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November 6, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:


Well, lo and behold!  Remember the Zgram of some three weeks ago
where I informed my readers that Ernst Zundel had been found innocent
in a simulated high school court defended by a tenth grader who
played defense attorney?  The vote was 7 to 2, and the young lady was

It didn't take long, and a panicky tenth grader wrote back and told
me that there was a huge uproar at her school because I had published
her letter.  The kid was terrified!

Here is the Zgram that offended:


ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

October 17, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I interrupt the Prisoner of Conscience Letter series to bring you
this sweet story.  I already told you part of it, but for the sake of
completion and in order to frame the heart-warming ending, I am
running the first parts again.

As you know, there are always requests sent to the Zundelsite for
interviews, for revisionist material, for verification of certain
revisionist claims etc.  Ever more frequently, such requests come not
only from college and university students but also from high school
students.  I have become wary of such requests because often these
kids want a quick fix so they don't have to do the research for their
homework.  Also, not infrequently, our ever-cunning foes like to
throw monkey wrenches into our paths, hoping they will catch us at
some careless communication so they can run shrieking to "Hate
Squads" and such and charge us with "contaminating" our youth with

Therefore, when I received the following, replete with some typos, I
took it with a grain of salt:

"Hello, I am a student in 10th grade, and doing some research for the
Zundel Case. In class we are having a make-believe court house.  I
was assigned the task of a "lawyer", in the defense of Zundel and
proving his sentence was unjust.  I did some research, but I couldn't
excatly find what I wanted.  When I searched on the internet most of
them were news articles.  From these articles I was getting a feel
that I was only recieving one side of the story.  I didn't really
find information on Zundel himself.  I was wondering if you can send
me some information on Zundel, like a little biography.  Maybe when
he was born, what he liked when he was little, what he was taught,
and excatly how he came to his ideas today.  And I also need some
information on the excat info he based his views on.  If you can send
me some more information that would be greatly appreciated.  I kind
of need it by tommrow, so the sooner you reply the better.  We will
be having the make-believe court on Thursday of this week.  Sorry for
such short notice!"

I replied to make sure I had a legitimate inquiry from a young person
with a challenging sample of homework:

"Tell me your real name, your teacher's name, and what school you go
to, so I can check you out. We get a lot of phony requests, and I
don't have time to follow them all. I will be glad to help legitimate

"There is a lot of bio information on the Zundelsite at

"I would also appreciate some feedback on how the make-believe
courthouse reenactment went."

Back came a speedy answer:

"Hi again, you wanted to know some more information about me.  My
name is **(censored at request of school)**, and I'm in grade 10.
This class that I'm doing this project for is called Academic
Encounters (civics and careers).  I attend **(censored at request of
school)**, which is loacted in Burlington, Ontario.  And I don't want
to disclose my teacher's name, b/c I don't know if she would be
comfortable that one of her students is disclosing her name.
(hopefully u kind of understand this) So I don't know? Please send me
some information! The make-believe court is tommrow, and 1st period
which means class starts at 8:15.  So sooner the information the
better! Sorry for the short notice again!"

I only saw this this mid-morning on Thursday, so there was no time to
send additional information.   I had given this student a link that
might be helpful, and she was on her own.  I went on about my
business.   I certainly didn't expect that there would be a follow-up.

But lo and behold:

"Hello, the court re-actment went really good today.  The defense
won, which is me and one of my friends. I think it was the way we
argued, which shot out the prosecution.  We gave solid evidence that
the ideas that Mr. Zundel believed in was not only his own opinion,
but rather a historical argument based on real facts.  We also used
the law, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Universal Declaration of
Rights, section 17, which supports freedom of opinion, right to
express your on thoughts..so on and so on.  Basically prosection said
that everybody has a right to their own security, and that Mr.
Zundel's views threaten the security of Jewish people.  That was
basically what they repeatedly kept saying.  The vote went 7 to 2.
(vote meaning, the supreme court's justices' votes)  See some of the
other members in my class were the Justices of Supreme Court.  It was
really interesting to learn about this case, and thank you for the
link to the biography.  I wish you all the best for you and Mr.

