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Happy New Year to all
Dear Mr Vabner
I am glad to see that you also value the German word 'Mensch', and to that I may add the following thought of mine: The Jew is only as good as the host nation within which he lives. It thus does not surprise that most leading Jews of today have a German name and have a German cultural background. This explains also why many Jews have this inordinate hatred towards anything German. The 'Holocaust' industry is one such public expression of hatred towards Germans. 
We used to have an Associate who wished to bring Germans and Jews together. This was on account of his mother being Jewish. He now realizes that this ideal is not to be fulfilled and individuals have to decide to be  either German or Jewish.
Anyone who labels another person 'filthy' etc. , e.g. filthy Australian, indicates to me that this is using language literally or figuratively. If it is the former, then the factual nature of the statement can be tested to see if the person spoken about is indeed physically dirty. If so, then Truth is a defence in a possible libel case. If not, then it is simple abuse and possibly actionable because of the direct insulting nature of the words used!
If the use is figurative language, then things become complicated, and the speaker's intent  and context needs to be looked at.
In your case I would find Mr Pauly's words objectionable - I say this without knowing anything about what gave rise to the statement made. I note in this context that Dr Mathis liberally uses foul language in his correspondence with Grubach which was recently made public. This for me is simply a matter of bad manners - I avoid getting involved in the silly politically correct language-use because manners maketh man!
I hasten to add that I have used foul language, but mostly in reference to my own failings!
Obsessions are not unusual in today's world because we need some obsession in order to break free of those many conceptual prisons that await the unwary and trusting individuals engaged in normal social interaction. When obsession is mixed with idealism, then that can become an explosive mix because moral imperatives then drive the indiviual to action, to realize that thing in his head, to make it real - the will to succeed, etc.
When the reason process links a personal attitude to an historical action such as in your case to the alleged Einsatzgruppen activity, then we need to become objective and push our subjective feelings aside, and ask questions of factuality, of truth, i.e. unless we wish to bully and emotionally blackmail those we oppose into silence.
If any such act occurred, which is not doubted by me, then we need to ask the why question. Why did the Germans have need to use Einsatzgruppen during the war that aimed to stem the tide of Communism in Europe?
I reject outright the commonly held view that Germans fought World War Two because they hated the Jews - and expended inordinate energy to make this their central aim - to exterminate European Jewry.
Unfortunately such a view is rather unbalanced and it distorts world history. In fact, the Jewish question was a side-issue, but that's not what we get today through the media. For most Germans the Jews were not that important because a re-examination and re-evaluation of German roots, culture etc. made Jews and things Jewish somewhat  irrelevant in their world view - something I I can fully understand. Germans didn't need the Jews to continue their cultural traditions, but the Jews needed the German host in order to survive.
I can relate to that because in Australia we have the self-styled head of the roof-body of Australian Jews, Jeremy Jones, who needs me in order to get his sense of identity, his sense of who he is. He needs to find so-called antisemites in order to get his self perspective, as someone who perpetually rides the victim roller-coaster. This has dire mental problems for him because he is either just coming out of a 'Holocaust', expecting one, or finding himself in a 'Holocaust'. Such persecution, he claims, is founded on facts because he collects on a daily basis all those 'antisemitic' incidents that happen around him, in Australia, in the world.
So he needs antisemites to get himself a life - all very sad if we then analyse the term 'antisemite' and discover that it applies to the Semitic-speaking peoples that, of course, includes the Palestinians.
One needs to state here that either Jones is ignorant of the facts of this term or he is a liar, and as he is regarded the top Jew by himself and his small group of individuals around him, I may safely assume he is not an ignorant person.
Fortunately there is still such a thing as objective knowledge, knowledge that exists independently of our own personal mindset's existence that has universal application - but misusing words is a subjective matter.
