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October 1, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I am changing my strategy.  Rather than recycling articles from other
sources on the Net that you can get on your own with a little
digging, I am going to let Ernst speak to you directly from prison.

You will get to know Ernst Zundel as a complex, versatile, kind and
highly sensitive activist for Truth in History who has never been the
hateful monster the mainstream media made him out to be.

I will do more.  On the Zundelsite, www.zundelsite.org I will
juxtapose Ernst's forward-looking ideas and solutions to our
problems-riddled world to the hateful voices of his enemies.  People
will be able to see and compare who the real haters are  - and draw
their own conclusions about what's really going on.

This ZGram is to let you know some of his thoughts on art and music
in our Western/Christian era.  Let me just add that while Ernst has
been fascinated by and deeply involved in the study of Christian art
and Christian music, I would not call him, and he would not call
himself, a "traditional" run-of-the-mill "Christian".  As in every
other area of intellectual exploration, Ernst has his own ideas of
what Western Christianity is and is not, what it used to be and what
it has become, how it impacts on our Aryan psyches positively and

Stick to us.  You will learn something about the nature of
demonization for political purposes - something in which our enemies

Here is the first installment, excerpted and edited /
Ernst Zundel in a letter to a friend and likewise politically
demonized victim, Malcolm Ross:

Ernst Zundel:  Prisoner Of Conscience in Cell # 5:

Dear Malcolm, Bill and All:

Let me answer your letter of 1 August 2003 and that lovely Eagle
Card.  I have been asking Ingrid to keep an eye open for a "Soaring
Eagle" because the art gallery Ingrid and I were on the verge of
opening is called SOARING EAGLES GALLERY.

At first, Ingrid resisted the idea - but eventually, I think, just so
I stopped lobbying her, she gave in.  Now that we have a hand-carved,
wooden Soaring Eagle sitting proudly atop our gallery sign by a major
highway, she agrees it looks magnificent.  That's why I want to thank
you especially for the card, because it gives me reference material.

The Eagle is the heraldic bird of America, Germany, Austria and
Imperial Russia.  Thus there is a bond among brother nations and a
good starter for some interesting conversations with American
tourists who will come to our gallery and book shop where we will
display Ingrid's books - and some others, of course.  I also hope to
offer CDs, tapes and videos at Soaring Eagles of the most beautiful
hymns of Christendom sung by vocalists who have the voices of angels,
accompanied by harps and other uplifting instruments.

I had gone to numerous Southern Gospel conventions to hear different
vocalists in person - and tentatively had picked a girl's voice.  She
is about 30 years old, from Wisconsin.  A beautiful voice!  I had
also listened to some local men sing for me.  Within a week from the
time of my arrest, I had an appointment with a small company locally
that has state-of-the-art microphones and mixing consoles staffed by
sound engineers.  My sudden arrest put a temporary stop to that.
Only temporary!

This is something I wanted to do all my life - and those darned
[Holocaust] trials sidetracked me!  Whatever might happen to me,
wherever they ultimately ship me, I will try to produce at least some
of the things I told you about.

I had a fairly extensive sheet music collection, 100 to 200 hymn
books, and a Bible collection going back almost 400 years which I had
bought from all over the world during my travels.  They were in
several languages, some were leather-bound.  The 1995 arson claimed
them all!

Once I am free again, I am sure that with the help of friends I will
put the word out to help find for me the most inspiring hymns of
Christendom which flow nicely and can be sung easily, and we will
cause a revolution in the Gospel Music market!  I am highly offended
by the raucous noise which passes as modern Christian music.  I don't
know who is responsible for it, but it is a disgrace to the
Christians of the world!  I did not find a single tape - and I bought
hundreds over the last ten years in Christian book-and-music stores -
which I did not find offensive!

"Teuflisch"  is the word for it in German!  [The word translates as
"devilish" or "demonic"]

I have the same beef when it comes to small, frameable Christian
theme pictures or even images of Christian postcards, wall plaques
etc.  There was only a small series in our local, large Christian
book-,  poster-, postcard- and music store - and, I kid you not, it
was a stark, black-and-white image of Christ, looking like Charles
Manson!  It's true!  It looked so grotesque, I protested to the store
owner.  She was incredulous!

As my "revenge", I chose a famous copper-engraving print of the
famous German medieval engraver and artist, Albrecht Dürer.  There is
a large original Dürer collection in the National Gallery in Ottawa.
The title of it is, in translation, "The Consternation of Christ",
which shows Christ with a beautifully drawn, evocative but, of
course, pained expression wearing his crown of thorns.  I proceeded
to hand-color copies with my brushes and airbrush, and once I get
back, I will put them in a prime spot in my gallery!  We will start
the counterrevolution right there - in music and art!

I also made some startling graphics with my airbrush in glorious full
color, based on one of my very popular 1960s graphic prints - three
ethereal crosses floating in space.  Regardless of where they ship me
ultimately, I will produce a series of these paintings.

If I can get released on bail and can even spend a few months still
in freedom in Canada, I will make new masters here, have them printed
by my contacts and have them hanging in my gallery in less than two
months after my release - and have them marketed on the Internet to
boot!  And that will be only for starters!

So you see - the Soaring Eagle might be caged for the moment, but my
spirit is free!

