Peter Myers on Australia's back-seat drivers, cuckoos, and piggy-backers;

also matters on solving the Jewish problem: 

"The Hexateuch is a racist and exterminationist political ideology.

It is much worse and more devious than Hitler's Mein Kampf."


Introduction by Fredrick Töben

Anyone who has a fixation about things Jewish, and is obsessed with the phenomenon how certain influence is 'Jewish', can detect within the following account of 1980s Australian politics, how ordinary and human such 'Jewish' things are.

A minority that seeks to control a majority, any group attempting to subvert another to its own world-view, will follow similar take-over tactics as did the Trotskyists of the Australian Nuclear Disarmament Party (NDP).

The difference that becomes apparent when we focus on the 'Jewish factor' for analysis is that Jews have practised this tactic for centuries. And they are good at it - until they overstep the tolerance-level of their host nation, when they are then again asked to desist from such obnoxious behaviour, and if they don't they are expelled. The list of Jewish expulsion from various countries is quite long.

In his trilogy about the Jews, Professor Kevin MacDonald has detailed the Jewish group strategy , and his work will be the subject of further comment presently because it clarifies the mystique that some individuals still hold about things Jewish. I recall how Hollywood greats flocked to conversion behaviour when Israel 'won' its 6-day war against Egypt. Then in my own legal battles against those who wish to silence me I had to contend with the legal anomaly of whether Jews are a race, a religion, an ethnic group - whatever!  Professor MacDonald explains this issue well. I am also pleasantly surprised at Peter Myers' forthright comment below where he invokes Hitler's Mein Kampf in support of his own argument. It is time I find the time to read Mein Kampf  in its original and I think I shall do so when I have completed reading MacDonald's three volume tome.

So, what initially appears to be terrible 'Jewish' behaviour, upon analysis is nothing unusual. All back-seat drivers, cuckoos, and piggy-back riders are, after all, imbued with will-power, and thus the inevitable battle-of-the-wills occurs. Anyone who has raised a family can tell tales of objectionable children's behaviour in the family car!

At another level of discourse, during informed 'objective' debates, we do not talk about battle-of-the-wills but rather about the clash of values, ideologies, of civilizations, etc.

My message is that it is not worth while to have a Jewish fixation on things because it robs you of vital energy that is needed for more important things. Certainly be aware of the tactics that Jews, and others, use in order to piggy-back on your work, but don't become obsessive about it. The richness of life is not to be found in ethnocentric Judaism, which MacDonald defines merely "as a set of ideological structures and behaviours...". It is certainly not for me because I do not have the ability to pull out some Jewish roots in my family tree, as was so fashionable when Israel waged the '6-day war' against Egypt, and thus I would always be rejected by the Jewish community. Also, my German and English cultural background can well do without any deeper immersion in things Jewish because for me classical literature offers greater insights into human nature than I could ever derive from any Jewish source. I am glad to see Peter Myers, below, developing this theme when he answers his own question: 'What is the Hexateuch?'

Most piggy-back riders hate exposure of their behaviour, and like children, they will sulk and feign hurt feelings for the insinuation, or otherwise, that you are making against them. Still, you need to be firm with them if you do not wish to give up on your own self-realisation process. This is the reason why I say, 'Don't blame the Jews, for example, for a cancelled conference but blame those that bend to their pressure! '

This is also why civilized discourse is so important and why resorting to legal tactics or bombing measures to silence another point-of-view is primitive, though by creating facts on the ground through violence is currently seen as a successful option, e.g. 9/11 and the Iraq war.

Peter Myers offers an insider comment on current Australian political events. He adds thereto some 9/11 conspiracy matters where he claims that only Israel benefited from this tragedy.


" 2. Mossad did it - perhaps using Arabs who did not know the overall plan - because Israel wants to expand its borders to fulfil 1 Kings 4:21, Genesis 15:18;  Exodus 23:30-31; Deut 11:24; Josh 1:4 (see,  and because it wants to build the Third Temple [King Solomon-something the Freemasons propagate on a monthly basis throughout the world] where the Dome of the Rock now stands ( These goals require war with
Islam - why not get the US to do it for them, using the oil issue as a smokescreen to hide the religious motive?"


Patrick McNally claims:

“What is the Hexateuch [Pentateuch + Joshua]? Common answers are: God's word, history, and literature.

It could not be God's word because it exalts, justifies genocide, rape, robber, and other crimes against c. 99% of God's own creation.

It cannot be history for reasons laid out by Professor Thompson - see below.

It cannot be considered serious literature if we compare it to Shakespeare, Ancient Greek tragedy, Nineteenth Century Russian Literature, or several other possibilities.

The Hexateuch is a racist and exterminationist political ideology. It is much worse and more devious than Hitler's Mein Kampf."


At the end is attached some relevant musings from Peter Wakefield-Sault.


All this material helps to clarify why the 'Holocaust' is so important for the State of Israel, and why Jews cannot let it go as yet. Although they have safeguarded their tribal future in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia by getting non-Jews to design 'appropriate' and exclusive protective laws for Jews only, such legal protection can backfire. After all, if your mindset is so fragile that you are continually either expecting, coming out of, or are in a ' Holocaust', then the continual tension within the Jewish mind created through this duality -  fear of persecution and hatred of others - can over the years lead to a persecution neurosis, and no law can protect an individual from going mad!


Such a mindset cannot develop sound moral values, cannot develop as such and is thus doomed to suffer from arrested development! Far less can it be creative because it needs forever to manipulate the environment within which it resides but of which it refuses to be a part. The cultural leavenings that a civilized society needs in order to develop and sustain worthy forms of humanity cannot emerge from such a disturbed mindset. It is doomed to remain infantile and forever crying and pleading for special privileges without, of course, ever having to accept the consequences of its own forms of behaviour.


