Fredrick Töben on Ernst Zündel in Community News, Sacramento, October 2003

Ernst Zündel A Man of Destiny

Recently I placed the following headline on our Adelaide Institute’s Internet front page – :

Ernst Zündel

The next Holocaust sacrifice?

I followed this up with a few words from his wife, Ingrid, who had written, among other things, the following paragraphs in her now world-famous emails known as

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny: Now more than ever!

August 4, 2003

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

 ' ... He said to me when I pressed him about what I see in that picture, "When that picture was taken, I was very disturbed."

I should also state, for the sake of fairness, that the photo was taken, as far as I know, while he was still in Thorold, right after he asked SIRC to look into the revelations in Covert Entry, the book that documents CSIS knowledge of the 1995 parcel bomb that was sent to the Zündel-Haus from Vancouver.

Ernst came to that Thorold/Niagara Falls hearing, not looking at anyone, not greeting anyone. His supporters, some of them near tears, were very upset that he did not acknowledge their presence. Immediately after the hearing, he was transferred to Rexdale, one of Canada 's most notorious and unpleasant prisons.

The first time he was allowed to call out, he said to me, with three guards standing at his elbow, "Hess had it easy...", referring to Rudolf Hess's lifelong incarceration at Spandau that ended in his murder - at age 93, if I remember right.'

Read on, from Ingrid Zündel herself...

This disturbing email speaks for itself, and it sets the tone and parameters of what I wish to say about Ernst Zündel and his disgustingly vicious imprisonment ordered by an abject number of faceless and known individuals whose own personal immorality must surely arise from a cesspool of personal delusions of grandeur and deficiency thinking where concepts such as truth, honour, justice and beauty have no home.

I have not raised the sacrifice-martyrdom question lightly because the truism still holds that nothing is gained without it. Those individuals, who have decided to stick their necks out and challenge a prevailing power’s orthodoxy, are not naïve; they know what they are doing and more: they are convinced that what they are doing is the right thing to do because it is a moral duty to speak out, to tell the truth the way Revisionists see it.

The Germans have a word for this: ‘Überzeugungstäter’, acting out of a strong sense of commitment, duty and belief. The German judiciary’s language, especially, is quite inventive in this regard. It extends this concept of being an ‘”Überzeugungstäter’ with some base psychologism, by describing such individuals as possessing lots of ‘criminal energy’!

I do not share the German judiciary’s reasoning but I certainly agree that Revisionists know what they are doing. They also know that they face sometimes insurmountable hurdles.

One such hurdle placed in the Revisionists’ path is social dis-creditation, which claims that Revisionist’s work lacks seriousness, academic rigour and legitimacy. This is a mild criticism because in many European countries Revisionist work is labelled an outright criminal act, especially by those governments who have bent to the pressure that Jewish and Christian Zionists have placed upon them.

Most western ‘democratic’ nations, have specific laws that proscribe the ‘Holocaust’ as an historical topic. For them the ‘Holocaust’ is not up for debate, and in an attempt to reign in the dissenting ’politically incorrect’ voice of the Revisionist is faced with social, economic and legal pressure.

For these upholders of the ‘Holocaust’ it does not matter that ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’ collide, and a trick extricates the fakers of historical records, at least for a while. If the non-believer in the ‘Holocaust’ does not behave, then criminal sanctions will be applied. In countries where such laws do not exist, a hurt feeling is enough to win the legal argument because laws are formulated in such a way that truth is not a defence, as is the case in most defamation actions.

Revisionist activity is deemed to be so hurtful to those who uphold the ‘Holocaust’ that special legal protection must be extended to this period of history from the doubters. That this turns the ‘Holocaust’ into a dogma is cynically dismissed as an essential to the protection of an individual’s feelings from hurt.

So the upholders of the ‘Holocaust’ to date have won this battle proclaiming that they are actually upholding free speech principles in denying Revisionists the right to be heard because Revisionists are such terrible people. Here are the usual shut-up words used to label the Revisionists: ‘hater’, ‘Holocaust denier’, ‘antisemite’, ‘neo-Nazi’, racist’, ‘and xenophobe’.

Hence, anyone venturing into the Revisionist scene knows that it will have consequences. Youthful folly, intemperate outbursts or trivial goading of authority is not a serious enterprise and Revisionists are earnest and serious individuals who have engaged in helping those who feel oppressed by historical fabrications and outright lies. Professor Robert Faurisson thus urges Revisionists to adopt ‘exactitude’ as a guiding principle.