So, Mr Vabner, forget becoming indignant about someone insulting you because that's life, and I speak from personal experience here.
I also speak from personal experience when I say that Jews and their helpers have persecuted me in lawcourts because I refuse to be intellectually raped and beaten into submission as far as the Holocaust lies is concerned. Jeremy Jones has persecuted me for over seven years in Australia, and the Jewish helpers in Germany did likewise to me in 1999.
I get labelled all sorts of things by Zionists who find any objective discussion an insult, hate speech,  Holocaust denier, antisemite, racist, etc., and that is very sad because it avoids the message that we are worrying about.
Such attitude also is unhealthy for our up-and-coming generation because their world view is becoming so narrow, so mutated. We have a case where now army recruits, if barked at by a sergeant major, break out in tears - that's how fragile they have become. Life's stresses and strains, the normal unpleasant social and cultural interactions are viewed from the point of being a victim! German literature teaches us that adolescence-youth must go through the Storm and Stress that life offers. it is not helpful for our youth to bring them into the victim-perpetrator mentality. The fact that Germans have been painted as aggressors/perpetrators these past 60 years is a legacy that the Holocaust lies perpetuate.
But then I say if Germans snapped out of their consumerism and hedonism, then their moral and intellectual courage will re-emerge and they will stand upright again and say: This far and no further! This is what Horst Mahler wishes to achieve in Germany with his movement, and I wish him all the best for it.
In this sense I view my world view as being inclusive of those who wish to know the truth about those terrible allegations that Germans used WMDs against European Jewry. Recently an article about the Auschwitz tattooist  www.adelaideinstitute.org/Auschwitz/tattooist.htm
mentioned that he witnessed trains leaving Auschwitz, something that is as yet not common knowledge, and that could be followed up because to date common knowledge has it that trains only arrived to disgorge individuals at the platform - to the right work, to the left  - immediately - to the gas chamber.
Such crude false pictures rule today's Holocaust industry, as Norman Finkelstein would perhaps phrase it.
So, Mr Vabner, forget the name-caller and why he would wish to call you names. Continue being upright and seek the truth of those allegations that have been profitable for large Jewish organisations, but a misery for those individuals who are not given any of the financial compensation that by right should go their way.
This means we need to focus on the Zionists and their political program - etc., and that brings in Israel and what that state is doing to the Palestinians.  Would it not be a beautiful thing if the Middle East became a nuclear-free zone as was suggested by Syria, I think.
Then again, if you attend our conference you may hear Barry Chamish talk about the plight of those Jews who believed in the dream and who now see a one world order movement dissecting their dream, something that gives lie to those who think Jews rule the world!
Fredrick Töben
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With regard to Dr. Frederick Toben's response to my comments re: David Irving/Jewish Soap, I attach another response (SEE BELOW)  I have received from a leading American Nazi figure, Mr. Donald Pauly. The fact that I am a Jew is very much a problem for Mr. Pauly. In his response he calls me a 'Filthy Jew'. He doesn't care whether I behave as a 'Mensch' (by the way, Jews use the term 'Mensch' as well with EXACTLY the same meaning as the German).
I find Mr. Pauly's obsessive Jew-Hatred to be 'boring and rather wearisome' (a term you use below). In his world-view, it doesn't matter if I behave as a mensch or not: I am simply a 'Filthy Jew'. I am NOT obsessed with the Jewish Holocaust to the exclusion of so many other human holocausts that have occurred on this Earth. But neither will I ever believe a word of revisionism coming from men with such despicable and remorseless hatred in their hearts. Mr. Pauly's ugly heart tells me that men just like him pumped bullets into men, women and  children all day every day as the Einsatzgruppen worked their way through Eastern Europe and Soviet Russia. The Gas Chambers are not the issue here - the issue is whether men with authority and power granted by the most powerful state in Europe did carry out these acts - day in and day out- against the civilian populations of Eastern Europe and Soviet Russia. And, the answer is, 'Yes."
Once we get that out of the way - and figure out what to do about American Nazis who call me 'Filthy Jew' - then we can work on the issue of whether or not there were gas vans and gas chambers, etc.
Reuben M. Vabner
Mr. Santamauro:

