Fredrick Töben's 2003 Trip



This is London calling

Thursday, 10 July 2003


Police at Heathrow Airport, London, offering passengers security from terrorism while newspapers

do their best to incite individuals with eye-catching headlines.

The Daily Telegraph headlines that 'Schröder cancels Italian break in Nazi row', and goes on to say that

the eight-day row between Germany and Italy began when Italy's prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, "lost

his temper in front of jeering Euro-MPs and described a German member, Martin Schulz, as suitable

to play a Nazi concentration camp guard in a film". Mr Berlusconi said his response was "an ironic joke".

The tourism minister, Stefano Stefani referred to Germans as "uniform, hypernationalistic, blonds

who loudly invade Italy's beaches and have been indoctrinated to feel top of the class whatever the

situation". They were "drunk with imagined certainties" if they took intelligence tests, he wrote

to La Padania, the newspaper of the Northern League.

Fredrick Töben's Comment: The Battle of the Wills in Europe.


The pivotal role of Revisionist work is evident from the above. Were the context of the

Nazi jibe not a criminal offence in Germany anymore, then the whole matter would have

died a natural death. However, there are still too many individuals who have their snout in the

'Nazi trough', and they will not welcome the Germans to throw away the 'Hitler Hat' and then

at long last open themselves to this period of their history without fearing imprisonment,

as is now the case.



  • Not until a majority of Germans are able to mention the name 'Adolf Hitler', 'Nazi',

'Auschwitz', 'Antisemite' etc. without being overcome by twitchings of guilt and

nonsensical feelings of shame;


  • not until Germans grow up and get rid of the lies that infest and have corrupted

the use of the above terms;


  • not until Germans once again connect to a normal appreciation of their historical

record without wallowing in unfounded masochistic guilt;

  • not until Germans embrace their usual moral and intellectual integrity;not until the vexatious litigants against the Germans cease their work, and Germans can laugh at

those nonsensical words that are to this day used as a battering ram against them and anything German;

  • not until then, will Germany as a nation regain its former glorious European heritage;

If one thinks about the progress that was made in medicine under the National Socialists,

then the immediate image that comes to mind is that of Dr Mengele and his alleged

hideous twin experiments.

Such lying and distorting remnants of war-time propaganda, yet still effectively

straight-jacketing the Germans around the world for over half a century, hides the

fact that today only in Israel is cloning research permitted. Why is this so?

The Question to ask is: Cui Bono?

In whose interest is it to have this twisted and unbalanced state of affairs?

The follow-up question is: who controls the money that is involved in this pioneering work begun

by Germans during World War Two, then stolen from them and now developed elsewhere

without German input?

Then again, if the Germans are stupid enough to let all this happen, and if they

still suffer from a failure of moral nerve, then so be it.

All that Revisionists can do is highlight the matter and hope someone

in Germany will lose the fear of fear and challenge the laws that constrain

and neutralise Germany's intellectual efforts.


9 July 2003

Throughout my brief journey, I enjoyed some fine American, Canadian, British

and French hospitality, and so it was time for me to visit the land of my

birth, the so-called 'Vaterland' that once imprisoned me because

of my alleged thought crimes activities.

I had written to a judge in Mannheim enquiring whether there is anything pending

against me, and there was not. My lawyer indicated as much in a telephone

conversation, adding that the authorities certainly had his address and could easily

forward any notification through him on to me in Australia.

Making things doubly secure, I wrote a personal letter to the Mannheim court

registrar advising him of my physical address and telephone number in Australia,

with a copy of that letter to state prosecutor Klein, also of Mannheim.

After all, I had paid DM 6 000 bail for my release from prison the day after

judgment was passed, on 9 November 1999

It was now time for me to get that money back, money that supporters collected

within twenty-four hours after the Mannheim Landesgericht decided that upon

paying that sum I would immediately be released from prison.

So, after a brief Paris interlude, I too supped and wined in good measure in

good old Tschermani.

When nature calls, then nature calls, and we must do what we must do. I was

driving along a country road near Pforzheim and saw a forest track with open

boom gate.

The driving restriction sign, however, was clear for all to see and I stopped on

the side of the track and did not proceed any further.

In any case, I was out of view of the traffic and so I could in some privacy do

what I always have to do almost like clockwork after drinking coffee.

I also re-arranged my shirt and put on my tie again that I had removed for the

day on account of the rather humid weather.

Then it happened.

A green police car pulled into the small forest track and a young

man and a younger-still police woman emerged from their Mercedes patrol car.

In a pleasant tone the officer asked me to identify myself, something that is routine

in Germany. While he took my passport and sat in his car for almost half an hour,

the young lady seemed to be apprehensive, especially when he motioned her to

close her passenger side door. I saw him sitting behind the steering wheel flicking

through my passport and catching snippets of information about Koblenz.

I asked her what this was all about, and she replied that it is unusual for them to see

cars parked the way mine was parked.

I thought that perhaps I had blocked their afternoon plan to have a

two-some drive along that forest road, and now unwittingly I had become their

object of frustration.