I think this is remarkable!  This tenth-grader, probably around
sixteen years old, has figured out what the Zionist-infested
Government of Canada, as well as the beholden Canadian media, can't
seem to figure out!


Be proud of this young lady!

Not all is lost as yet when there is still that kind of independence
of mind and generosity of heart despite one of the most vicious,
decades-long media vilification campaigns that our Neighbor to the
North has ever unleashed on an innocent man!  And let us hope that,
for once, the Internet Jews we know all too well will refrain from
insulting and sullying this kid with their smut they always have
ready in buckets!

Ingrid Zundel


Exactly as I feared!  I don't know the details of what transpired at
her school, but shortly thereafter I received a stern official email
signed by the school's principal and vice-principal, followed by a
snail mail written on High School stationary and, hence, in the
public domain:


October 21, 2003

Dear Ms. Zundel:

On October 18, 2003 a letter titled "I interrupt this Prisoner of
Conscience SeriesS"  written by Ingrid Rimland was published by the
zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org site.  In this letter, the name of a
student from this school was published.

The student request, school assignment, and subsequent follow up note
from the student have been misrepresented and misused by this site
and its author.  The communication from the student was used without
the student's knowledge or permission or that of the student's

This letter is to inform you that the names of the student, school
and location are to be removed from this site immediately.  In no way
and at no time has this student, the school, or the school board
supported the positions espoused by Mr. Zundel or anyone connected
with his organization.

I look forward to your expeditious response to this letter.

Yours truly,

M. J. Dick-Westerby

D. Boag
Vice Principal

cc:D. Tutton, Superintendent
   L. Rudner, Canadian Jewish Congress
   A. Bromberg, Human Rights, B'nai Brith Canada
   Student and Parents


Sad, isn't it?  One could say a lot - and perhaps some of my Zgram
readers will feel moved to respond to these two eager beaver school
administrators falling all over themselves to please Canada's
ever-vigilant censors .  If so, the emails to respond are these two
addresses: dickwesterbym@hdsb.ca, boagd@hdsb.ca .

Please copy your letters to me because this episode, too, is part of
the public record of our struggle against rampant and irresponsible
censorship and will be studied and evaluated by future generations.

Let me say this, to underline that I am speaking with authority:  In
the 1970s and 1980s, I worked for years as an educational
psychologist in public schools, with thousands of children and
hundreds of school administrators.  I also had a private practice, an
award-winning newspaper column called "Children in Focus" - widely
read! - and vast experience as an educational consultant to parents,
teachers, and administrators in some 5 California school districts
and 40 public as well as private schools.  I know whereof I speak.

Without having tested her, I can vouch that this young lady who wrote
to me is one of those rare, gifted kids who has an independent mind,
a courteous  disposition, good research skills, a sense of justice
and fair play, charisma and, yes, courage.  That kind of mind is
precious.  It belongs to the future of Canada.  It is a moral crime
to sully and to stifle it with censorship.

Through this censorship episode, this youngster has been gravely
injured in her judgment and moral equilibrium.   She has been injured
not by me and certainly not by having read about Ernst Zundel - she
has been injured by the very people who are entrusted in the sacred
duty to guard and cherish her emotional and intellectual well-being.

She has been made to think that what she did was wrong.  It wasn't
wrong.  She showed more common sense, respect for facts, and
reverence for justice than most grown people in Canada's court system
and media.

I am attaching to this Zgram an important document.  I formally
request that a copy of this document is given to the school board
members, to the parents, and to the student herself.  She is old
enough to read it, and she will not turn into a frog.

It is the text of an ad that was published in the Washington Times a
few weeks ago.  It explains who Ernst Zundel is, what this Freedom of
Speech struggle is really all about - and what it is costing Canadian
taxpayers, not only in money but freedom.  This ad was confiscated by
Canada Customs, believe it or not.  Why?  Beats me!  Might Canadians
find out some facts about Ernst Zundel his detractors would just as
soon sweep under the rug - that, maybe, he doesn't have horns?