I see you attract the best-of-breed to your website. Field Marshall Von Paulus is a very smart fellow - san doubt! A very bright fellow (no humour intended). He can do more than just correct my spelling like the rest of your young S.A. boys in training.

Field Marshall Von Paulus is of the intelligentsia of the reborn National Socialist movement in America. He hates Jews with a passion (rather obvious, don't you think?) so obviously he is not from the 'Let's Correct History' academic section of the IHR. He is the real Jew-hating thing. And he hates with a passion!!

It is true that I did speak rudely to Mr. Birdman, who is no doubt another essential player in the Club. The Birdman is that fellow in St. Petersburg FLA. who wears the monk's habit and has certain compulsive habits (of a sexual nature) that I will not go into here lest we return to those issues again

Congratulations on your association with Field Marshall Von Paulus and Birdman of St. Pete. You are doing serious academic work for sure!

So.. how long do we play this game that you are in this for academic purposes; i.e., correcting history? Why don't you come out with some 'Filthy Jew' epithet so everything is on the table?


Reuben M. Vabner
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  Mr Santomauro:

  Your favorite Jew Vabner has written an interesting letter to Mr Irving.  He
  has also abused the Birdman.    It is ridiculous that Germans with their
  passion for cleanliness would use soap made from a filthy Jew.  You could not
  have given the soap away.  Rube needs to make Aliyah.  Let Israel be Gathered! 
  THIS year in Jerusalem!

  Donald E. Pauly
  Zionist Rastafarian

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More on David Irving by Dr. Fredrick Töben

Professor F. Littell has said "You can't discuss the truth of the holocaust.
That is a distortion of the concept of free speech. The United States should
emulate West Germany, which outlaws such exercises."--It does in Australia for
Dr. Toben.

Dr. Toben the author of this short memo spent seven months in a German prison
for his web site that questioned history, while he was traveling in 1999 in
the not so free Germany. Jewish organizations world-wide promote the passage of
holocaust denial laws. Example of how the law functions in Germany -- if you
disagree with the six million figure of Jewish victims, it is a hate crime.
You will either be fined or go to jail or both. In the last decade over 8,000
Germans have gone to Jail or been fined.

Fredrick Töben


His impressive web site :

Hello Michael:

The following Reuben Vabner response was for me not a chore to read because

I found the first statement rather funny - I am a Jew- Is that a problem for


Who cares if Mr Vabner is a Jew or not? I don't care for any ethnocentricity

of that kind, and I hope he permits me to state clearly that my criterion is

whether he will behave, as the Germans put it so clearly,
as a Mensch - a human being!

Unfortunately there are many individuals who start any social interaction

with: "Are you one of us?" - meaning, are you a Jew?

This kind of self-identification I find boring and rather wearisome.

However, as the recent Edgar Steele letter indicates, the USA is turning

into a Judeocentric country where telling jokes can land you in prison for

having committed a hate crime.

Now a brief response to Mr Vabner because I had made myself familiar with

the Irving matter, and from personal knowledge know that Holocaust matters

are not Irving's primary concerns.

I also stated elsewhere that had Lipstadt, in fact any professor of history,

been taken through the rigours of a trial, then they too would have been

found wanting, as Irving was. I still claim, as I did in 2000, that Irving's

efforts in court are worth a dozen Ph Ds.

We saw a similar farcical trial designed to intimidate Revisionists with the

Hayward thesis controversy in New Zealand where the

author's work was methodically dissected - and found wanting.

Such 'professional assassination' can be done to anyone, and in part

happened to one of their star witnesses, Richard Evans, who also fronted up

at the Irving trial. His emotional diatribe against Hayward's MA thesis

tainted Evans' own claim to academic objectivity and veracity.

This fact alone thus proves that the Irving trial and Hayward investigation

was a farce - and proved only the 'Holocaust' lobby's strength. It was a

modern-day witch hunt of which the participants fronting up against Irving

and Hayward ought to have been ashamed. It fully confirmed my claim that

current academia lacks any moral and intellectual integrity, much less any

moral and intellectual courage.