Only material wealth, money, can sustain such a mindset because with money it can buy baser human motives that respond, for a while at least, to the real and all too often imagined comforts that the power of money may provide. So, let's get the loot and develop kosher taxes, 'Holocaust' restitution funds, etc. from the non-Jewish community because such amassing of fortunes is a form of self-protection for Jews. However, that such activity intertwines the Jew with the non-Jewish world, has consequences for both. For the Jew it is power over the non-Jew and for the non-Jew it is slavery to the Jew. It is this nexus that Horst Mahler in Germany is highlighting, and advising Germans to rise up against and so be free as a people from Jewish dominance. Surely that is every German's birthright. Why would anyone willingly embrace slavery to Jewish interests? 


Submitted for your consideration and comment.


Fredrick Töben


14 June 2004


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Subject: Peter Garrett vs. the Trotskyists

(1) Peter Garrett, Labor candidate for the House of Representatives

(2) Peter Garrett is Trotskyist-aware

(3) Nuclear Disarment Party SYDNEY NEWSLETTER, MARCH 1985

(4) Bob Hawke and the Bomb

(5) The Australian newspaper reports the NDP split

(6) 'Raiding party' saw chance to take over

(7) REQUEST - Washington Times article of September 10, 2001

(8) 9/11 Nutshell: Remote control stations

(9) WTC; Evidence of Explosives in WTC Tower

(10) Three types of 9/11 conspiracy theory

(11) What is the Torah + Joshua?

(1) Peter Garrett, Labor candidate for the House of Representatives

In the last few days, rock singer and environmentalist Peter Garrett has been
co-opted into the Australian Labor Party by new leader Mark Latham. Latham has
repeatedly defied Bush, promising that Australian troops will be home by Christmas.

The Federal election must be held in October at the latest. John Howard will
delay it as long as possible, because Latham will win by a landslide. I
believe that it will be the end of Economic Rationalism in Australia. Latham
has told Big Business to go jump in the lake.

Garrett has long campaigned for the closure of US bases in Australia,
especially the surveillance Echelon base at Pine Gap, in the desert south of
Alice Springs.

Dr Jim Cairns, Acting Prime Minister when Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin in 1974,
warned, in an article in The Australian newspaper of December 27, 1995, that
it was over such issues that the Whitlam Government was sacked by the
Governor-General in 1975.

The heading of the article was "Security concerns place pressure on our own
loyalties"; an image of it is at .

Since Pater Garrett's accession to the Labor team as a candidate for the House
of Representatives, the newspapers have been giving him blanket coverage.

I am not interested in rock music, and have never met Peter Garret, but I have
an inside story on him.

After the 1984 federal election in Australia, Peter Garrett and Senator Jo
Vallentine quit the Nuclear Disarmament Party (NDP) because, they said,
members of the (Trotskyist) Socialist Workers Party (now Socialist Alliance)
were taking it over.

Bob Brown and other Green Senators regularly work with Trotskyists of
Socialist Alliance or the International Socialist Organisation. The Trots
organise the demos at which the Greens speak.

(2) Peter Garrett is Trotskyist-aware

In 1984, I was a member of the Canberra branch of the Nuclear Disarmament
Party (NDP); it had been started by Dr Michael Denborough, of Canberra.

We issued press statements one after the other, but couldn't get any
publicity, until Peter Garrett, the rock singer, was endorsed as the Party's
Senate candidate for the state of New South Wales. Then, the media wouldn't
leave him alone. Swarms of TV cameras accompanied him wherever he went. We had
all the free publicity we could want.

The 1984 Federal election campaign was conducted while Ronald Reagan was
promoting his Star Wars project, and the NDP forced Australian Prime Minister
Bob Hawke - who was toadying up to Reagan - to fight on two fronts.

I helped the Party avoid a damaging split during the 1984 election campaign.

Denborough resented the attention Garrett was getting, and felt that control
of the party was slipping away from him. He allied himself with Trotskyists -
members of the Socialist Workers Party - who had joined the NDP even though
they were members of another, Trotskyist, party.

I persuaded the Canberra branch to cool their tensions and keep the feud in
the Party private. But for my efforts, it would have gone public, and that
would have been the end of the campaign.

The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) has since renamed itself the Democratic
Socialist Party (DSP), and is now the core part of Socialist Alliance (SA);
its newspaper has changed its name from Direct Action to Green Left Weekly.

Green Left Weekly web site:
Socialist Alliance web site:

Especially at the Sydney branch of the NDP, DSP members were joining the NDP
and voting as a block, having made their mind up on an issue before it was put
to the NDP meeting. This is the same kind of Agenda-Setting that the Round
Table, the Council On Foreign Relations etc. use to get their way in a
democracy: .

This tactic is called "entryism".

The Australian Labor Party, fearing that Peter Garrett, the rock singer who
had become the NDP's lead candidate, would be elected for the NDP in New South
Wales, directed preferences against him.

While their focus was on Garrett and the campaign to stop him winning in New
South Wales, Jo Vallentine was elected as an NDP Senator for Western
Australia. After the NDP broke up, she formed the West-Australian Greens as a
party and became their Senator.

After the election, when Reagan pressured Hawke to allow MX missile tests in
the Tasman Sea, counter-pressure from the NDP forced - or allowed - Hawke to
desist; Hawke has recently claimed the credit for that himself, when advising
current leaders to resist similar pressure from George W. Bush. In an address
to the ALP on May 8, 2001, Hawke said, "Ronald Reagan pleaded with me for
Australia to support Star Wars. I refused and the relationship survived":

The March 1985 Newsletter of the Sydney branch of the NDP made the split in
the party public, reporting that Trotskyists from the Socialist Workers Party
were trying to take over the NDP by entryism and block-voting.