Further, I will take the liberty of copying this correspondence to
the town's daily newspaper.  Perhaps, in censor-happy Canada, there's
going to be a follow-up, if miracles still happen.

Ingrid Rimland Zündel, Ed.D.


This is Ad # 3.  That is the one Canada Customs confiscated for
investigation as "hate speech."


  An Open Letter to the Congressional Judiciary Committee, headed by
  Congressman James Sensenbrenner, to investigate the political
  kidnapping of Ernst Zundel

  This is the third in a series of ads planned to inform America's
  leaders and the public at large about the arrest and "deportation" of
  my husband, Ernst Zündel. Additional ads are planned in Russia,
  Germany and Japan.

  My first ad, titled "An Open Letter to Vladimir Putin" (6-12-03)
  was meant to illustrate that Stalinist tactics have come to
  America.  My second ad, titled "An Open Letter to the Senate and
  Congress of the United States", (9-7-03) was a graphic description of
  how a brutal, politically motivated kidnapping was carried out.  This
  ad takes my campaign for basic human rights yet one step further - to
  free my husband, and to warn America.

  I have been cautioned not to mention America's most powerful taboo.
  Instead, I quote from a Letter to the Editor of the Washington Times,
  (9-10-03) written by one Nelson Marans, that was published in
  response to my second ad - it mentions the taboo for me:

  "While paid advertisements may be the financial lifeblood for many
  newspapers, I would have hoped that The Washington Times would have
  displayed more selectivity when confronted by an advertisement from a
  Holocaust denier [page A7, Sunday]. Convicted of that crime in
  Germany and guilty of spreading his message of hate throughout the
  world, Ernst Zundel is not misunderstood and a victim, but instead an
  advocate of religious and racial hatred. He supports the
  extermination of not only Jews, but blacks and any other members of
  so-called inferior races."  (Nelson Marans, Silver Spring)

  When a charge that serious is being made about an ad I placed, I am
  entitled to a full reply.  Moreover, I will pay for it so I can state
  it fully.  What I have to say, below, is part of the public record
  and can be verified by anyone.

  My husband has NEVER supported "... the extermination of not only
  Jews, but blacks and any other members of so-called inferior races" -
  That is called libel and is actionable!  With this ad, in a still
  semi-free America where an accused has the right, we all assume, to
  set the record straight, I take this opportunity to do precisely

  It is true that Ernst Zundel, a German nationalist, has been a
  political activist all of his adult life, speaking up for his
  people's maligned World War II generation.  Insisting on a balanced
  view of history based on documented evidence is not "spreading
  hatred" - most people would call it Free Speech.

  Ernst  was only six years old at the end of World War II.  He came to
  Canada while still a teenager and lived there for more than 40 years.
  He chose Canada because it did not require conscription since, raised
  as a Christian, he abhorred war and any kind of violence, and he has
  never changed his mind.  As he has put it, then and since, "I won't
  take up a gun at governments' behest to kill another human being who
  has done me no harm."

  With an innate artistic talent and excellent training in graphic
  arts, acquired in the ruins of bombed-out, postwar Germany, Ernst
  very quickly became wealthy - and seriously concerned about an
  increasingly hysterial crescendo of post-World War II propaganda
  against the country of his birth.

  At first, his activism was a part-time hobby.  In 1967, he decided to
  get into mainstream political action, largely in token protest
  against ethnic vilification of the country that he loved.  He was an
  immigrant, the youngest candidate ever in the history of Canada to
  run for political office as head of the Liberal Party - which, had he
  won, would have automatically entitled him to become  Prime Minister.
  In an address to a live audience of 25,000, he pleaded for an end to
  anti-German hate propaganda and for Germany's reunification.

  Shortly thereafter, to his amazement, his then pending application
  for Canadian citizenship was turned down, even though his record of
  conduct was spotless, and citizenship was routinely granted to
  successful immigrants.