Why do Revisionists do this? That is a question I have been asked many a time, especially from individuals who have watched me enter the Revisionist scene on a full-time basis in 1994. To the question: What is a Revisionist? I reply: any thinking person is a Revisionist because as the free flow of information brings with it new information, we revise our thoughts and world view. If we don’t, then our thinking is not alive and we embrace an ideology, as did those who upheld the Marxist world view where dissidents were also branded Revisionists, then sent to the Gulag prison camps in Siberia . A number of Marxist states actually called themselves ‘democratic’, as did the former German Democratic Republic. There was nothing democratic in this country where the collective ruled, and where dissent was punished viciously. Thousands of individuals who could not, for whatever reason, toe the party line, found themselves in Bautzen , the archaic prison where the attempt was made to break the individual’s mind.

The why-question I also asked many of the Revisionists that I met when I began my first Revisionist Adventure in April 1997. In all instances I received the answer: Living on a lie erodes trust, and trust is an essential ingredient if individual relationships are to survive, if a moral society is to function for the well-being of its members, present and future. Where there is no trust, society begins to rot and crass materialism acts as the essential cohesive glue. This in turn destroys the soul and the consequences of this are now becoming so evident in what we have witnessed on the world scene since the alleged 11 September 2001 attacks on the United States of America. That the US President George W Bush has declared war on ‘terrorism’, for ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’, sounds so unconvincing because most of his advisers, the oddly-labelled ‘neo-cons’, are all self-confessed ‘Holocaust’ believers.

Living on a lie cannot be a wholesome enterprise, unless one’s mind is dialectically so strengthened that it can override any moral qualms. But then all too often individuals become legends in their own minds and fancy primadonnas, far removed from any reality-check, something fatal for the Revisionist who always attempts to balance the physical reality with the abstract reality of the written word.  That Ernst Zündel is aware of this possible pitfall became clear when he initiated the compilation of The Leuchter Report in 1988 wherein the impossibility of mass gassings was clearly stated. But Ernst Zündel did more than that.

During my 1970s German student days I witnessed in Stuttgart on the Königsplatz a group of youngsters camping in a tent, on a hunger strike. They were protesting against the continued imprisonment of Rudolf Heß in Spandau Prison, Berlin . Little did I know then that it was Ernst Zündel who was behind this public enterprise.

I certainly did not anticipate that about two decades later the British would order the murder of 93-year-old Rudolf Heß, and then publicly proclaim the old man had committed suicide. Only recently the British government did it again, this time with British scientist, Dr David Kelly, who also is alleged to have committed suicide because he had become a whistle-blower about the British government “sexing up” its report on Iraq ’s Weapons of Mass Destruction program. This report then enabled Britain to join the US ’s coalition of the willing and initiate a terrible no-match bully-war against Sadam Hussein, the one-time friend of the Anglo-American-Zionist establishment.

Much less did I then anticipate that almost three decades later I would personally meet Ernst Zündel in Canada . My diary entry states the following:

Saturday, 5 April 1997 Toronto

At 206 Carlton Street there stands Ernst Zündel’s fortress where a mighty operation serves the world community of Holocaust enquirers. Together with his wife, Irene, and two co-workers, Jürgen and Andreas, Ernst Zündel pushes out massive amounts of print, audio and video material on the Holocaust. His 1985 and 1988 ‘false news’ trials shattered the traditional view of the Holocaust that Germans systematically exterminated millions of people in homicidal gas chambers. He is now faced with deportation proceedings which, if successful, will see him spend considerable time in a German jail all because of his burning desire to relieve the German nation of its unnecessary guilt complex founded on the above false allegation. Had there been no trials in 1985 and 1988, historical revisionism would not have been on the firm ground where it rests today.

It does not surprise me that Zündel is seen as public enemy no. 1 by those who wish to uphold the Auschwitz story in the face of the opening of world archives to previously suppressed information.” (in: Fredrick Töben, Fight or Flight: The Personal Face Of Revisionism, Peace Books, 2003, Norwood , Australia , p.9-10.)

Literally then, Ernst has been there and done that!

I recall that even in 1992, when Willis Carto at the Institute for Historical Review’s conference wished to hand Ernst Zündel the Peace Prize, Zündel did not make it across the border from Canada to the USA .  Why not? Zündel was abiding by the constraints imposed on him by a Canadian court. Only a year later when Canada ’s highest court granted Zündel’s appeal and dismissed the ‘false news’ law, a sigh of relief overcame him and he was mobile across the border. All these years of legal battle seemed over and it was time to lead a normal life.

