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Subject: ZGram - 11/24/2003 - "The latest Zundel rally" Part I

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

  November 25, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I was gone for several days, meeting with an important legislator in
another state - but was gratified to come back and read about the
latest effort to free Ernst.

I'll make it a two-part to catch up with myself -

* the first part is the write-up by Director Paul Fromm of the
Canadian Association for Free Expression, as well as an official
press release

* the second part consists of the "Holy Curse" - I didn't even
know such spiritual 'weapon' existed! - some endorsements of Ernst by
supporters that were read at the event, and finally a tepid but at
least non-snear write-up by the mainstream media.



TORONTO, NOVEMBER 23, 2003. The largest free speech demonstration yet
called forcefully for the immediate release of political prisoner
Ernst Zundel after more than nine months of detention in Canadian
prisons. Protesting outside the Metro West Detention Centre in
Rexdale in the northwest end of Toronto, over 65 supporters of free
speech rallied from points around Ontario, including London,
Hamilton, Sudbury, Mississauga and Toronto.

"Ernst Zundel is a political prisoner," Canadian Association for Free
Expression Director told the free speech supporters, as a crisp warm
late November wind snapped at the sea of Red Ensigns, the flag of the
true Canada that upheld the rights of Anglo-Saxon Common Law.

"Canada's corrupt Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS)
-- the same ones who couldn't prevent the Sikh terrorism against Air
India, despite the fact they had an agent inside -- has declared Mr.
Zundel a terrorist,  a 'threat to national security.'"

"This charge is bogus. It's a fraud and a lie," Fromm told the free
speech supporters. "Ernst Zundel is a lifelong pacifist. He's been
assaulted. He's had his home firebombed; he's been sent bombs through
the mail. Yet, he's always told his followers and supporters to be
peaceful, to be non-violent."

"We're now into the tenth day of a bail hearing for Mr. Zundel. He's
complied fully with eleven  previous bails, including ones that
gagged him for nine years. Mr. Zundel believes in fighting through
the courts. Ernst Zundel is being kept in solitary confinement solely
because his views displease extremely politically powerful minorities
in this country." Fromm told the rally.

"On Thursday, I visited Mr. Zundel with Lady Michele Renouf from
Britain. I was given a package to take away by the prison
authorities. It contained a book and some chocolates. I asked why Mr.
Zundel couldn't receive chocolates. Mr. Geswaldo, one of the security
chiefs, said that it could contain contraband. What, a file or a
knife in the Cadbury chocolate bar?" asked Fromm.

"And then, I remembered as a teenager  reading books about escape
from Nazi PoW camps. Men like Cmdr. Douglas Bader, as PoWs, received
Red Cross boxes of cigarettes, chocolates, and toiletries," Fromm
explained. "Mr. Zundel isn't allowed to receive any such items. Let
me get this straight: My father volunteered and joined the Royal
Canadian Navy in World War II and my mother served five years in the
Canadian Army as a nurse to fight for 'freedom.' Now, Ernst Zundel
isn't allowed to receive even the chocolates our servicemen were
allowed to get in supposedly evil Nazi Germany."

The rally, sponsored by the Canadian Association for Free Expression,
was supported by the Canadian Heritage Alliance, the Northern
Alliance and the Nationalist Party. The flags of Imperial Russia,
Imperial Poland and Imperial Serbia were also prominent, as Zundel
supporters from those lands flew the banners of their homelands,
remembering the Communist regimes they fled for a country that is
swiftly slipping into the grim repression of the lands they left.

Mississauga resident Wolfgang Mueller of the Canadian Association for
Free Expression addressed the rally in English and German. [His
remarks in both languages are included in Zgram # 2.]

Paul Fromm read greetings of free speech supporters from around North
America. Some of these comments [are also part of Zgram # 2].

Mr. Karl Ruppert, President of the German World Federation, praised
Paul Fromm and CAFE "for telling the truth about Mr. Zundel and
defending the rights of the German people."

Melissa Guille of London, Ontario, leader of the Canadian Heritage
Alliance, told the rally: "Free speech is the issue."


