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Watched by wife, Elda, Robert Countess officiates at Germar Rudolf's

 Revisionist Wedding of the Year - September 11, 2005

A  most happy moment on September 11 2004


Dr. Bob Countess died yesterday at 6:34 pm CST,
surrounded by his family, succumbing to a brain tumor.
When he was diagnosed back in November 2004, the
doctors gave him two weeks. He made it eight times as
long. Until two weeks ago, he was still able to walk,
and last week, when I spoke to his wife Elda, she said
that he was still able to speak. The nurses called it
a miracle. But no miracle lasts eternally.
I will write a more detailed obituary later.



From:Walter Muelle
Sent: Saturday, March 19, 2005

I will suspend most of your letters today in order to
remember one of America's more outspoken revisionists,
who died yesterday.


By Walter F. Mueller

I was at the IHR Conference in 2002, and it was there
where I met Dr. Bob Countess. Just briefly. If you ask
me to describe him, I probably couldn't. And that's
how close I should ever get to him.

Nevertheless, Dr. Bob Countess became one of the more
avid contributors of the Patriot Letter until he fell
ill. I have criticized him and we've gone around and
around. However, he was a fearless fighter for our

I admired him for his "brass balls" whenever he got
involved in the holocaust issue. Never ever was he
afraid that the traditional enemy would recognize him.
He always gave his name, phone number, and address in
case anyone wanted to challenge him.

He was a contributing writer to Germar Rudolf's
revisionist magazine and a guest at many conferences.
Out of all the revisionists, he did not have the
glamour urge. No matter how much we disagreed, he
always participated.

It was more important to Dr. Countess to hurt the
enemy then to worry about petty infighting. God, I
tell you, he has annoyed me many times. And I said so
many times. But, nevertheless, his perseverance and
candor will be greatly missed here in the Community
News war room.

So, when you go to bed tonight, think of Dr. Bob
Countess and picture him arguing with God about the

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