The Australian of April 29, 1985 carried a front-page story, "'Raiding party'
saw chance to take over".

Garrett and Vallentine quit the NDP, claiming that they were being undermined
by these block-voting Trotskyists allied with Canberra leader Michael
Denborough, who resented their higher public profile.

As the split went public, Peter Garrett and Senator Jo Vallentine quit the NDP
because, they said, members of the (Trotskyist) Democratic Socialist Party
were taking it over.

The DSP claims that it is no longer Trotskyist, in the sense that the Party
used to uphold Trotsky's authority over Lenin, but now accepts Lenin as over
or equal to Trotsky. In the struggle between Trotsky and Stalin, however, the
DSP is as Trotskyist as ever.

Trotskyists still practise "entryism", joining Feminist, Green, Black,
anti-Racism etc groups, to manoevre the group towards their agenda. They are
often back-seat drivers, preparing their position in advance of meetings where
decisions are made; the following report shows how it is done.

(3) Nuclear Disarment Party SYDNEY NEWSLETTER, MARCH 1985

An image of page 1 is at ;
an image of page 4 is at ;
an image of page 8 is at ;
an image of page 9 is at .


A growing number of NDP members are concerned about the presence in our ranks
of an organisation known as the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). While we are
tolerant people who also believe strongly that the Nuclear Disarmament Party
has much better things to do with its time than internal bickering, we feel
that it is important that all members consider the implications of this
group's presence.

The SWP is a revolutionary socialist organisation. It publishers the newspaper


As a general rule, we believe that NDP membership should be open to all
individuals who share our commitment to ending the world's headlong rush
towards a nuclear holocaust. However, we believe an exception needs to be made
in the case of an organisation which has interests separate and sometimes
counter to those of the NDP as an organisation.

SWP members organise themse1ves tightly outside NDP circles to ensure their
interests as a group are pushed with maximum effect within the NDP. Many
members in Sydney and in other cities have become aware of a "block" which
always argues and votes the same way. Of course, there is nothing wrong in
principle with NDP members getting together to advance their views on what's
best for the NDP. It happens all the time. It's a legitimate part of any
democratic organisation. But when those people organise tightly to pursue the
interests of an outside group, whose interests are separate from those of NDP,
that is another matter!! For example, the SWP stands its own candidates in
elections, and one of its primary purposes in working within the NDP is to
recruit members to the SWP. Flowing from their view of the need to work within
other groups, the SWP has a history of "takeovers" of other organisations. SWP
members portray themselves as loyal members with no desire other than the well
being of the host group. However, whenever it becomes possible the SWP assumes
control of the host group and uses it for it's own ends.

{p. 9} One recent example of this took place in Tasmania. The Unemployed
Workers Union (UWU) which ran a successful low cost food shop was taken over
by SWP members who proceeded to transfer the entire assets of the union,
ostensibly for "safety sake", to something called the Tasmanian Progressive
Society. To their horror, non SWP members soon discovered that the TPS was
totally controlled by a group of directors, the majority of whom were SWP
executive members resident in Sydney and Tasmania. Non SWP Unemployed Workers
Union members are now trying to re-establish the Union in another shop under
the control of unemployed people in Hobart. Meanwhile the SWP has been
transfering the shop's profits to Sydney.

The Nuclear Disarmament Party is and must remain a broadly based popular
movement which will not be viable if it polarizes to the left or the right.

If we were to allow members of the SWP to become, or to remain, leading
members of the NDP, we should lose, or fail ever to gain, the support of the
great body of the Australian public. Of that there can be no doubt.

There are compelling reasons for the view that members of other political
parties should either be proscribed from joining or remaining as ordinary
members of the NDP; or at least should be proscribed from being appointed or
elected as spokespersons, office-bearers, delegates or committee members of
the NDP.

The Nuclear Disarmament Party exists to work for that most important issue,
NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT, NOT to provide a platform for an already existing
political party. Joe Vallentine is the NDP senator; she was not elected to
implement policies for any other party.

Our cause is peace, and it cannot go forward if we are constantly at war with
those who choose to use the NDP to persue their own political ends and recruit
from our membership.

Gillian Fisher Wentworth Electorate

Rob Britten North Sydney Electorate

Edward St John Warringah Electorate

Sean Flood Sydney Electorate {end of quote}

(4) Bob Hawke and the Bomb

During the 1984 election campaign, I provided Denborough with old newspaper
articles about Hawke. The Sydney Daily Telegraph of February 16, 1974, carried
a huge headline "HAWKE: I'D A-BOMB ARABS", and reported, 'The ACTU President,
Mr Hawke, said yesterday that if he were the Israeli Prime Minister he would
drop an atomic bomb on invading Arabs. ... Mr Hawke argued with Mr Hartley and
Mr MacMullin. Slamming the table in emphasis, Mr Hawke repeatedly told them,
"If I were the Israeli Prime Minister I would use the bomb on the Arabs."'

The Sydney Morning Herald carried a similar report on February 18, 1974, and
Channel 9 ran TV skits on the theme on February 18 & 19. Hawke sued Channel 9,
but did not sue the Telegraph or the SMH, suggesting that their stories were
correct; the whole episode was reported in The Australian of December 13 & 14,
1974. It took me hours of searching to find these reports after so many years.
An image of the Daily Telegraph's front page is at .

NDP leaders told me that Peter Garrett vetoed the use of this material in New
South Wales, not wanting to puncture the Hawke mystique; but I was told that
the Western Australian branch had used it - that the Telegraph's front page
was shown on TV in Western Australia - and I believe that this must have
helped Vallentine get into the Senate.

(5) The Australian newspaper reports the NDP split

An image of this report is at .

