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14 August 2003

Take a walk in Norwood 

Look closely in the shelf — it's there!

Australia still has freedom to publish and to display books that are challenging.

Fredrick Töben's June-July 2003 Trip





Gagged by Federal Court of Australia Judgment

Fredrick Töben presents his latest book

Fight or Flight?

The Personal Face of Revisionism

Peace Books 2003

 To be launched at 10 AM,

Friday, 1 August 2003,

at Norwood Arcade, The Parade

South Australia

Remember this?

Now this!



Gagged by Federal Court of Australia Judgment

Fredrick Töben presents his latest book


Fight or Flight

The Personal Face of Revisionism

Peace Books 2003


 Soon to be launched

at Norwood Arcade, The Parade

South Australia

 Friday, 1 August 2003

A Happy Day For A Book Launch

The Enemy of Truth and Free Speech stayed away, as did the media,

though 90 minutes after the event a call from The Advertiser, enquired

as to what happened:

"We went looking for you all over Norwood

and couldn't find you".


of some WITNESSES to the event

who are prepared to state that




In Matter:

Fredrick Töben v Jeremy Jones

Please witness the death of free speech in Australia as the Federal Court of Australia (FCA) extends legal protection to a period of world history called the 'Holocaust'.

Anyone who wishes to dispute the orthodox version of events will be labelled a 'Holocaust denier'', 'denialist', 'antisemite', and must now follow the


FCA Judgment, 27 June 2003, Appeal Result


Now in Australia the legally-sanctioned defamation of dissenters and free thinkers begins as a critical period of European history is excised from an honest critical revision.


Australia's leading Zionist, Jeremy Jones, is

now free to label anyone he does not like,

a 'hater',

a 'Holocaust denier',

an 'antisemite',

a 'racist',

a 'neo-Nazi',

a 'whatever-phobe'.


Does this judgment need to be taken to Australia's highest court, the High Court of Australia?

Bearing in mind that legal costs have already reached $A150,000, please express your thoughts on how it is possible to overcome the legal straightjacket that has been imposed on all Australians wishing to discover the truth, or war-time propaganda lies, about the historical period loosely called the 'Holocaust'.

Remember, too, that there are assertions made about the 'Holocaust' that easily classify an individual into being either ignorant of the physical facts, or a liar.

For example, Australia's leading Zionist Jeremy Jones is now free to assert, without fearing that he may hurt anyone's feelings, that Germans during World War Two gassed millions of Jews in homicidal gas chambers - without offering any proof whatsoever. Anyone who challenges him to provide proof to substantiate his allegation, will be breaking an Australian law, generated by the above judgment.

How does this mechanism work? Simple. Jeremy Jones merely claims to be hurt by anyone who touches the 'Holocaust'. He will not need to provide evidence that such hurt has actually occurrred, as is usual in damages cases, for example a certificate from a psychiatrist, etc.

Further, Jeremy Jones will also claim that anyone who disagrees with his version of the 'Holocaust' is doing this because he hatest Jeremy Jones, who is a Jew. This is how the persecution angle is brought into the equation.

It is a subtle form of eliminating one's opponents in the universal battle of the wills, and bearing in mind that Jeremy Jones has publicly stated that he wishes to stop us "from functioning", he has indeed won this round of the battle.

Now it is obligatory for Australians to believe in the 'Holocaust' and all that this belief entails, e.g. a belief in the hypothesis that Germans during World War Two systematically exterminated European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers. Even at universities there will be heavy penalties for anyone who dares step outside of Professor Colin Tatz's realm of genocide studies. Any dissenting voice will be labelled a 'denialist'.

Now to question the historical factuality of the 'Holocaust' will be a taboo for any student. The 'party liner' will have to be towed because by disputing any aspect of the 'Holocaust' will be a breach of law.

The above judgment now extends legal protection to the 'Holocaust', thereby protecting it from any critical analysis, from so-called 'Holocaust deniers'.

The 'Holocaust' is now a legally-protected dogma and any dissenting voice will pay the penalty for challenging it, as was/is the case with religious dogma, and as was the case in socialist/communist countries where the Marxist dogma enjoyed legal protection from normal critical analysis, and dissenters were called REVISIONISTS and banished to the Gulags. 

Please advise

German hatred in Australia

Fredrick Töben 14 May 2003

The past couple of decades have seen a rise of German hatred, mainly owing to Australia's Zionists not letting Hitler's ghost rest. These haters need Hitler as a convenient scapegoat for their own failed policies.

With the troubles caused by the Israeli state in the Middle East, there also is a proportionate rise of 'Holocaust' propaganda so that Israel can continue to justify the horrendous crimes it perpetrates against the Palestinians.

This raising of the war propaganda story, what the Germans are allegedly to have done to European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz, is designed to weld the Australian public together in support of Israel.

The culmination of that propaganda push came to fruition with Australia joining that immoral, no-match, Anglo-American-Zionist attack on Iraq.

PS: In Germany it is a criminal act to give the Hitler (Roman) salute, yet at their monthly meetings all Freemasons salute their Master in such a way! Imagine what this does to someone's mental state, especially those who wish to be Germans; it's OK to salute the Master but not the memory of Hitler. Public prosecutors and judges who are Freemasons then do that for which they willingly persecute others.

Modern Day Self-centredness!

1. 21 May 2003: Was My Father A Mass Murderer?

2. Loss of Freedom: The Perfect Enemy -Terrorists Who Can't Be Caught Because They Don't Exist Or Because They Are CIA Assets

3. Don't criticise, seek clarification by hypothesizing: Do the Gnomes of Switzerland rule the world, or does World Jewry rule the world?

4. Legal update: Owing to his father's death Dr Fredrick Töben did not personally attend the FCA Sydney Appeal on 19 May 2003. The court rejected his application to have the Appeal adjourned.

5. Intervention of Commonwealth of Australia against the Appeal. A week before the Appeal, the Attorney-General indicated the Commonwealth's intervention. No wonder this government agency did not grant Töben legal aid. Refusal of aid was based on: 1. The Appeal has no chance of success; 2. This is not a public interest case.

6. This is the pattern of social/legal/professional intimidation as exercised by Zionists (but not only). Most individuals bend to such pressure. Mrs Joyce Steele did not! View the letter from then QC, Alan Goldberg, now Justice Goldberg of the Federal Court of Australia. Please advise if you have had a similar experience, then let yourself be pressured into silence, for whatever reason!

7. Transcript of 19 May 2003 proceedings (to follow).

8. Toben fights to retain offensive website, Australian Jewish News, 30 May 2003

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