zoological - which means,
hostile to our senso-motorial development - ambitions of this early version
of the present World Eunuch's Party of Conquest.


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