NDP leaders split peace party


The Australian, April 29, 1995, p.1.

A MAJOR fight has split the fledgeling Nuclear Disarmament Party because of an
influx of members of the Socialist Workers' Party within its ranks, and a new
anti-nuclear party may be formed to counter the growing SWP inflnence.

On Saturday, the NDP's most prominent leaders Ń senator-elect Ms Jo
Vallentine, and its unsuccessful senate candidates, rock singer Peter Garrett
and former Victorian Labor Party activist Ms Jean Melzer Ń
 walked out of the nine-month-old party's inaugural national conference
 because of an "overwhelming dominance" by the SWP.

Mr John Conway, who stood on the NDP's senate ticket in the ACT, Ms Ann
Parker, who ran in Tasmania, and Ms Gillian Fisher, the number-two senate
candidate in NSW, also walked out.

The walkout occurred after a motion that all conference recommendations be
ratified by a postal ballot of all members of the NDP, conducted by an
impartial returning officer, was lost.

Ms Vallentine, who will take up her seat as a West Australlan senator in June,
said yesterday that it was probable she would resign from the party and
continue her single-issue stand for nuclear disarmament.

According to Ms Vallentine, she and about 80 other NDP members walked out
because of the SWP element.

"The conference was dominated by members of SWP, who attended in order to
block a proposal that would have barred members of other parties from
membership of the NDP," Ms Vallentine said. ...

Mr Garrett said: "We have left behind the Achilles heel.

"We have left the wrangles of a small left-wing group who came into our
organisation piggy-back fashion.

"The structure of the NDP was dominated and co-opted by the SWP, and it became
impossible to work on peace and disarmament. ...

"We wanted a party that was not dominated by anybody," Ms Melzer said. ...

"The SWP members are cuckoos. They wait until an organisation is formed, and
then they plonk themselves in that organisation's nest." ...

The SWP had no comment to make last night. A spokesman said a statement on the
walk-out would be published in its weekly newspaper, Direct Action, early this week.

(6) 'Raiding party' saw chance to take over

An image of this report is at .


The Australian, April 29, 1995, p.1.

THE split in the NDP was likely since before the December 1984 federal election.

Mass-based parties emerging in Australian politics are certain to attract the
attentions of small ideologially-based movements such as tho Socialist Workers
Party (SWP).

The SWP is sometimes referred to as a Trotskyite group, although its support
for the Soviet Union and Cuba and other disparate movements, including
Croation independents, makes it difficult to define within the broad Left.

The growth of the NDP was so extensive It almost wiped out the Australian
Democrats, and the SWP saw the opportunity for using the popular youth-based
organisation to increase its tiny membership of about 300.

A senior member of the Communist Party of Australia, Mr Denis Freeny, said
yesterday that such a policy of trying to take over a movement, was "something
we gave up 30 years ago - if we did it at all". ...

Mr Freeny said the maistream Left had long despaired at the SWP's tactics.

"The SWP sees groups like the NDP as a vehicle for attracting membership. They
have a raiding-party mentality," he said.


Correction: Denis Freney's name is mis-spelled in the above article.

I knew Freney briefly in the early 1970s, in Sydney, when I participated in
the Anti-Apartheid Movement, run by him and Meredith Bergmann. I did not know
at the time that Freney was a Gay activist, or a Trotskyist by conviction; he
makes these positions clear in his autobiography, A Map of Days.

(7) REQUEST - Washington Times article of September 10, 2001

The Washington Times published an article on September 10, 2001, which says
that Mossad is capable of attacking Western targets and making it look as if
others (Palestinians etc) did it: .

Could someone please scan the article, and send it to me as an attachment.
Please include the page# & section id of the newspaper.

I would prefer two scans: one as an image file, and one as a text file (using
OCR). Could someone send both as attachments?

The image file is important, to attest the veracity of the article.

(8) 9/11 Nutshell: Remote control stations

Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 17:55:42 -0500 From: "Jon Carlson" <>

{Similar material is at}

The free Irfanview image viewer from is essential for
viewing 9/11 photos. It has an excellent zoom feature. Also plays mpeg videos.
CaptureXPro1.2 from excels at screen captures from videos. The
excellent documentary, "9/11", is best viewed with WinDVD player software from on the computer. It allows frame by frame screen capture.
It is chuck full of Saab Jet and Military helicopter shots. Ditto for Tower
demolition clips.

A prominent Spanish newspaper has scientifically analyzed photos
(Bulgedairliner.jpg) of the airliner that crashed into the South Tower on
9/11. Boeing is a subcontractor for the remote control system of the Predator
(predator4.jpg; Notice the bulge on the top of the Predator. It is a cover for
a remote control antenna.) Boeing refused to explain the odd bumps on the
airliner structure. How many people have to be killed for Boeing to open up?
NY Times released a related photo work-up (NYtimesbulge.gif). General Atomics 'Remotely Operated Aircraft
Systems' The Predator is the prime example. The Control Stations are of 3 types: 1.
GCS Ground control station With satellite capability 2. High Mobility Ground
control station 3. Portable GCS.

I quote: " A portable GCS is also available, providing mobile units the
ability to control the aircraft and receive valuable intelligence from the
field." It is no stretch of the imagination to visualize Portable GCS having
been installed in the military helicopter and the Saab Jet to remotely control
the aircraft on 9/11.

See for background. 1041282.jpg shows the
military helicopter control station waiting for the Saab Jet to bring the
second airliner, actually a Boeing 737 not a 767, to NYC. It arrived in the 17
minute window between crashes right on schedule.

