Professor Kevin MacDonald


A People That Shall Dwell Alone –

Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, with Diaspora Peoples, (PTSDA)



In his Preface, Introduction and Theory sections of this volume, Professor Kevin MacDonald details the theoretical aims of his investigations. Then in the subsequent seven chapters, he exhaustively supports his theory with data gathered from a wide field of empirical research. All relevant authorities are cited, something that marks MacDonald’s work unassailably academic!  This review will focus on the Preface, Introduction and Theory only.

If you are still impressed by or hung up on things Jewish, the above book will lift the veil on this all-embracing topic and rigorously demystify it, so much so that the author Californian psychology Professor Kevin MacDonald has now been targeted by some Jewish groups for that special treatment of publicly having his name smeared. Although it is legally actionable in the USA to label someone an ‘antisemite’, some individuals have provocatively labelled MacDonald’s works ‘antisemitic’.

Anyone who dares talk about things Jewish remembers how years ago film actor Marlon Brando profusely apologized to the US Jewish community because in a public utterance he claimed that Hollywood is run by Jews. That this statement was later confirmed to be factually true by a Jew himself became irrelevant to those who continued to label Brando an antisemite. The list of public figures is long of those who have made similar statements, then made shameful apologies. Why should one apologize for telling the truth? The new governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, certainly knew how to get on-side with Hollywood’s Jews, and with the Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s Nazi hunting team. Although his father had been an SS officer, Schwarzenegger donated heftily to the centre’s Museum of Tolerance, and he also publicly made somewhat incoherent and unbalanced statements that denigrated Adolf Hitler, all for the sake of making it in politics!

A number of Revisionists also have run foul of various Jewish lobby’s incessant suppression of open debate on historically vital topics. For example, in order to gain the fullest understanding of world history it is important to know all about the Jewish role in the American slave trade, in the Bolshevik Revolution, in supporting National Socialist Germany, to the current issue of the Jewishness of the US neo-cons who surround President George W Bush, and their pivotal role in getting the US and its coalition of the willing to attack and invade Iraq. The Palestinian problem cannot be understood without a reference to Israel’s existence, and its number one propaganda weapon – the ‘Holocaust’. Every time there is a world public outcry about the brutality of the Israeli Defence Force’s treatment of the Palestinians, the ‘Holocaust’ card is drawn with which Israel’s critics are effectively silenced. Now it is considered to be ‘antisemitic’ publicly to criticize Israel. That the so-called ‘Holocaust’ in most European countries is not up for debate is made clear to those who are criminalized accordingly by so-called race-laws that have nothing to do with race as such but only protect things Jewish under the guise of racism.

Since Professor MacDonald’s tome is now available anywhere in the world, and on-line, the perpetual victim status of the Jews cannot now be sustained because Jewish aggression towards them, the non-Jew, is an analytic fact that flows out of the mental construct of Judaism itself. Also, certainly since Palestinian suffering at the hand of the Jews, we have witnessed the end of Jews playing their perpetual victim role. Since the second Palestinian Intifada the world has witnessed Jews in a not-so hidden perpetrator-aggressor role, something that makes many Judeophiles cringe with fear. Australia’s Prime Minister, John Howard, is one of those who attempted to deflect from the Jewish genocide of Palestinians by celebrating this evil when he said that “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East”. ABC TV 8 June (?) 2004.

The prophetic words of some past eminent Jewish leaders that the establishment of the state of Israel as a physical entity should never have been attempted, now begins to ring true. Theoretical Judaism cannot sustain itself in a pure form any longer because the physical existence of the state of Israel reveals the mindset that created this state – a state borne out of a terrorist act and justified by the ‘Holocaust’ lie. This state of affairs, however, does not prevent some Jews, such as the True Torah Jews, from joining anti-Zionists groups and calling for the destruction of the State of Israel.


The Apartheid Us-Them as a Life Maxim

MacDonald aims to model his research on the 19th century German efforts to develop a Wissenschaft des Judentums – Science of Judaism, then embedding it within an evolutionary  theoretical framework derived from the social psychology of group behaviour. From this perspective he proposes that:

 “… Judaism can be interpreted as a set of ideological structures and behaviors that have resulted in the following features:

(1) the segregation of the Jewish gene pool from surrounding gentile societies;

(2) resource and reproductive competition with gentile host societies;

(3) high levels of within-group cooperation and altruism among Jews; and

(4) eugenic efforts directed at producing high intelligence, high investment parenting, and commitment to group, rather than individual, goals.”- (1) p.xcvii.


