Preliminary Comment:


Anyone who still thinks the Holocaust lobby is benign will realize how malicious and ruthless it is and has been in its treatment of Ernst Zündel throughout these past decades.


These individuals who are hiding behind a huge bureaucracy would wilt if the same pressure were put on them, if their secure salaries were taken from them and they would have to stand in battle and come face to face with Zündel.


The prosecutors and the judges whom Zündel had a chance of looking in the eye must feel ashamed of what they are doing. It certainly is not a valiant thing that they are doing to him. They are men driven by envy, hatred, and even perhaps basic ignorance of historical facts.


And yet, they continue and have no moral and intellectual courage to break that cycle of oppression - perhaps until it is too late. They forget that the so-called revolution eats its own children, and that the Gulags were there before the allegations against Hitler firmed into a monstrosity without any foundation in physical/historical fact.


Certainly there is now a foundation on which these monstrosities rest - but it is one legally protected and exempted from rigorous public scrutiny. These various shut-up words aim to protect it: hater, Holocaust denier, antisemite, racist, neo-Nazi, etc. It is frightening to see academics fall in line and give up their academic freedom just so that they are on-side with the prevailing orthodoxy. Dissent is now punishable - that once great hallmark of an independent thinker is now perverted/criminalised into a distain for truth, a fear of freedom and persecution of the helpless 


This is what Ernst Zündel is exposing, has opposed and fought against for almost half a century.


Zündel's crime is that he has worked out a balanced view for himself about Adolf Hitler - and that is supposed to be a crime, a capital offence.




In time the definitive book about Adolf Hitler's good sides will be written - must be written, unless the Germans themselves totally disintegrate as a nation.


As I have as yet not read Mein Kampf  nor The Protocols of Zion, and as Robert Fisk has mentioned these two books in connection with his defence of the use of the word 'antisemite' as a slanderous concept, and as he is a firm believer in the 'Holocaust' dogma (6 million/ state extermination program/gas chambers), I think I shall soon have to delve deeply into at least Mein Kampf.


The Protocols appears to me to be something not too interesting, except this oft-repeated claim by Fisk and anyone else who feel badly about its existence, that it is a forgery.


Why would individuals run around the world crying out, "The Protocols is a forgery, is a forgery, is a forgery!


If that is the case, where is the Original?


Sometimes I wonder about the level of intelligence of those who rail against these two books


Surely one charge against the latter is that the thought-pattern towards world domination  has nothing specifically Jewish about it, but that like Machiavelli's The Prince, it contains information about basic human nature, that if a plan is followed through in a certain way, it will achieve certain results.


In literature we call this kind of activism merely a BATTLE OF THE WILLS - and that's as old as human nature itself.


In any case, the US is currently exercising and following up world domination plans in a rather deceptive manner that even Hitler addressed during the late 1930s. On the one had the US imperialists are pushing freedom and democracy as a value well worth embracing, fighting and dying for, and on the other hand smashing anyone's head in with WMD if they do not want to embrace US-democracy, i.e. using force to liberate individuals.


So, why fear the two books mentioned above - unless therein is contained some universal truths that the nomadic, predatory capitalist, exploitative, liars and slave-makers fear because they love to operate under a shroud of infantile secrecy because their self-loathing and hatred of truth and beauty is fathomless.


Those that have lost something will forever be looking for that loss and make up for it - but this kind of deficiency thinking can find truth and beauty because these concepts are available to all human beings like the God-concept is there for anyone to embrace and nurture and love.


Finally, Fisk's attitude towards Germans is one of hatred - and he is now roaming around the Arabic-speaking world wailing against Israel, the Zionist Israel, and attempting to drum up support for 'the Jews' by using the 'Holocaust' dogma to elicit sympathy and understanding from among the Arabic-speaking peoples of the Middle East.


Somewhere all this does not make sense to me, and it appears there is some emotional breakdown within Fisk's mental framework that is still in a stage of 'becoming'- !


it is Ernst Zündel who has been fighting against this kind of evil for a long time, and his enemy is well organised and they know they have him in their clutches - for the moment at least.


The horrifying thought is will they, can they afford to let him go or must he have an accident? Fortunately Ernst's mind is active as ever and it appears his physical health is good.


I personally wish him a speedy release so that he can continue his activities of exposing the 'Holocaust' lies  until these are banished forever from within our cultural fabric.