The Saab Jet, a few minutes earlier, had guided the first airliner, also a
Boeing 737, into the North Tower. By the way, Boeing 737s can be recognized by
their distinctive feature--engines on PODS
Attached photo big13.bmp shows the Saab Jet separating from tight formation
with the airliner moments before the North Tower crash. The Saab Jet flies
over the North Tower creating a sonic boom on the sound track as it kicks in
its after-burners. 1st.jpg also shows the formation flying moments earlier.

In spite of the photographic evidence some people believe an airliner didn't
crash into the North Tower. Fire Chief Joseph Pfiefer was one of two credible
9/11 witnesses to come forward so far. (The other was Scott Forbes.) His
eye-witness report: Firehouse: Did
you hear the plane come over or did you see it? Pfiefer: Yes, we're standing
in the street. The gas leak's all over and then we hear a plane going over, a
very loud plane, which you never hear in Manhattan. We all look up and we see
this commercial airline flying by very low. We follow it and it goes right
into the Trade Center. You could see it didn't veer off. It appeared to aim at
the Trade Center, smashed into the upper floors, created a big fireball and
then disappeared into the building.

Some people claim a Boeing 767 airliner with a wingspan of 154 feet left a
crash imprint in North Tower of only 140 feet across. Of course a straight-on
hit would leave an imprint of 154 feet across while an angular hit would be wider.

In a nutshell, after guiding the 1st airliner into the North Tower, the Saab
Jet too picked up another Boeing 737 for the South Tower crash. The waiting
Military Helicopter served as the control station taking a 'hand-off' of
control from the Saab Jet. To exit the area the Saab Jet used the cover of the
smoke plume. Caught by the cameras once again.

Saabzcut40.jpg shows the Saab Jet making a shadow on the North Tower. Again
measuring the shadow on the tower allows measurement of the Saab Jet. 35 feet
in length. About 1/6 of the 208 feet side of the tower.

Saab1.bmp, Saab2.bmp, and Saab3.bmp shows the Saab Jet just past the South
Tower. Put these photos in a folder to see the movement.

P0001099.jpg shows a screen capture of the departing Saab Jet. Notice the time date.

Small1099.bmp is a blow-up from that clip. As it turns left the sun highlights
the wings and spoiler tail.

Saab profile.jpg shows a similar profile. Notice the spoiler tail, rear
engines. Can hold 2 or 4 people. The 9/11 Saab Jet held a pilot and a
remote-controller probably. Several people at the Flight 93 demolition
witnessed the Saab Jet. Possibly an onboard explosive charge detonated by the
Saab Jet remote-control capability.

Photos and more information on the Saab 105 SK60 series military jet.

letter to Congress tells his story: (Bomb timers webpage attachment) "I
explained in my letter of 2-14-98 to Porter Goss and Bob Kerrey, the chairmen
of the Intelligence Committees in the House and Senate, how my specialized
knowledge of ordinance, explosives and pyrotechnics provides the missing
insights needed to solve several major terrorist crimes."

(9) WTC; Evidence of Explosives in WTC Tower

Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 09:56:06 +0300 From: "Media Watch" <>

the towers? . Friday December 13, 2002 at 06:47 PM

This Article Claims Evidence of Explosives In The South Tower Collapse. What
do you think?

lines-of-explosives.jpg, JPG image, 640x1680

Evidence of Explosives In The South Tower Collapse.

The evidence showing that the World Trade Center towers were demolished is
compelling. Here are a few photos of explosives detonating during the collapse
of the South Tower. Each frame is numbered by its position in the video. The
video was shot at 30 frames per second. So an eight frame interval covers
about one quarter of a second.

Frame 147 shows a row of explosives detonating right across the east face at
the 79th floor. Frame 203 shows a row of explosives detonating right across
the east face at the 75th floor.

The right photos show the dust from the explosions outlined in red.

The third row the photos show the relative positions of the two lines of dust.

It has been claimed that the explosions of dust that span the east face of the
tower, were caused by air being forced from the windows as each of the floors
above collapsed. This explanation is obviously incorrect. If it was correct,
such lines of dust would have been expelled from the windows of each floor in
succession. That is, we would have seen such lines of dust expelled from
floors 79, 78, 77, 76 and 75 in succession, but what we observe is an
explosion of dust at floor 79, no new clouds of dust for a few floors, then
another explosion of dust at floor 75. It is worth noting that the second line
of (much larger) explosions occur at the center of a section of mechanical
floors (the three mechanical floors appear as a slightly darker gray band
across the building and are important for the strength they impart to the
building). It is possible that the mechanical floors 76 and 75 (and also 74)
have no windows, but of course, if this is so, it raises many more questions
than it answers. In particular, if the mechanical floors have no windows, then
the explosions of dust from floor 75 cannot be caused by air being forced from
them as the floors above collapsed.

The dust due to the visible explosions is a whitish grey. The dust from the
demolition of the upper section (which is disintegrating as it falls) is dark
grey. One wonders what caused this difference.

A sequence of still photos of the collapse (at quarter second intervals) is
included in

In these frames, we can see that the top 35 or so floors have snapped off and
are toppling eastward. In the above frames we follow the north-east corner of
the tower as this 35 floor section collapses. Using the north-east corner as a
reference I have outlined in red the progress of this 35 floor top section as
it descends.

The first thing to note is that the top section itself must be disintegrating
otherwise (as the above frames show) the top section would have extended far
into parts of the building that are clearly as yet unaffected by the collapse.

But what could possibly cause the top section to disintegrate? And in fact,
what could possibly cause the top section to almost entirely disintegrate,
before the lower section begins to collapse?

You have to realize that most of the top section had not been affected by the
aircraft strike or fires and was thus still the same immensely strong
structure that had supported the building for more than 30 years. If this
section was going to fall at all, this section would fall as one piece (like a
tree in the forest). Unless, of course, this section had been laced with
explosives and was undergoing a controlled demolition of its own, just a few
moments before the lower part of the building was demolished.

