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November 21, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I am doing a three-part Zgram series on a very serious topic that has
caused some heavy-duty disagreement between Ernst Zundel and myself.
It hinges on what society calls  "psychopathology", sometimes called
"psychopathy" - and if such a disease of the mind affects an ethnic
group we all know well to an inordinate degree and could possibly
even be catching.

I am more than oversimplifying here!

My argument, doubtlessly influenced by my specialized training in the
still murky science of the mind, is that "psychopathology" is a
utilitarian construct that one can't classify as "either-or" - that
criminality is always a matter of degree, just as is ugliness, for

Ernst wants a test - this instance, if not earlier!

It can't be done,  I say.  Such tests, if they exist at all, are like
a rubber band and give only approximations.  

Ernst glares and argues if smart folks can go to the moon, they can
find out what's inside people's skulls.

I say:  "Sure, go ahead and give some people a dandy excuse to yammer
in your ear that it's an illness they can't help - that it is not
their fault that millions have to die because of a rapacious gene.
Hasn't Goldhagen already blazed that trail?"

He says with gritted teeth:  "We have computers.  We can pinpoint."

He says.  I say.  And round and round we go.  We have for quite some time.

You'll get the drift of what this is about as you will read these
Zgrams. I am simply setting up the clip to let you know that here's
one topic that so preoccupies Ernst Zundel in his solitary cell he
doesn't even always notice that he's sitting on a stack of
transcripts a mile high that claim HE is the villain with a serious
malady.   Surely not THEY!

Zgram #1 is a rather lengthy letter written to Mark Weber, Director
of the Institute for Historical Review.  Zgram #2 is a Zundel letter
to a long-time fellow Warrior for the Truth, a Jewish-French
professor known by the elegant name of Polacco de Ménasce - a man of
fiery energy, astounding opinions, and thoroughly heritical views -
as you are going to find out in Zgram # 3.

As before, I want to put on record that I am editing Ernst's writings
because punctuation means nothing to him - when he gets excited,
words simply run into each other - and if he takes a breath, that's
where he puts a period.  The French professor's letter is brought to
you "as is" because he is not a native speaker, and some expressions
and concepts are a bit twisted, like pretzels.

Fasten your seatbelts - a bumpy ride is ahead:


(Ernst Zündel to Mark Weber):

I was recently sent a study by Kevin Macdonald on the neo-cons, and
how they fit into his "defense mechanism" [hypothesis] he has been
researching and writing about in $75.- tomes which read as dry as Art
Butz's Hoax of the 20th Century.  A very small circle of academics
will have the interest and the endurance, like Mark Weber, to plow
through them until the end.  And then?  What good is that knowledge
if it is not acted upon - if our "thinkers" don't take steps to blunt
our opponents' power-seeking?

Yockey says, "Power goes to him who seeks it, and WE have ceased long
ago seeking it because we were so besieged and encircled that, with
the exception of the FN of Le Pen, or the BNP of England, we in the
European Diaspora simply circled the wagons and prepared like the
pioneers in old black-and-white cowboy movies of the 1950s and the
1960s for an all-round defense, as if we were Custers reincarnated.

I felt like that for almost 25 years in Toronto.  After reading and
rereading MacDonald's very insightful piece, I felt I should submit
the following to him via you.  I do not have his address, and he
might lend you a kinder ear than the Humble Peasant turned Security

Yesterday, I received a letter from Professor Polacco de Ménasce who,
as you know, is half-Jewish.  By Jews, he would be considered a Jew
in spite of his blue eyes.  I have visited him several times and
interviewed him at length.  We have broadcast some of those
interviews, and I did sell his booklet in English, French, and German
on the "Silence of Heidecker on National Socialist "crimes" like the

Polacco de Ménasce is a bit eccentric in his views, like so many of
our friends and people in our field.  He was, however, a full-fledged
professor on some French university, and his doctoral thesis is on an
interesting topic.  Let me copy it down from his letterhead - These
de morpho psycho endoctronology!