That’s what most naïve individuals thought would happen. But then the next factor injected itself into the Canadian Revisionist scene: vindictiveness and maliciousness, if not outright hatred and paranoia against anyone that refused to believe in the lies contained in the ‘Holocaust’ story. The financially powerful ‘Holocaust’ lobby began to drag Ernst Zündel through the Human  Rights Commission, a body so totally morally and intellectually corrupt that it did not even shy away from being implicated in an attempt on Ernst Zündel’s life.

Zündel’s new wife couldn’t take the heat and turned against him, something that did not really help the corrupt Canadian government officials who had hoped it would bring a desired breakthrough in their hounding of Zündel.

During my 1997 meeting with Ernst our conversation ranged far and wide analytical and synthetic. I always recall how he said that we must prepare ourselves for possible imprisonment, and that if this did happen, we had better not be addicted to any kind of vice, be it drugs or sex. Two years later I was the one who spent seven months in a German prison for material that we had placed on our Adelaide Institute Internet website, and for my sending a letter to members of the German judiciary who had just then imprisoned Günter Deckert for a further period. What was Deckert’s crime? He had written a letter to a man who was doing the rounds of German schools, talking about his World War Two concentration camp experience. Deckert asked him specific questions, and the man took this letter to the public prosecutor who initiated further action against Deckert.

This asking of questions is thus criminalized in Germany if it involves the ‘Holocaust’ topic. But even in the USA asking questions has become a criminal matter. For example, US exporters whose customers ask whether the US goods contain components made in Israel are bound at law to report such questioning. If they do not do this, then they are liable to pay a hefty fine, as some firms have already done. So, German legal precedents are being followed by the US judiciary who, certainly since the 9/11 tragedy and the passing of the Patriot’s Act, can now detain anyone deemed to be suspicious of whatever.

Let me fast-forward to 2003. I visited Ernst and Ingrid Zündel in January 2003. My two days with them in their new home was a delightful time for me, especially because I saw two individuals who shared so much together, who had built up something together to share for the remainder of their lives.

I said to Ernst that after the 9:11 tragedy, the ‘Holocaust’ matter seems to be receding into the background of world events. The centrality of the ‘Holocaust’, so wearisome to most individuals, at long last seemed to be fading from daily news broadcasts. The new endless war on terrorism re-focused the world’s attention on other matters. Not so, said Zündel, and it soon became apparent to many that this US tragedy actually is connected with the ‘Holocaust’ industry, that the ‘Holocaust’ is used to justify the global Anglo-American-Zionist-Forces aggression, be it in Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon-to-be next Iran. And the reason for this lies in the Zionist’s dream of establishing a Greater Israel, so one theory would have us believe. The other more plausible theory is that the battle in the Middle East is for resources that the multinational-industrial complex needs to control so as to ensure its own survival, and that for the time being, it suits them to support the Zionist dream!

Jestingly I said to Ernst that Revisionists need another sacrifice, and that there are only two types of Revisionists: those that have been inside, and those that have it coming to them. I said this seven days before Ernst Zündel was arrested on 5 February 2003 .

So much for my sense of humour!

What will happen to Ernst Zündel in the immediate future cannot be anticipated because his mere presence, his being alive, poses a grave danger to the upholders of the ‘Holocaust’. Zündel’s knowledge of the lies, the deceptions, the behind-the-scene machinations are too profound. The fact that Ernst has Torah True Jews supporting him indicates that the view of a unified Jewish-Zionist front is not a matter of fact.

The problem faced by those who wish to silence Ernst Zündel is considerable. Deportation to Germany will cause more bother for the German authorities than they may wish to attract. Horst Mahler would welcome Zündel’s return because Mahler’s own efforts to resurrect the German Reich would dove-tail beautifully into a Zündel trial in Germany . Mahler’s attempt to bring matters into the open by travelling to Poland on 30 August 2003 , there to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp and announce the newly-revised Fritjof Meyer death numbers, was thwarted by the police confiscating Mahler’s travel documents. He cannot now leave Germany and his house is surrounded by police, allegedly for his own protection.

Thanks to the Internet, Horst Mahler’s proposed address at Auschwitz is now readily available. Adelaide Institute’s website carries a selection of Mahler’s material. Like Zündel, Mahler is publishing and fighting a legal battle against those that would have us blindly believe in the ‘Holocaust’.  Both also know how powerful the dissemination of information is as a weapon for liberating individuals from ignorance. They are also aware of the hurt this can cause those individuals that have, on account of information received, to abandon their cherished held belief in the ‘Holocaust’. They will have to come to terms with the fact that they have been gullible, that they believed without asking questions, without using their reason and understanding.