Try these for a little truth about 9-11. {for embedded links, go to URL}

The World Trade Center Demolition. 740 KB Evidence of Explosives In The South
Tower Collapse. Chapter One of the FEMA WTC collapse report (with comment).
850 KB Chapter Two of the FEMA WTC collapse report (with comment). 1.9 MB The
Pentagon Crash Hoax. 1.4 MB Stranger Than Fiction. 600 KB Arabs Not To Blame
For 9-11. The Air National Guard Mission And Vision Statements. (How did the
ANG measure up on September 11? In one word: treasonous.) Full list of
articles from

Some of Eric Hufschmid's early web articles on 9-11 can be found at

Who Blew Up the World Trade Center. Clouds Of Concrete. What Identifies A
Demolition? Full listing of Eric Hufschmid's early web articles.

Articles from and others

The World Trade Center Demolition from McMichael's
Analysis Of The World Trade Center Demolition. The World Trade Center
Demolition As An Insurance Scam? Many Hijackers Still Alive. Hijackers Still
Alive From the BBC. Another Article On The Hijackers Who Are Still Alive.

For faster downloads you can find 3 of the above articles mirrored at

The World Trade Center Demolition. 740 KB Chapter Two of the FEMA WTC collapse
report (with comment). 1.9 MB The Pentagon Crash Hoax. 1.4 MB For a full list
of articles from, click here.

911 : The Cleveland Airport Mystery

(10) Three types of 9/11 conspiracy theory

We are told that the hijackers had only learned to fly Cessnas. They had
received Simulator lessons on bigger planes, yet on 9/11 took over the
controls  of 767s or similar, and expertly flew them into the WTC.

Would we issue a commercial pilot's licence to someone who had so little training?
This is like saying that someone who had only driven a Corolla, but had
simulator lessons for driving a semi-trailer, could take control of a
fully-laden semi-trailer and drive it expertly down the highway. How credible
is that?

Most likely, by the time the planes were heading for the WTC, they were being
remotely controlled. In that case, no-one on board, not even hijackers, could
have prevented the planes being flown into the WTC.

There are 3 sorts of conspiracy theories:

1. The CIA did it, for oil, to consolidate the Anglo-American Empire.

2. Mossad did it - perhaps using Arabs who not know the overall plan - because
Israel wants to expand its borders to fulfil 1 Kings 4:21, Genesis 15:18;
Exodus 23:30-31; Deut 11:24; Josh 1:4 (see, and because it wants to build
the Third Temple where the Dome of the Rock now stands
( These goals require war with
Islam - why not get the US to do it for them, using the oil issue as a
smokescreen to hide the religious motive?

3. Arabs did it, and the CIA knew about it and let it happen (as with Pearl Harbor).

I believe that the 2nd type of theory is correct.

(11) What is the Torah + Joshua?

Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 08:30:41 +0900 From: "Patrick McNally" <>

What is the Hexateuch [Pentateuch + Joshua]? Common answers are: God's word,
history, and literature.

It could not be God's word because it exalts justifies genocide, rape, robber,
and other crimes against c. 99% of God's own creation.

It cannot be history for reasons laid out by Professor Thompson- see below.

It cannot be considered serious literature if we compare it to Shakespeare,
Ancient Greek tragedy, Nineteenth Century Russian Literature, or several other possibilities.

The Hexateuch is a racist and exterminationist political ideology. It is much
worse and more devious than Hitler's "Mein Kampf."

Peter Myers, 21 Blair St, Watson ACT 2602, Australia          ph +61 2 62475187
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Israel's historic roots and mythical past a myth

(1) Lesson of the Exodus Story

Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 11:13:01 EDT From:

Well, Peter, you've missed the point again, regarding the Exodus Story.  

Of course it was written late, after the resettlement under Nehemia and Ezra.
But let's look at its role. The key of the Exodus was to provide a myth
wrapping the laws of Leviticus, of which (to me at least), Lev. 25 is the most
important: Cancellation of debts and return of land to its ORIGINAL owners.  

Who were these "original" owners when Nehemia led the Babylonian Jews "back"
from Babylon under Persian King Cyrus.  

They were the "Palestinians" of their time. The law of "return" justified
their taking "back" the land.  

Sound familiar? You can read all the details in the excellent article by my
colleague and co-editor Prof. (and Rabbi) Baruch Levine in our volume
Urbanization and Land Use in the Ancient Near East (2000), available from CDL
Press in Baltimore. (The book originally was published by Harvard, but CDL is
now distributing it.) Baruch describes the law of return and how this led the
authors of the Torah to cast Jewish history in a way that would justify the
land (re-)appropriation.  

I think that Lev. 25 is great, to be sure. It is the last echo of the Sumerian
and Babylonian debt cancellations. The very word it uses -- d'ror -- is
cognate to Babylonian andurarum. (See my volume on Debt and Economic Renewal
in the Ancient Near East, CDL Press 2002 for an elaboration.) But there was
indeed a self-interested application of this excellent law, and some erstwhile
honest occupants no doubt were deprived of their land. Nehemiah's biography
indicates that much of this land already had been monopolized by large
latifundists, and there is no record of a moral outcry. I cite this example
only to show how even a land-grab can be associated with an ideal.

Michael Hudson

REPLY (Peter M):

Yes, the Exodus theme (from Egypt) is closely linked to the Return theme (from
Exile in Babylon). Jewish history and Jewish holy days are based on the Return theme.

Leviticus 25: 39-46 says that the "returnees" from Babylon should not enslave
those "whom I brought out of the land of Egypt" (v.42), but that "it is from
the nations around you that you may acquire male and female slaves" (v. 44).