Canadian Association for Free Expression
Box 332,
Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3
Ph: 905-897-7221; FAX: 905-277-3914

November 23, 2003

Free Ernst Zundel

We are protesting here today to call attention to the plight of
political prisoner Ernst Zundel. This German-born publisher has been
a landed immigrant in Canada since 1958. He has never been convicted
of any crime in Canada, let alone any crime of violence.

Yet, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service alleges that he
is a threat to national security and is a violent terrorist. CSIS has
a long history of hostility toward M. Zundel. According to the book
"Covert Entry" by journalist John Mitrovica, in 1995 CSIS knew
several West coast anarchists had sent Mr. Zundel a lethal pipebomb.
While warning their mail-snooping operatives to leave packages
addressed to Mr. Zundel from Vancouver addresses alone, CSIS
permitted postal workers, airline employees and Mr. Zundel to handle
this lethal package.

Amazingly, the judge presiding over Mr. Zundel's hearing is Mr.
Justice Pierre Blais who was Solicitor-General in 1989, the year,
apparently, CSIS-paid spy, Grant Bristow, was tasked to infiltrate
and misdirect the Heritage Front, and CSIS was sicked on the Reform
Party which had just decided to contest in Ontario, and, therefore,
posed a threat to the ruling Brian Mulroney Tories. Both of these
were shocking abuses of the term "national security." A non-violent
White rights group and a national political party in no way came
under the definition of national security.

Now, Mr. Justice Pierre Blais - a man with long contacts with CSIS,
their one-time boss - sits in judgement of CSIS's preposterous case
against Ernst Zundel. Can he receive a fair trial? Can his
impartiality be assumed? No. That's why, on November 6, Doug
Christie, one of Ernst Zundel's lawyers called on Mr. Justice Blais
to recuse himself. Whether he will and let justice "appear" to be
done, we'll not know until court resumes on December 10.

Ernst Zundel was kidnapped in the U.S. by a government gone mad in
its anti-terrorist mania, using a legitimate fear of foreign
terrorists to suppress domestic dissent. Ernst Zundel was kidnapped
February 5, 2003 and deported two weeks later. His adopted country
has treated this life-long pacifist little better. He has been in
solitary confinement since February 19 -- denied for a long while
even a pillow!

Mr. Zundel is non-violent. He has never been convicted of a crime. He
has supporters prepared to put up bail. During the 1980s and early
1990s, he obtained and obeyed 11 different bails. He is no threat to

Mr. Zundel should be released on bail. His continued detention is
proof that the Canadian state seeks to break him and get him to agree
to deportation to Germany, which wants to jail him for five years for
insulting the memory of the dead which - in the arcane language of
the German courts - means disbelieving in the standard Hollywood
account of WW II.

We demand freedom for Ernst Zundel.



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Subject: ZGram - 11/25/2003 - "The latest Zundel rally" - Part II

Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

November 25, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Part II of the two-part documentation about Sunday's "Free Zundel
Rally" contains the "Holy Curse" as read by Wolfgang Muller in
English and German, as well as the tepid write-up about the rally in
the mainstream media.

Wolfgang Muller first:


Friends, Followers, Supporters, Seekers of Truth and Justice

We are all here today, as fighters for Truth, Justice and Freedom for
Ernst Zundel.

We are privileged to be involved in a real live drama, which we are
acting out, for TRUTH and our own Freedom, and Justice - even though
it sometimes appears as if we are only providing  entertainment for
the gods.

  FOR we know:

There is no King or Kaiser,

there is no Pope or President

there is no Judge or Journalist

who is going to help us.

We have to fight for it ourselves.

This drama is about:

how Lies and Deceptions, Threats and Secrecy are used  by the Mighty
of this world and their minions, to break the Laws of Natural and
Human Justice, AND how to rob a peaceful, human being, namely Ernst
Zündel, of his Freedom and Dignity;

This drama is about how the guarantees of Freedoms of Speech, of
Assembly, of Research and Association, which are the basis of Western
Civilization, are violated and broken to suppress Ernst Zündel's
right to express his opinions, which he has done for most of his
adult life, forthrightly and publicly;

Today, as the first anniversary is approaching during which Ernst
Zündel has been martyred in solitary confinement in this jail - where
he is treated like a common criminal and humiliated at every possible
occasion by his guards, obviously on orders from their superiors - I
am reminded of the many other historical persons, such as Socrates
and Jesus the Christ, who were seemingly completely abandoned by
their Fellow Man and had to suffer in solitude.

