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Letter to Australian Federal Police


Mrs Florence Vorhauer

NIN 302530

LMB 130 Australia Post Business Centre 1811


28 July 2003


The Australian Federal Police

110 Goulburn St

Sydney 2000


Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to lay an information that the persons listed below are in treason (s.24AA(1)(a) 1914 Crimes Act) against myself and the Australian Constitution 1901, pursuant to s.120 Constitution, and Clause 5 preamble Constitution.

The following judicial officers are in treason to s.25; s.34(ii) and s.42 and the Preamble of the Constitution and Clause 5 preamble.

(i) NSW Chief Justice Spigelman Supreme Court of NSW in judgment R v Vorhauer (2003) NSWCCA 483.(ii) J Sully and J Kirby as accessories to a judgment given by CJ Spigelman that is treason (s24AA(1) (a) 1914 Crimes Act) against Florence and Lisa Vorhauer to pervert justice, knowing Spigelman is a Jew.

(iii) Justice Blackmore (NSW District Court at Tamworth in trial no 99/31/0438 from 2 June 2003, refused to excuse himself under s. 78B Judiciary Act 1903 Challenge of a Constitutional Matter that he could not comply with s.25, s.34(ii) and s.42 regarding the Schedule of the Constitution and as a foreigner had no authority in the Court, his presence, named as treason by s.24 AA (1) (a) 1914 Crimes Act as treason.

(iv) J Sheehan NSW Land and Environment Court for an Order in Matter No 40017 Tamworth City Council v Vorhauer, March 1999.

(v) M Bob Debus NSW Attorney-General

(vi) Judge Rabbi Apples, J Pearlman, J Balla Evidence of Section 25 Constitution Treason By The Named Judiciary.


1. A s.78B Judiciary Act 1903 Notice of a Constitutional Matter dated 1 July 2002, was placed on Tamworth District Court Matter No 99/31/0438, and posted to all Australian Attorney-Generals, that a newspaper, The Australian Jewish News, had photos of the judiciary of the NSW courts, dressed in their NSW Court judicial robes, in the Jewish synagogue. This paper claimed that at least seventy-five Jews were members of the NSW judiciary, and were present in the Synagogue.

2. The NSW Attorney-General intervening (s.78A JA 1903) on 9 -11 September 2002 made a submission, which was upheld by J Payne, in matter No 99/31/0438, that Jews are a religion only, and are not excluded from the legal service. As a religion they could still not comply with d.34(ii) Constitution, because Israel is so hostile to Christianity that they are denied citizenship even if born in Israel, (see Rufiesen v The Minister for the Interior (1962) a judgment of the Israeli Supreme Court) so could not have allegience to a Christian Queen or they would lose their Israeli citizenship status. This means the Jews are swearing false allegience against the Schedule of the Constitution, which is treason (s.24AA(1)(a) 1914 Crimes Act).

3. On 2 September 2002 the Federal Court of Australia ruled in a Jones v Scully (2002) 1080 judgment, that Jews, Muslims and Sikhs in Australia are a race. An Appeal by Mrs Scully failed.

4. Having been declared a "race" by the Federal Court of Australia in the Jones v Scully (2002) n1080 judgment (at the request of the President of the Jewish Board of Deputies of NSW) the Federal Court has removed the religion claim and placed Jews under s.25 of the Constitution, which denies members of a race citizenship rights in Australia.

5. Section 17 Australian Citizenship Act 1948 denies Australians citizenship rights to those claiming dual nationality.

6. J Blackmore admitted under a s.78B Judiciary Act 1903 Constitutional Challenge to excuse himself that his religion was Jewish, but claimed that did not exclude him from the judiciary. I advised him of the Jones v Scully (2002) judgment, s.25, s.34 Constitution, excluded him as a foreigner from the courts of the Commonwealth as he could not comply with the Schedule of the Constitution, and I asked him to excuse himself. He refused. I told him his presence in the Court was treason (s.24AA(1)(a) 1914 Crimes Act).

7. On 17 July 2003 in the Downing Centre District Court, in a bail application, I again challenged J Blackmore to excuse himself on the basis of being a foreigner, (legal reason cited first). He again refused to excuse himself, and refused me bail in treason (s.24AA(1)(a) 1914 Crimes Act) to s.120 Constitution 1901 and Clause 5 preamble, because the charges I am jailed on are not Commonwealth Law, as demanded by s.120 and Clause 5 preamble of a self-executing Constitution that does not require judicial order (Metwally(1984)) that judicial officers must obey the Constitution.

8. The NSW CCA Appeal v Vorhauer (2002) 483 judgment having been given by C J Spigelman on 27 November 2002, after the Jones v Scully (2002) FCA judgment ruled Jews as a race, invalidates CJ Spigelman's judgment, (pursuant to s.25 Constitution) and makes compliance with his judgments an act of treason against the Constitution, as ruled by a self-executing Constitution that does not require judicial order (pursuant to Metwally (1984)). This judgment was used by the DPP on 17 July 2003 in support of his opposing bail.

9. Compensation payouts to people imprisoned in treason to s.120 Constitution by judicial officers in treason to s.25 Constitution (The Australian Jewish News boasts there are seventy five in NSW courts alone) could be millions.

10. My s.78B Constitutional Challenge is on the High Court website Vorhauer v The Queen No s.305 of 2002 (heard 26 March 2003).

11. It will be noted that there were no submissions by the Crown, and CJ Gleeson made no Constitutional or any other statement of law as ordered by the Coco v The Queen (1994) judgment, making his judgment invalid, hence appeal No s.1994 of 2003 against the decision made on No s.305 of 2002.


Dated: 5th August 2003

Signed: Florence Vorhauer

NB: The Metwally 1984 judgment refers to the University of Wollongong v Metwally (1984) judgment of the High Court.

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