"You may keep them as a possession for your children after you, for them to
inherit as property. These you may treat as slaves, but as for your fellow
Israelites, no one shall rule over the other with harshness" (v. 46).

(2) The Mythic Past: Biblical Archaeology and the Myth of Israel,
by Thomas L. Thompson

The Mythic Past : Biblical Archaeology and the Myth of Israel - Thomas L.
Thompson: - writes,

"One of the world's leading Biblical archaeologists concludes that the Old
Testament offers absolutely no credible historical data on the early history
of Israel. The Jewish people's historical claims to Israel, the small area
bordering the eastern Mediterranean, is not only the foundation for the modern
state of Israel, it also lies at the very heart of Judeo-Christian belief.
This is the first comprehensive overview and synthesis of the latest
archaeological research from the Middle East written for the general reader


From Kirkus Reviews

"Arguing that the Bible should be read as literature rather than history in
the modern sense, biblical archaeologist Thompson (Biblical Studies/Univ. of
Copenhagen) sweepingly reassesses the historical evidence for the existence of
ancient Israel. Bitter scholarly controversies, fueled by religious belief,
have raged for decades about the historical authenticity of such Bible stories
as the Garden of Eden, the Flood, and the flight from Egypt. These debates are
misconceived, argues Thompson: much of the Bible was never intended to be read
literally, or even to be understood as history as modern readers conceive it.
Instead, much of the Bible consists of tall stories and other types of
literature that, in ancient Jewish society as in other ancient cultures,
provided people with an understanding of a common past. Relying on
archaeological rather than biblical evidence, the author sketches the ancient
economy and society of the people of Palestine. Rather than the unified
``kingdom of Israel'' depicted in the Bible, he paints a picture of a
turbulent tribal Palestine, buffeted by drought, waves of immigrants from the
Aegean, and expansionist neighbors. Contrasting this evidence with biblical
narratives, shot through as they are with elements of the miraculous and the
fantastic, Thompson questions the historicity of such scriptural accounts as
the stories of the kingships of Saul, David, and Solomon and the Babylonian
exile. Thompson finds magnificent poetry in the Bible, brilliant epic
narratives and folktales, and great philosophical and moral writing that
raises important questions about the meaning of life and the name of God: ``it
is only as history that the Bible does not make sense.'' In rather heavyhanded
fashion, Thompson makes a good general point: that many biblical narratives
should not be read literally as history; but in his total reliance on
archaeology, he may overstate his case somewhat for the ahistoricity of the
Bible. -- Copyright ©1999, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

Book Description One of the world's leading Biblical archaeologists concludes
that the Old Testament offers absolutely no credible historical data on the
early history of Israel

The Jewish people's historical claims to Israel, the small area bordering the
eastern Mediterranean, is not only the foundation for the modern state of
Israel, it also lies at the very heart of Judeo-Christian belief.

The Bible in History will be the first comprehensive overview and synthesis of
the latest archaeological research from the Middle East written for the
general reader. Its often startling assertions will make for a powderkeg of a
book. Among the author's conclusions are these: There never was a "united
monarch" [Saul, David, Solomon] in history We can no longer talk about a time
of the Patriarchs The entire notion of "Israel" and its history is a literary

The Bible in History provides refreshing new ways to read the Old Testament as
the great literature it was meant to be, and not as history. At the same time,
its conclusions about Jewish history are sure to prove incendiary in a
worldwide debate about one of the world's most seminal texts, and one of its
most bitterly contested regions.

About the Author Thomas L. Thompson is the author of the book Early History of
the Israelite People. He is the recipient of a National Endowment fellowship,
and has taught at Lawrence and Marquette universities in Wisconsin. He lives
in Denmark and currently teaches at the prestigious Biblical Studies program
of the University of Copenhagen.

(3) Thompson replies to Jerusalem Post review of his book The Bible in
History: How Writers Create A Past

A view from Copenhagen: Israel and the History of Palestine

By Thomas L. Thompson Professor of Old Testament, University of Copenhagen

The Bible in History: How Writers Create A Past, entered what had already been
a quarter-century long debate, one which William Dalrymple could accurately
describe as an "enjoyably ill-tempered exchange between fiercely hostile
academic enemies." Archaeology and theology have never been among the
academy's kindest fields of study. Nevertheless, the extraordinary criticism
that my new book and the works of scholars who have expressed a similar
perspective, have received, has been so ferocious that I fear discussions on
the history of Israel, have moved well beyond the "intemperate" debates that
Dalrymple had anticipated. Slander and libel have displaced the academic
interests of history and theology with a purpose that is far from innocent and

This unhappy conclusion was forced on me as I read a review of my book
published on December 24th, 1999 in The Jerusalem Post by Magen Broshi, the
former director of the Israel Department of Antiquities. As I had expected,
the review was negative. However, the very last statement of the review caught
my attention: "Is it possible he does not believe in anything? Apparently
there is a certain book that he does take seriously. A mutual acquaintance
told me that Thompson confided in him that he is a staunch believer in The
Protocols of the Elders of Zion." This open and unabashed accusation still
takes my breath away. I do realize that it follows well-established rules of
propaganda: The more outrageous the lie the better and, if repeated often
enough, it becomes fact. The irony of such a writer creating a past is not
lost on me.