  A promising mainstream political career thus cut short, he turned to
  non-violent street activism, mostly picketing of movie houses and
  print media.  By then, he had a following of mostly European
  immigrants from many different countries.  His name became a
  household word, not only in Canada but increasingly abroad.

  Never once did he or his supporters resort to any form of violence,
  either in speech or in action.  The record speaks for itself.

  In the early 1980s, the Canadian government arbitarily and
  dictatorially denied Ernst his postal privileges.  It ruined his
  lucrative graphic arts studio but broadened his political appeal and
  brought him scores of free speech supporters from all over the world.

  After a prolonged and very costly legal struggle, he won his postal
  privileges back.  A Government-sponsored Postal Tribunal ruled
  tersely that the Canadian government should keep its nose out of "...
  a conflict between two peoples, the Germans and the Jews."

  Next, his German passport was revoked and stayed revoked for many
  years.  Documents obtained by his attorneys through the  Freedom of
  Information Act revealed to his astonishment how much his ever more
  vociferous opponents feared the Zundel Truth-in-History campaign, and
  how seriously he was being taken by the powers in and behind several
  governments.  He says today:  "Scales fell from my eyes!"

  In November of 1983, a well-known, wealthy Holocaust survivor
  brought criminal charges against Ernst for "spreading false news"
  under the Canadian Criminal Code's ancient Section 177, a law that
  dated from 12th Century England.  More than 800 years ago, this law
  had  protected England's aristocracy from wandering minstrels
  chanting ditties against the powers-that-be.  Only twice before had
  it been used in Canada.

  Videos exist of the subsequent seven-week trial that show how Ernst,
  his legal team and friends were being threatened, pushed, beaten and
  spat on as they fought their way into the court house, while a
  frenzied mob, waving sticks and brandishing canes, hissed and
  screamed obscenities at the top of their lungs.  One reporter from
  the Toronto Sun wrote that Ernst was "...winning the battle of images
  by mere contrast of behaviour."

  Next, a bomb exploded in Ernst's garage.  Jewish circles contacted
  the media and claimed responsibility.  Police chose not to follow up.

  Ernst Zundel lost that first trial, but upon appeal the judge was
  found to be biased.  A new trial was ordered.  This trial commenced
  in 1988.  It lasted almost four months.  Ernst paid for his defense,
  as he had done before, and has done ever since.  The tax payers of
  Canada paid for the prosecution - by the millions!

  Right at the start of this new trial, the judge took judicial notice
  - which means, in layman's terms, that the historical event known as
  the Holocaust, as claimed, was a historical "given" - and could not
  be put to the test.  This ruling made a conviction a foregone

  "Before this judge, in this court, the battle is hopeless," Doug
  Christie, defense attorney, told Ernst.  "I can't win it for you."

  "This one," replied Ernst, "is not for myself.  This one will be my
  gift to history."

  This trial made history.  It gathered court witnesses and experts
  from all over the world - for no other reason than to document and,
  thus, cement their testimony in court transcripts.  One crucial
  outcome was the Leuchter Report, a global bestseller, obtained after
  a forensic investigative team flew to Auschwitz in then still
  Communist Poland.  The Leuchter Report was a milestone.

  Since judicial notice precluded  victory, Ernst lost this trial as
  well, but after many appeals and a great deal of legal struggle and
  yet more millions spent on both sides, the Supreme Court of Canada
  exonerated him.  After 9 years of costly litigation, the highest
  court in Canada said this:

  "Section 2(b) of the Charter protects the rights of a minority to
  express its view, however unpopular it may be. ...The content of the
  communication is irrelevant.  The purpose of the guarantee is to
  permit free expression to the end of promoting truth, political or
  social participation, and self-fulfillment.  That purpose extends to
  the protection of minority beliefs which the majority regards as
  wrong or false."

  The highest court of Canada had spoken.  In a sane world this would
  have been the end.  Ernst certainly believed it.  Now he could turn
  to his first love and do what he had always longed to do - open an
  art gallery somewhere up in the mountains.