He says that we are dealing with a disturbed group of people, to put
it mildly, of the type that have caused you and me in our personal
lives such embarrassment and grief, as well as pain, damage to our
reputation and, of course, money.  In his recent letter he says,
among many other pertinent and astute things, the following:  "I do
think that you need much courage as I consider my peers are insane."
He is offering his help to me by saying this:  "If, by miracle, I
could do something for you, please let me know.  I will do it at
once.  Writing to [Jews] is of no use.  It would be like a poultice
on a wooden leg.  There is no possible discussion with insane people
who think of nothing but domination and oil."

Now, Mark, that's remarkable coming from the son of a Jewish mother
who had lots of hotels in pre-war France!

Here is what I hope you will do, after receiving and reflecting on
this letter, since I cannot do it due to my current incarceration.
Submit these ideas to Kevin [Macdonald] and see if he can see himself
expand on his own thesis and ideas to add this "added dimension".  At
least he ought to re-evaluate his work, revisit his own findings and
assumptions in the light of what [Polacco de Ménasce] states as a
fact after researching and studying his own people half a century,
and having the guts to state his findings.

Polacco de Ménasce was a high-ranking mason in France and in the
upper circles of the Resistance Movement.  He is no lightweight, and
I have interviewed him over and over again.  He completely
understands [his people's] modus operandi - the use of cultural
debauchery, sexual corruption, the destruction of morals,
[destruction of] music, art, fashion etc.  He has written about that,

He knows it is a centrally organized, directed and deliberately
executed policy of our enemies - let Kevin call it a "defensive
strategy" if he will, which up to a point, undoubtedly, it is from
their warped perspective - because a weakened Western culture is a
more easily manipulated  vehicle for their offensive goals, which in
the latest case of Iraq was far more to destroy Israel's only threat
and rival in the region than it ever was for oil! Saddam would have
willingly sold to the West tanker after tanker full of oil, for he
desperately needed the foreign currency for his sanctions-wrecked

No, the neo-cons were not interested in what was good for America or
even the Iraqi people - they wanted a "regime change", actually the
most suitable for them for a Lebanon-like, multiple war-lord
dominated/religious-factionalism paralyzed Iraq, representing zero
threat to Israel for decades to come!

So what "secret drummer" or "inner imperative" drives these heirs of
Trotski - not one of whom was born or raised in the Soviet Union?
Not one of them was even born when Trotski held sway!  And yet their
modus operandi organizational pattern is distinctly Trotskiist - so
much so that even not-exactly-steeped-in-Marxist-dialectics or
Communist-organizational-methods American intellectuals have grasped

I would call their "inner imperative" or road map a common mindset.
Ever since I have become alert to [what I call] the Psychopathic
Presence in our midst, my long-range radar has been probing my
surroundings and especially the cultural/political landscapes for
representatives or carriers of the affliction - and a schooled and
alert observer could detect their tell-tale signs all over the place!

[One of my long-time attorneys] alerted me to the problem I was
having in my own life with a carrier of that mindset and gave me Dr.
Robert Hare's trail-blazing book.  Even a cursory study of this book
by the foremost expert in the world on psychopathology will impress a
reader knowledgeable in Marxism/Leninism/Trotskiism that these were
psychopathic ideologies.  It is not a big step from there to check
into the ideas of Jabotinsky and examine the modus operandi and
underlying goals and principles of Zionism, especially its post-Herzl
form as practiced by its adherents in Europe in the 1930s-1940s, and
in the rest of the world since the 1940s onward, to realize that this
ideology, too, shared the same mindset.

There is not a serious student of history who will not immediately
recognize that all the "isms" have one common thread running through
them and uniting them.  All of them were spawned by Jewish brains,
from Karl Marx to Trotski-Bronstein, Kaganovich, Uritzky, Bela Kun,
Kurt Eisner, Radek-Sobelsohn, Theodore N. Kaufman - author of the
genocidal Kaufman Plan, "Germany Must Perish" to its watered-down
stepchild, the Morgenthau Plan, exhorting the genocide against
Germans - Ilya Ehrenburg, Stalin's propaganda minister, Erna Pauker
in Roumania, Hilde Benjamin in Germany, Berman in Poland, Slansky in
Czechoslovakia - to all the killers and murderers who landed in
Palestine during and after World War II and left a trail of blood
behind, like their forebears had done in Russia and [Eastern] Europe
before them.

