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Subject: Euro-Am Activist dies...

Subject: Bob Countes -- RIP
I just arrived home and discovered that Dr. Bob Countess died. For years Dr.
Bob fought the good fight. He often called me. He visited me last summer and
I bought about a dozen books off him.
Sometimes I stunned Bob. I remember when I told him that books and research
are not really good items unless someone reads them. Obviously, they only
become special when folks understand them, look at them and share. For
example, I narrated that itıs possible that Professor Kevin MacDonald might
be the greatest living American. Upon hearing that, one could see that he
envisioned me was a strange Euro-duck. He become a gasp when I insisted that
Prof. Kevin MacDonald might be in the Copernicus category.
We spoke of old timers such as Johnny Kucek, Ben Klassen, Ernst Zundel, Jim
Warner and many others. I remarked about the importance of disclaimers and
referred to his satirical work. We laughed and argued about Rome, the
British Empire and the potential disappearance of Euro-man.
I believe that Bob read German and his wife comprehended French. Besides his
love of learning, he was deeply concerned with a German friend who had
stayed with him before moving to Chicago. It hurt him to know about the
fellowıs suffering, his fear, the grief from setbacks and Amdom's mockery of
A few years back, Dr. Countess was a speaker at a conference held by Dr.
Weber. His lecture was so good that I gave copies of his video to over two
hundred friends/ acquaintances.
Bob was an activist for decades and influenced an uncountable number of
individuals. He also taught in schools of higher education in both the
United States and Europe.
A versatile fellow, he had a friendly attitude and an excellent personality.
Doctor Bob served in the military, in a religious capacity. He completely
comprehended the nemesis of mankind.
Although he was a philo-Germanic individual, he often reiterated that he
liked the Poles and had numerous Polish friends. He had visited Auschwitz
and the chosen holycause was a thorn in his spirit.
At a restaurant in Florida I recall our discussing Marks. It was interesting
for me to hear his indoctrination via Western books and schools. When I
reviewed the propaganda and idolization of Marks, from the Central and
Eastern European perspective, he just listened. After my analysis of Marks,
he emphasized that Americans had no idea how good theyıve had it.
When we met, I thought that he appeared healthy and had a chance to reach 80
­90 years old. He smiled when hearing me say that I was happy to see that he
had much vigor and energy. He especially admired a Floridian Vet named
Ralph. Ralph was a fellow who had relocated out of the Tampa area. I was
fascinated to hear Doctor Bob speak about the love he had for such

It's my hope that other friends will share info about Bob.
Bob will be missed.

May he rest in peace.

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