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November 16, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Below an excerpt from a Zundel letter to a long-time friend and
fellow activist, where Ernst comments on his state of mind - which
continues to amaze both his guards inside and his friends outside the


Please share the letter with your brother and, if I may ask, make a
copy and send it to Ingrid, please.  She has lately changed the
format of her daily electronic news bulletins she calls Zgrams - she
told me that she wanted people to hear my authentic voice from behind
prison bars via snippets she gleans from copies of my letters.  At
first, I was very skeptical and wondered if she was not making a
mistake with this move.  After all, I have no radio, TV or newspaper
except if one of the friendlier guards allows me to pick up a
discarded paper from the dumpster next to the shower.  Thus I get my
news from the garbage bin - what an appropriate source!  It's the
same disgusting stuff!  Ads are full of scantily clad young women
offering their steamy servicesSHitler and Dr. Goebbels in their long
struggle for power exposed the people behind these exploitation
services - the same ones described in the September [2003] issue of
National Geographic Magazine - who bring Ukrainian women to Israel
for prostitution and rent them out to bordellos all over the Middle
East.  Nothing much has changed!

I really do not miss the assault by the ruckus the inmates in the
general population are exposed to all day long.  I actually am so
lost in the quiet of my room - my cell, that is - that I pretend I am
a monk in one of those medieval European monasteries.  I am not
joking or making light of it, nor am I trying to put a good face on a
dismal situation.  I can get so engrossed in my studies or my writing
and drawing that I am completely oblivious at times to my
surroundings.  Only my orange jump suit tells me that I am, in fact,
a prisoner in Maximum Security, rather than Martin Luther in the
Wartburg, chiseling away at his 95 point thesis.

By the way - I did go to the Wartburg and then to the church where
Martin Luther hammered on his famous 95 points.  Being Ernst, I did
not do it surreptitiously at night.  I took along a group of
reporters and TV cameramen in 1989 and symbolically held up the
Leuchter Report in front of the very door where Luther did his "photo
op" so effectively - 500 years before me!

I could not nail my Leuchter Report to that famous door because the
German vassal regime had covered that whole large, massive door with
a thick metal sheet - and to make doubly sure that nobody was tempted
to cause a Second Reformation against the new, false, temporal
Holocaust religion of this age, they put a tall fence made of solid,
one-inch iron bars, too high and dangerous to climb, about two meters
in front of that door.  There I stood, like that brave monk, even
looking almost as bald and rotund as he did, and held up my Leuchter
Reports while tourists gawked and the cameras rolled.  Then I gave
the copies to the reporters, signing and dating them with an
appropriate description - and left in time before the ever-alert
Thought Police arrived.

I can assure you that this [incarceration] is already a pyrrhic
victory for my detractors and the devil's minions on this earth,
regardless of how many months or even years they will keep me locked
up under their drummed-up charges.  Not in my wildest dreams could I
have ever reached and touched as many millions of people as have been
informed by and confronted with the information and truths I have
tried to spread all my life.  The internet around the globe is abuzz
with the stories about my being railroaded, my arrest, the show trial
in Toronto etc. (S)

I have no doubt that one day the locks will pop and I will walk out
of here to bear witness to the truth once again as I know it.  All I
need is to control my emotions, keep the lid on my anxieties,
overlook indignities, accept the harassment inflicted on me as
temporary inconveniences - and continue to do my work under the
restricted conditions of being in prison.  I keep on looking forward
to better things to come, to search my heart, mind and soul for
moments when I might have erred, and then vow to do better next time,
once the opportunity presents itself again!

I feel utterly at peace with myself - more so  than I did at any time
outside that I can recall.  I don't feel resigned.  I am accepting
these conditions as temporary turbulence on my flight path.  That's
the latest from Cell # 5.


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