Socrates was trying to bring Truth and thereby Freedom and Justice to
his fellow Greeks; but he was unjustly imprisoned by the Mighty of
his times.  Not one of his students or fellow citizens  came to his
aid,  and eventually he was poisoned.

The other martyr for Truth and Justice was Jesus, the Christ.

In the presently shown movie "The Passion of St. John", [nowhere do
we] see the multitudes that were fed fish and bread by Jesus, or the
friends, relatives and neighbours of those who, though incurably ill,
were healed and even resurrected by Jesus, when he needed them.
Where were they when he was jailed and  crucified ?

So he died a shameful death, lonely and abandoned even by his own
father! Is there a greater loneliness imaginable?

Where are the tens of thousands of Germans, Ukrainians, Dutch, and
other Europeans,  for the restoration of whose reputation Ernst
Zündel has spent the best years of his life, [and is now] risking
life, limb and good fortunes?  

This is why each and everyone of you should be proud to stand here
today in support of TRUTH, Freedom and  Justice and in support of the
historical fighter - namely Ernst Zündel.

And so while we stand here, in the Name of Truth and Justice and with
your support, I will use this opportunity to use the last weapon,
which is left to the powerless: The Holy Curse:


* those Clerics who are not fighting on our side  against the
dark powers, as they have been commanded to do by St. Paul in his
letter to the Ephesians (Chap. 6 Verse 12), where he  says: " Put on
the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles
of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against
(S) powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against
spiritual wickedness in high places."
In the Name of Truth and Justice I stand here and curse

* those teachers, who are telling lies to our children about
our past or worse,  as here in Canada, do not teach them any history
at all!

In the Name of Truth and Justice I stand here and  curse

* those politicians who betrayed their oaths to uphold the Law
and the interests of the people, by turning away from Ernst Zündel,
when he wanted to speak to them in Parliament, who did not even let
him speak on "Speakers' Corner"! 

In  the Name of Truth and Justice I stand here and  curse

* those Media and their journalists who do not, or not
sufficiently and honestly,  research and report the truth about Ernst
Zündel's activities and opinions

In  the Name of Truth and Justice I stand here and  curse

* CSIS, the so-called Canadian Security Agency, which has
labeled Ernst Zundel a Terrorist, while they themselves permitted
that Zündel's house was subjected to arson and, worse, permitted that
known Terrorist sent him a deadly bomb.


  in the Name of Truth and Justice I stand here and  curse

* the members of the Legal Profession, who have forgotten their
oaths to fight for Truth and Justice !

   How many lawyers do you know who protested, when during a so-called
Human Rights court case, in which Doug Christie was speaking for the
Defense, the adjudicator declared that "TRUTH IS NO DEFENCE"?

For these reasons, I feel honored and privileged to fight along side
you for the same noble cause for which Ernst Zündel is fighting.


(Translation into German)

Freunde, Mitarbeiter, Unterstützende, Sucher nach Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit.

Wir sind  heute hier, als Kämpfer fur die Wahrheit, fur Gerechtigkeit
und Freiheit fur Ernst Zündel.

Es ist ein Vorrecht fur uns alle, in diesem lebenden Drama
mitzuwirken, da es ja auch um unsere eigene Freiheit, um
Gerechtigkeit fur uns und Wahrheit fur uns geht, obwohl es manchmal
so scheint, als ob wir dies alles nur als Unterhaltung für die Götter

  Denn wir wissen:

  Da ist kein König oder Kaiser,

kein Papst oder President

kein Richter oder Journalist

der uns helfen würde.

Wir müssen selber dafür kämpfen.

[Es geht darum]:

wie Lug und Betrug, Drohungen und Geheimnishaltungen von den
Mächtigen dieser Welt und ihren Lackaien benutzt werden, um  Natur-
und  menschliche Gesetze zu verletzen und zu brechen: und einem
friedfertigen Menschen, nämlich Ernst Zündel, seiner Würde und seiner
Freiheit zu berauben;

[Es geht darum]:

wie die von den Grundgesetzen garantierte Freiheit der Rede, der
Forschung, der Versammlung,  der Organisation, welche alle Grundlagen
unserer westlichen sog. Zivilisation sind, verletzt und gebrochen
werden, um zu verhindern, daß Ernst Zündel diese Rechte weiterhin
ausübt, was er ja sein Leben lang ehrlich und öffentlicht getan hat.

