The Power Game: Zündel vs. Canada's Jewish/Zionist Holocaust lobby

A concerned Canadian citizen, Mr Frank Schmidt, wanted clarification about the circumstances that are holding Zündel in prison. Here is the Letter, dated June 4, 2003, from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, that explains the foregone conclusion of the legal battle. Holocaust orthodoxy is fighting for its life because Ernst Zündel could bring it down.




Mr Frank Schmidt
Scarborough ON M1M 1E3
Dear Mr Schmidt
The office of Mr Tom Wappel has kindly forwarded to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the Honourable DeniCoderre, a copy of your letter of February 21 and April 22, 2003, concerning Mr Ernst Zundel.
As you may know, Mr Zundel was returned to Canada under a Canada-US reciprocal agreement, which stipulates that each country accept the return of individuals who entered from each other country. of the 1786 returned to the United States in 2002, most were returned under the provisions of this agreement.
Under current legislation, anyone can seek protection in Canada as a Convention refugee at a port of entry. The legislation contains safeguards to prevent abuse of the process. it is imperative that the integrity of the system is upheld. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act provides for the protection of genuine refugees who come to our country, but equally provides for the return of those found not to be refugees to their country of origin.
All persons seeking entry to Canada are examined to determine whether they are admissible. If they are not admissible, they are reported under the Act and could be ordered deported. If they are admissible, they are allowed into Canada. We must remember that our system is based on the rule of law and due process must run its course. The Department takes action as it applies to each individual's circumstances.
The Honourable Denis Coderre, Minister of Immigration and the Solicitor General, the Honourable Wayne Easter, have filed a certificate with the Federal Court, stating that Mr Zundel is inadmissible to Canada because he is a danger to the security of Canada. A judge of the Federal Court will examine the evidence regarding the certificate and determine whether Mr Zundel should be deported from Canada.
Mr  Zundel's refugee claim has been suspended while this matter is before the Court. if the security certificate is found to be reasonable, he will lose his right to be heard on his refugee claim and the court decision will result in an automatic deportation order with no rights of appeal.
Thank you again for taking the time to bring your views on this important issue to the Minister's attention.
A Gorman
Ministerial Enquiries Division
Executive Services


From Australia: ABC Radio News: 30 September 2003
*False papers used to clear detention centres, detainees claim*

Immigration officials are being accused of encouraging the use of false passports to rid Australia of failed asylum seekers.

The allegations have been raised by former detainees.

In one case it is alleged immigration officials promised an Iraqi national passage to Syria if his family could provide him with a false passport.

Refugee advocates claim similar incidents have been reported by six detainees they have interviewed in different parts of Australia since 1997.

Spokesman for A Just Australia, Greg Barns, says the claims, made on the ABC's Lateline program, must be fully investigated.

"It calls into question yet again the way in which the Department of Immigration and those to whom it contracts, such as Australian Correctional Management, have been dealing with our immigration system and particularly in relation to asylum seekers," Mr Barns said.

The Department of Immigration says no allegations have been raised with it regarding people who are not in possession of their own travel documents.

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