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Fredrick Töben invites: Viam Monstrare

No comment from the media, no comment from individual Revisionists, but only a deafening silence from all.
On 9 October 2003 German lawyer Horst Mahler called out the Revolution against the Holocaust dogma, thereby breaking laws in many European countries, in particular in his own country, Germany.
He stated publicly and in the electronic media that which the  current German government punishes with at least 2-3 years prison. What did he say?


"You can't deny what never happened

There is no DENIALISM because the

HOLOCAUST never happened!"


Usually in Christian countries the Jewish-controlled judiciary begins its vindictive actions during the Christmas holiday period.

In Australia we had the particular case during the early 1990s when the war-crimes trials preliminaries began in Adelaide through the media generating heat - shaping public opinion beforehand - during the Christmas holiday period.


Now let us anticipate the 2003 Christmas period. What does it hold for Revisionists? 

In the following no reference is made to anything prior to Mahler's current attempts at getting the ball rolling again. I allude to an action undertaken by 522 individuals in Germany in December 1991 when they signed a Manifesto and published it in the Münchner Anzeiger, 'Wir verlangen', demanding a Holocaust debate, on the strength of the Leuchter and Lüftl Reports. The organiser of this action, a Mr Detscher, was convicted, but nothing happened to the others, including General Remer and J G Burg.


In Austria it is ( no not Arnold Schwarzenegger) Wolfgang Fröhlich, now in prison, who challenges the Holocaust lies, because he does not fear death.

In Belgium it is Siegfried Verbeke  who, though stripped of his citizenship privileges, does not fear death.

In Canada there is Ernst Zündel who has been placed in the position of standing firm against the Holocaust lies, something he will do because he does not fear death!

In France it is Yvonne Schleiter, Jean Plantin, Vincent Reynouard and Robert Faurisson, who fear not death. 

In Germany it is Horst Mahler who has taken up the challenge to expose the Holocaust lies because he does not fear death!

In Italy it is Edoardo Longo who does not fear death.

In Poland it is Dariusz Ratajczak who does not fear death.

In Russia it is Jürgen Graf who does not fear death.

In Sweden it is Ahmed Rami who does not fear death.

In Switzerland there are Louis-René Berclaz, Philippe Brennenstuhl and Gaston-Armand Amaudruz (83) who face prison/are in prison but fear not death.

In the USA it is Ingrid Zündel, Walter Müller, Germar Rudolf, Michael Santomauro, et al, who fear not death.

In Australia/New Zealand it is Fredrick Töben and the Adelaide Institute Associates - Olga Scully, John Bayley, Kerry Bolton, John Brown, Mohammed Hegazi, Richard Krege, James McGregor, George Kausch, Geoff Muirden, Peter Rackemann, who are pushing the limits of a Federal Court of Australia gag order, and pressuring the upholders of the Holocaust orthodoxy to admit they are living on a LIE. They, together with their supporters, do not fear death.


Who else is out there ready to defend their quest for free speech, for truth in history, for moral and intellectual integrity?


Please advise and we shall draw up a list of courageous individuals who are prepared to sacrifice themselves for the higher goal, for freedom, for truth, for justice and for honour

These are timeless universal values that all peoples of the world understand and appreciate. It transcends artificial class-thinking, racism, nationalism; and it defeats globalism because it is the individual and the family that matters.  

We have the example of a courageous person set by a Palestinian woman, Hanadia Jaradat, who sacrificed her life to fight oppression and for love of family and Palestine. Her martyrdom and altruism exemplifies the fearlessness that hedonistic consumer societies do not understand. 


Men, where are your chivalrous qualities, your desire to defend your women from moral and intellectual bankruptcy? Women, where are your values that abhor oppression!


A willingness to make that supreme sacrifice is needed in order to eliminate the crippling effects the Holocaust orthodoxy has on healthy minds.  The German Horst Mahler has shown the way. The initiating impetus had to come from Germany - it has come - it is timely - we wait  no longer - we join in the battle to defend our world view.


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