  Within four days, he was re-charged - this time under Canada's
  infamous Hate Laws.  The government, however, refused to carry
  through.  There were several more attempts, always with a new twist,
  to charge him with a hate crime.  The charges never stuck, for Ernst
  is not a hateful man - and he has the record to prove it.

  Thus having been cleared of all charges, Ernst decided to re-apply
  for Canadian citizenship.  The Globe and Mail reported that his
  application was "flawless".

  Again he was turned down.  Again, no explanation.

  In the fall of 1994, the Zundel-Haus, as it was known, became the
  target of 24-hour telephone terror, violent demonstrations, and
  postering of flyers across Toronto by the thousands with explicit
  instructions on how to make Molotov cocktails.  These flyers cited
  the Zündel-Haus address and showed Ernst's face in the crosshairs of
  a rifle.  Police looked the other way and never charged anyone for
  incitement to murder.  Privately, a policeman warned Ernst that the
  word had gone out that $800 would get him "bumped off".

  In the early morning of the 50th anniversary of Germany's defeat and
  surrender, May 8, the Zundel-Haus went up in flames.  Had Ernst been
  home, he would have been killed.  Invaluable documents, letters and
  books were destroyed.  Even though the arsonist was caught on video
  and his name and whereabouts were known and turned over to the
  police, there was no follow-up.

  This act of violence was followed 10 days later first by an
  AIDS-laced razor blade in the mail and then by a parcel bomb which,
  had it exploded, would have killed everyone in a radius of 300 feet.

  Ernst rebuilt the Zundel-Haus - bigger, better and stronger - with
  the help of his freedom-of-speech friends from all over the world.

  Since criminal charges didn't stick, Ernst's opponents turned to
  Human Rights legislation, focusing on cyberspace.  It would go too
  far, and be too tedious, to describe the subsequent 5-year cyberspace
  censorship battle in various Canadian courtrooms, the outcome of
  which was a Human Rights Tribunal Stalinist verdict:  "Truth is no

  This ruling shocked Ernst to the core.  He now knew that there was no
  way he could win his case in the courts of Canada.  Moreover, he had
  made his mark.  Historical  revisionism had made spectacular inroads.
  Revisionist papers, books, seminars, symposia were sprinkled across
  hundreds of websites in cyberspace and seriously studied in colleges
  and universities, even in the embassies of countries that mattered.
  The information was out in the open - it would be up to the people to
  draw their own conclusions.  Ernst decided his part of the struggle
  was done.

  By that time, Ernst Zundel and I were married and had settled in the
  hills of Tennessee, in looks reminiscent of his homeland in the Black
  Forest.  Here he would do what he had always longed to do - create in
  his own gallery and use his artistic talent to add beauty to the

  Then came the arrest, out of nowhere!  Why?  Why now?

  Ernst's censorship battles had lasted three decades.  He was known
  globally for his politically incorrect views, but with no criminal
  record on this continent where he had spent all his adult life.  He
  was married to a U.S. citizen, seeking adjustment of status pursuant
  to a properly filed application, whose presence in that capacity had
  been authorized by the Attorney General.  Suddenly, with no
  provocation, he was brutally arrested and deported.  Dictatorships
  act that way.  Democracies have procedural safeguards - including
  habeas corpus.

  To make one's case before a judge is a basic American right,
  enshrined in our Constitution.  More specifically, Federal Rule of
  Appellate Procedure 23 states that anybody in the custody of US law
  enforcement must not be removed to another location, much less booted
  out of the country, until a judge has heard the case.  The public
  expects a court to rule on the facts as presented by both sides.

  We asked that we be judged on all the facts and on the merits of our
  arguments.  We asked to have a district judge in Knoxville hear the

  Within minutes, this court turned us down in a one-sentence ruling,
  without any hearing.

  The very next day, we appealed to the Sixth Circuit Court.  Four days
  later, our appeal was denied by a three-member panel of judges.  The
  order was signed by a Clerk.