It is evident from the above framework that anything Jewish is immediately understood as a strategy to support the self, the groups that make up Judaism, and to undermine the other, the rest of humanity. In practice this appears to be the divide and rule formula applied to anything non-Jewish. For example, the influential Jewish lobby in Australia was behind Australia adopting a multi-cultural social model, something prominent Jews never tire of supporting and enforcing through legal means. That these Jewish Australians oppose multiculturalism as a policy for Israel speaks for itself. Further, in Australia the Family Law is geared towards a destruction of a healthy family unit, as is the taxation system that rewards the single economic unit. Such legal bias, often vehemently adhered to because of an unnatural literal respect for the law, has an overall effect of creating a dysfunctioning society. Individuals, who are aware of the mindset propelling so-called progressive social engineering, can clearly see Jewish individuals behind such legal disasters, but not only. Bearing in mind that the legal profession is heavily populated by Jews and by implication therefore letting itself be intimidated by Jewish perspectives, some social commentators may realize how powerful the question is ‘in whose interest?’, without fearing the antisemite label. Jewish propensity for large families confirms MacDonald’s above supposition 4. However, that such unleashed dysfunctioning forces will also envelop those who initiated them is a truism since the French Revolution ‘ate its own children’. Hence, to blame afflictions within non-Jewish society to Jews exclusively is a nonsense, and patently false.

However, there is in Australia and elsewhere in the western world an all pervasive legal atmosphere of intimidation.  This ‘for fear of the Jews’ was a factor in my remaining unrepresented in the Federal Court of Australia when Australia’s leading Jew, Jeremy Jones, acted against me. Hence, a judgment in his favour that flowed from my uncontested defence and now enshrined within Australian law - that anything concerning a refutation of ‘Holocaust’ claims is off-limits – remains legally unsound. How can sound precedent law flow from a summary judgment?

Interestingly at the appeal stage I had legal representation because it was then not matters of fact that had to be litigated but rather matters of law. Needless to say that legal counsel defending me at the appeal stage did make some disparaging comments about my person. I suppose my counsel would have found this necessary so as not to be accused of guilt-by-association, of being infected with some kind of antisemitic and ‘Holocaust’ denialism virus.


Theoretical considerations

Although some writers such as John Horgan claims The End of Science, 1996, MacDonald re-affirms the scientific method that aims to elicit universal truths about our physical and mental world, and from which flow vital understanding about human behaviour. He admits that developing an evolutionary theory about Judaism will be contentious because it “implies that Judaism must be understood as exhibiting universal human tendencies for self-interest, ethnocentricism, and competition for resources and reproductive success.” P.1

MacDonald then claims, what some Revisionists have maintained for a long time, that the above Jewish tendencies apply to all human endeavours and are thus not specific Jewish. He hopes that by adopting an evolutionary theoretical approach towards ethnic conflict it is possible to lessen it.

Darwin’s theory of evolution focuses on the individual’s genetic potential and not on the group, and so MacDonald focuses on group strategies that affect an individual’s behaviour. From such a perspective, says MacDonald, “human societies are seen as ecosystems in which different human groups are analogous to species occupying a common ecosystem and engaging in competition and/or reciprocity with each other … each species may be viewed as having an evolutionary strategy by which it adapts to a particular ecosystem … (human group behaviour would range from) extreme altruism to completely individualistic”, p.4, something that explains natural selection between groups.

MacDonald then postulates a form of the free will argument that helps to explain how such groups continue to evolve.  By monitoring and enforcing “group goals, to prevent defection, and to create ideological structures that rationalize group aims both to group members and to outsiders… the limits of human social organisation are defined only by the limits of the human imagination.” p. 4

German philosopher Hegel would wholeheartedly agree with this because that is what his dialectic process is all about and where the mind – thinking – is supreme, possibly overriding any genetic limitations that may arise. This would also explain how creativity arises – out of an individual’s mental activity, though some believers then begin to talk about godly/heavenly inspiration, etc.