After some considerable time, so it seemed to me, the gentleman emerged from

his car and advised me that there is something about me on the Koblenz files,

wherever that is.

I advised him that I am on my way to catch tomorrow's plane out of Paris. He

advised me that he is requesting me to accompany him to the Pforzheim

police station where matters would be clarified.

I advised him that I had also made arrangements to dine out around 6 pm

with an acquaintant in Pforzheim and that I would briefly like to advise

this person as to what is happening. He agreed that we could do that.

As we entered the town I indicated to him that I would be turning right at the

next traffic light, and that he ought now to follow me. When I arrived at the

parking lot, he was agitated and said that I need not see anyone because I can

make telephone calls from the station.

I thought to myself that I had had one such experience before, and so I called

a lady in the shop to advise the gentleman with whom I was to dine at 18.00

hours, what was happening outside the building.

She did just that expeditiously.

I then suggested we all go up the elevator together, and as I led the way into the

elevator, the officer threatened me with arrest if I insisted on travelling up. He

further advised that if we were in the USA, then I would already have

been shot dead.

I responded by saying that I have done nothing wrong, and I have the highest

regard for the German police force because it attempts to retain civilising standards

of behaviour, something I appreciate and fully support.

I also advised him that he and his colleague are not to take this matter personally

because they are merely doing their job, and that matters come from elsewhere and

he ought to retain an open eye from where it all comes.

To cut the story short, contact was made with my acquaintant and it appeared that

the police officer knew him. It was agreed that were I to be detailed any longer than

necessary, then the officer would advise him of this action.

It is obvious that in a town the size of Pforzheim most police officers know their

prominent personalities. After all, from my own work as a policeman I know there are

certain codes of conduct that the police are subjected to when it

comes to treating VIPs.

Now in Germany, however, this code has criminalised those that are labelled 'haters',

'Holocaust deniers', 'antisemites', 'racists', 'Nazis', 'xenophobic', etc.

All too often the Germans involved in law enforcement tasks are not sharp enough in their

minds, nor have they the time to think things through, to see through this

legal-verbal deception.

That is why Revisionists ought not to blame any individuals at the lower level of

command for any inconvenience experienced on account of what those developing policy

have decreed.

The ordinary police officer, the ordinary prison warden is just a human being who wishes

to get on in life, care for a family and make ends meet. There is nothing more infuriating for

these law enforcing individuals standing at the coal-face of social stability than to meet

individuals who attack them personally for a policy that they are merely executing.

At the police station I had the opportunity of informing the young officer that she

is witnessing something that she cannot merely put out of her mind by making out

of me a terrible individual who is breaking German laws.

After almost an hour of standing about, I was advised that Koblenz has indeed

my name on the file of undesirable persons, that I am in fact barred from Germany.

This gave me the opportunity to protest and wax heavily about free speech,

and how the principle of Natural Justice requires that individuals be informed

of what is going on against them. The lame excuse that I could not be reached,

is rather sickening. My physical address in Australia is as well known as is

Adelaide Institute's website address!

I think this matter highlights a moral problem because in matters of Paragraph 130

a number of individuals who make decisions based on that paragraph seek anonymity.

They know their decisions will one day be challenged in a proper court of law.

I recall seeing this in courts in Berlin and Bielefeld where hearings were conducted

without the judges' names displayed outside the court door, as is

usual legal practice.

The prime example is always the DDR. What happened in the former German 

Democratic Republic is instructive here, where such secret procedures created

a totalitarian fear apparatus; where husband spied on wife and wife on

husband, and children on their parents, fuelled by foreigners; and

much to the delight and benefit of foreigners who enjoyed how these

Germans were self-destructing, all for the sake of an anti-German

ideology that hates individuals who wish to express love for their

physical place of residence — patriotism/nationalism.

In essence, I was advised that I should have been stopped coming into Europe

at my first port of call, Heathrow Airport, London. Then I should certainly have

been stopped at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris.

I was checked at these airports and have stamps to prove it. I was also advised

that there is a European agreement that is now in place that should have become

active at London or Paris, that screens for banned individuals from Germany.

I asked why the German judiciary did not formally inform me of such

judicial decision.

The young lady, Officer Sickinger, advised me that she did not know, and I

advised her that this is an example of where a censored information flow

causes painful situations.

It is an example of not giving someone Natural Justice,

and unfair legal procedure begins to take effect that can be likened to

those who thrive on gossip, and who then become set on destroying individuals at

arms length, i.e. letting others do the dirty work for them.

My personal example is, of course, our own Australian Zionist, Jeremy Jones,

who pleads hurt feelings, then gets a state apparatus to persecute those he cannot

control. He publicly proclaimed that he will stop me "from functioning".

He takes it upon himself to insult and hurt others, but when there is

self-defence retaliation, he quickly claims hurt feelings and falls into the infantile

position of claiming unconditional victimhood.