  And here comes the ghastly part that ought to make America's
  judiciary shudder:

  Through the Freedom of Information Act, we learned that this Clerk,
  along with at least one other employee, resorted to ex parte
  communication.  In laymen's terms, employees of an appellate court
  went outside the record to speed the deportation of a dissident  -
  one might say that they aided and abetted a political kidnapping!
  More yet, two separate motions were filed in the Sixth Circuit Court
  requesting Rule 23 relief - and both times the same Clerk turned us

  At this point, we don't even know if the three judges cited in the
  ruling of the deportation order knew about our motion for stay of
  deportation.  They may or may not have known.  However, we are surely
  entitled to find out.  Who was behind this kidnapping - which was,
  for all intents and purposes, an extradition in the guise of

  Conscientious men with training in the law will recognize the danger
  of a precedent.  Twice, the  Sixth District Court has given the jack
  boot to habeas corpus, a procedural safeguard enshrined in the
  Constitution of America.  Baseless arrests of inconvenient dissidents
  will be the outcome in the future - unless this abuse is stopped in
  its tracks!

  Ernst Zundel has a flawless record of a kind and decent man who
  refuses to live on his knees.  He never preached or practiced
  violence - he is the victim of politically motivated violence.  As
  his wife, I hereby formally petition the Congressional Judiciary
  Committee, headed by Congressman James Sensenbrenner, to investigate
  the misconduct of the Sixth District Court.  American justice is
  supposed to be blind and impartial.  It is imperative that this abuse
  of basic human right be properly investigated and the misconduct be
  traced and punished at its source.

  Ingrid Rimland Zundel, Ed.D.

Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

November 5, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Last night, I typed and edited this with a very heavy heart but can
only send it today. The reason for my sadness was that I knew that
yet another so-called "bail hearing" would yield exactly nothing -
starting today and scheduled to last through tomorrow.  That judge
just babbles on and hasn't got a clue!

Somewhere I read that a Security Certificate is costing the good
Canadians more than $1 million per political target - and here they
(and we) have already paid almost a year's worth of attorney fees -
and not even the bail question has yet been settled!  It will be yet
one more grotesque display of Jewish rancor - and to what end?  To
keep a mind imprisoned that stretches across eons of time and sees
far more than most of us perceive?

I was looking for something uplifting and "neutral" to send out on
the eve of this hearing.  Can you  toy with the idea that maybe we,
who are so fundamentally different from our enemies not just in looks
but inwardly, in our very soul and spirit, , might be descendents of
that lost world called Atlantis?

In the excerpt below, you see Ernst on a flight of fancy in a letter
to a Midwest supporter.  If I misspell a few terms, don't hold it
against me - I am not familiar with this saga at all, but I know that
it is of great significance to Ernst.  He can really dig into those
sagas and tales of the past and get an emotional charge out of it:


Your treatise, entitled "Atlantis:  A different view has to be the
most powerful, thought-provoking, mind- and phantasy-stimulating
piece that I have come across in all the years I have probed and
researched these topics.  That brings me to the speculations about a)
did Atlantis exist, and b) if it did, where was it?

I am fairly familiar with the various speculative theories about the
topic.  I tend to agree with you as to the geographic location.  I
think that the North Sea idea of Jürgen Spanuth is a bit far-fetched.
I will readily concede that there are remnants of an ancient culture
and people up in regions like the British Isles, Scotland and even
northwestern France.  But like you, I think that the Eastern
Mediterranean and offshore Greek-Turkish area seems more likely to be
the place.

You talk about that "Great Aegean Earthquake" if that theory is
correct - that the land barrier was pierced at Gibraltar, let's say,
10,000 or more years ago.  The Mediterranean Basin was rapidly filled
with inrushing waters.  The weight of that enormous body of water
would have created earthquakes of a 10 on a Richter Scale.  We know
that because after the Sambesi River Dam and Caborra Bassa were
completed, as the vast lakes formed behind the dams - nothing the
size of the scale of the whole Mediterranean, mind you - massive
earthquakes took place all over Africa which were registered in
Nigeria, Sudan and all the way to the Quattara Depression on the
Egyptian/Libyan borders.