This gullibility is a normal human failing because we cannot check all our facts on a daily basis, and as stated above, we need to trust our information sources, otherwise we shall develop a mind-set that distrusts and becomes neurotic. Then we have one choice open to us, and play the victim for all it’s worth. We then are either in a ‘Holocaust’, or just coming out of a ‘Holocaust’, or we are expecting a ‘Holocaust’ to occur.

That is why the Revisionist’s task is Herculean, and Ernst Zündel has to date been one of the handful of Revisionists who have lasted the distance.

When Ingrid Zündel asked that Revisionists write letters of support, here is what I wrote in my letter that I then sent to the Canadian High Commission in Canberra , Australia , who have sent it on to the appropriate authorities:

To Whom It May Concern  

25 May 2003

Re: Imprisonment of Pacifist and Revisionist Historian, Ernst Zündel  

Dear Sir/Madam

The Canadian government’s unjust treatment of Ernst Zündel gives rise to great concern because for decades this man, prior to leaving for the US three years ago, lived in Canada without breaking any laws.

That the Canadian Zionist lobby has succeeded in perverting the course of justice in Canada does not surprise me, certainly not since I have learned that internal security agencies were actually condoning illegal acts against Ernst Zündel during the 1980s, for example permitting a pipe-bomb parcel to be sent to Zündel’s Toronto address.

However, I did not expect the Canadian government agencies to jettison basic common law principles merely to fulfill the hate-driven Zionist campaign to extradite Ernst Zündel to Germany where he faces certain imprisonment, if not certain assassination.

Ernst Zündel’s thoughts are dangerous to those who uphold the ‘Holocaust lie’, namely that Germans during World War Two, systematically exterminated European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers, in particular at Auschwitz , Krema II.

In 1999 I personally spent seven months at Mannheim Prison for having a website that, among other things, deals with this taboo topic. As part of my research I canvassed a number of judges and public prosecutors in order to gain a better understanding of what motivates these legal persons to uphold the ‘Holocaust lie’. My arrest occurred in a public prosecutor’s office, a person I had visited two years earlier.

It is not possible to defend oneself against any allegation involving the ‘Holocaust lie’ because truth is not a defence in such proceedings. In fact, if one vigorously defends the allegations and offers physical proof to prove that one’s views are founded on physical/scientific/historical facts, then that will give rise to another charge: the charge of having the mindset of a Revisionist whose  ‘criminal energy’  is self-evident in any mounted defence.

My legal counsel and I remained silent, and so immediately after the court hearing, and after bail was posted, I was allowed to leave prison.

It would be a travesty of justice to send Ernst Zündel to Germany where certain persecution awaits him. For the Germans who uphold the ‘Holocaust lie’, Zündel is a dangerous enemy because his thoughts would liberate millions of Germans from a sick dogma called the ‘Holocaust lie’, or ‘Holocaustianity’.

If you care for free speech, the foundation of any civilized society, then you will not entertain the idea of sending Ernst Zündel to Germany . In any case, if a person is to be deported from Canada , has that person not a right to decide on a country of choice?

As I have pleasant memories of spending time in Canada during the 1970s, I am simply now appalled at the way Canadian government agencies have treated one of its own long-term residents: Ernst Zündel has never harmed anyone; Ernst Zündel has no criminal record; Ernst Zündel has never been a burden on the Canadian taxpayer. Ernst Zündel is a creative artist, a free thinker and a devoted husband and family man.

I request that Ernst Zündel immediately be released from unwarranted detention.

Submitted for your consideration.


Dr Fredrick Töben


Adelaide Institute

PO Box 3300

Norwood – 5067


Ernst Zündel may be in prison but he is not alone. On my recent June trip to Washington , there to attend the 4th The Barnes Review Conference, I detoured home via Toronto . Although the SARS travel restrictions were lifted on 2 July, the day I arrived in Toronto , the officer in charge of the prison refused me entry. I was advised that the SARS alert would be lifted after the weekend, on Monday, 7 July 2003 , but I could not stay that long in Toronto . This refusal hurt me because when I was in prison three individuals also tried to visit me without first having made an appointment. How I would have loved to have received them in the visitors’ room. I know Ernst Zündel would have been pleased to see me.

Dr Fredrick Töben

Adelaide Institute

7 August 2003

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