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19 July 2003: Departure from South Africa  

Two items from today's The Citizen


Horror rape on freeway

By Zita Goldswain

Witbank - a young woman whose vehicle broke down on a highway was brutally

gang-raped after police sent to help, could not find her broken-down vehicle

on the freeway. Although the police vehicle was sent to assist her minutes after

her parents phoned Witbank Police Station, they missed the big cream-coloured

bakkie on the side of the road and ended up in Bronkhorstspruit.

Inspector Anna Mahlangu said they could not find the vehicle. The 26-year-old

student was on her way to Pretoria recently when her bakkie broke down on

the N4 at the Clewer Bridge, at around 5.30 pm.

According to the victim, she put on her emergency lights and phoned her parents

who live on a farm 80km on the other side of Belfast. Her parents said they gave

police their daughter's cellphone number so she could be reached to find out

exactly where she was.

Her father and brother left to find the frightened girl.

"It appears that three men surrounded her vehicle at about 7pm, pointed a gun

at her and forced her to open her window,"said Police Captain Eddie Hall. "They

too the girl to a nearby ditch and brutally raped her. The three men then took

everything the girl had on her, a cellphone, her bag and some cash and left her

there," he said.

She was immediately taken to hospital by her shocked father and brother.

Captain Hall said he was appalled by the incident. "What can you say to comfort

that girl and her family?"he said. "An itnernal police investigation has been launched

to find out exactly what happened. If it is found that members of the police were guilty of

misconduct they will be charged," he said.

A volunteer from the police's Victim Support Centre, Eileen Douglas, confirmed that

the young woman had been given anti-retroviral drugs and the necessary medication to

stop a pregnancy. "I could not bear to see the pain in that young girl's eyes. She was still

a virgin, and her first sexual encounter was hideous and evil. How do you erase that

from your memory?" she said. "I am incredibly angry and disgusted with the police.

If they had done their job the girl would not have gone through that ordeal. Vossman

Police Station is not far from where her car broke down. Whatever excuse they give

will never erase what happened to her," said Ms Douglas.

The victim's sister said that under the circumstances her sister

was doing well. - CNS.


Ancyl seeks more 'Boer kill' mileage

By Thulani Msimang and Eleanor Momberg

The ANC Youth League (Ancyl) defended the chanting of the slogan "Kill the Boer, kill the

farmer", saying this was done at public gatherings in the historical context of the struggle

against aprtheid. Hours after the ruling of the commission Ancyl lambasted the ruling of the

Appeal Tribunal of the South African Human Rights Commission saying it was "disappointed".

"The fact is the slogan is a historical one which belongs to that histroical context of the struggle

against apartheid," said Ancyl spokesman Khulekani Ntshangase.

Ntshangase also believes that both the Freedom Front and the SAHRC were trying to create

the impression that the chanting of the slogan during last year's Youth Day celebrations

on June 16 was sanctioned by the ANC leadership. "We wish to strongly reiterate the fact

that at Comrade (Peter) Mokaba's funeral the slogan was chanted impetuously, that is without

instigation by leadership of the ANC," Ntshangase said.

Meanwhile AgriSA yesterday weolcomed the SAHRC decision that the contentious liberation

slogan was hate speech. "The finding ... that the slogan represents hate speech is welcomed,

but it is regrettable that this conclusion has only now been reached, and that there are

still people who wish to dispute these findings," said law and order committee

chairman Kiewiet Ferreira.

Mr Frreira said AgriSA had on various occasions condemned the use of slogans. The

organisation had also identified hate speech as one of the causes of farm attacks, in its

submission to the independent investigation committee into the motives

behind farm attacks.

The Freedom Frot (FF) also welcomed the outlawing of the slogan. FF leader Pieter Mulder

said the ruling nullified the SAHRC's earlier ruling that the slogan was "undesirable but

not hate speech", and was protected by constitutional guarantees of free speech.



 18 July 2003

Nelson Mandela 85 today:

Happy Birthday, Madiba!


And Germans reflect on the imprisonment of Rudolf Hess who for over

40 years was a solitary prisoner at Spandau Prison, then murdered-strangled

at 93 on orders of the British Government. The garden house in which he allegedly

hanged himself was immediately demolished. Note the pattern when something

is done officially? The scene of the crime is immediately cleaned up.



South Africa





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