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June 5, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:


Today I talked to Ernst for about half an hour - the first time we

could have an extended conversation since he was transferred from

Thorold. He had heard that CSIS is in the news, apparently having

had foreknowledge of a bomb that blew an Air India airplane apart.

The story is beginning to seep into the American media - which will

be in our favor. Our legal team is expanding, and we are following

all leads. Some of them are promising.

Here is another prisoner about whose fate we should learn more:


Jim Traficant's Letter From Prison


From Ken Adachi


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The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought: 6-5-3


Editor's Note: The following is from a correspondent who wishes to

remain anonymous: "I sent James Traficant a Christmas card a few

months ago. I received this reply today". If you're unfamiliar with

the Jim Traficant story, I've posted links at the bottom of this page

to bring you up to speed...Ken Adachi



Letter From Prison


By Jim Traficant


June 4, 2003

Dear ......,

Thank you!

Thank you for thinking of me and my family. Life is hectic and

fast-paced-- and for you to have thought of me, and then to stop and

take time from your precious life to write me-- is an honor. And once

again, I thank you!


Most of the people who write me say they cannot understand why the

government targeted me with such a passion. Every rumor and innuendo

that any political opponent would plant and foster became public and,

before long, developed into an indictment without any physical

evidence-- only the testimony of subjects who were able to avoid jail

by fabricating falsehoods about me. Lies and half-truths became

'facts'; and ultimately became a 10 count indictment. My evidence,

that would have proved they were lying, was not allowed to be

presented -- either before the Congress or the Federal Court!

However, I know why I was targeted: I was not afraid of the

government, and I had learned too much!


The U.S. Dept. of Justice & the John Demanjuk Case


The beginning of all of this was my first trial, in 1983, when I

became the only American in history to defeat the U.S. Department of

Justice in a RICO case-- pro se (representing myself), and me not

being an attorney. They were embarrassed! The straw that broke the

camel's back was when I proved that John Demanjuk was not the

infamous Ivan the Terrible of the Treblinka death camp in Poland. The

government was stunned and in shock. The real Ivan was nine years

older, taller, and had black hair and a scar on his neck; his name

was Ivan Marchenko.

My investigation, in conjunction with John Demanjuk's beautiful family,

proved not only that John was innocent, but also that the Justice Department

knew he was not guilty-- even before they took him to court!

Shame, shame!! They lied to the court-- gave false testimony and presented

false witnesses-- knowing that he would be put to death! Shame!!


The Justice Department then came after me with revenge, and a

passion! I lost my respect and my faith in our government.

Because this case was 'too sensitive,' Congress would not even hold

a hearing on my evidence... Congress, all of them, at the time--

turned their back, worried about reelection!!


The Democrats were in charge

then, and they knew of my investigation in Congress... hoping I

would abandon it! I did not! I sent my findings to the Israeli Supreme

Court-- and they had no choice: They released John Demanjuk!


In fact, they delivered him to me at the airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, and

I personally brought him home, along with his son, his son-in-law,

and Israeli bodyguards!


I am proud of what I did. No one else, in the House or the Senate,

would even talk to the family-- afraid of media power and the

vindictiveness of the Justice Department. But even today, John

Demanjuk is still being persecuted. Shame!


Other Skeletons


The government agents that destroyed Demanjuk's life should be in

jail! That was just the tip of the iceberg. When people saw what I

had done for the Demanjuk family they came to me with unbelievable

information. The information is so powerful that it is hard to

believe, and the government knew I was getting sensitive information

that could damage the American people's confidence in the government.


People came to me with facts about Waco, Ruby Ridge, Pan Am Flight

103, Jimmy Hoffa, and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


It may all sound far-fetched, but I do know what happened to Hoffa

and J.F.K. The government knows that I know-- and so they had to ruin

my voice by destroying my credibility. I may yet divulge this

information if I can get the proper forum.


As you know, I was the dreaded enemy of the I.R.S. My legislation

in the last I.R.S. Reform Bill changed the Burden of Proof law.

Before that, you had to prove you were innocent in a tax court. The

burden of proof was on the taxpayer. The I.R.S. said you owed... but the

I.R.S. did not have to prove it. Unbelievable!


Now that the I.R.S. has toprove their charges, the following statistics tell

the true story.


Comparing One Year Before the changes to One Year After:


1. Wage Garnishments dropped from 3.1 million to 560,000;


2. Taxpayer Property Liens dropped from 680,000 to 161,000;


3. Foreclosures on individual family-owned homes dropped from 10,063

to 57! That's right: only 57 homes in all 50 states! Fact is, the

I.R.S. was seizing our homes-- over 10,000 every year-- when they had

neither proof nor the right to do so!


Congress allowed the I.R.S. to intimidate us and frighten us. Think about it!

And then maybe you can begin to understand why I love America,

but hate the Government -- and why the Government hates me. The

Justice Department had to get rid of me, but I'll be damned if I would back down!


America is in trouble... not from without, but from within! The

Central Government has become too powerful. Citizens fear the

Government. This is wrong. This is dangerous!


I know the Government covered-up and promulgated LIES

about Waco, Ruby Ridge, Pan Am Flight 103, Hoffa, and J.F.K.


The Government knew I was right when I called

Janet Reno a traitor. Janet Reno sold us out when she refused to

investigate a $10-million payoff to the Democratic Party from a

general in the Red Chinese Army (no less!).


Think about it! And the

Government knew that I had known why Reno was forced to

betray America! I'm proud that I tried to do something about it!

Someday the truth will come out. (I hope China never attacks us!)


Many of you have asked what you can do for me. I appreciate this.


You can help my family:


Mrs. Tish Traficant

429 N. Main Street

Poland, OH 44514



Thank you for remembering me... for thinking of me... for caring!


God Bless!


Jim Traficant


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