All showed the same modus operandi - regardless of what fancy name
was written on their sails.  That modus operandi was violent,
murderous, bloody and destructive - and all these movements were
organized and run by Jews for the benefit of the Jewish agenda.

Their form of warfare was virtually the same - whether the battle
field was the movie industry and its fight for market share (Zanuch,
Goldwyn, Meyer, Spielberg et al) or whether it was for a share of the
illegal liquor markets in the 1930s with the Bronfmans, or just
straightforward crime syndicates, white slavery, prostitution and
gambling - from Bugsy Siegel to Meyer Lansky, same technique, same
mindset!  Labor Unions, stock market frauds, fixing of professional
games from boxing to baseball to football - always the same technique
cropped up, with the same or similar sounding names.

In Europe, it could not be hidden for long that all these destructive
forces had one thing in common - they were run by Jews for the
benefit of Jews.  The byproduct was the weakening or destruction in
every field of Western civilization by subversion - no country was
spared!  Many countries simply succumbed for a while - like Russia,
Ukraine, the Baltic states, Hungary.  Only Germany fought back
resolutely - and, for a while, gained the upper hand.

America and Canada were under massive subversive assault, and to the
credit of America it must be stated that there, the military
realized, long before the Germans or the British did, that there was
what was then honestly labeled a "Jewish Threat."  A recent,
astonishingly frank book by an American University professor,
actually titled "The Jewish Threat" gloatingly spilled the beans.  I
bought boxes of the book a few weeks before my arrest.  It makes for
most interesting reading and reveals, once more, the mindset and the
totally inadequate reaction and response to this phenomenon.

The problem everywhere was a lack of comprehension of the enemy the
various nations of the world faced.  Their defensive measures were
thus merely dealing with, or treating, the symptoms, not the root
causes.  No doctor can cure measles by scraping away one red spot at
a time.  The Jewish onslaught could not be halted by such band-aid

Some regimes, like Franco's Spain, Salazar's Portugal, Horthy's
Hungary, Antonescou's Roumania, "treated" Communism by outlawing it
and incarcerating its proponents.  Germany and, later,
German-occupied Europe, went at it by suppression of some of the
symptoms with more vigor on a wider scope, but even there it is clear
by the way the Zionist movement was protected and mollycoddled, that
no clear understanding existed.

As to what the world was facing, everybody was groping in the dark.
[Leaders] were thinking more in 19th century frameworks of either
political parties, ideological movements, or cultural or religious
ideas and groups.  The understanding of race was crude and in its
infancy.  Shape, size of nose, forehead, cheek bones, eye color, hair
color and texture were thought to be the marks of a race.  Nobody
ever thought much deeper - except, of course, one man.

Hitler realized that there was something seriously wrong with even
the German approach to this vexing problem.  The first recorded
evidence we have of this are some discussions of these questions
during his famous Table Talks with guests and staff, taken down at
the instruction of Martin Bormann by a battery of shorthand
secretaries and stenographers.

Hitler had always had an open mind and a less rigid approach to this,
as he did to many other questions of the day, as is evident in the
chapters about race and ethnic mixtures found in Hungary, the
Balkans, Southern, Central and Eastern Europe - showing Hitler not to
be a dogmatic 19th century racist in the (____ unreadable) Gobinean
vein.  In the worthwhile book, "Confessions of a Confidante", Hitler
points out some of the positive attributes of racial/ethnic mixes -
for instance, the learning of languages.  Clearly, it was a question
which fascinated him and occupied his mind, because almost 15 years
later he returned to the topic at his dinner table - and while musing
on the topic, came up with the pregnant-with-meaning phrase - a Race
of the Mind.

