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Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

December 2, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

When people think of Kristallnacht - The Night of the Broken Glass -
they think of Germans, both soldiers and civilians, having gone mad
with revenge and having gone on a rampage across Germany smashing
Jewish businesses and synagogues and physically abusing Jews.

There exists at least one book by German researcher Ingrid Weckert
that makes the claim that the attacks of Kristallnacht were
masterminded by non-German elements for the purpose of damaging the
Third Reich's image and discrediting the Hitler regime.

Allegedly, provocateurs in German uniforms streamed across the
borders into Germany, did their havoc for a few hours, and then
mysteriously disappeared.  We certainly know today that many
atrocities in Russia were committed by commissars in German uniforms
to give the Germans a black eye.

I haven't read the book and feel that the glimpse in the Ernst Zundel
letter below is not nearly complete or compelling, but I am sure that
for many Zgram readers this will offer a new perspective, especially
in light of 9/11 where very few politically astute people still
believe that it was the Arabs who did it.

Ernst wrote this letter to Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical
Review and obviously refers to previously discussed topics.  Here is
a brief excerpt:


Just like Hitler had broken out of the boycott efforts and was
wearing down resentments and negative stereotypes by good
administration and sound if revolutionary economic and social
policies and then topped it all off with the 1936 Olympics, which
successfully buried the stereotypes generated in the First World War
with their evil Hun propaganda, the Palestinians were succeeding in
freeing themselves themselves from the image of the eternal
"cut-throat Arab".

Yassir Arafat and his people were winning the hearts and minds of
decent people - even Israelis, people like Israel Shamir - with the
peace movement. Europe was beginning to take their side, as did ever
more Americans.  The shift was tangible. Palestinians were gaining
recognition by their courage and sacrifices, and it was only a matter
of months, maybe years, until a viable Palestinian state would have
been born.  The Israelis and Jews knew it!

Then came 9/11. For the Palestinian and the Arab-Muslim cause
generally, the direct, long-term impact of 9/11 was just like the
effects of Kristallnacht on Hitler's ideas and on his government,
especially the German people's reputations in the minds of the conned
masses around the world - devastating!  From that moment on, when
those planes hit those towers, NO media person, churchman or
diplomat, least of all Western politicians, could dare to take the
Palestinian side.  Not really even now - their cause was dead, as
Hitler's was after Kristallnacht.

Those who planned and brilliantly executed 9/11 knew that, before any
plane ever was gassed up in Boston.  There were two or three
ex-Israeli prime ministers in America during that week - "by chance",
of course - and the media knew how to reach them within minutes.  You
remember Netanyahu's statement that day that these attacks were "very
good for IsraelS"?

9/11 was designed to deliver that effect.

Look at Kristallnacht and its aftermath!  Civilized and decent people
around the world, especially the Aryan world, rightly recoiled at
these barbaric acts, unheard-of in German history.  Poland had its
pogroms, as did Czarist Russia, Rumania - but not Germany!  And now

That Kristallnacht happened on the 9th of November '38 is significant
because it points like a laser beam to one group of people - and one
only! - who knew how the "Nazi"-state worked.  Who, apart from
Germany's refugee or emigré population in Prague, Paris, Brussels,
Amsterdam - and also Jewish community activists and sleeper agents
inside Germany - would know that the National Socialist Party offices
and the SA offices would be staffed on that night only by those in
the lowest ranks of the totem pole? Who had lived, or was in fact
still living, among them during that time in 1938?

Whoever pulled off Kristallnacht knew the Germans and their habits
very intimately.  Those who planned Kristallnacht knew all the "facts
on the ground".  They knew every "Nazi" worth his name was going to
be in Munich that day, celebrating the "Marsch zur Feldherrnhalle" -
and consequently would be hard to be reached by his or her
subordinates.  Remember, telephones only existed in maybe 1 per 100
households, and cell phones were unknown for another 60 years.

They knew there would be only inexperienced third-, fourth echelon
people on duty.  It would have been the easiest thing in the world to
get SA uniforms, the right badges  etc.  All you had to have was
connections to or be a tailor or a dry cleaner.  To get those
uniforms was nothing.

Language was no problem either, not even dialects.  600,000 Jews were
born in Germany, most still lived there, so manpower was no problem.

The French, Belgium, Dutch borders were only one, two hours away from
the towns where the pogroms seem to have started.  If something went
wrong, to get away was easy. From what I have read, the local
officials, almost to a man, testified to the fact that they were
ordered by higher ranking officers than themselves to go smash or
torch these places, shops, synagogues etc.  Only someone intimately
knowledgeable with the German "obedience unto death" - blindly
following orders by someone higher in rank, especially if you were of
the lowest rank, would know that these orders would be followed.

There is not an army or a police force in the world where your basic
recruit would not execute the orders of a much higher ranking
officer. Not in the real world - least of all in a hierarchical,
uniform-dominated state like the National Socialist state.

What always bothered me about Kristallnacht was why the Hitler
Government would impose that obscene fine on Germany's Jewish
community.  How on earth could a man with Hitler's political
instincts not sense that this would be adding insult to injury?
Totally unbelievable and uncharacteristic of him, fining the victims!
There is something so grotesquely wrong with that whole concept that
only an agent provocateur or someone totally blind to global
political and media reality could have promulgated that insane order.

Do we know who first proposed it?  I would love to know the author of
this idea.  I would not be surprised if Goering had something to do
with that, or maybe Himmler.  I can't believe Goebbels or Hitler
would not at once have felt it in their bones that it was wrong, dead
wrong, and would have disastrous consequences for Germany.

If you have anything on that issue, I would be grateful to receive
and study it.

Imagine a state never solving who pulled off Kristallnacht - or 9/11!
S 9/11 was a repeat, only on a perversely much more in-your-face
scale because this time, they did not do it to a deadly enemy but to
their foremost ally.


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