October 3, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Today I continue with Ernst's ideas about Aryan music, combining
paragraphs and thoughts from several letters to friends so you can
get a feel for where he really lives.  Here he refers to a Zundel
supporter demonstration outside his prison, of which he was not even

Paul told me about you singing a song at the demonstration outside
jail - I did not even know the demo was planned or going on!  Because
of the SARS scare, the jail has been under lock-down all week.  I
[was not allowed] a walk in the prison yard or a shower in several
days, so I was absolutely oblivious to the world outside, since I
never hear radio, see any TV, or read any newspapers - I truly am

But I wanted to thank you especially because of your interest in
music.  Nobody knows this, not even my friends, but I always wanted
to be a singing troubadour!  I believe one can move and reach people
with music, inspire them to rise to great heights like nothing else
can!  Not even oratory!  One of the multiple reasons I chose to live
with Ingrid in Tennessee was music.  I have been actively pursuing
the search for a new kind of music genre, with purer sound, somewhat
like my paintings, which are uncluttered, with brighter and purer
colors than most of my contemporaries use.  That is the sound I am
looking for - with a cadence and rhythm, if I may call it that, of
the Battle Hymn of the Republic, Amazing Grace, the Old Rugged Cross,
Whispering Hope and part melancholy Don Cossack vocals - as sung by
the German-Russian singer, Ivan Rebroff.  I love that man's range and
the timbre of his voice - it gives me goose bumps!

I cannot stand Skinhead - to call it music is an insult.  It is for
me cultural anarchy; it is Black-plus-Jewish sounds packaged for
Whites.  I think Pierce [was] exploiting young Whites.  I told
everybody that for the last ten years!

You cannot preserve one of the best, most noble, finest aspects of
Aryan music - our soul food - by adulterating or poisoning it with
that kind of noise - and call it music!  That genre is to music of
our people what fingerpainting, Picasso, or Rauschenberg are to a
Rembrandt or Michelangelo.

I know that you have a different viewpoint on this subject, but what
I have always appreciated about you was your keen comprehension that
on the keyboard of our "instrument", which is our race's soul life,
there are many, many keys, some black and many whites, and the magic
is evoked depending on how these keys are touched.  They can turn
people on - or off!

Since you are interested in music and culture, keep your eyes open
for new voices.  What I am looking for is an angelic, well-modulated,
malleable voice with a good range. Rebroff often sings Russian
ballads and has the most amazing four-octave range, but he is so
famous and successful, we could not possibly afford to approach him
to sing our new music.  Heino has been around since the 1970s - big,
booming, deep, manly voice, but for me too mechanical. He sings
largely medieval ballads and very old German folk songs.  He has a
big following in Germany.  He has become too blasé and too
perfunctory.  It's now all rattled off, without feeling and without
soul. I heard him once in the old Massey Hall drown out some
Sängerknaben or Domspatzen Choir - I was horrified by his
brutishness.  That spoiled this man for me forever!

I'm afraid that's a bit of a problem with Carl [Klang] - he belts out
his songs in rapid staccato, and in anger! I am not knocking Carl's
music, but I believe with all my heart and soul that we need far more
feeling, warmth, voluptuousness, a kind of reedy-like sound which is
soul-penetrating and haunting - and stays with people forever in
their subconscious minds. The same goes for the accompanying

I don't know if you are at all familiar with National Socialist
music.  There was something that pulled people in - and moved them at
the same time.  There are three or four songs you will remember -
Lily Marlene, the Panzerlied made famous in the film "Battle of the
Bulge," "Flamme empor!" and, of course, that most moving of all NS
songs, the Horst Wessel Lied, which became Germany's second national
anthem.  Also the rendition of Germany's [first] national anthem,
played on the 8th of May, after Admiral Dönitz's announcement of
Germany's unconditional surrender - one of the most moving speeches
of the last century.  The program closed with a string orchestra's
rendition of our national anthems and faded out with church bells

What I am looking for is a sound to span the generations!  The
Internet will make our sound catch on so fast it will unite our
people over space and time and pull the generations together again,
much in the way the Horst Wessel song did to the Germans two, three
generations ago.  It was the secret of that World War II classic,
Lili Marlene, sung on all sides. That's the one project dear to my
heart - the framework in which I see embedded this new sound I have
been looking for.  All that, of course, has been put on hold, pending
the outcome of the various legal moves now being planned.

The other [important project] is to make sure that my case is kept
out before the public.  Summer is a [problem] to keep people focused
and interested - they all go off to the lake, to their cottages in
the country, to Europe.  Ingrid and I have some legal initiatives
working their way up the hierarchy of the courts in the US and
Canada, which might bring a change for the better for me - hopefully!
Summers in Canada are notoriously bad periods for political activism.
I know that from my long career.

What a strange journey my life has been.

I am no fool and know that my situation looks more hopeless than
ever.  But things might look bleak, and being in maximum security
24-hour lock-up sounds grim to some or most people.  I don't like it
either, but I knew most of my adult life I was going to be
experiencing this kind of inconvenience - for I know our enemies!  My
tenacity, my unbending pursuit of the rehabilitation of my German
people was going to be punished.  I wondered all along what took them
so long to inflict this on me.  Slowpokes!

I know that they can't keep me locked up forever - either here or
wherever they intend to ship me.  Time and history are not standing
still.  Not even for them!

Could you please send a copy of this letter to Ingrid for our archives?



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