For some individuals this reliance upon one’s own mind as the actual potential of life itself is a frightening scenario because it implies an individual has the absolute potential to create his own mental world, his own world view. And more – the concept God is not needed to explain human endeavour. And further - that so-called Sacred Texts are mere human constructs wherein superstition has no home.


Evolutionary and Social Control

For believers in a Supreme Being that looks after an individual’s well-being, and also punishes those that disobey His commands, such an evolutionary approach to group behaviour can be viewed as an attack on their comfortable ‘feel-good’ belief system. Reason and understanding fade into dogmatic belief for believers who invoke a higher authority when justifying individual and group behaviour. Anyone who then transgresses the numerous conventions, rules and taboos that hold a group together, will be punished by self-appointed representatives of that Supreme Being.  

In the past such punishment was capital – decapitation, burning at the stake, hanged-drawn-and-quartered, shot at dawn! More moderate forms are time in prison, hefty fines that lead to bankruptcy and subsequent economic and social ruin. However, in a pluralistic society it is possible to weather the storm after a drumming out of one’s group where expulsion is not a capital offence anymore.

A recent example of voluntary Jewish group exclusion is the case of the Jewish nuclear whistle blower, Mordecai Vanunu, who exposed the Israeli nuclear weapons program, then converted to Christianity. Released on 20 April 2004 after spending 18 years in an Israeli prison, Vanunu now has a Christian family that has adopted him as their son. Another example is French Revisionist, Roger Garaudy, who after espousing Revisionist theories converted to Islam, thereby finding a new home within the Muslim community after his French left-Marxist community shunned him.

Regarding this Jewish punishment mechanism, Peter Wakefield Sault makes in interesting observation about the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and compares this work with Victor Ostrovsky’s By Way of Deception.


Original Message -----

From: Peter Wakefield Sault

Cc: Adelaide Institute

Sent: Sunday, June 13, 2004 10:23 AM

Subject: By Way of Deception

Assuming that it is exactly what it appears to be, then the authors of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were using a special technique for distributing it to the entire Jewish Diaspora. That is, instead of trying to circulate it in secret so that every participating Jew would have to furtively hide it under the floorboards with all the attendant risk of discovery both there and in transit (inevitable in both cases), which would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Protocols are what they appear to be, they leaked it - left it where it would be found and published by those horrified by its contents so that they could then engage in 'plausible deniability'. That would mean that every participating Jew could openly possess a copy and yet deny that it was an instruction manual from Zionism Central.

Now here is the twist. What if almost exactly the same technique was used to distribute instructions to the whole of Jewry on how to cooperate with Mossad (including, for example, how to recognize an approach by a katsa and how to know that the katsa is genuine)? And what if this instruction manual was titled By Way of Deception?

The apparently vicious smear campaign against Victor Ostrovsky for writing and publishing By Way of Deception serves both to distance Zionism Central from the book and yet to publicize it widely. Victor Ostrovsky, however, has not been kidnapped by Mossad and cast for 18 years into a 6'x9' box with a bag over his head despite all the shrill accusations of treachery levelled at him by the Order of the Elders of Zion.

MacDonald would explain such behaviour as essential for group survival, though individuals within that group may be the recipients of non-Jewish wrath, as well as needlessly having to go into denial in order to deflect from the revelations about Jewish behaviour contained in the above books. It is individual altruism for the sake of the group’s survival.

Anyone who has reached a certain mental maturity can easily relate to such forms of exclusions, and it is this universal approach that makes the evolutionary approach to individual group dynamics so instructive. MacDonald aims “to show that Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy has often been a highly successful strategy for acquiring resources and achieving reproductive success within gentile host societies.”  p.5

MacDonald’s de-mystification will, of course, vehemently be opposed by self-interested groups that thrive on keeping their behaviour shrouded in mystery, often in religious terminology.  According to MacDonald’s theoretical framework, the invocation of a supernatural power is then regarded merely as another strategy employed by Jews to resist the move to have their group behaviour explained to non-Jews.

What a stroke of genius it was to produce a Sacred Text and then claim God chose this group from among countless others and proclaimed the Jew to be a chosen people! Who wishes to have an argument with God? Add to that another Sacred Text for the non-Jewish world – New Testament - wherein the belief is continued that the Jewish people are God’s Chosen People, and then the handicapping of the non-Jewish peoples for the benefit of the Jews is complete.

