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June-July 2003 


 24 July 2003

Back in Australia

Dear Associates and Supporters

I'm back in Australia but not yet back home, and after a rather extended trip through North America, Europe and Southern Africa - made possible by a generous sponsor - I am happy to say I am somewhat refreshed and ready to do more work on the vexed issue of free speech-Holocaust Revisionism.

The trip’s outline is available at

I am happy to announce that from Poland Adelaide Institute has a new European Associate: Dr Dariusz Ratajczak, the former Opole University academic who lost his job because of publishing a little book wherein he addressed some difficult questions - naturally about the Holocaust.

From memory I recall that in January 1999 Poland passed anti-Revisionist laws, then in April 1999 joined NATO. In June the first casualty of that new law was already there, namely Dr Dariusz Ratajczak.

That subsequent former east European countries followed the same pattern indicated the strength of the Holocaust lobby. It was indeed true that Europe is an occupied continent, occupied by ZOG!

I personally resisted such conclusion, and still do instinctively now, but facts on the ground are facts that have proven themselves to be physical impediments for Revisionist Historians, and anyone who dares to quest for free speech, who dares to reject the Anglo-American-Zionist occupational ideology of international corporate and predatory capitalism.

I certainly cannot subscribe to the theory that all the world's prevailing ills can be sheeted home to the so-called 'Zionist-Jewish lobby'.

However, I go a long way towards confirming that in Australia it was indeed the Zionist lobby that has attempted to silence our work, and that this lobby has had some considerable success in our courts to silence both Mrs Olga Scully and myself. The costs alone have been horrendous for the likes of us who have dared to stand up against the dictum "for fear of the Jews". Fortunately we have nothing to lose, and I am reminded what Mel Gibson's father, Hutton Gibson, said to me when I praised his courage in speaking out against the Anti-Revisionists, and affirming that the whole 'Holocaust' is indeed a racket. He said that he has nothing the Jews can take from him, and so he had nothing to fear; and this at 84!

Currently the thrust of the Anglo-American-Zionist force is into the Middle East, there to continue creating facts on the ground. After Iraq, it will be Iran, as the groundwork for this onslaught has already been set.

But nothing is certain in life, not even that might is right, though the visible hurt and devastation of this primitive ideology can be seen wherever humans are active.

An excessive focus on this aspect of life would make us unbalanced and turn us into victims of life, something I instinctively resist. Our task is to focus on powers that oppress others, for example the Zionists who oppress the Palestinians, etc.

Further, to get that personal balance on things I, wherever I can, take an early morning swim, come what may, during summer and winter. Recently in South Africa though, I must confess that I remained in the water for only a few seconds - the water's temperature was just above zero centigrade, and I made that dash into the water up to my neck, then out again in a flash. I didn't realize that I was still quite fast on my feet!

Still, after such exercise I feel that nothing can upset me because I have challenged my own self, or as the Germans say, 'den inneren Schweinehund zu überwinden'. After all, you have to doubt your own sanity as you enter the cold water and the sensation is not pleasant, but your body continues to adapt to the temperature changes that occur rather quickly.

In this sense of continuing to challenge the obstacles that life inevitably provides for us to surmount, let's see what the remainder of 2003 will bring. Sometimes I, too, am gloomy about whether we are getting anywhere, whether the Holocaust ideology will be defeated in our time.

Then, as I reflect on how far the Revisionist attitude has infiltrated the world, then I smile to myself because I recognise how fragile the world of the anti-Revisionists is. They are on the run and they fear Revisionists. Reflect again on the legal bill that Olga Scully and I will be presented with, at least $150, 000 each. Imagine, that's how fragile their world view is: they need to persecute through legal prosecution.

Think of Ernst Zündel in the Toronto prison called a Detention Centre! When I think of all that, then I know we are sane and they are mad! And I qualify this statement immediately because I usually do not use such generalist language. But think of it: Ernst Zündel merely expressed his point-of-view on historical matters. He refuses to comply and submit to accepting the historical orthodoxy currently prevailing in Germany - a fact that upsets those who control that historical world view. They feared him so much in Canada that a Canadian government spy agency has become complicit in his planned murder per mail-bomb. What is his crime? Ernst Zündel does not hate the National Socialist Adolf Hitler, and he does not cringe when using that name, as many wretched Germans do who have lost their personal dignity by swallowing the victors' imposed world view.

And finally, Ernst Zündel considers himself to be a good patriot, a nationalist. But horrors, oh horrors, how can anyone in this modern age still have a love for one’s ethnicity-country, as Ernst has for his beloved Germany? Well, multiculturalism teaches us that all ethnic groups should be loved and respected by us. It seems to me that Ernst is merely implementing what the United Nation is advocating in its declaration of universal rights. But then I forget, even Amnesty International will not consider Ernst Zündel a prisoner of conscience. Why not? Ernst loves his ethnicity, his Germany! And the Germans lost the so-called Second World War! Any German who dares forget that, whether in business, politics or in the cultural domain, will be sanctioned.

I wonder what it is with the Germans, what values so rile those that hate Germans, that causes this kind of world hatred for anything German.

Then again, I forget that many in the world love German virtues, as much as Ernst Zündel loves and attempts to embody them in his public and private life.

