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Dear Free Speech Supporter:

TORONTO. Christmas Day (December 25, 2003) I visited Ernst Zundel at the Metro West Detention Centre about 5:30 this afternoon to wish him Merry Christmas. Visits to Ernst must be made after visiting hours as he's a "special" case. There can be no other visitors or inmates in the interivew area when he's there.

The spiteful Canadian judicial apparatus has done its best to keep Ernst in prison over the Christmas time. This 64-year old pacifist and publisher is deemed a threat to national security, a "terrorist", according to his accusers. No Christian charity on the part of his persecutors.

Nonetheless, Ernst was smiling and in ebullient spirits. "I'm here because the Jews want me here. They're big donors to the Liberal Party, he told me with his typical straightforward honesty. Former Immigration Minister Denis Coderre said: "Watch me," when asked what he would do about Ernst Zundel. "For them to keep a guy of my age in prison is to 'watch him,'" Ernst added.

He spoke jokingly and affectionately of General Otto Ernst Remer, the commander who put down the 1944 putsch against Hitler. When a very old man, Remer was convicted under Germany's totalitarian anti-hate laws. A defiant Remer told Ernst: "I can sit that off on one cheek of my ass." The phrase translates awkwardly, but suggests, "I can do that time easily." Ernst adopts the same attitude to his present persecution at the hands of the Canadian state.

Mr. Zundel confirmed to me predictions he'd made in a recent note from prison. "I have a feeling I'll be in here for some time and, even if they were to temporaily release me, I guarantee you that they will have me re-arrested on some other trumped up charge the way they do in Gaza and the West Bank and in Germany where 'Jewish Justice' reigns as it does now in Canada."

Then, referring to CAFE's successful protest outside the prison, November 23, he said: "Still, I want to thank you and all the others who took time out of their busy lives to 'witness' out there in the cold."

On another front, we can take considerable inspiration from the determined efforts of Lady Michele Renouf to spread the word about Ernst Zundel's persecution. Lady Renouf attended the habeas corpus hearings in Provincial Court, November 18 and 19. She has since then met with former U.S. Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan and has spoken before a committee meeting in the House of Lords. She reports: "During this meeting in the House of Lords, when invited to speak, I at once related the British [European Union] predicament to Ernst Zundel's habeas corpus case. ... Several of the 30 leading activists requested a copy of your report that I read from."

We soon start a new year and freedom of speech remains desperately in peril in Canada. Lady Michele's example demonstrates that we can ALL do something. It may be informing others, writing our MPs or the new Minister of Immigration (Judy Sgro) on Ernst's behalf, or contributing to the defence fund. We can and we all must make whatever contribution we are able to the cause of freedom. -- Paul Fromm
<?center>The Zundel Defence Fund Needs Your Help Today
<?/center>November and December have been very expensive months for the Zundel case. We have spent just over $50,000. Yes, part of this was to bring the Lindsays up to speed in the case. We had six court dates -- four in federal court and two in Superior Court in Ontario for a habeas corpus motion. At this point, Ernst Zundel may well spend Christmas in prison. January promises to be an expensive month, with four days planned in Federal Court -- January 22, 23, 26, and 37.

The Defence Fund is very seriously depleted and we face major outlays in the New Year. I again ask for your commitment and urgent help. Please mail us your contribution today or e-mail us your VISA number and expiry date. We have a number of delicate colour-pencil sketches by Ernst Zundel done in prison. Each is dated and signed. Each is a nature study. Mr. Zundel has long been a paint and sketch artist. He had returned to his love of art before the U.S. I.N.S picked him up and deported him. All donors of $100 or more will receive one of these sketches. Mail your donation today to CAFE, Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada or e-mail us your VISA number and expiry date. On your cheque or an accompanying piece of paper, note: "For Zundel Defence Fund." A very Merry Christmas to you and yours from Ernst Zundel, Political Prisoner.

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