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22 June 2003





From Walter Mueller: 4 July 2003

BBC News

The INS found 77-year old Johann Leprich hiding in Michigan. Leprich

is being accused of having served as a "Nazi Guard"

from 1943 to 1944.


What I believe is unheard of was the press conference

with US Attorney General John Ashcroft and Eli

Rosenbaum, Director of the OSI.

In an unbelievable statement to the press, the US

Attorney General said this:

"This arrest makes clear that those who participated

in the atrocities of the holocaust will not escape the

determined reach of US law enforcement. Regardless of

how much time has passed. Nazi collaborators will

not find a safe haven in the

United States."

The implication of this statement by the US Attorney

General will reach far and wide.


Fredrick Töben 

A visit that wasn't a visit

2 July 2003

Together with Ernst Zündel's legal representative, Paul Fromm, I called in at the

Metropolitan Toronto West Detention Centre where Ernst now resides. Although the request

for permission to visit had been made, Captain Hutchison, then later Captain Moore, refused

to grant the request on account of the SARS problem.


Although Toronto was declared 'SARS-free'on this day, it will only be on Monday

7 July that the detention centre will remove this security check from its

regulations that govern visits.


While Paul Fromm had one full hour with Ernst, I paced up and down within the

reception area for the duration of that visit, reflecting upon my own time

spent in a detention centre.

This is the feature wall of the reception area where a 19-point information board advises

of the following, including deletions made in whiteout, etc.:


Paul Fromm reports that Ernst is quite cheerful, but that it is absurd to

withhold from him such things as a pillow, a chair, highlighters and

other writing materials that he needs in order to prepare himself for the next

court hearing on 28 July 2003. Ernst sends his greetings to

all his supporters, and anyone who wishes to receive from Ernst a prison

drawing, may contact Paul Fromm.


Then it was off to taste the best fish and chips in town.



And after, it was time for a talk


wherein I stressed:


 Canada: Release pacifist and Holocaust Revisionist Ernst Zündel now!

Letters to the editor

The Sacramento Bee

Published 2:15 a.m. PDT Sunday, June 8, 2003

Patriot Act terror

Re "Report blasts terror detentions," June 3: Four months ago, Canadian history scholar Ernst Zündel was

also arrested on a minor visa violation. Even though he is married to an American citizen, he was deported

(the Patriot Act made that possible) to Canada and banned to return to the United States for the next 20 years.

As of today, Zündel is still in prison in Canada under maximum security, without a bail hearing or a real

court hearing. Zündel was arrested under the Patriot Act because he did not report to the INS. The Bush

administration has given a new meaning to terror. Why fight it elsewhere when we've got it right here?

- Walter F. Mueller, Sacramento

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