Rumor and gossip, such as expressed in Gary Rendsburg's essay on McGill
University's home page, had long since prepared the ground for The Jerusalem
Post's Christmas message. Repetition now attempts to make it fact. I mention
only a few of the most egregious that I myself have experienced, but there
have been many, many more. At a conference in October, 1999 at Northwestern
University, in which I participated, William Dever did not accuse me directly
of anti-Semitism, but softened this judgement of my work with such adjectives
as 'anti-Israel', 'anti-Bible' and 'nihilistic'. Dever charged that I and my
colleagues "are no longer honest scholars." In early November, 1999, the
internet's Miqra engaged in airing an accusation by Hershel Shanks, the editor
of the magazine The Biblical Archaeology Review, of anti-Semitism against
Ze'ev Herzog, Niels Peter Lemche and myself. At the same time, the newspaper
Ha-Aretz, published Shank's attack on Ze'ev Herzog and like-minded scholars as
"anti-Zionist," "anti-Bible" and "anti-Israel." "At the extreme, they can even
be viewed as anti-Semitic."

Over the past year, this form of criticism has proven very effective, as a
recent cover story by Netty Gross in The Jerusalem Report on an
Israeli-Palestinian archaeological conference indicates. Here, Israel
Finkelstein and David Ussishkin, are accused of encouraging the arguments of
the Palestinian Authority's director of antiquities, Moain Sadek, who, in his
turn, is not only accused of using archaeology for political purposes, but,
borrowing a biblical trope, is accused of "treading a path that the
"Copenhagen school" walked in the early 1990s."

These Copenhagen "claims, she asserts, have no scholarly basis," as they have
been met by what she calls "mainstream scholarship" with "counter-accusations
of anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and even intellectual dishonesty on the scale
of holocaust denial". One recent example of such hysteria appears in the
Biblical Archaeological Review, in which Frank Cross is quoted as broaching an
issue that "is not talked about too much: they [the "minimalists"] are kept
alive by anti-Semitism. It bothers me." Whether Cross meant to join Broshi in
suggesting that I and my colleagues live by anti-Semitism or whether he meant
that anti-Semitic interests support our work, Hershel Shanks, by quoting this
venerable scholar, has succeeded once again in associating us with
anti-Semitism. These examples seem to be fairly representative of remarks that
have been made in a number of public forums dealing with history and
archaeology in recent years, such as the forum on the Bible and archaeology
held in May and June in Los Angeles. At one meeting, William Dever summarized
what he described as 7 "tenets" of the Copenhagen school. Among these are
three whose wording seems hardly to be explained by either mistake or
misreading: that there was no pre-history of ancient Israel, no early
Israelite states or capitals, including Jerusalem and that there was no
Judaism as a religion before about 135 CE. ...

The accusation of our being "anti-Semitic" and William Dever's charges in Los
Angeles that we deny the existence of Israel as an historical and political
reality or of early Judaism as a religious factor in Palestine's history, are
obviously cases of intentional misprision. This also seems true of the many
personal attacks on the integrity of our scholarship. ...

Thomas L. Thompson is a distinguished Professor of the Old Testament at the
University of Copenhagen
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, June 13, 2004 10:23 AM
Subject: By Way of Deception
Hi Peter
Assuming that it is exactly what it appears to be, then the authors of the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' were using a special technique for distributing it to the entire Jewish diaspora. That is, instead of trying to circulate it in secret so that every participating Jew would have to furtively hide it under the floorboards with all the attendant risk of discovery both there and in transit (inevitable in both cases), which would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the 'Protocols' are what they appear to be, they leaked it - left it where it would be found and published by those horrified by its contents so that they could then engage in 'plausible deniability'. That would mean that every participating Jew could openly possess a copy and yet deny that it was an instruction manual from Zionism Central.
Now here is the twist. What if almost exactly the same technique was used to distribute instructions to the whole of Jewry on how to cooperate with Mossad (including, for example, how to recognize an approach by a katsa and how to know that the katsa is genuine)? And what if this instruction manual was titled 'By Way of Deception'?
The apparently vicious smear campaign against Victor Ostrovsky for writing and publishing 'By Way of Deception' serves both to distance Zionism Central from the book and yet to publicize it widely. Victor Ostrovsky, however, has not been kidnapped by Mossad and cast for 18 years into a 6'x9' box with a bag over his head despite all the shrill accusations of treachery levelled at him by the Order of the Elders of Zion.
Kind Regards
Peter Wakefield Sault



----- Original Message -----
From: "Ardeshir Mehta" <>
Cc: "Peter Myers" <>; "Patrick McNally" <>
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 4:15 PM
Subject: "Peter Myers on Australia's back-seat drivers..."


Mr Fredrick Töben
Adelaide Institute

August 18, 2004

Dear Mr Töben,

In your article at
<> you wrote:


Peter Myers on Australia's back-seat drivers, cuckoos, and
piggy-backers, and on solving the Jewish problem:

"The Hexateuch is a racist and exterminationist political ideology. It
is much worse and more devious than Hitler's Mein Kampf."


However, it was not Peter who wrote these words; he was merely quoting
an e-mail from Patrick McNally, as can be seen from Peter's own
newsletter, re-quoted below for ease of reference:


(11) What is the Torah + Joshua?

Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 08:30:41 +0900 From: "Patrick McNally"

What is the Hexateuch [Pentateuch + Joshua]? Common answers are: God's
word, history, and literature.

It could not be God's word because it exalts justifies genocide, rape,
robber, and other crimes against c. 99% of God's own creation.

It cannot be history for reasons laid out by Professor Thompson - see

It cannot be considered serious literature if we compare it to
Shakespeare, Ancient Greek tragedy, Nineteenth Century Russian
Literature, or several other possibilities.

The Hexateuch is a racist and exterminationist political ideology. It
is much worse and more devious than Hitler's "Mein Kampf."


I have on occasion written to Patrick, essentially congratulating him
on his anti-Hexateuch stand. Peter himself, however, is not as
outspokenly anti-Hexateuch (or indeed anti-Old-Testament, the
acceptance of which as Divinely inspired I consider to be
Christianity's greatest lacuna) as either Patrick or myself.


Ardeshir Mehta,
Ottawa, Canada

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