By then, it had become clear that the stereotype of a Jew with thick
lips, greasy hair, crooked nose was just that - a caricature, which
was totally useless as a classification tool for racial policies to
be based on.  By then, the Germans had captured so many Jewish
prisoners of war in Central and Eastern Europe, and had so many
interactions with Jewish trades-people in Poland, the Baltics,
Byelorussia, the Ukraine, Roumania and the rest of the Soviet Empire,
many of them being blond and blue-eyed, that the old stereotype was
basically useless.

Hitler also knew that many of the German Jews had so much of German
blood that it was impossible by looks alone to tell many Jews from
Germans.  Thousands were serving in German industry, in the
Wehrmacht, even in the SS - like Eichmann and Gerstein, to name just
two.  Jews were in fact in the officers' corps all the way up to the
ranks of General, Field Marshall, Milch and Admiral Friedeberg, who
committed suicide after the surrender.  A big, fat book has since
come out describing Hitler's Jewish soldiers.  TV documentaries and
films have been made about the topic.  So much for "race" in the
Third Reich!

One of my researchers, while doing related research in the Federal
Archives in Koblenz, found a study conducted as late as November '44
by some Nazi government agency about the number of Jewish officers in
the upper echelons of the High Command.  Clearly the German
leadership was trying to come to grips with the problem - five years
into the war!

Hitler's astonishing concept of Jews not being a "race"  in the
traditional sense or dictionary definition is proof - or better, one
more proof - of his hallmark personality, of almost always thinking
"outside the box."  Hitler had taken it upon himself to give the
final approval of German soldiers being allowed to marry women from
the conquered territories, and a certain amount of time was set aside
for him to look at the photographs attached to the forms of the women
wanting to marry Germans.  He once spontaneously remarked that he
wished there were as many good-looking blondes in Germany as he was
seeing and approving for marriage from Roumania.  Roumania is clearly
not Sweden or Denmark!

The National Socialist government was alert to heredity.  A whole
science had been built up around it, called "Erblehre".  Stringent
laws were passed to prevent the passing on of hereditary diseases -
by compulsory sterilization of the criminally insane, for instance,
and also manic depressives - as early as 1934, one year after coming
to power - because of the destructive impact this inherited condition
had on the individual afflicted by it, on the families, on offspring
and, as a result, on the well-being of society as a whole.

It is not clear if this measure was taken at Hitler's initiative or
not, but he had to sign all laws before they took force - and the
reason for this draconian measure was clearly spelled out in the
preamble of the law, discovered by one of my researchers in the
National Archives in Washington.

It is not clear if Hitler was alert to or made a connection to much
of the behavior of Jewish criminals of various fields and the
murderous violence associated with Jewish revolutionary movements,
the mental health aspects of this destructively murderous streak in
especially the Bolshevik atrocities on the Eastern front caused by
Ilya Ehrenburg's blood-curdling appeals to rape, torture, mutilation
and murder.  I cannot believe a man like Hitler could have overlooked
the connection - the one apparent common denominator:  they were

Maybe Hitler did not make the conscious connection, but others did.
The trail of suffering experienced by untold men and women at the end
and after World War II by the interrogators, many of them Jewish, in
Allied uniforms, described to me by John Sack, himself Jewish, and
recounted in his book, "An Eye for an Eye", and also by Joseph
Ginzburg, documented in his books and the TV documentaries I did with
him - the fiendish tortures documented in the Malmedy Trials in
Dachau and Schwäbisch Hall, which led to the Nye (sp?) investigation
by the U.S. Congress, the beating and torture of Rudolf Höss, the
former Commandant of Auschwitz by Jewish "interrogators" in British
uniform, and the behavior by the Israelis in Palestine, the Irgun and
the Stern Gang, war crimes and massacres at Deir Yassin, Sabra and
Shatila by Ariel  Sharon, and later at Jenin in 2002 point to
psychopathic planners and executors of these operations.