It is self-evident that a theoretical group evolutionary strategy approach to the Jewish problem will be resisted by self-interested Jewish groups whose competitive edge would thereby seriously be blunted.  However, this theoretical approach cannot easily be controlled because it is more flexible and less costly than a legal approach. Though the usual cries of ‘antisemitism’  have already been raised by Jewish groups who recognize what implication MacDonald’s work has on their activities, a recourse to legal argument to silence him is not regarded as a possible effective option. Legal constraints are blunt instruments because it will have a chilling effect on any enquiring minds, in particular in academic research.

A prime example of using a legal avenue to illuminate Jewish group behaviour is currently occurring in Berlin where German lawyer Horst Mahler is fighting the very structures that MacDonald’s evolutionary group theory illuminates. Although the German legal framework is designed to silence individuals from enquiring into matters Jewish behaviour, Mahler simply rides over the legal imperatives that ought to have shut him up in court because he will not be silenced in airing his thoughts about the ‘Holocaust’ and Jewish matters generally as they impact on German life. Fearlessly Mahler states all those things that are proscribed by German law, by things that now label him a ‘Holocaust denier’. For example, he denies that there was a Jewish extermination program under Adolf Hitler’s Germany; he denies that there were any homicidal gassings of Jews during that period of German history; and he denies that all round six million Jews were murdered by the Germans during World War Two.

Although of world historical significance the Mahler case in Berlin is not widely reported, not within Germany or in the world media. Applying MacDonald’s theoretical framework to this trial clearly illuminates the desperation of Jews and Germans who have embodied the ‘Holocaust’ within their belief system, and from which flow significant material and social benefits. To give it up would lead to a serious depletion of financial resources for organized Jewry. It would also spell the end of the State of Israel’s existence because that birth-right claim to Palestinian lands rests, among other things, on the ‘Holocaust’ mythology.

MacDonald’s analysis accounts for the above behaviour because “conflict of interest over the distribution of economic resources is predicted by evolutionary theory, but whether socialism, laissez faire capitalism, or some intermediate form results from this conflict is underdetermined by evolutionary theory.”p.6


Evolution and Ideology

MacDonald proposes that group strategies driven by religious evolutionary ideology (Judaism) “is essentially a blueprint for a group evolutionary strategy”, but “is underdetermined by evolutionary theory”, where ecologically and genetically determinants are absent. p.6 Such ideologies are intertwined  with social controls  that can also be called ‘experiment in living’. The social controls effected are there to retain internal discipline, and to prevent exploitation by cheaters or non-cooperators!

 He puts it succinctly thus: “The evidence … suggests that Judaism has survived as a group evolutionary strategy … at best since the Babylonian captivity. If this is so, there is the implication that it has been a well-designed evolutionary strategy … humans have sophisticated cognitive abilities that enable them to develop strategies in pursuit of evolutionary ends … through uniquely human cortical/symbolic systems, with the result that behaviour is only indirectly linked with reproductive success.” p 10

The above implies that genetic control - biological systems -  is a limiting influence as a principal of natural selection, thereby negating determinism, and instead advocating that things are invented “made up” by the human mind. “… Judaism is here considered fundamentally as a cultural invention that is underdetermined by evolutionary/ecological theory and whose adaptiveness is an empirical question. However, it does not follow that there are no biological predispositions at all for developing the type of group evolutionary strategy represented by Judaism.”p.11 


Evolution and Plasticity

I think it was Arthur Butz who said to me that a parasite is always faced with a dilemma, to know when to stop sucking blood because if such activity leads to the host’s death, then that too means the parasite will die – unless it jumps to another host. Hence the importance of observing the flow of Jewish groups around the world, as captured in the European African colonials’ saying: “When the Jews leave, there is still time; when the Indians leave, it’s too late.” Does this, however, explain why Jews are fleeing their beloved Israel and venturing forth, for example, back to Germany, the USA, South America and Australia?

According to MacDonald’s ‘made-up’ human group evolutionary strategies, Jewish behaviour needs to be flexible if survival of the group is to be guaranteed. This means the capacity to adapt to an uncertain environment where “both eugenic practices (taking advantage of human plasticity) have been enshrined in religious ideology and intensively practiced. By manipulating environments in this manner, Judaism has been able to develop a highly specialized group strategy, which has often been highly adaptive in resource competition within stratified human societies.”  p. 13.

