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October 9, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Today's ZGram is meant to be part sermon, part apology because it
takes real aggravation accumulated over months and years before I
blow my stack, and when that happens - rarely! - I don't always
practice what I preach.

The sermon first, via helpful examples:

I have in my "to-do" bin a letter to be answered from an almost
90-year-old lady, a long-time supporter, still amazingly alert and
eager to learn internetting, who sent me a thick pile of newsgroup
chitchat she had pulled from the internet from a fellow we all dread,
Danny Keren, a well-known Holocaust Enforcer and cyber terrorist, who
was hounding this old lady as per usual - and here I summarize and
paraphrase:  "...but what about the piles of bodies we have seen..."
"...and what about the bulldozers pushing all those corpses into mass
graves..." "...and what about the millions of eye witnesses who told
first person stories...?"

Ad nauseam!

I told this lady - probably much too impatiently, for now she is real
mad at me - that for almost ten years, Internet Revisionists have
answered every one of these questions and then some, over and over
again!  It's all there! For the asking! Tons and tons of information!
Acquired at great costs!  I told her it's no longer up to us to waste
our time and resources hopping when Keren says, hop!, running in
circles with Keren providing the circles, repeating ourselves over
and over again.  We have no obligation whatsoever to full-time
Internet agitators like Keren to jump to every challenge - he is not
interested in our answers, his sole purpose is to tie up our time,
drain us of our energy, ride piggyback on our willingness to please
and to show just how eager-to-dialogue we are - while all he does is
to put sand into the wheels of our information outreach!

I "met" Danny Keren already almost ten years ago - he sang exactly
the same tune and evoked the same Pavlovian response from hundreds of
all-too-compliant "debaters" who argued themselves blue in the face -
only to find that, after all that exertion, there was old Dannyboy
again, asking the very same questions:  "Well?  What about the piles
of bodies we have seen..."  "What about the bulldozers pushing all
those people into mass graves..." "What about the millions of eye
witnesses who told first person stories...?"

For Pete's sake!  Give me a break!

These agitators know exactly how to keep a screeching needle in a
broken record!  They simply repeat the same lies over and over again
as though no Revisionist research existed - and hope that some of
them will stick!  Remember the "Six million"?  According to Talmudic
math, six million minus three million still equals six million - no
matter what your argument might be!

Example Number Two:

About a year or two ago, I had a serious collision with Mark Weber of
the venerable Institute for Historical Review.  I told him, speaking
from a bottled-up Germanic fury that craves efficiency and action,
that our Revisionist conventions needed jazzing up!  I said we did
not serve our Cause by recycling shop-worn topics and warmed-over
theses over and over again, year after year, with the same droning
speakers, that we needed entertaining keynoters who could draw
younger, fresher audiences - and with remarkable élan I even offered
myself to show him exactly how it was done.  After all, I was a pro -
had I not spent more than ten years on the road as a professional
convention speaker, doing precisely that?  With a near-speechless
Mark at the receiving  end of my sizzling telephone line, I let him
know where was coming from, that I had spoken to audiences of
thousands and thousands at huge events at state, national and,
thrice, even international conventions - and had, on two or three
occasions, been given higher billing than senators of their
respective states.  So there!

I even gave Mark a peppered lecture on the difference between a
keynote and a state-of-the-union address - and Ernst, who was resting
in bed and listening in on his scold of a wife, probably pulled the
comforter over his ears in sheer shock.  But I meant what I said, and
I said what I meant, and just to punish Mark and underline my fury, I
snubbed him royally for an entire year - and only after Ernst got
kidnapped did I offer to smoke a peace pipe with Mark Weber - for the
duration! -  because I needed him and knew that no one in our ranks
could do those media interviews with such exactitude and intellectual
charm with just that extra-finely-honed hint of properly restrained
scholastic passion.  Ich kenne meine Pappenheimer!