Fredrick Töben

1 December 2003






Ernst Zündel

Toronto West Detention. Centre

111 Disco Rd, Box 4950

Rexdale ON M9W IM3


9 November 2003


Dear Fredrick


Thank you for the long and detailed Zündel-Akte you sent me to my jail all on the 2nd of October 2003 . I was completely out of pre-stamped overseas Air-Mail envelopes, which cost me $1.53 each in the prison canteen, and since I can only purchase $60.00 worth of items a week, and don't want to break the piggy-bank either, in order to help pay for the tremendous legal expenses, you and other overseas friends had to wait a while!


But here I am, prisoner #1000 302193, in maximum security, Cell #5, reporting for 'rapport', or as we say in German 'Berichterstattung', to my fellow Revisionist Fredrick Töben!


Last week I was in what was called an 'advanced hearing', requested by the judge because he suddenly had two days in his busy calendar open up!


The judge said he was concerned that my bail hearing was dragging on inordinately long, and finally kept pursuing even the government lawyers to come to the point, which had an effect - and stopped the prosecutor’s favourite tactic, to run out the clock! A Canadian saying, based on the well-known tactic by Canadian Ice-Hockey teams, to "hog" the hockey puck if they are ahead in scores toward the end of an important game like in the National Hockey League Play-Off Games.


Since I am a hockey fan - and a court devotee (unwillingly to be sure) I could of course clearly see the prosecutor’s technique! That's when our conversation of January this year came to mind that you noted in your computer diary, "No vices, no addictions, no hang-ups, no emotional hostages, etc. for us who are the chosen vehicle for an as yet inscrutable destiny!

"I enjoyed the two days you and I had together in Tennessee . Even though it rained and rained and the otherwise beautiful mountain range of the Smokies was hidden in low hanging clouds, we were able to converse about some pretty deep subjects, uninterrupted by phones or staff. Ingrid, busy as always, was able to do her office work, all worked out fine.


I knew all along that these idyllic circumstances would not last! I know our "traditional enemies" better than most because by now I have been bothering them for exactly 45 years!


What I thought was going to be a Battle Royal, with the US Immigration Authorities, and for which I was quietly amassing documentation in order not to imperil my new marriage, that immigration hearing never materialized as w all now know.


I became the victim of an intrigue, orchestrated behind the scenes, employing various intelligence agencies in Canada , the USA and Germany . There is now little doubt about that.


The idea all along was to find a bureaucratic pretext, which it was easy for them to create, simply by not re-scheduling an interview, and not notifying my attorney of record and Ingrid and myself, of this non-rescheduling.


The scenario was like in the famous Sherlock Holmes story entitled 'The dog that did not bark'. For those who don't know the story ... the reason the watchdog did not bark was because it knew the criminal. The INS did not notify me because someone right from the word go was following a script or plan.

The fact that I was not given due process of Immigration Procedures, or American Law generally, with Habeas Corpus - bail being granted - to a man legitimately in the country - is further proof of a guiding hand orchestrating and executing a carefully laid out plan behind the scene.!


That I was booted out of the country and then barred for 2 times 10 years from re-entry, without reasons, like a criminal record, or bad behaviour etc., is further proof, if further proof was needed.


The court documents  filed by our American lawyer you can order from Ingrid, Booklet I and II, which will give you the exhaustive details to buttress my above claims.


To think, or to suggest, that I would jeopardize my being with Ingrid in the United Sates, the only country in the whole world with express constitutional protection for Free Speech for the last 225 years is utterly spurious and ridiculous on the face of it.


Anyone who knows me knows that I appeared for hundreds of court-set dates!


I even attended my deportation hearings in Canada on April 29, 1985 where I knew the adjudicator was going to rule to deport me.


I showed up! He ruled against me, he ruled against me as I knew he would, and two years later his unconscionable politically motivated decision was overturned as "unlawfully issued", which it was, because the appeal in my conviction of the 1985 trials had not been heard.


What few people realized then, and even fewer know today, is that the Canadian Holocaust Lobby was having an Ottawa Convention of "reassurance" after our headline-making trial, a few months earlier - and the then Conservative Party Minister of Immigration - since dead and buried - wanted to garner votes, scrounge for Jewish shekels - and by kicking me the man, and vilified German Canadian dissident, while I was down score points with the Jews.


Well, she preened herself on the podium and gloated how swiftly and efficiently she was fulfilling the Lobbyists most ardent wish by booting me out of the country where I had worked peacefully and law-abidingly for 27 years.


Since I had a stringent court-imposed gag order, I could not publicly defend myself then, but today from my maximum security cell I can and do herewith.


I can also tell you that I once again face a very similar situation this time round.


Here is the scenario - of 'Talmudic' mindsets!


Canada is undergoing a change of Prime Ministers , Sean Chretien the current and long-serving Prime Minister is stepping down to be replaced by an Anglo-Canadian by the name of Paul Martin.


