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Subject: Cry Freedom: The moral and intellectual values of a concerned citizen: Ernst Zündel

Below , more food for thought.


I could not have put it more clearly. This is especially so when individuals question my motives as to why I have been doing this work full time now for a decade.

Zündel has been at it for 30+-years, and still will not remain silent and go away. Surely he will die with a smile on his lips.


He gave it a go and he did not fear the enemy that thrives on spreading fear into our community, ever so gently, ever so persuasively, ever so brutally.


Think of Olga Scully's case and how Jeremy Jones, Australian's leading Jewish agitator and disseminator of fear, took her through the court system because he disagreed with what she was saying, for example, about the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.


Alexander Solshenetzin has now confirmed that what Olga Scully was telling her Tasmanian community about the Jewish role in that horror of horrors, is an historical fact.


Yet, Olga Scully now has a Federal Court of Australia gag order that prohibits her from re-stating this historical fact. If she did, then she is in contempt of court, and she faces at least 3 months prison.


Add to that the fact that the whole six-year battle cost $150,000, a sum she does not have and so declared herself bankrupt, it is clear what kind of message Jeremy Jones, on behalf of Australia's Jewish community, has sent into the Australian community:




WILCO, message received loud and clear - out, i.e. if the moral and intellectual cowards of the world unite!


Not likely!


Fredrick Töben

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

October 18, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

This Prisoner of Conscience Letter is to a boyhood friend - let's
call him Kevin.  I happen to know Kevin, and I know that there has
always been a fierce competition between the two from the time they
learned their ABCs in first grade. 

Soon, in their teenage years, their ways parted, but as is true of
many childhood friendships, every once there is a reunion where
friends take the measure of each other.  Kevin amassed a lot of money
but never "found himself" - whereas Ernst found  his calling, for
which he is in prison. 

Neither one would trade with the other.

Odd to say, friends can be very cruel in "I-told-you-so" moments when
one of them is down and the other "rubs it in", to use a well-known
American phrase.   Here, Ernst replies to Kevin:


Good that you wrote!  Since I had your card, and Ingrid told me that
you had called her, I knew you were alive.  I think about our meals
together, our walks in that lovely park, the market, your
never-ending boat project.  You are {an odd fellow] but you are my

No need to worry about crossing the border to bother to visit me.
You would be allowed only 20 minutes behind a thick bullet-proof
glass visiting room.   I have discouraged visits by all and sundry.
It's a waste of time and energy - and aggravation for all.
Frequently I get strip searched after a visit.  Who needs the
humiliation and bother?  I am not a child!  A 48 cent letter or a
collect call are just as helpful - and they are just as monitored in
these Marxist societies in all-but-name-only.

As to your weird card - I wonder what you were thinking!  I am not
sure I understand your dig there - [German comment here, translated
roughly to mean, "What did I have coming?  For what?  That I told the
truth and made known the lies of the Jews about Germany?"]  Spare me
your facile criticism!  You never have had the courage of your
convictions and basically lived a selfish, useless life - leaving no
children, sharing nothing, risking little, not even human closeness!

I regret little.  At least I have fought for what I believe in.  It
now looks [as thought] I may well be living [in Germany] in my old
age, for the corruption in the judiciary in Canada and the USA is so
deep that to go to court is like playing the lottery or playing
Russian Roulette with a loaded revolver!

All this is of little interest to you, I am sure, for you will
suggest that I meditate my way out of it.  Well, I have done a lot
more serious meditation in my life before every decision I have taken
with my court cases, lawyers etc.  The legal situation is exactly
what the Jewish forces wanted, who used the Canadian spy agency for
their schemes, as they have in many other documented cases.  We have
all kinds of evidence and paper trails.  There is no doubt that I
became the victim of a high-level, well-organized and brilliantly
executed political kidnapping disguised as a deportation based
entirely on drummed-up charges.  That's my new reality.  Had I a
choice, I would return to the U.S. in a heartbeat, in spite of the
problems, because that's a system I know, can relate to and think
[still] has enough give and slack, still checks and balances, to pull
out of the doldrums they are in.  And Ingrid is there - who I cherish.

Yes, I meditate.   I was told in 1972 that I had six months to live
with an inoperable cancer.  I applied myself - body, mind and soul.
The result of prayerful meditation was that I healed myself with the
help of friends and those forces in the universe who obviously
thought I had a role to play in the affairs of men - even if you
don't agree!  I escaped two bombs, one deadly arson, numerous lesser
attempts. I found Leuchter.  I assembled the team, the witnesses, and
raised the money to [investigate] Auschwitz, to blow the lid off the
biggest lie of the last century - which, had the German leadership
and people not been such cowards and dolts, would have been able to
serve as the tool to free themselves from their oppressors.  I gave
them the tool.

I fought tenaciously all the way to the Supreme Court - and won!

You played the stockmarket - and lost.

You and I are different people.  We may have the same [background],
used the same outhouse, ate the same food, had the same teachers and
schoolbooks and breathed the same air - but you will have to admit,
we march to a far different drummer - and have since childhood.
There is nothing wrong with that!  I admire you for your genius in
doing things.  I am always amazed by your talent to find unusual
metholds to solve what would seem to me tricky and difficult
technical problems.  You could have been an inspiration to a few sons
who might have inherited the knack which you got from your father.

So let's agree that you are a "komischer Kauz" [trans:  an odd owl] -
and I, you will have to agree, stopped eons ago to try and make you
see an alternate view, a new reality, to look at real rather than
make-believe history.  You and I will go to our graves having been
[friends] but are further apart in the way we look at things than if
we were total strangers.  I am not condemning you.  The pity is, you
don't know me, you only think you know me.  Let's leave it at that.

There are some people who are born slaves and will remain slaves all
their lives - slaves to their personality traits, slaves of habit
etc.  You can say what you will and think anything you want about me.
Remember one thing before you sneer, snicker or judge too harshly:  I
could have lived a very comfortable life in wealth and luxury, in
safety and security, even in fame - rather than being infamous,
marginalized and demonized!  Don't think that I blindly stumbled into
this stuff!  I did think before I acted - but I am not paralyzed by
fear.  Adrien Arcand, my mentor, opened my eyes to all these
[historical] issues 43 years ago!  I knew the odds.  [My enemies']
power, influence, wealth and connections were no secret to me.

Still I tackled them - because I felt responsible, Kevin.  You will
never understand that concept.  I felt responsible to try to right a
great historical wrong done to decent people by criminal thugs - a
wrong of cosmic dimensions calling out for correction!  Yes, I felt
[a responsibility] to those who gave their young lives on the battle
fields all over Europe so that we, you and I, our generation, had a
chance to grow, to be safe in our cribs and beds, o be nurtured
growing up.  You will not understand me because you cannot wrap your
mind around such selfless concepts.

I felt responsible for most of my adult life to defend the reputation
"und das Wollen einer ganzen Generation" [trans. "and the WILL of an
entire generation"]  before the altar of history.  Had I not stood up
and spoken up, I would have felt that I betrayed a sacred trust and
obligation which ties me and unites me to those who died at
Stalingrad, at Normandy, on the ocean bottom in their steel coffins
called submarines.  I felt their sacrifice.  You don't.

I could end my troubles with one letter or one phone call to my tormentors!

Some of us are not made like that.

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