Poor Mark!  I don't think he ever knew what hit him - and I don't
think he fathoms to this day what propelled me to do this brisk
number on him.  Mark is a gentleman of the old school who will not
ever lose his grace - not even if he hits his thumb with the
proverbial hammer!  He does best what he does best, and he does it
exceedingly well - but we are still waiting for a sparkling

Final example before the apology comes:

Of late, I was building a rage in my stomach for weeks and months on
end that nowhere did I see a glimmer in the mainstream media about
what I consider Richter Scale  Revisionist developments of note in
Germany:  the crucial Fritjof Meyer interview, the fact that courts
in Germany now shy away from charging pesky "Holocaust deniers", the
Mahler Mockery of Germany's Establishment by taking a handful of
dissidents up to the Wartburg and loudly declaring the obnoxious
Holocaust kaput, even his wily initiative of founding a "Victims of
the Holocaust Lie" organization - all with a crafty eye on Germany's
despicable Collaborators with the Enemy in a systematically lawyerly
way.  I tried to nudge this revisionist, that revisionist by poking
them with my elbow:  "Come on now!  Get out of your rut!  Say
something worthwhile that's going to be quoted!"  I was hoping for a
David Irving-like pronouncement such as "S more people died in
Senator Kennedy's back seat than ever died in a gas chamber in

But all I got was yawns.

And I said to myself in pitch-black despair:  "Now watch!  Dr.
Faurisson is going to come pittypatting on soft soles and start
shaking a well-manicured finger at me for having blasphemed
simon-pure Revisionism because, tut-tut-tut, good old Fritjoff didn't
go all the wayS"

And sure enough!  In a friendly Faurisson way, I was gently
corrected that, why golly, all kinds of Revisionist lights had indeed
palavered on the matter - to each other!

I was also asked to mend my ways and set the record straight.  The
subject line said:  "Rectification".

At that I blew my stack - I wasn't going to be rectifying anything!
Would you have, in my moccasins? And here is what I said:

"No, Robert, if you want to write this up and chide me for it, I will
not hold it against you.  Go right ahead!  What I said was that this
was good news, not itsy-bitsy, picky-picky news - I absolutely hate
it when Revisionists lose themselves in a jungle of absolutely
irrelevant details that nobody but nobody cares about - and miss the
forest for the trees!

"We are in an intifada situation - we do not have the luxury to
inspect every single rock and pontificate for ever and ever until the
cows come home what this little crack and that little irregularity

"Have you seen a single mainstream article about this story?  I haven't!

"I considered it very big news [referring to Fritjof] that here was a
person of note who said something for which many people were punished
or were afraid to be punished, and all Revisionists did was yack-yack
to each other like chattering geese.  I was hoping that the story
would break out into mainstream news - and people would say:  "My
God, so the six million story is a lie, after all!"  But nothing!
Did anybody even THINK of a press release???

"No wonder Ernst is in prison!

"Debunking the holocaust is a crucially important mainstream story -
it is NOT a story where we have to nitpick every little detail to

"You can tell that I am very angry!


To which our gentle professor replied:

"An irrelevant answer, Ingrid. And I suppose you will realise it
without me explaining it to you. I gave you hard and important FACTS.

"Sorry for you and, by the way, for Ernst, my dearest friend.


So here is my apology:

"I am sorry that I lost my cool and blew my stack.  It does not serve
our Cause and our mission to engage in open friendly fire.  We only
wound each other and give our enemies a laugh.  We shouldn't do that.
It behooves us to practice restraint and good manners.  There are so
very few of us who are in this for the duration, who have taken the
knocks, endured the Holocaust Enforcer's terror, put up with all the
unfair and uncalled-for demonization - so there is absolutely no need
to wound each other with harsh words.  I will try to do better next

"HOWEVER:  I am NOT sorry for that wellspring of indignation that
made me lose my cool and blow my stack.  I believe it is not just
legitimate but crucially timely. FOLKS, FRIENDS, COMRADES - WE NEED
TO MOVE ON!  Our needles are stuck in the grooves - we are not as
effective as we need to be, and we have golden opportunities RIGHT

Here is one of Revisionist's staunchest pioneer, still languishing in
Absurdistan's Gulag, in his latest letter to me  echoing some of my

