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The following is a letter Bradley Smith wrote to student organisations at University of California (UC) at Los Angeles.



February, 2003


My name is Bradley R. Smith and I have a new book out titled 'Break His
Bones: The Private Life of a Holocaust Revisionist'. While 'Bones' is an
autobiographical exercise, it is not written in a vacuum empty of cultural
and political issues, because I do not live in such a vacuum. I do not
believe you do either.

One primary sticking point about my book for politically correct editors,
and the special interest organizations that pressure them into silence,
appears to be the fact that I argue for an open debate on whether the U.S.
alliance with Israel is good for Americans (putting aside for the moment
whether or not it is good for Palestinians - we know that it has been a
catastrophe for Palestinians).

The second is that I argue that there should be an open debate on the Great
Mother of all taboos - the taboo that prevents an open debate on the
Holocaust question. I will only note here that we will never be able to
question the U.S. alliance with Israel so long as we cannot question the
Holocaust story. We will not, because the moment any conversation about the
Israeli/Palestinian affair begins to get serious, it ends up in the "gas
chambers" of Auschwitz. That is the role that the Holocaust story plays in
American cultural and political de-bate. Enforced silence. It has been
successful for the best part of half a century. My view is that it has been
a catastrophe for Americans as well as Palestinians. I believe the attack on
New York City and the Pentagon would not have occurred if the U.S. had not
aided Israel to humiliate the Palestinians and destroy Palestinian society.

When I ran a small ad for my book in student newspapers at Harvard, Texas
and Berkeley, the ad ran one time in each paper then it was killed. I could
not find out why - other than that the protests against printing the ad for
"Bones" were "a little overwhelming." In Santa Barbara I was interviewed on
Cox Cable and when I submitted a paid ad to the UCSB Daily Nexus announcing
the dates and times when the interview would air, the paper refused to run
the announcement. Why?

I have tried to rent a venue to speak at UCLA to talk about why a simple
book like mine should be censored at such prestigious institutions, why it
is seen as being so dangerous that we can not even talk about it. My
application to rent a room in Ackerman Hall has been rejected without
explanation. Of course, that's one way, the easy way to censor a book.
Meanwhile, there appears to be no other room available to me at UCLA.

This note is to ask if you would be interested in sponsoring my appearance
on the UCLA campus to speak about 'Break His Bones', about why so many would
be so focused on suppressing it, and why the ideal of intellectual freedom
should not address such subjects as contemporary cultural and political
issues and recent historical ones. If you or your organization would like to
consider setting up a speaking engagement for me, or if you know someone who
would, please request a review copy of "Break His Bones" and I will see to
it that you receive a complimentary copy promptly.
I can be reached at 1 800 871-7385, or you can contact John Bolton at the
number below.


Bradley R. Smith

Today the story of the Challenger disaster is wall-to-wall on television and
radio. It should be. It's a story that is drawn from great daring, courage,
imagination, adventure, and explosive death. At the same time one cannot
help but notice how the Israeli's are exploiting the story, in the most
vulgar way, for political gain.

The "Holocaust" is introduced into interviews given by Israeli government
officials time and again. The Israeli astronaut carried a drawing with him
into outer space that was done by the hand of a Jewish boy in a German camp
more than half a century ago. During WWII the Jews were at their weakest.
Now they rocket through the cosmos with their American allies. Ofcourse,
Israel has nothing, is nothing without its American allies. Most of all,
Israel would not have the third or fourth most powerful military on the
planet. Without the help of the U.S. Congress Israeli Jews would be unable
to continue their colonization of land belonging to Palestinian Arabs.

What's the "Holocaust" got to do with it?
More than you probably think.


Let me give you some facts about Bradley Smith:

- he lives in Mexico

- he is married to a Mexican woman - they have two daughters

- as a book dealer in the 1960s he was prosecuted for refusing to stop
selling Henry Miller's 'Tropic of Cancer', a book that was banned at that
time by the U.S. Government

- his life has been threatened numerous times (as has mine) by persons who
identified themselves as being against an open debate on the 'holocaust'

- he has been repeatedly attacked by the Orwellian Thought Police for
alleged views which he does not even hold, a cowardly attempt to shoot the
messenger rather than debate the message.

Not the stuff of a "hater" or "racist" I would say. The man is about a free
press and intellectual freedom, and he thinks it's time for an open debate
on issues that today are taboo. The book is an enjoyable, thought provoking
read. I invite you to visit the website for the book at:

** If you represent media, or head a registered student organization at
UCLA, and would like a complimentary review copy of Bradley Smith's book,
please contact us by visiting the 'Break His Bones' site, and see our Media
Room. If you think you have found  "hate" in this book, or anything else
that should not be there then let us know.

Regards & Peace

John Bolton
Media Consultant for Bradley Smith
ph: 310 836-8697



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