One can imagine what will happen in China on the Yangtze, when those
massive Chinese dams will be completed.  There will be huge
earthquakes in China and the rest of Asia, you can be sure!
Thousands will die as a result!  And all of those earthquakes would
be minor compared to what the weight of the Mediterranean Sea would
have done to that area!

That Thera and Santorini and possibly Atlantis were  pressed down by
the huge weight of water is not only conceivable but eminently
logical.  That Cro-Magnon living spaces, caves etc. should be flooded
is also logical.  That's why recently discovered, huge caves have
entrances that were under water but whose walls are adorned with
paintings of clearly African type animals that lived there in that
basin before that Gibraltar Mountain range gave way!

That would mean that all the waters'-edge cities [of Atlantis would
be] hundreds of feet or more below the surface of the present day
Mediterranean sea level.  There must have been a large body of water
because rivers like the Nile, the Po, the Tiber, the Rhone and many
smaller ones emptied into that inland sea - something like the
Caspian Sea today!

If we look at that scenario realistically, there would have been a
very healthful climate and fertile soil from eons of time, of silt
being deposited.  Just as in the  Egyptian Nile lowlands, and also
the Fertile Crescent around the Euphratis and Tigris River, that area
would have spawned thriving civilizations, as happened in the Indus
Valley, where the same fertilization through floodwater-born mountain
silting guaranteed the most health-giving, body nourishing crops for
untold millennia.

Atlantis, or the lowlands-coastal regions of Thera, Santorini,
Cyprus, Crete, Corsica, Sicily and both coasts of Italy and North
Africa, must have produced crops, and thus human civilizations, in
abundance.  It is not inconceivable that just like the Indo-Germanic
inhabitants of the Indus Valley, whose Sanskrit language even today
has high tech terms for all kinds of things like silent flying
machines, rockets etc., such a highly developed culture and
civilization existed in those coastal lowlands where you suspect
Atlantis to have been.

This would also go a long way in explaining why the Greeks could come
up with such magnificent temples, virtually from standstill, and
build magnificent cities, holy shrines, well-engineered fleets,
marvelous sports stadiums - and also why they were such skilled
warriors and military tacticians.  It also would explain why Turkey
and North Africa on higher ground would be dotted with the most
beautifully laid-out and perfectly constructed massive stone
structures, temples etc.  Those could harken back to at least genetic
imprint memory if not to actual skills and learning passed down to
them by their lowland-dwelling Atlantis forebears, who left them
behind in the highlands of Crete, Cyprus, Italy, Greece and along the
Turkish-Palestinian, Egyptian and Libyan coasts or new shore lines.
That these early Aryans would sail out through the Pillars of
Hercules at both ends of their new lake should not surprise any of us
who still sense the blood of our ancestors in our veins.

A few years ago, Discovery Magazine had a fascinating article about
blue-eyed, blond, 6' tall Aryan mummies, which were found perfectly
preserved in outer Mongolia.  Some of these mummies were women who
were dressed in Scottish Tartan pattern dresses with finely woven
woollen garments, sewn piping in bright colors, with leather boots
and horses bridles made from iron, similar in design to artifacts
found in the northern Ukraine, today's Byelorussia.  Some of the
mummies had intricate brain surgery and injuries sutured by fine
needles using horsehair as thread, as perfectly as any modern
surgeon's work.

Populations moved from Northwest to Greece, Egypt - South to East, it
seems.   China was indeed colonized by these Aryans who introduced
iron smelting to China, the only country that has no stone age or
bronze age to speak of before suddenly iron and metal tools and
weapons arrived.

I just read a fascinating book, The Seven Sisters of Eve,  which
genetically, through DNA analysis, proves that the moves of
Polynesians was from China to  Malaysia to Borneo towards Hawaii and
the Coast of America, and that Thor Heiderdahl's Kon Tiki was in
error.  Nice adventure, but still, the settlement pattern went in the
opposite direction, which proves that the German professor Wirth was
correct - that Aryans roamed the planet from at least 30,000 B.C. in
every direction, maybe even long before those dates.