Mr Chretien closest advisors behind the scenes have been and are still largely Jewish. Articles have appeared over the years in publications like MacLean’s Magazine - our version of Time or Newsweek - giving those advisors names, profiles, etc. So, to the politically astute this is no secret!


According to the Canadian media, the current Prime Minister was also a close friend of one Izzy Asper who just happens to be owner of Can-West, a multi-media conglomerate that brooked no criticism of Israel in his papers and TV stations and said so publicly!


Journalists who breached that dictum found themselves unemployed. Four to five years ago, Mr Chretien was known to give speeches to large Jewish audiences, reassuring them that there was no place in "his Canada for Revisionists.


The criticisms or threats made in his speech were obvious enough that Canadian journalists called me at the time and solicited my reaction to the Prime Minister's words!


12-15 years ago the Canadian government met in a secret conclave outside Ottawa with special representatives from Germany at Minister level, to discuss and fine-tune the German-Canadian co-operation in this 'Zündel-Affair'.


My Supreme Court victory of April 27 1992 temporarily put those secret plans of official harassment by tax authorities, customs, immigrations at the airports and borders - which were to be employed against me, on the backburner for a while - but only for a while. Later they hit me full force!


Soon organizations like B'nai  B'rith, the Simon Wiesenthals and Anti-Racist Action (the new shock troops of Zion ) created after we had effectively discredited the Jewish Defence League, were mounting mass demonstrations coupled with a harassment and besetting intimidation campaign. Sometimes 2000-3000, even 4000 people would be mobilized to try and strike fear and terror into me, my staff and the entire neighbourhood.


Since the Supreme Court of Canada had declared my activities constitutionally protected, I felt safe and more secure and built my own public outreach radio and TV network, with the usual Zündel single-mindedness.


That's when the real physical terror started. The police warned me that they had discovered a "vendetta", as they called it, against me! They told me constantly to alternate my habits, change clothing frequently, not eat in the same restaurants, not go to the bank or post office at the same time etc. and to step up security around my house, which I did. One more time!


Posters appeared all over Toronto showing me in the cross hairs of a rifle; others showed pictures of my building with a Molotov cocktail being hurled, exact address, house, number etc.


The police did little.


Then followed the $400 000 damage arson on May 8, 1995 , which would have killed me had I been home.


A week later followed an attempt on my life via a powerful parcel bomb, which I did not open, luckily.


And to add insult to injury, the Canadian Spy Agency called me a Threat to the Security of Canada on August 5, 1995, putting my application for Canadian Citizenship  on hold for which I had applied in 1993. An Immigration bureaucrat said to reporters I had submitted a flawless application, but they were going to try hard to deny me Citizenship.


And so they did.


The next year I found myself dragged before a Human Rights Tribunal  for an interminable hearing lasting five years - the outrage of which was that 'Truth was no Defence",  and I was found guilty of hurting Jewish feelings.


By then I had married Ingrid, moved to the USA to be with her and applied for adjustment of status, all perfectly normal, legal and common place.


Then came my sudden arrest and deportation under drummed-up circumstances already discussed.


This meant my tormentors had achieved their ultimate goal, to have me back in their clutches for further torment and 'Sonderbehandlung' - Special Treatment in Canada once more.


The US media and bureaucrats had said while I was in US custody that I should be deported to Germany , my country of origin and the passport I held from there made it the normally logical destination.


The Germans dutifully issued an arrest warrant on 17 February 2003 , which was an American National Holiday with all offices closed, and I can only surmise that because of the holiday it was never sent in time from Washington to Blount County Jail or Knoxville INS office.


I was picked up at 6:30 am on President's Day and in handcuffs and leg irons  taken to the airport in Knoxville, flown to Atlanta, Georgia, and only there did I find out my destination was Buffalo not Frankfurt Germany. No one at any time told me where they were taking me!


After some back and forth, I ended up in Canada during the worst snow storm of the season, at noon on 19 March 2003


The first thing that I did before my border guard interrogator and Immigration officials could say anything was: "I am asking for political asylum and UN refugee status." I uttered all the phrases I had seen in a UN document while in US custody in Buffalo .


Consternation reigned all around! They were dumbfounded! Nobody wanted to believe me at first, but I insisted before witnesses whose names I had ascertained beforehand. That was apparently the one move my enemies has seemingly not contemplated.


In retrospect the plan seems to have been to hold me in custody, within 48-hours declare me a Security Threat and Terrorist, put me on the next plane to ship me out of Canada, to give me the same "bums rush" I got out of the USA.


My refugee claim and request for political asylum seem to have been a monkey wrench in their so carefully laid plans for my swift booting out of Canada .


