Ex-union chief in bid to clear name

By Lucy Spurgeon

The Examiner, 26 August 2003

 Tasmania's first female Community and Public Sector Union head has vowed to clear her name over allegations that she says have ruined her career.

CPSU State general secretary Sue Strugnell resigned from the union that she had represented for 13 years pm August 1 after reaching an out-of-court agreement with her employer.

Ms Strugnell's lawyer, James Crotty, said that she received about $110,000 for her service entitlements and worker's compensation for stress leave.

Mr Strugnell said that she had taken her case to the Tasmanian Industrial Commission before the settlement because of "continuing and escalating rumours" while she was on stress leave, beginning about April 17.

"It wasn't (about) the money," she said. "My main aim is to vindicate myself."

Ms Strugnell said that she had been dogged by rumours since her departure from the union, including the allegation that she had accepted a "sweetheart deal" from the union. "The amount I freceived was nothing more than a settlement of my employment dispute and worker's compensation claim," she said. "In return, I was required to resign from all State and fede3ral positions I held within the CPSU. It was the saddest time of my life."

Ms Strugnell was elected general secretary for a four-year term from June 7, 2000. Her application to the commission states that she sought advice from her doctor on April 17 this year for symptoms of depression, insomnia, preoccupation with a work problem, loss of confidence, humiliation, tearfulness, periods of inertia and feeling bullied by assistant secretary Tom Lynch.

Dr Geoffrey Davidson diagnosed a state of anxiety and depression due to extreme stress at work.

Psychologist Desiree Taylor described Ms Strugnell as presenting as someone who believed she had been the victim of manipulation, bullying, direct discrimination and a lack of natural justice.

Mr Crotty alleged that she was forced out of the union by a destabilising campaign. Mr Crotty said Mr Lynch, who has replaced her as general secretary, had alleged that Ms Strugnell behaved in an insulting and offensive manner towards him, failed to make decisions and organise meetings in a timely manner and refused to clarify his role as assistant secretary.

Mr Lynch yesterday said that Ms Strugnell had been a long-serving member of the union and would be sorely missed. "I'm not aware of what the issues are," he said. "Sue wasn't well and hasn't been since April."


 Fredrick Töben's comment:

This is similar in substance to the case against me, where Zionist Jew Jeremy Jones claims he experiences hurt feelings when he views things we have placed on our website dealing with the 'Holocaust' controversy. He claims we do this kind of work because he is a 'Jew' and we have no other motive that propels our work, for example searching for the truth of an allegation that he levels at those with whom he disagrees, other than our hatred for him "as a Jew".

He was lucky, that his ethnocentric world-view argument was accepted by a judge who didn't reveal too much perception about the nature of victimhood and what propells such immature individuals to see everything from such a narrow perspective.

And so Jones obtained a court ruling that did not require him to prove his hurt feelings, and this for a man who is the unofficial chief minister of Australia's Zionist Jews.

Hence my claim that Jones is a charlatan when it comes to playing the victim, when he expresses his hurt feelings, just because he cannot tolerate anyone not agreeing with him. He is either in, coming out, or expecting a 'Holocaust' as befitting his victim mentality. And surely, that is a psychotic mindset that does indeed need treatment, if not radical surgery.


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