That makes all your theories relevant and fascinating, and I think
you are on the right track to use overlapping linguistic terms -
descriptions for tools, houses, temples and gods.  With today's
vastly expanded memories of even simple home computers, a dedicated
team of revisionists could solve these riddles with far less sweat
and costs than Schliemann spent in finding the gold of Troy.

I also believe you are right about Carthegian/ Phoenicians having an
active trade with North and South America, for just a few years ago
someone found Greek type ships on the ocean floor in the Buenos Aires
harbor area, which had neat rows of "crocks" (as we call them in
German) used to transport wine and olive oil, unbroken, resting
neatly on the ocean floor in the position they were tied on the ship
before it capsized.  There were 304 of them, the wood of which was
just about gone.

You are absolutely right about the Welsh having come here a long time
ago.  I followed with my son one summer the Lewis and Clark
expedition route across America.  This expedition stayed with the
Mandara.  I have seen the description of their women, their behaviour
and dress, their morals, and their names and language as well as skin
color - and there is no doubt that they were of European origin.
Unfortunately, these remnants were soon after Lewis and Clarke passed
through infected by some contagious disease and just about wiped out
- in a generation, it seems.

Before I left Canada, I read a book called "The Flood", if I remember
right, in which a drilling ship I have always been fascinated by,
called the Glomar Challenger, was used to drill the entire
Mediterranean Sea and especially the coastline as well as the
Dardannelles and the whole of the old and then expanded Black Sea
area.  The core samples also clearly reveal that not too long ago,
the whole Mediterranean Basin was a semi-arid African steppe-like
depression, deeper than the Dead Sea - and that through a natural
disaster, earthquake or meteorite impact, the land bridge from Spain
to North Africa was pierced.

Atlantic ocean water rushed in, filling the whole of the
Mediterranean Basin in a relatively short time.  That, in turn, made
the water in the Bosporus rise and back up,  and a similar
catastrophe as at Gibraltar took place there, and now the
Mediterranean filled the Black Sea Basin, according to the Glomar
Challenger drill core bits and analyzed rock core samples.  It
created huge thunderstorms, and the condensed, evaporated water came
down as torrents of rains and storms of unknown before magnitude and
intensity in this area.

As the waters rose, and rose, and rose, vast populations were
uprooted and driven to ever higher, steeper, mountainous ground,
forested, rocky, and unsuitable for agriculture.  No wonder that you
describe a "physical and psychological decline" - a social structures
fragmentation with populations returning from their drowning cities
to little plots of land.  It would be like the coast of California
sinking into the oceans and the remnants eking out a living up at
Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas.

That those who had been fishermen or traders, using boats, would take
to the ever-expanding sea coast and raid, rob and settle along the
new coastlines is also logical, and that they would carry along with
them colorful tales and leave an oral history to their descendents,
which in time became myths and intertwined miracles and gods, lies in
the nature of things.  That is where all the wondrous stuff about
Atlantis comes from.

The authors say, convincingly to me, that the local coastal
inhabitants all throughout the area were forced to abandon their
former homes and ports, fled into mountains, up river etc. and that
the storm and flood subsided once the same water level as the
Mediterranean was reached.  Noah, whoever he was, survived the
natural local disaster in his ark.  Generations of descendants
embellished the story of this one guy and his family who had the
brains to head for his sturdy boat with his immediate family. Much
fiction with a smidgen of fact!  After being caught up in that
natural disaster and subsequent or accompanying drastic weather and
climate change, one can forgive a guy to embellish things a bit for
better press and sympathy - as "Holocaust" survivors do. That's why
he did not have to explain how he got to Antarctica for Penguins or
Africa for Zebras, and needed no microscope to find the testicles on
a male mosquito.

We are going back to Atlantis to enter the future.


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