Since they took place generations apart, with different victim groups
like Russians, Germans, Ukrainians, Hungarians and now the
Palestinians in the Middle East - they have one thing in common:  the
same mindset by the same groups of people - continents, decades and
ideologies apart.


Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever

November 22, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

We continue with Ernst's search for an understanding of
"psychopathology" (alternately called psychopathy) as it might impact
on a well-known tribe whose favorite sport is to find ways to torment


Ernst Zündel
Toronto West Detention Ctr.
111 Disco Road, Box 4950


Dear Dr. Polacco de Menasce -

I was very pleased to get your letter of 1st October 2003 in my
prison cell! It was kind of you to write and to offer me your help.
It must be that my prayers are being heard!

I have a [difficult and a] less difficult, small project for you! I
would appreciate any help!

In 1981, you very kindly spoke into a 90 minute tape an explanation
of the role and the effect Adolf Hitler had as a liberator of the
German people. I used that in my postal hearings, which I won in 1982.

The gist of the tape was that Hitler had [a mesmerizing] effect on
his people.  You said you could clearly see it in their relaxed,
almost "released" features, as if they were in a religious trance or
state of transformation.  I am working on an essay trying to show
that National Socialism was [in many ways] like a religious
expression, almost like a "re-issued", modernised version of
Christianity, with all the positive affirmations of respect for women
and girls, respect for fathers and mothers, modesty in dress and
sexual mores, honest work, purity, love of music and wholesome art,
lack of class warfare, love of country, duty, honour!   If you could
help me jot down your thoughts - the 1981 tape was beautiful,
persuasive and eloquent!

I perceive many parallels in Hitler's early life and career to
Christ's role. Christ fed the multitudes with loaves and fishes,
Hitler fed them through solving the unemployment problem.  Christ
healed the lame and sick, Hitler gave them free health care and
healed their despair by work [as well as] play, great spectacles,
much singing and marching.   Give me your thoughts on this, please!

[Secondly], for several months I have been thinking that we needed a
research study profile, a kind of scientifically underpinned expert
study of the psychopathic nature of our enemies.

It is obvious that you and I have been thinking along the very same
lines - for like you, I have come to the conclusion that we are
dealing with a criminally insane "collectivity" - not a race in the
conventional, old-fashioned sense of the term "race" - even though
they encompass many so-called "racial" traits.

That was the problem of National Socialist Germany's approach to the
Jewish question. In the context of the time, they dealt with it,
understandably, in the realm of mere physical, "racial" traits -
shape of skull, nose, lips, hair colour & texture - which in the case
of so-called "Jews" is perplexing! After all, when I was in Israel, I
saw black-skinned Negro Abyssinian and Ethiopian Jews next to
Sephardic, typically Arabic-Semitic Jews, [as well as] blond,
blue-eyed Khazar Jews from Russia! Sammy Davis Junior, Marilyn Monroe
and Golda Meir were all "Jews"!

When I was in India, I visited an Indian synagogue, and these Indian
Jews certainly looked like Bombay Indians in colour and shape!

So they defy the standard, outward signs of a race in the
text-book/anthropological sense, yet they very much act like a
"racial organism".  They more frequently and more intensely act as
one when the group is attacked - the typical sign and behaviour of a

Jail guards, with many decades of experience, have told me that they
have observed a strange phenomenon among  inmates of different races.
Whites will not come to each other's aid if there is a fight in
prison among inmates - they will let a fellow White get beaten by
coloured inmates without intervening.  If a Black, Korean, or
Vietnamese inmate get into a fight or is attacked, the members of the
attacked racial group close ranks and fight as one. Jews certainly
unite as one, if a group member is attacked - making them act like a
racial group, even though they may display the features of the
"rainbow" from Ethiopia, Abyssinia, i.e. darkest skin complexion to
the Aryan features of a Khazar from Minsk/Byelorussia.  Whites are
the only ones who do not [protect their own].

Is that not strange?