A famous Toronto Immigration Lawyer (Jewish, of course) called it "a bizarre twist", since I was claiming asylum where I could justly claim I had been persecuted in courts, etc.


That "bizarre" decision led to the 8 months of incarceration, soon to be 9 months, without bail and without a court's verdict - a pretty novel legal situation. 


When the Chretien Government swore out the National Security Certificate only one Canadian journalist of well-known stature understood the scenario - it would have to be a Jew, a Hungarian Jewish write by the name of George Jonas, said in an article in Izzy Aspers National Post in May or June that the Chretien Government was abusing the National Security Certificate process in my case, and that it was "pandering for a voter segment" which can only be the Jewish one since I have only been hounded from that quarter. 


Thus the Liberal Government is pandering to the Jewish voter segment exactly as the Conservative Party and Government did in May 1985 with my totally illegal deportation at the time for the same self-evident reasons!                            


To score brownie-points with the powerfully connected and wealthy, politically astute "Voter-Segment" as the Jewish writer George Jonas so aptly put it.


That's why the bail hearings are dragging on from what is normally a few hours into already six months, and could continue into the new year!


The National Security Certificate hearings will drag on well into next year, possibly till after the next federal elections, in the meantime millions of dollars are being ponied up by the 'Voter Segment' who will show their gratitude  while my aging group of WWII war veterans  and their widows and their children  are struggling valiantly to scrape together the horrendously high legal fees, to thwart my enemies'35-year agenda , stated over and over again, to have me criminalized and then deported to Germany for further 'Sonderbehandlung' -  Special Treatment where, as the Jewish community and leadership always said, "they know how to deal with Nazis."


I have never before written all this down and would ask you to send or email a copy of this to Ingrid for her archives because many of the historical data she does not know - not even my lawyers - especially not the new ones have this sweeping overview!


There is a new mood afoot in America and also in Europe , especially in Germany and Russia .


Israel and its fifth column are coming under ever closer scrutiny for their criminal actions, locally and internationally. The Jewish century is rapidly drawing to a close - and the age of truth is upon us. We Revisionists have been the midwives of this new age - what will be known as the True World Order. And Adolf Hitler's prophetic words will be realized by millions who today still despise and misunderstand him when he said during his famous Table Talks 1941-42, taken down by a battery of secretaries in shorthand in 1941 and 1942:


1. What is contrary to the visible truth must change or disappear - that's the law of life.


2. Research must remain free and unfettered by any state restriction. The facts which it establishes represent truth and Truth is never evil.


3. I shall never believe that what is founded on lies can endure forever. I believe in Truth. I'm sure that in the long run Truth must be victorious.


When the prosecutor asked me if I was an admirer of Adolf Hitler, I freely admitted it. The above three thoughts are some of the reasons for my admiration!



 The prosecutor and the judge never bothered to ask me if there were areas where I had disagreements with Hitler's policies or actions. Therefore I did not have to answer what I was not asked.


That's it from Cell #5.


All the best.

Ernst Zündel




Fredrick Töben comments           

30 November 2003


All this sanctimonious nonsense from the judiciary that Ernst has to endure reminds me of the time the bureaucratic mind moved against me when I was a teacher. I was declared to have 'massive teaching problems' and the principal wanted to help me. When I advised him that he had better reform the whole system because all teachers on the staff have the same problems, he walked off in a huff. 


This was an incident later used against me that I did not wish to be helped and that I was insubordinate! I then went along with the procedures because I felt and hoped that those 'above' would be objective enough to see what was happening at ground level at the Goroke school. Little did I then realize that Jewish, and non-Jewish administrators had already seen me, a teacher with a German background and all that it implies, as a threat. My dismissal was ultimately reversed because I could prove that I had not been given Natural Justice, though the Director of Education and his legal team advised otherwise. A small tape recording proved who was the liar. I learned a lot throughout this rather painful process, but the pattern is similar to what Revisionists have to endure. 


The teaching of English had been reduced to one of busy-work while I still taught spelling, basic grammar, dictation, composition, précis writing, etc. I also did not share any enthusiasm for 'Jewish' literature that seemed to bring in a subjectivity to which no-one could really relate. I taught basic classical English and world literature instead - works that have withstood the test of time. 


Like Ernst's judge, my principal also wanted nothing more than to help me - and he expressed great concern for my wellbeing. That was the image he projected publicly and to my face, and of course behind my back he revealed himself as a sneaky, gutless weakling without any moral or intellectual virtues whatsoever. He embodied the typical teacher who is a man among boys and a boy among men. 


Anyone wishing to read this story may order my book, The Boston-Curry Party, from Peace Books, PO Box 3300, Norwood 5067, Australia.



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