US Federal Judge Allows Prosecution for Alleging that Israeli Agents Perpetrated 9-11 Attacks to Continue!

(Concord, NH) On Friday, October 17, 2003, a federal judge in Concord, New Hampshire allowed the Justice Department's prosecution of a man for alleging that Israel and high-ranking dual-loyalists to Israel within the U.S. Government perpetrated the September 11, 2001 terorist attacks against the United States to continue.

Steven Swan of Manchester, New Hampshire had filed a motion requesting that the court dismiss the 18 felony counts against him (ostensibly for violations of the internal revenue laws) because the Justice Department had vindictively and selectively chosen him for prosecution because he vociferously alleged that Israeli agents had perpetrated the 9-11 terrorist attacks as a way to drag the United States into wars with all of Israel's enemies. Swan had widely-distributed his allegations during the months after the attacks. The IRS raided Swan's home in January of 2002, only days after Swan had issued a large number of news releases showing Israeli culpability. Swan believes that if his allegations were not correct, the IRS would not have raided his home when they did.

Swan had shown the court that thousands of other Americans similarly situated to him had not been prosecuted by the Government, including the much more highly-visible and nationally-known originator of the tax theories Swan and many thousands of others had subscribed to, Irwin Schiff of Las Vegas, Nevada. Swan had also shown the court that the Justice Department had deliberately chosen him for prosection and that he had been selectively chosen in retaliation for expressing his First Amendment right of free speech and expression. These are all elements Swan had to prove in order for the court to dismiss the charges against him or for the court to order an evidentiary hearing into the matter. Inexplicably, Chief Judge Paul J. Barbadoro denied Swan's motion stating that he was not convinced that the Government had vindictively prosecuted him, even though there was overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Judge Barbadoro did grant Swan's motion for a continuance of the commencement of his trial, however, in order to give Swan, who is representing himself, more time to prepare. Swan's trial date has been rescheduled from November 4, 2003 to February 3, 2004.

Swan's case can be followed docket entry by docket entry along with his comments on each at www.stevenswan.com

Swan can be contacted at (603) 622-3236; 

by e-mail at stevenswan@earthlink.net

by regular mail at P.O. Box 453

Auburn, NH 03032






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