Hitler on the brain!

Polish Anxieties about Germany

Bild Zeitung, 14 September 2003


Likewise at the Toronto Zündel Hearing on 23 September 2003: 

"... After questioning Mr. Zündel about a series of personalities,
Mr. MacIntosh, after each name, would ask, "like you, he was a great
admirer of Adolf Hitler?"

Finally, Ernst Zündel shot back: "Mr. MacIntosh, you have
Hitler on the brain. I do not."

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Latest Information on 1 June 2003 Ralley

 Canada: Release pacifist and Holocaust Revisionist Ernst Zündel now!


Austrian Wolfgang Fröhlich

Australian David Hicks

Nigerian Amina Lawal

Swiss René-Louis Berclaz

Tasmanian Olga Scully 

American Jim Traficant

American Rachel Corrie


Hearing: Zundel: I owe Hitler my life

10 May 2003



7 May 2003


Unmediated and direct update from:




Marc Lemire advises:

Here are some of the pictures from the 2 May 2003 FREE ERNST ZUNDEL rally


From Ingrid Zündel

"If I tell you that Ernst was arrested yesterday in a maximum security cell in Ontario, where he was kept already imprisoned for almost three months, you will think that I am putting you on. Yet that is exactly what happened: At 6:25 p.m yesterday, Friday, 2 May 2003, Ernst was arrested - AGAIN! - this time as a "certified" security threat to Canada. The hearing today that so many people had pinned their hopes on became moot. The Canadian Jews are crowing like peacocks - the government minions have finally done their bidding."


 5 February 2003: Holocaust Revisionist


Revisionists have never been violent towards anyone, yet Revisionists have been terrorised.

 Terrorist organisations, such as The Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles, attempt to equate Revisionism with terrorism. 


  UPDATE from Zundelsite



- legally enforced since 1945

[The democratic model imposed by the WWII Allies on Germany after its unconditional surrender may be imposed on Iraq.

To this day Germany has US military bases, and Germany has no peace treaty with its former enemies.

Germany remains an occupied country. Is there a lesson for future 'democratic' Iraq?]


A German returning from a visit to Israel:

"Yes, I 've just come back from a holiday in Israel. Why do you ask?" 



 Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

28 FEBRUARY 2003



Ernst Zündel/ Ingrid Rimland




Monday, 27 January 2003: Ernst and Ingrid Z
ündel with Fredrick Töben enjoying

 one of those substantial American meals nine days before Ernst's arrest on 

5 February 2003.




Axis of Logic

Subject: Prisoner of Conscience kidnapped by U.S.

Civil Rights/Human Rights

At Axis of Logic, we have published articles in the past on Ernst Zundel's arrest, imprisonment and deportation for continued imprisonment by the U.S. and Canadian Governments. We have received numerous complaints and e-mails from readers, condemning our support for Mr. Zundel because of what he thinks and writes and some readers have "unsubscribed" - as a result of our publishing articles informing people of the facts in this case. While it is not our wish or intention to offend anyone, we will not suppress news that we believe should be published. We believe "Hate Crimes", so-called, have been used by the "thought police" to silence the free speech of this man who resided in the U.S. legally. In addition to the obvious principle of freedom at issue, one must ask the question, "If we allow our government to imprison people because we disagree with them, where will it lead?"

Axis of Logic registers no agreement or disagreement with Zundel's beliefs or views about the "Holocaust", but we defend his right to express them. We will continue our support of this man - and his family - who have had their freedom stripped from them by Zionists who have been able to gain such control over the the U.S. and Canadian judicial system. - Les Blough


The Washington Times

June 22, 2003

"Ernst Zündel, Prisoner of Conscience, in broad daylight kidnapped 'legally' by his nefarious enemies on U.S. soil, because he refuses to believe a lie that has become an intellectual stranglehold on every Western country..."


Professional Advice to Michael Santomauro who

published the Zündel matter on his !

Leave the 'Holocaust' alone.



I find much of what you disseminate informative and important. I read most

of it. But your obsession with Holocaust revisionism casts a pall over

everything you do. I have addressed this point with you before. I write to

offer professional advice: You are undermining your cause, unless your cause

is Holocaust denial. Items like the one below make be believe that it just

might be your primary mission.

I am not a Zionist. I'm a protestant of German-English descent. I think

Israel and the U.S. and the Brits are out of control. Yet it frustrates me

to read this drivel and remind myself that technically, you belong in the

crank category--not credible. You are now officially a candidate for my junk mail list.

Jeremy Voas, Editor, Metro Times, Detroit







Ernst Zündel is perhaps the world's most intense populariser of the Revisionist cause. For years he and his team fought the Canadian Jewish lobby — and won when the Canadian Supreme Court struck a law off its books. But then, in typical Talmudic fashion, the Canadian Zionists began enacting laws specifically designed to terminate Zündel. He could not defend himself against allegations where truth was not a defence. And so the man whose nerves of steel produced ground-breaking legal precedents in Canadian courts, packed his bags and moved across the border where the USA's First Amendment still guarantees his free speech.


Ernst Zündel has been in the Revisionists family for so long that he knows all members. He does not entertain any doom and gloom, and he says that his think-tank activity in the US is already having positive effects.


And who has not since 1996 read one of Ingrid Rimland's Zgrams? This outreach program has literally infected the world with a healthy virus - where truth is destiny!


Together Ernst and Ingrid continue to battle against the giants of fraud and deception for the sake of a new world view where Germany's contribution to world culture is once again rightfully acknowledged.   


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