MacDonald describes some twelve prominent examples of human group strategies that exemplify the span from 1.  complete voluntarism to complete coercion; 2. complete genetic closure to complete genetic openness (panmixia); 3. high level of within-group altruism to complete within-group selfishness; 4. high between-group resource and reproductive competition to little between-group resource and reproductive  competition; 5. high level of ecological specialization to ecological generalization.

From this MacDonald concludes that:

1. Judaism is a self-imposed, non-coerced evolutionary strategy, although at times anti-Semitic actions have had effects that dovetailed with Judaism as an evolutionary strategy;

 2. Judaism is a fairly closed group strategy in which much effort has been devoted to resisting genetic assimilation with surrounding populations, and, moreover, this effort has been substantially successful;

3. Jews have typically engaged in resource and reproductive competition with gentile societies, often successfully;

4. there is significant (but limited) degree of within-group altruism, traditionally enforced by powerful social controls and always enshrined in religious ideology; and

5. there is a significant degree of role specialization, specifically specialization for a role in society above the level of primary producer characterized by cultural and eugenic practices centered around intelligence, the personality trait of conscientiousness, high-investment parenting, and group allegiance. P.28

As a scientist MacDonald is aware of the problems that face this theoretical model of his because by investigating the Judaism as an evolutionary strategy “one must deal with immense stretches of historical time – at least the time span from the Babylonian captivity (587B.C.) to the present …there is certainly variation in the amount and trustworthiness of available historical data.”p.29

MacDonald quotes J Katz who claims that “Jewish history to some extent repeats itself … read like variations of the same theme.”  P.30, and then concludes that, “it will be apparent that there is also an overwhelming social and ideological unity to historical Judaism. To anticipate the conclusion, the evidence reviewed in the following chapters indicates that for all practical purposes Judaism may be viewed as a unitary group evolutionary strategy.” p. 30



As indicated above, the in-depth discussion of issues emerging out of MacDonald’s enquiry into  A People That Shall Dwell Alone is found in seven chapters filled with examples of what Jewish exclusivity in the form of an evolutionary group strategy is all about. At last here we have a body of work that addresses the usual imbalance pertaining to things Jewish, where the Jewish victim role is paraded as paramount to an understanding of the Jewish problem, without having any regard to that perpetrator role that is also implicitly Jewish. Out of such an unbalanced perspective any Jewish persecution arises out of hatred for things Jewish, and pure antisemitism.

This notion cannot now be sustained any longer because MacDonald has convincingly illustrated the fallacy of such thinking. Though hatred for things Jewish may be an element within any anti-Jewish expressions, the fact is that Jewish discrimination against anything non-Jewish will of necessity create a re-action from the host nation within which the Jews reside. For example, the Jewish assertion that Germans had an extermination program designed specifically to kill all of Europe’s Jews, can now be scientifically contested because such an assertion becomes a mere strategy for Jewish group survival.

It certainly explains why many European nations have already enacted laws that prohibit certain forms of behaviour that are labeled antisemitic, as was the case when the Bolsheviks set up the Soviet Union government in 1917. There, too, immediately laws were enacted that made it a capital offence to be labeled an ‘antisemite’. This law thus protected Jewish behaviour from further public scrutiny, and thus enabled Jewish group strategies to operate reasonably unhindered, until the population became aware of what such a law was there to protect – certainly not the Russian interests. Stalin’s subsequent purge and persecution of the Jews is a direct reaction to such Jewish forms of behaviour.

Currently the world is again becoming aware of the role played by world Jewry in international affairs, with specific reference to the current Iraq crisis. It would be a tragedy to see an expulsion of Jews occurring anywhere as has so often been the case in world history. How much the Jews themselves are at fault for such expulsions can now be reasonably accurately accessed by using Professor MacDonald’s theoretical model.

Fortunately Professor Kevin MacDonald will not be intimidated by any name-calling because his case rests on the bedrock of truth – factual truths objectively expressed in scientific rigor. Thus for anyone who still is puzzled by matters pertaining to ‘an ancient people’ it is well-worth ploughing through his 493-page work.



Separation And Its Discontents: Towards an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism



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