Heute, da sich der erste Jahrestag seiner erneuten Inhaftnahme nähert
und er in einer Einzelzelle wie ein gewöhnlicher Krimineller bei
jeder Gelegenheit erniedrigt wird, werde ich an andere historische
Personen erinnert, deren Menchenrechte ihnen  auch versagt wurden und
die dann in Einzelhaft gemartert wurden.

  Ich möchte als Beispiele nur einmal Socrates und Jesus Christus
erwähnen, die auch, wie Ernst Zündel, vollkommen von ihren
Zeitgenossen, Freunden, Verwandten, Nachfolgern, Mitarbeitern und
anderen Nahestehenden verlassen schienen,  in Einsamkeit leiden
mußten., und trotzdem, bis auf den heutigen Tag, über die
Jahrhunderte hinaus, uns allen bekannt sind und von allen für ihre
Leiden, aber besonders für ihre Wahrheiten, gepriesen werden.

  Socrates hatte versucht, seinen griechischen Zeitgenossen Wahrheit
und dadurch Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit  zu bringen, wurde aber in
ungerechter Weise von den Mächtigen seiner Zeit gefangen gehalten und
schließlich vergiftet. Und nicht ein einziger seiner Mitburger oder
Studenten kam zu seiner Hilfe.

  Der anderer Märtyrer für Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit war Jesus Christus.

  Dieser Tage wird hier ein Film über das Leben Christis gemäß des
Evangeliums des St. Johannes gezeigt. Wir können die Massen von
Menschen sehen, die durch ein Wunder mit Fischen und Brot gespeist
werden, wie selbst ein römischer Offizier Jesus um eine Heilung für
seinen Sohn bittet, wie andere Kranke geheilt werden und wie sogar
ein Toter wiederaufgeweckt wird. Das alles veranlaßte Tausenden von
Menschen, Jesus' Lehren zuzuhören und ihm zu folgen.

Wo aber waren diese Menschen, wenn Jesus sie brauchte, als er
gefangenen genommen und schließlich gekreuzigt wurde ? Nirgendwo,
sodaß er, sogar von seinem eigenen Vater verlassen,  einen
schändlichen Tod sterben mußte. Gibt es eine schwerer zu ertragende
Einsamkeit ?

Wo sind denn die Tausende von Deutschen, Ukrainern, Holländern und
anderen Europäern, für deren Wiederherstellung ihrer Ehre und ihres
guten Rufes Ernst die besten Jahre seines Lebens gegeben hat?  

Das sind die Gründe, weswegen Ihr, die Ihr heute hier  demonstriert,
auch in der Zukunft nicht vergessen [sein] werdet. Dies sind die
Gründe, warum Ihr stolz darauf sein dürft, hier zu stehen als Kämpfer
für Wahrheit, Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit und in Unterstützung für
Ernst Zündel.

Und so benutze ich heute hier die Gelegenheit, eine der letzten
Kräfte einzusetzen, die den Ohnmächtigen verbleibt: den Heiligen

* Im Namen von Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit verfluche ich

  diejenigen Kleriker, die nicht auf unserer Seite gegen die finsteren
Kräfte kämpfen, wie ihnen der Apostel Paul in seinem Brief an die
Epheser im Kapitel 6, Vers 11 bis 14, befohlen hat: "Ziehet an den
Harnisch Gottes, daß Ihr bestehen könnt gegen die listigen
Anläufe des Teufels. Denn wir haben nicht mit Fleisch und
Blut zu kämpfen, sondern mit Fürsten und Gewaltigen, nämlich mit den
Herren der Welt, die in der Finsternis dieser Welt herrschen, mit den
bösen Geistern unter dem Himmel. Um deswillen ergreifet den Harnisch
Gottes, auf daß ihr an dem bösen Tage Widerstand tun und alles wohl
ausrichten und das Feld behalten möget. So stehet nun, umgürtet an
euren Lenden mit der Wahrheit und angezogen mit dem Panzer der

  * Im Namen von Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit verfluche ich

diejenigen Lehrer, die unseren Kindern Lügen über unsere Geschichte
oder, besonders hier in Kanada, uberhaupt keine Geschichte, lehren.