Adolf Hitler realized that towards the end of his life.  In his
famous "Table Talks", 1943-44,  he calls them with remarkable clarity
of vision a "a race of the mind".  That is the best definition I have
seen or heard!

I have become very interested in the mental condition [called]
psychopathy. Dr. Robert Hare, a Canadian psychologist, is the world's
foremost expert on this aberration. He spent over 40 years
investigating sociopaths/psychopaths in the Canadian prison system
and then published a very well written and documented book about it,
entitled "People Without Conscience".  It costs CAN$ 20.- and can be
ordered via Amazon.com on the Internet. Dr. Hare's book could save
you lots of work and research.

The remarkable part of his statistically buttressed finding is that
fully 62% of Canadian prison inmates qualify as, and display all the
classic traits of, psychopaths in their attitudes and behaviour.  All
are manipulative, predatory, violent and aberrant.

And here comes the shocking part!

If you overlay these psychopathic traits over the writings and
especially the speeches and activities of Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotski,
Iagoda, Eisner, Bela Kun, Ilya Ehrenburg, Morgenthau, Menahem Begin,
Jabotinsky, the Stern gang, Irgun, Moishe Dayan, Ariel Sharon, even
Netanyahu, Barak and now the neo-cons like Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol,
Krauthammer, Podhoretz et al, you will see that very same "mind and
personality profile" clearly at work!

Since we also see it among gentile political leaders, but to less
pronounced degree - in people like Clinton, Bush, and Blair - to
point out just a few, we are talking about a "mind condition" - a
state of being "beyond race or nationality".

That this mind-set can only produce "Deir Yassin", "Sabra and
Shatila" and recently "Jenin" is further proof of my contention that,
unless the world begins to seriously investigate and approach this
worldwide problem from this vantage point, we will not ever be able
to solve this problem satisfactorily.

We are facing a global power grab by criminally insane people!

We will be forever dealing with, looking into, or trying to treat the
myriad symptoms and never ever deal with the actual cause - a mental
aberration which, although parading around in full view in front of
us, has never been called that - because of "fear"!

You are the ideal person, by educational background and also because
you have already studied and come to the same conclusions.  As you
say in your letter of 1st Oct. 03: "There is no possible discussion
with insane people."

Every day in court I can see that brilliant, cunning and diabolical
insanity at work against me!

But what is needed is an explanation, understandable for laymen and
common people! We must show the pattern and then put out guidelines
of how to spot and then how to protect ourselves and society from
this predatory human sub-species, a different kind of human (?)
person, "a race of the mind".

That is a project very dear to my heart, one that you are
intellectually well qualified to tackle and destined to complete for
the betterment of humanity! I am not exaggerating, nor do I want to
flatter you.  If you can codify and explain this phenomenon, and
publish a paper on it, you will go down in history as a Simon Bolivar
of the mind for the people of this age and the whole planet.


Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny :  Now more than ever

November 23, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite :

Here comes Part 3 of my « mental health/mental illness » series - the
French professor's reply to Ernst's letter.  I had asked him rather
gingerly if it was okay if I used the letter in a Zgram if I left out
his name, and he replied:  « A letter like  mine, without signature
and titles is of no value. Let them kill me:   I lived enough... »

So there!


R.D. Polacco de Ménasce                 
1339/18 rue Eugène Delacroix
                                             36000 Châteauroux
Licencié es lettres
                      tel et fax : 02 54 27 09 24
Docteur de l'université de Paris
e mail : polacco.de.menasce@tiscali.fr
(Thèse de morpho psycho endocrinologie)
Professeur honoraire au CNED université Paris X
Ancien professeur à l'Alliance Française de Paris
Ancien professeur au collège international de Cannes
Ancien participant à l'enseignement naturothérapique
à la Faculté de médecine université Paris XIII
Officier du mérite et du dévouement français
Au titre de la médecine naturelle.

dimanche 16 novembre 2003

Dear Mr Zundel,

I read your letter with a paramount interest as it is at the core of
life itself.