Reuben Vabner has engaged in a lot of busy work and perhaps you can direct

him to our front page www.adelaideinstitute.org where we feature Professor

Robert Faurisson's challenge which explicitly states:

"Show me or draw me the homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz!"

Vabner's work is busy work tinged with fraud, just like the search for

Saddam Hussein's WMDs, and that reminds us of the search for Adolf Hitler's

WMDs - the gas chambers - that have remained hidden and elusive for almost

60 years!

I would like to be more explicit but a Federal Court of Australia gag order

prevents me from talking about the three pillars on which the Holocaust myth

rests: 1. the missing order, 2. the missing weapon of mass destruction - gas

chambers, and 3. the missing six million alleged killed Jews.


Fredrick Töben


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=============================And more from Israel Shamir's List
An interesting piece by our friend Ross Vachon, a regular contributor to CounterPunch. There are quite a few points one may disagree with in this article. Marchall's Plan was not all that altruistic, as it was used to incorporate Europe within the American sphere of interests. Trotskyite legacy of neo-cons was referred to on this list by Michael Lind and others; but Ross misreads it by connecting to Bolshevism. Political activism, globalist plans, desire to unify and homogenise the world in one vision are indeed the common features of many Jewish-dominated movements, including neo-cons and Trots; but Neo-cons are for rich against the poor; Trots (with all their faults) were and are for the poor against the rich. Still, a challenging article.
                    SEMITISM GONE WILD                             


The Psychopathology Of Neo-Conservatism:


A Clinical History




Ross Vachon


Victory, by New Years Eve 1945 was unquestionable, the Allies triumphant. The Battle of the Bulge was no stunning reversal of fortune. It was Germany's last gasp, the last bitter cry of the Thousand Year Reich. Like The Curse Of The Mummy, its sinister allure would last forever, 988 years shy of the mark.

Two decades earlier, what had the Vienna flophouse foretold? What was there but fetid exile sleep, someday the howling wind will come. Haphazard sketches, dust particles, a penny for your thoughts, where was the romance, the grandeur in that? No, the vainglorious artist manque had sprung anew in the devil's workshop, step on a crack- break your back. Divination by audition, alchemy, mesmerism, seance, prayer, shit-blind luck, it had always fallen right. But, D-Day + 1 had made the demon tremble. There'd be no more miracles, no more stays. By the first day of May, in the year of our Lord, 1945, Der Fuhrer was as dead a German as any other roasting atop the flames of a village pyre to a fine charcoal mist.

Except for those lucky few who'd find sanctuary in South America, men who'd straddled the world like perverse Roman gods- could only await the stark ignominity of Victors Justice:

Cyanide, a Bullet, or the Rope.

But, what was to be the Fate of Deutschland, all those good Germans, the once-mighty Volk? Life or Death?

The Great White Men of America would sleep on it. Two plans emerged:

#1 The Marshall Plan: General George Marshall's brainchild.

#2 The Morganthau Plan: Treasury Secretary Hans Morganthau's hope.

The former was New Testament. The Victors would show Compassion to their beaten foes. All Europe would be reconstructed, food and medicine airlifted to Germany. Victor's Justice after WWI at Versailles was bitter poison to Deutschland. Hitler the antidote. The same mistake would not be made twice. A dirt farmer in Roswell saw saucers. Churchill saw an Iron Curtain. Christian charity would begin in Berlin.

The latter - Old Testament. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Treasury Secretary. A hungry and bombed-out homeless nation of millions would be left to die, starved or frozen to death. All frauleins of child-bearing age were to be sterilized at the point of a gun. Famed German industry to be utterly destroyed. The once proud Fatherland to be thrust backwards 700 years into an agrarian blight of death, disease, and despair. In Germany, time would stand still. It'd always be The Middle Ages: 1200 A.D.