This month's Harper's Magazine - you can't get more mainstream than
that! - has several astonishing articles about [topics like], "The
Media is the Message:  Notes on our Decadent Press" by Gene Lyons, an
informative one about the Bush Administration, "The GOP's Plan to
Militarize our Culture" by Kevin Baker, and a third, revealing one,
"The Revision Thing:  A History of the Iraq War, told entirely in
lies" by Sam Smith, an exposé about how prison labor is used to make
the bullet-proof vests, parachutes, uniforms, even washing and
mending them, all in prison, for which the inmates are only paid 23
cents to $1.15 an hour.  That is about as close as state-of-the-art
Revisionism comes in America's mainstream media, sold on every
newsstand and shipped by mail to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

I touched upon these topics of the "Nazis'" of prison/concentration
camps' labor in the German War effort in my much-maligned UFO
booklets decades ago and later on in my radio and TV broadcasts and
newsletters.  I pointed out that the Jews in the Lodz Ghetto produced
over 1 million German steel helmets on the most modern cold steel
stamp press in all of Europe. An interpreter I met many years later
in Toronto told me that the Jewish Ghetto leadership came to the
"Nazi" administration's office asking them to arrest and expel
Marxist-Zionist saboteurs and agitators who were disrupting work with
slowdowns because the Germans paid these Jewish workers full pay plus
overtime and production bonuses - not a miserly 23 cents, as in
America's prisons!

This man had interpreted for a fur coat production meeting between
the German military and the Ghetto leaders, and he remembered that
the Germans offered:  "We will ship you so-and-so many freight cars
full of rabbit pelts, and we expect at least 8,000 for coats for the
Eastern front.  You will be paid an extra bonus for each extra coat
you can produce."  The Germans were astonished and gratified when
those skilled Ghetto furriers came up with 12,000 fur coats without
compromising quality - that's AFTER the Sicherheitsdienst and Gestapo
had arrested and deported to Rumania all those Zionist-Marxist
troublemakers in their midst.  No wonder the "Judenräte" - the Ghetto
leaders - got such a bad rap in Spielberg's anti-German extravaganzas!

With Bush's new militarization of America, we are presented with all
kinds of materials like this one.  An awake bunch of Revisionist
writers could grind out feature-length articles making the above,
well-documented comparisons.  I guarantee that even mainstream
magazines could be persuaded to print such "ominous comparison"
articles [about Hitler then and Bush now] - and people would start

There is another article just waiting to be written, comparing
President Bush's "Strike first if our American interests and security
are threatened" preemptive war policy to the conditions in pre-World
War II Germany.  Surely there must be Revisionist writers out there
with a military background who could deliver lectures across the
country on this topic, comparing, for instance, Hitler's Operation
Barbarossa with Israel's 1967 preemptive attack - a 100% copy of
Barbarossa, by the way! - and then elaborate on the new Bush doctrine
of "securing the homeland" because "we aren't going to wait until
we're attacked..."

This would go a long way in acquainting vast numbers of Americans,
especially in the military, with the desperate situation in which the
Germans found themselves vis-a-vis Stalin, who was armed to the
teeth, sitting at the Eastern borders, while his Fifth Columnists
were creating havoc all over Western Europe!

The opportunities were never greater for us to make our historical
positions and dilemmas understood by millions of Americans and the
rest of the world if we only had the drive and ardent desire to be
relevant - not to wait 50, 60, 70 years and then poke into the cold
embers of who and what caused Pearl Harbor!

I am frustrated to no end to be hemmed in and shackled and to realize
that there seems to be nobody out there with the overview or the
time, much less the interest, to use these golden opportunities to
explain to America and the English-speaking world:  "Look!  Now that
you think, or at least your military/industrial complex people think,
that your vital interests are threatened, you adopt the very policies
your leaders condemned, even went to war over, when German found
itself in a far, far worse position in 1939-41!"

We would find fertile soil, open minds, and willing listeners!

Ernst Zündel

To which I only want to add something that Ernst said very early in
our relationship and that I have never forgotten:

  "America will never understand the Enemy Within and the danger to
her existence unless America comes to an understanding WHAT WORLD WAR

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