My answer will be as clear as possible as such issues deserve perfect

You are the top symbol of "the age of darkness", an age when
everything is upside down, an age when the elite is in prison and the
riff raff on the throne of nations and lead us to nothingness.

As you know, I am not the only Jew putting my peers on trial.  Did
Simone Weil not write:" the Jews, this handful of uprooted people
have been the cause of the uprooting of the whole planet "S

First of all, let me tell you the most important before I scan your letter:

The only common denominator which may explain the Jewish  issue is
their circumcision at the 8th day which perturbs the 21 days of the
1st puberty. This perturbation brings about, through hormono-psychic
action, a speculative parasitic mentality, the cause of antijewism of
all times, all nations in all languages.

As a matter of fact this peculiar circumcision at the first day of
the first puberty brings about a hypotrophy of the "internal genital"
( génitale interne ou interstitielle) , the organ of moral sense (not
morality), spirit of synthesis, altruism. It determines also a
physiologic hypertrophy of the pituitary  ( analysis, finance,
ideologies) and of the thyroid  ( sensitiveness: actors, pianists,
violinists, popular novelists and musicians).

We have known for forty years that this gland is atrophied among
insane people.  It is hypotrophied with the Jews. They have just
enough of it to marshal  their "pituitary" or "thyroid" speculations.
But there is no Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Fra Angelico, Praxitèle
among them.

Their scrounging, lack of moral sense, their impotence in checking
their speculations becoming parasitic, is the cause of universal
Having all powers they try and protect themselves by making puppets
politicians promulgate totalitarian laws such as the "Fabius Gayssot"
in France, which enable them to charge anybody with racism.  All
those who tell the truth which they cannot stand. They are themselves
the most racist in the world.  ( see the Talmud).  Lying is for them
a vital and absolute necessity. Thence the banning by law or research
concerning the so-called Shoa, the second world war of which they are
responsible as Neville  Chamberlain, first minister of her gracious
Majesty, wrote to his sister in 1939: " It is America and the Jews
who pushed us towards the war".

They could not stand that a statesman in Europe eradicate Capitalism
and Marxism which they live on  ( in spite of a fake antagonism since
they created Bolshevism with billions of dollars and factories ).
Usury and ideologies are for them what a leaf is for a snail.
Socialism for instance, is one of their keys to world domination.

The Jews are very different according to the ethnicity in which they
were born  and live. They look like the others, so to say, BUT they
may have the grotesque features, universally well-known together with
high speculative powers. Those particular features, all the Jews
governing the world, have them.  See the carnassial heads of
financiers like Zaharoff, ( who sold arms to all the countries which
fought with each other)  Rockfeller,  (Steinhauer) or Soros, who, a
telephone in one hand sinks the bank of England and with a telephone
in the other hand, earns billions of old francs.

In fact the Jews have all powers since the 1789 revolution  which
made financiers kings of the world. The revolution has rubbed out all
the veritable elites who now, on a powerless balcony behold the
disappearance of mankind in a putrid world.

What Hitler had not understood is that this "mental race" as he said,
is due to their circumcision at the 8th day : he would have
understood it of course as he would have understood the functional
predominance of the hormonal system over the nervous system.

What Doctor Hare says is obvious to me: the defects of all those
delinquents arise from the insufficiency of their "génitale interne"
The Jews have the same defects for the same reasons but on top they
have their immense speculative powers. So the average delinquents
will kill their mother in law, their wives, steal money etc when the
Jews will be high delinquents in finance, (Federal reserve!) war
mongering , in all legality.

Their craving for the suppression of death penalty shows their
relationship with criminals.

When Badinter shook hands with Patrick Henry a murderer who kidnapped
a child of seven years old  and killed him, it is not out of pure
chance : it is the symbol of their psychological relationship with
top criminals. So in the modern world the Jews are legal mega
criminals. ( they are also illegal ones: Meyer Lanski, Flato Sharon

Liberalism enables all this rot to emerge at the top of society, but
neither truth nor true elites will.
As there is no possible dialogue, we are doomed to universal destruction .