An intense lobbying effort ensued. The White House and Congressional Halls were awash with Beltway Boys. Every good time Charlie in town had a piece of this action. Morganthau met privately with every Senator, and all the influential Representatives. FDR made time for his old financial man/friend many times. In November of '44, Roosevelt had been elected President for a new record fourth time, but by April of the following year, the great man had succumbed to his frailties. War raged on, and a scared nation turned its lonely eyes to Harry S. Truman, an ex-Kansas City haberdasher no one knew from Harry S. Ginch. No American had ever heard of the prick. A compromise choice VP, Truman was in office a grand total of three months when the nation called. FDR had kept the little pepperpot completely out of the loop. Harry S. didn't know a General, an Admiral, or a buck fuckin' private, but he knew one thing: He knew if he lost the War- they'd hang him by the balls.

At FDR's massive state funeral, Secret Service protection surrounding Truman was a Code Red military cordon. His sainted mother couldn't get close. Yet not one hour into the funeral, he got a surprise tap on the shoulder. Morganthau, a man cursed with terrible posture- he was permanently stooped, had nevertheless, remarkably, managed to wedge his way through hundreds of thousands of onlookers to greet the new Commander-In-Chief. As a German-American Jew, Morganthau was terribly sensitive to what Jews had suffered in Germany the past dozen years, and planned to take great advantage of his high position to exact revenge. His signature was afixed to every new bill coming out of the mint. If Hans "Henry" Morganthau, the Treasury Secretary of the United States of America could help it, Deutschland Uber Alles would never be sung again.

Another member of FDR's Cabinet, Secretary of State Cordell Hull was appalled by it. An impassioned advocate for General Marshall's plan, he regarded Henry's plan as a morally debased crackpot idea that would sow hatred forever and a day. To emphasize the point, he called it:

Semitism gone wild.

Kind of quaint as it rolls off the tongue. As anti-semitic slurs go, it's rather droll. But, back then, its biblical connotations were well understood. And, Washington wisely rejected Morganthau's plan. The Marshall Plan was adopted. Europe was to be rescued. The German people would be spared.

The study of History alerts us to more than just who the victors, or vanquished were. The tragic miscalculations of Statesmen are writ large. Prejudices of the past lay before us. The more things change, the more twisted and mutated they become. A King's ransom of clues and deceits lay buried in the past, decoding an era's language solves many riddles. Unlike the polite totalitarianism in place today, 1940's-speak had a distinctive pith, words weren't parsed. A person wasn't intellectually challenged, they were "dumb as a post". Garbagemen were "garbagemen" , not sanitary engineers, and there was no shame attached. Collequialisms were raw. Gas stations offered friendly service. Across the land, there were cherished values beyond the almighty dollar. People said what they meant, and meant what they said. The thought police were not yet the guardians at the crowded instituitional gates. Language was colorful and blunt. Quite apart from its uglier racist aspects, there was little politically correct about it. It was angry, it was honest, and it was real.

Reams of pulp have already been wasted about the neo-cons, the Leo-cons, this chickenhawk roster of misfits and dweebs. As befits all adherents of a bizarre ideology, they've become objects of scorn and derision: "Fat boys with asthma talking tough" Gore Vidal sneered, as only he can. The darlings of the day, these new would-be emperors have been touted, assailed, and much discussed. Arab oil still commands top dollar, but after the first Gulf War, Arab blood became very cheap. In no small measure due to the growing percentage of Jews making up the American Establishment. Bill Clinton's entire foreign policy team were Jews: Defense Secretary (William Cohen), Secretary of State (Madeline Albright), National Security Advisor (Sandy Berger), and U.N. Representative (Richard Holbrooke) The neo-conservatives who have been running the Pentagon under the current administration were the architects of the preem ptive invasion. Their fervor to Attack Iraq! was blueprinted in several policy papers. Perle and Feith's 1996 "Securing The Realm" on behalf of the then Israeli prime ministry candidate- Binyamin Netanyahu, could serve as the sales manual for Operation Iraqi Freedom. The desktop bombardiers- Perle, Wolfowitz & Co., were beyond dispute the driving force behind the war. What's a mere 10,000 or so dead Iraqi innocents, 400 and counting dead Americans, 4 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars a month, the plunder and rape of an ancient civilization- when it comes to "securing the realm", to making the world safe for Israel.