* Im Namen von Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit verfluche ich

  diejenigen Politiker, die sich selbst im Parlament, von Ernst Zundel
abgewendet und ihm seine Redefreiheit auf dem Parlamentshügel und in
der "Sprecher-Ecke" versagt haben; die damit ihren Eid brachen, das
Gesetz aufrecht zu halten und sich um die Interessen des Volkes zu
kümmern, in dem sie sich fur die Verbreitung der Wahrheit einsetzen.
Stattdessen helfen sie, die Redefreiheit für Ernst und uns zu
beschneiden und zu unterdrücken;

  * Im Namen von Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit verfluche ich

diejenigen Medien, wie Fernsehanstalten, Radiostationen, Zeitungen,
Magazine und deren Journalisten, die die Wahrheit, Redefreiheit und
Forschungsfreiheit unterdrücken oder verdrehen;

  * Im Namen von Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit verfluche ich

die kanadische sog. Sicherheitsbehörde (CSIS), die Ernst als einen
Terroristen gebrandmarkt hat und verfolgt, es aber zugelassen hat,
daß sein Haus einer Brandstiftung zum Opfer fallen sollte und es
zugelassen hat, daß ihm eine lebensgefährliche Bombe ins Haus
geschickt wurde.

* Im Namen von Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit verfluche ich

diejenigen Mitglieder der Justiz, besonders aber die Rechtsanwälte,
die ihren Schwur vergessen haben, fur Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit zu

Wieviele Rechtsanwälte kennt Ihr, die protestiert  haben, als uns ein
sog. Menschenrechtstribunal verkundigte, "Wahrheit ist keine

Aus diesen Grunden fühle ich mich geehrt, auf Eurer Seite zu kämpfen,
und durch Eure Anwesenheit fuhle ich mich ermächtigt, diese FLüche
auszuprechen - und es ist mir ein Vorrecht, mit Euch auf diese Weise
den ehrenhaften Kampf Ernst Zündel's auch auf diese Weise zu


1. Dissent is being criminalized more and more with the advent of the
New World Order. Ernst Zündel, a pacifist, is being held solely
because of his unpopular views. He is being confined, like a child
molester, in solitary confinement, du to the lack of free speech in
this nation. Are we as a nation going to allow this to continue? Most
Canadians say free speech is the freedom they value most, yet stand
[idly] by while Ernst Zündel is incarcerated for holding unpopular
views. Well, we will not stand idly by! We will protest, write
letters to our MPs and not  give up until Ernst Zündel and all of us
are once more free people.  Katja Johannsen Victoria, BC 

  2. I have often wished all this tyranny was not so far so I could
be there. I have been there in spirit  and  am praying. Please tell
Ernst  his courage  sustains  many he  doesn't know personally  but
hold  him in our hearts for his work we  believe in  and  for
instilling in us  the recognition of our  own  personal power to
help us in our  travails.   He is truly a beacon  of light    and
truth,  and he  and his spirit  will prevail.  He is we and we are
him.  Blessings to all of you !  Sylvia Murry

  3. Protesting injustice is vital, but never so much when it involves
an innocent man, a man we know, one of us who dares to believe
differently - and truly represents the rest of us who believe as he
does.  Perhaps he is in jail, enduring this, so we won't have to.  He
has been in  there too long. We want him out.  (S)  Y'all in the
North are awesome in your support.  We, who love the freedom you
support, SALUTE YOU! Diane King Cushing, Texas

  4. I would like to offer my words of support to be read at the
protest. As you have stated in a previous email, today it's Ernst
Zündel in jail, tomorrow, it could be us. As an American, I am
horrified and embarassed that poor Mr. Zündel has been abused and
mistreated by American authorities while millions of illegal
immigrants are running around loose in this country. Independent
thought and free speech used to be legal in the USA. The Zündel case
has made it apparent that is no longer the case. Let us pray for the
restoration of justice in the United States and Canada. Sincerely,
Christine Ross, Virginia Beach, Virginia