The Jewish problem is not a question of race and the modern world is
dying from their bright, cunning, satanic, utterly insane mentality .
Without spirit of synthesis and moral sense they will drag us all
into the abyss of nothingness. All the Rumsfeld will bump their heads
into the walls of blind alleysS

Even if they should eradicate circumcision at the 8th day, it is too
late now to change the course of  the earth towards its end.

Hitler did settle a genuine Christianity.

( I do not want to speak about Christ of whom I do not think much
good: the Gospels are a treaty of psychopathology and the part of the
Church in History is appalling enough to cry. "If Christianity
triumphs in 2000 years the entire world will be Jewish", Emperor
Julian said.  And Hitler: "the Princes and the Church have given away
the peoples to the Jews".

Hitler knew that true religion was not to mutter prayers in front of
infantile dogmas but to establish the laws of God and nature. He
actually did so.

He put everything in its place: a clean economy no longer in the grip
of speculative capitalism which was superseded by "capital-work", an
ideal for the young ones able to achieve their different professional
callings, the respect of workers freed from unemployment and
trade-unions, with their wives who could stay at home in houses of
their own, and bring up their children who would not become clients
of pathogenic and  crime-egging music, drug-addiction, and suicides. We
can see in films the magnificent look in their eyes which expresses
joy of living, purity of soul,  their well shaped bodies, to
understand the unique miracle Hitler had achieved in the History of
mankind.  A sort of human perfection far from capitalisto
Marxism. Such socialism is the very essence of a real Christianity.

My peer and colleague Finkelkraut was right when he mentioned on FR3
that "Nazism has sinned by excess of good".  To that I add:"
capitalisto Marxism has sinned by excess of evil".

Brasillach ( a staunch anti nazi at the beginning) and Alphonse de
Chateaubriant understood that Nazism was a miracle in human history.
This miracle was achieved by the genius of Hitler and the willpower
and courage of his people.

Chateaubriant said:" in our days a motion has risen : it expresses
the essential of Christianity. National Socialism is a religious

The Jews are frightened by Hitler's ghost. Hitler is God's friend as
the Jews are Satan's agents through the desultory circumcision at the
8th day which makes that even a good and charming Jewish couple may
beget a Freud, a Marx, a Soros or a Kaganovitch, a Flato Sharon or a
Meyer Lanski.

No elite can fight against capitalisto Marxist disintegration:
general chemicalisation, ( ground, food, remedies), the rottening of
youth, pornography, the influence of freudo-marxist secularism,
destruction of all values, ecology, nuclear power stations, with
radioactive waste impossible to destroy or stockpile, atomic,
hydrogen and neutron bombs,  ( Oppenheimer, Field, Cohen)  not to
mention an enormous world wide weaponry. It is degeneracy which
accounts for the fact that white people do not stick together to
defend themselves. Coloured ethnicities defend themselves as they are
not so degenerated by progress.  They are in a lesser degree, victims
of progress about which Simone Weil said "the delusion of progress,
it is Israel":

Those are the answers to your two issues: The Jews are hormonally
distorted and cannot stop their speculations and Hitler was a unique
genius. The Jews think to get out of their doom by flourishing their
so called holocaust when 6O millions goyim were killed in a Bolshevik
regime which was utterly Jewish in its essence.  ( 60 millions
inferior to 6 millions!!!)

Hitler had understood everything: " if the Jews with their Marxist
profession of faith take the lead of mankind, then man will disappear
from the earth  which will keep on revolving in ether as it did
millions of years ago".

The Jews should have suppressed their circumcision. As they did not,
they will drag us into a world suicide.

If I could reach this level of conscience it is because my
circumcision took place much later than the 8th day. So  I did
recuperate my "genitale interne" and my pituitary and thyroid
remained stimulated by  Jewish heredity.

The Goyim are wading in an immense smallishness which makes us think
that there is no hope left.

Please excuse me for my English: I never remained one or two years in
an English speaking country and this is  indeed a very awkward

All my friendship and admiration to a veritable elite,




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