The predominance of Jews running America's foreign policy has done much more than just ramp up the Arab body count. Jewish control over America's foreign policy has morphed it into one indistinguishable from the foreign policy of Israel's ruling Likud Party. America's grandly styled imperial overreach is centered around Israel's security needs. And, of course, it's endangered America to a degree no foreign invader could ever sustain. A 9/11 per month would be less costly to the country. 9/11 was a direct consequence of U.S. support for Israel, the dread blowback  CIA old hand Chalmers Johnson predicted in his book. Who doubts that the World Trade Center was a colossal monument to Jewish commerce, a mega-story tribute to what the Catholic Church once called engorgement, commodity hoarding, i.e. greed? Certainly not Alan Dershowitz. He's still fuming that the twin-towered pride of Hymietown collapsed. Fuck the dumb goyim. Bin Laden is Hitler on wheels and he's after the Jews!

Some time back an NBC business report presented a sour-faced producer of a new film on 9/11 was being interviewed by a sporty blonde. Written for the screen exclusively by gargoyle Court Jew Charles Krauthammer (among others), it sounded like a neo-con rave. "It's a brash, hard-hitting, conservative view of the events of 9/11", the hostess brightly intoned from her notes, and once she did, she was sure sorry she did, because Darryl Zanuck-Rabinowitz immediately began to berate her: "After all," he whined, "Charles Krauthammer wrote speeches for Walter Mondale. He would be amazed to learn he's a conservative." This ruffled Missy. Lurching forward, she quickly conceded the idiot's point. Missy didn 't know much, but she was alert to the requirements for a successful career in TV broadcasting:

Keep it light. Keep it moving. Leave every asshole smiling.

Critics speak disparagingly of the neo-cons hubris. But, it's not their off-putting manner that's loathesome, it's them. They're morally repulsive people. Other Jews find them wicked and odious. Neo-conservatism is the idiot bastard child of Leon Trotsky and Mona Charen. The Mad Bolshevik and Crazy Yenta lay down together, and a foul belief system was born. The Neo stands for Neo-Nazi, and quite like the original, brown-shirted party animals, the Neo-Con Party is rife with leeches, louts, humbugs, mediocrities, lowlives, sickos, and buffoons. At any AEI (American Enterprise Institute) gathering, the first four rows of fellows are always a terrible eyesore. It's the official America's Ugliest Man Contest. Bring your own sick bag.

The preposterous lengths to which neo-cons go to twist obvious truths could pass for commedia d'el art. In National Review, Jonah Goldberg (horn-rimmed, stinky kid of crapulous old flack Lucianne Goldberg), churned out a three-part mini-series meant to prove that the neo-cons never existed. Mere illusion, now you see 'em, now you don't. That this self-same bunch of hysterics were on record crying Attack Iraq! for years - hardly mattered. Momma G. milked the stain on Lewinsky's dress. Her little malted milk-face blew bubbles:

#1: No such animal as a neo-con. They simply don't exist.

#2: Even if they do, they had nothing to do with the push to invade Iraq.

#3: Even if they do, no neo-con has ever been heard to mention Trotsky. (the grandaddy of neo-conservatism according to serious political historians)

How's that for stinky kid reasoning? Albert Wohlsetter, and Leo Strauss, the dead professors who'd tutored Perle and Wolfowitz would be tippling Manischevitz, ghost to ghost. Trotsky's wild red-haired skeleton would arise from his crypt to hail their sabre-rattling chutzpah:

"These neo-con boychicks not only lie, their lies are a thousand times worse than any of the cockamamie stories we Bolsheviks used to peddle in the streets like fish!", *the old man would declare.