Why is that a crime, punishable by imprisonment where the Anglo-American-Zionist Axis of Evil rules? Now Israel has officially sent its Mossad hit-squads into friendly countries, there to eliminate any critic of Israel. German politician and critic of Israel and friend of the Palestinians, Möllemann, appears to be the first victim of Mossad’s cowardly work. Then British Dr Kelly may have been the next because anyone who does not support the Anglo-American-Zionist destruction in the Middle East is an enemy of Israel that is targeted to be eliminated.

Well, that’s not nice because I certainly view Israel as a European colonial outpost in the Middle East that practises political Zionist-Apartheid-Racism, much to the detriment of its original Semitic Palestinian settlers.

Herewith the first page of the August newsletter. Any suggestions for anything to be included?

All the best.



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August 2003 No 201

Free Speech in Australia

Bad times for Revisionists, good times for Revisionism

Recently a supporter of Adelaide Institute joined an all-women’s discussion group, and at the inaugural meeting the convenor asked for suggestions as to what topics ought to be discussed. A participant suggested that politics should be kept out of any ensuing discussion. Our supporter said that she vehemently disagreed with that because if we wished to understand ourselves, others, and the world, then we need to address the three major issues facing us: sex, politics and religion. The lady who wished to avoid politics remained silent when the group met for a second time.

The above indicates a behavioural form all too familiar for the Revisionists who, on account of wishing to know things, do not fear exploring any unknown territory that may make up their own blind spots. In many of our various social service clubs it is exactly this problem of a subtle censorship, where mutual backslapping and socialising are the norm, that causes a declining membership because the big issues of the day are not addressed. The consequences are that the younger generation finds the ‘old fuddy-duddies’ somewhat irrelevant because the Internet offers them the uncensored world of unlimited information.

The only limitation we at Adelaide Institute place on open discussions is that such be conducted in a civilised way, something that the ABC TV’s David Maher addressed in his latest Media Watch on 21 July 2003. He commented on how two early morning television presenters had cut short a guest on their program who had been invited to discuss language use. The guest, a dictionary compiler, spoke fluently about the problem of taste, then without flinching used the word ‘fuckwit’ to illustrate her point. She was cut off and her image did not appear again as the producer of the program cut back to the two presenters who profusely apologised for this slip in taste. This apologetic tone was maintained the following day by reading out comments from viewers who also were offended by hearing that word on live television. David Maher, on the other hand, ended his story by presenting the printed dictionary definition of the offensive word, then placing next to it the photos of the two television presenters. The inference was clear, and possibly libellous. Perhaps some legal action will ensue from Maher’s program, but that will not solve the problem of hypocrisy, of arbitrary censorship, of censoring taste.

This kind of moral problem, however, will not be solved in the law courts, i.e. unless we wish to have a muted, fearful and colourless social environment that prevailed in the former Soviet Union and its member states. There anyone who, for example, broached the topic of ‘Jewish power’ was labelled an ‘antisemite’ and criminalised, and any dissident, any free-thinker, anyone who could not accept the atheistic dogmatism of Marxism, was labelled a Revisionist and banished to the Gulag prison system. This two-pincer movement killed the Russian soul.

Sounds familiar? Of course! In Australia, and in the rest of the so-called western world, we are now at the point that prevailed in the former Soviet Union, where ‘the Jewish question’ has now been excised from public discourse through legal means. Soon I shall be presented with a legal bill that will amount to about $A150, 000 because Adelaide Institute’s website has dares to challenge any taboo topic and is not impressed nor restrained by “for fear of the Jews”!

Thus, in Australia we are at the point where individuals are intimidated, or rather, where individuals let themselves be intimidated into silence. And there are now cases that have been brought to the public’s attention where the consequences of not remaining silent are horrendous. For example, we have Mrs Olga Scully, who for decades wished to inform the public that the majority of Bolsheviks, under whose system her grandparents were killed in Russia, were of Jewish origin. This historical fact is beyond dispute, but not accepted as such by Australia’s leading Zionist, Jeremy Jones, who has a different view of history to that of Olga Scully. Mrs Scully now has a gag order that prevents her from stating such things in public. On top she has a $A150, 000 legal bill to pay. Free speech in Australia is expensive, and then not guaranteed. So much for the battle of the wills – this round won by Jeremy Jones who at one time even wished to speak on behalf of all Australian Jews. Interestingly, he claims to represent all Australian Jews, but then when Mrs Scully disagrees with him and responds to him because he is Jewish, that’s an offence!

The dialectic trick is neat, and one must concede that those who make legal judgments in favour of Jewish individuals are not subtle enough in their thinking to see through this deception, or the “for fear of the Jews” syndrome has influenced them. I am reminded of the Alan Goldberg letter to Mrs Joyce Steele wherein the legal and social threat mechanism is clearly revealed. The fact that Goldberg is now a judge at the Federal Court of Australia speaks for itself.

The importance of moral and intellectual courage in overcoming any oppressors of free speech, so evident in Mrs Joyce Steele’s fearless stance as she resisted Goldberg’s huff and bluff, is self-evident. Don’t blame ‘the Jews’ for whatever happened, blame those that bend to their pressure because of a lack of a moral backbone! 


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