The trouble with parasites and control freaks is that in time individuals executing

something on behalf of those who dictate, will also wake up: 'When the innocent


The problem is faced as each generation enters life, and each time the lies and

deception mechanism has to be primed anew.

No wonder that the 9:11 dogma is now being protected by President Bush's exclamation

that anyone who rejects it is a 'Historical Revisionist', and that conjures up the horrible

Soviet Union days where critics of the Marxist state ideology were labelled 'Revisionists',

then sent to the Gulag prison system for had labour, all because these dissenting voices

were threatening the security of the fragile Soviet structure because it was based on a lie.

Rainer Schönhaar, the police officer involved in this matter, then advised me that

I could go, and that I may even stay for my dinner engagement.

I requested that he give me some documentation so that, should the need arise, I

could show anyone else something of my visit to his police station.

He advised he had suitably stamped my passport.

And then it was time to relax a little with some sadness and a heavy heart.

Germany is again an occupied country where democratic principles are absent.

But I should have known that. After all, sixty years ago, the United States of

America gave Germany a democratic constitution, and to this day the US

Armed Forces are stationed on German soil.

What a democracy!

Poor, poor, poor Germany. When will the German spirit rise up against mental

oppression as it did in the former German Democratic Republic?

I can safely predict that while the ideology of consumerism and hedonism run riot in

Germany and Europe, nothing will liberate those enslaved to such powerful aphrodisiacs.

Three cheers for freedom and democracy and against state-sponsored terrorism!




Wolfgang Fröhlich arrested in Vienna

23 June 2003

Engineer Fröhlich Arrested in Vienna

On Saturday, June 21, chemical engineer (Dipl. Ing.) Wolfgang Fröhlich, 51, was arrested in Vienna, Austria, and taken to prison. H trial could last two days, as the public prosecutor wishes, or as long as two or three weeks, as his attorney, Dr. Herbert Schaller, wishes.

For seven years, Fröhlich had sent to jurists, members of parliament, politicians and journalists, thousands of copies of his writings, in which he says that the alleged wartime Nazi extermination gas chambers are, as he put it, a lie. Remarkably, he suffered no real legal consequences. Then, following the publication in 2001 of his 368-page file, Die Gaskammer Lüge -The Gas Chamber Lie, the authorities decided to arrest him. But he went into hiding, and the police apparently made no serious effort to find him.

Fröhlich's arrest on June 21 may, perhaps, be connected with a statement in Vienna two days earlier by Rudolph Giuliani. On June 19 the former mayor of New York, speaking as a US government representative, told participants at a two-day Conference on Anti-Semitism, organized in Vienna by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), that Revisionism should be stopped. In an article published a day earlier in The New York Times, 'How Europe Can Stop the Hate', he said, referring to officials of the European states:

"Making sure their citizens have an honest understanding of the Holocaust is vital, as revisionist viewpoints put us at risk of a repetition of race-based genocide."

On June 16, President George W. Bush twice criticized "revisionist historians" for expressing doubts about the official version of the US war against Iraq.

In a way, Ernst Zündel and Wolfgang Fröhlich may be the first revisionist victims of Bush and Giuliani.

In January 1944, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, manipulated by Henry Morgenthau, Jr., his Treasury Secretary, created the War RefugeeBoard (WRB), which fabricated its infamous report on the German extermination camps -- Auschwitz and Birkenau.

In September 2001, President George W. Bush, manipulated by Paul Wolfowitz, his Deputy Defense Secretary, created the Office of Special Plans (OSP), which fabricated untrue reports about Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). The OSP is headed by Abram Shulsky. Inside the OSP, the four people specifically in charge of the WMD dossier are called 'The Cabal', from 'Cabala'; even Le Monde mentioned it (Jacques Isnard, Le Monde, 7 June 2003, p.7).

Similar lies. Similar liars. Similar beneficiaries. Similar victims.

As it seems, a similar Revisionism is needed.

NB: On June 17, the French daily Le Monde published an ironic front-page article entitled (in French): 'Saddam was evil, therefore he had prohibited weapons'.

To Le Monde I sent a one-sentence letter, meant for publication: "Hitler was evil, therefore he had gas chambers and gas vans." My brief letter was not published.

Robert Faurisson

24 June 2003

The end results of being an Historical Revisionist: Dr Dariusz Ratajczak, a Polish academic now working as a storeman, all because he dared write a book that questioned the details of the 'Holocaust'.

"After almost 4-5 years my 'university penalty' is finishing on 20 October 2003. I sent 45 applications for work to various Polish universities and high schools with the no positive results. One example of many is the following: "You are not an historian - you are a liar".

Of course, there is no chance to work as a journalist either.

After my applications to universities, etc., I received several e-mails and anonymous letters with cutting comments such as:" We see that you have applied for a position, but you will die as a porter".

Well, they are right.Unfortunetaly, I have no money to establish my own small publishing house and this would solve my situation, Greetings,


Holocaust uniqueness and Jewish exclusivism

Debunking so-called respectable Holocaust scholars

such as Professors Jehuda Bauer and Deborah Lipstadt

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