When Wolfowitz asserted that "an ounce of kiliton is worth a pound of cure", no one mistook the remark for hyperbole. The little weirdo (General Zinni's nickname) is a poltroon, a Zionist extremist, a mass-murderer, and one sick fuck. His fey grimaces and anxious smiles may look like a crazy put-on. But, unlike foxy Grandpa Rummy, the dismal Wolfowitz is not full of mirth. And, he's a lousy liar. Observe C-Span's next broadcast of Wolfowitz taking questions from Congress, Check out his shaky hands. Watch dry spittle start to drip from his sourpuss mug.

Pentagon colleagues have been quoted extensively: "If you want to understand Perle and Wolfowitz- understand the influence Professor Leo Strauss had on them. It's inestimable." Yet, once the working press began to examine his ol' Perfessor, the 'brilliant" Deputy Defense Secretary began to play dumb. Wolfowitz now claims that Leo Strauss played no role in his mental growth. Scratching his flaky, Alfalfa hairdo, he airily refuted the claim:

"Maybe I sat in on a few Leo Strauss classes. But, that hardly makes him my mentor. Surely, you jest." Lest anyone forget, Wolfowitz is running the Pentagon. The Joint Chiefs answer to him. He gives the orders to unleash the B-52's. Don Rumsfeld is a pesky administrator. Alas, Wolfie (to President Bush) is America's #1 Master of War.

The entire raison d'etre of Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby, Bolton, Adelman, Abrams, Kristol, Kagen, Ledeen, Safire, Friedman, Krauthammer, Jacoby, Cohen, Lakheim, Frum, Goldberg, Wattenberg, Schlesinger, Podhoretz, Dector, Charon, Lowry, Hanson, Babbit, Stein, ad nauseum - is to continue to use America's fighting men and women as cannon fodder to fight Israel's battles. To untether America's huge thermonuclear arsenal from its traditional restraints, converting them to tactical weapons to be dropped on the Muslim hordes. Incinerating one billion Muslims strong is not merely a hot and sticky group-fantasy nurtured by a neo-con hive. It is the heartless, soulless, gelatinous core of the neo-con faith. Benevolent World Hegemony will reign. Or else. The world will be made safe for the free market, and the slaves will obey their masters. Or, face doom. The neo-cons have no hidden agenda. Au contraire, over and over, they've trumpeted their misdeeds, made their vile treach eries known:

1. "It was worth it!"- Madeline Albright's cheery defense on "60 Minutes" of the genocidal sanctions which murdered 1,500,000 innocent Iraqis.

2. "Jenin is just the beginning!" Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz celebrating the "retaliatory" collective punishment meted out to one Palestinian town. The IDF goes psycho- mass-bulldozing homes, gunning down hundreds of unarmed men, women, and children in the streets like dogs. Many of those still breathing die buried under the rubble.

3. Axis of Evil - David Frum, the President's speechwriter adds North Korea after Iraq and Iran on a whim, the better to disguise the Israel-centered foreign policy the United States is pursuing. North Korea sees the writing on the wall, and prepares its nukes for launch.

4. Operation Iraqi Freedom - 400 dead Americans and counting, untold thousands of innocent Iraqis killed. U.S. military Occupation ongoing.

5. Tactical Nuclear War (Elliot Cohen)

6. Benevolent World Hegemony (William Kristol)

7. Securing the Realm (Richard Perle, Douglass Feith)

8. Creative Destruction (Michael Ledeen)

9. Iraq will be a cakewalk. (Kenneth Adelman)

10. Nuke Mecca (Rich Lowry)

11. Perpetual War (Paul Wolfowitz)

12. Islam is a religion of hate. (Daniel Pipes)

13. Children will sing songs about what we have done. (Richard Perle)

There it is, if any were needed- proof of Secretary Hull's blanket condemnation. An unlucky number of neo-con Crimes Against Humanity. Serial  Morganthau Plans. Monstrosities Past, Present, and Future. All proudly owned up to by Perle, Wolfowitz & Co. They're the barmitzvah boy geniuses who drew up the blueprints. The rank officials wholly responsible for their implementation. It begs an analysis. If Cordell Hull was right, why was he right? And, whatever in God's name did he mean?

*the esteem bestowed on Trotsky by neo-con scholar Stephen Schwartz



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