  5. I support the demonstrators who are demanding freedom for Ernst
Zündel. Wolfgang Schöbe, Windsor

  6. Ernst Zündel, similar to Galileo Galilei, was incarcerated
because he refuses to worship the Golden Calf and because he is the
driving force behind  the exposure of the biggest deception of the
20th century. The authorities  sitting in judgment over him know this
and, therefore, keep him behind  bars as long as possible as a
vindictive compensation for eventually having  to let him go. The
time will come, however belatedly, when his persecutors will
exonerate [him] and apologize to him. Best regards, Rudi Hilland

  7. I wish to thank you for your continuous efforts for the
preservation of free speech in Canada in general, and freeing Ernst
Zündel in particular, as well as all the participants in this
demonstration for Ernst Zundel's release.  We should never forget
that standing for truth -  and helping the people being victimized by
the present system that cannot allow truth because of its own
corruption - is our greatest weapon against the present system, ruled
and controlled by criminal minds. I would be participating if I
wouldn't be so far away. Best of luck to all of you. (Fred Kyburz,
Coleman, Alberta)

8. Free Zündel. And save his cell for a real terrorist. CSIS should
find something better to do with their time and our tax dollars, than
imprisoning a crusader like Zündel - like stopping the filth of
immigration and the real terrorists who are threatening our nation.
This is the pinnacle of the Canadian Justice System, brutalizing the
innocent.  CSIS and the RCMP should be investigated for mismanagement
of tax dollars, and to clean out all the old farts who couldn't catch
the neighbour's dog, let alone a real terrorist.  While threats from
non-white immigrants are on the rise in  Canada,  what is CSIS, RCMP
and the Justice System doing to protect the white non-violent
citizens?  All white citizens should feel safe with Zündel, but do we
feel safe on Canadian streets?  (S)  I have never been attacked by a
supporter of Zündel, but I have been threatened by a Black.  If
Zündel were running CSIS, migrant terrorists from Third World  slums
would not be a problem.  It is our choice whether with seek the truth
or perpetuate the lie.  I choose Zündel, because he has not forsaken
his beliefs like CSIS and the justice sytem have forsaken the white
people of this nation.  (S)  Evelyn Campbell, Ottawa

9. I wish I were in the neighborhood.  Best wishes.

Louis Calabro
European/American Issus Forum
297 El Camino Real
San Bruno, Ca. 94066
(650) 952-8489

(The European/American Issus Forum is a moderate and thoughtful civil
rights organization dedicated to the eradication of discrimination
against and defamation of European Americans.  We do not denigrate or
slur other racial/ethnic  groups and welcome those who support our


Finally, here is your venerable mainstream media, introduced by Paul Fromm:


Dear Free Speech Supporter:

Sunday's "Free Ernst Zundel" demonstration in Toronto attracted quite
a bit of press attention. CTV and CITY-TV both carried reports on the
evening news; so too did 580 Radio.

The Canadian Press was present and their reports were carried in a
number of papers across Canada, including the CALGARY SUN and 24 -- a
free coloured magazine format giveaway to commuters in Toronto.

Paul Fromm

Monday, November 24, 2003
Zundel's release sought

TORONTO -- Waving Polish, Russian and Red Ensign flags, about 30
supporters of Holocaust-denier Ernst Zündel rallied outside a Toronto
detention centre yesterday.

Zundel, 64, was jailed in February after being deported to Canada for
overstaying a visitor's visa in the U.S.

He's being held on a security certificate while the courts determine
whether it is reasonable to deem him a security risk to Canada and to
deport him to Germany.

"He's not been charged with any crime in Canada," said Paul Fromm,
director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, which
organized the rally.

"The government wants to get rid of him. They say he's a threat to
national security, he's a terrorist. This is absolutely false and

When Zundel was jailed, he applied for refugee status, but his
application was suspended a day after a security certificate was

Fromm and other participants at the rally say Zundel is being held
simply because the government does not like the views he espouses.

A detention review to determine whether Zundel is a risk to Canadian
security -- a review already in its six month -- will resume Dec. 10.



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