Five questions to Professor Faurisson (France) from journalist Hosein Amiri (Iran)

26 February 2005

1) As you may be aware, the "Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel" (CSA) has banned the Iranian satellite television network Sahar from broadcasting in France. Is this an illegal act, and is it contrary to the principles of freedom of speech and of the media ? What is your opinion?

RF: Yes, I am aware of that decision of February 10 and have read the wording of it. It is not an illegal decision since it is essentially based on two special laws that we have here in France: one against racism and anti-Semitism (1972), and the other against "historical revisionism" (1990), which the Jews call "denial of the Holocaust". Both laws are against the freedom of speech; the second is especially disgraceful since it is also against the freedom of historical research. The French Jewish organisations were instrumental in getting both laws passed -- especially the second one.     

2) We are all aware that this government Council called CSA have accused Sahar of anti-Semitism because of its broadcast of the series ³Zahra's Blue Eyes" and ³Al-Shatat". How do the CSA define the term "anti-Semitism"?

RF: The real reason of Sahar's ban is not the transmission of those series. They clearly stated that the reason was the fact that Sahar broadcast a ten-minute interview with yours truly on February 3. In that interview I said that there had been no extermination of the Jews by the Germans during World War II and that the gas chambers allegedly used to kill the Jews in the camps ("gas chambers" are not to be confused with the crematoria) never existed.
The Jews call "anti-Semitic" anyone who, in their opinion, hates the Jews. I call "anti-Semitic" anyone that the Jews hate.

3) Given the fact that, as they are broadcast from the Eutelsat, all inhabitants of Europe, indeed, people all throughout the world, may view such programmes, why is that such accusations against them are made only in France?

RF: I am not sure that such accusations are made only in France. I suppose that they are made in every country in which the Jewish power is in control of the public policy and the media of the country. In France the Jewish power is fantastic. The CRIF (Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de France) holds, in January or February of every year, a dinner attended by our Premier and, at least, 15 of his ministers. Each time, the leader of the CRIF will deliver a speech in which he indicates what our government must do in the year ahead. That leader will be very rude and arrogant with our ministers. Usually the latter will bow, express their thanks and then obey.

4) Why is that the media can accuse all the nations, ethnic groups or religions -- the Germans, the French, the Italians, the Muslims, the Christians -- but not the Jews and the Zionists?

RF: It has nearly always been the case in the Western World. Jews have the power. People in general and governments are afraid of displeasing them. People and governments also believe, more or less sincerely, that the Jews suffered so much during World War II that they deserve very special respect and, accordingly, enormous privileges.

5) BY THE WAY, it is necessary to call to mind that Mr Ernst Zündel is another victim of the suppression of freedom of speech.  This GERMAN-BORN HERO was kidnapped in the USA two years ago and deported to Canada where he had previously lived for 40 years. For two years he has been held near Toronto in solitary confinement. On February 24, 2005 a single judge (sitting without a jury and hearing secret witnesses whom it was impossible for the defence to cross-examine) decided that this pacifist was a threat to the national security of Canada, as well as to international security. In doing so, that judge has cleared the way for Zundel's deportation to Germany where the heroic man may well spend the rest of his life in prison. How do you evaluate the Jewish power in its struggle against freedom of speech, considering that other revisionists like yourself have already been the victims of such actions on the part of the Jews?

RF: Yes indeed, Ernst Zündel is a hero. The only reason why he has been so persecuted and why, as we see, he may now have to spend the rest of his life (he is 66) in prison is that he has devoted his life to the defence of the reputation of his beloved country, Germany. He has for decades been fighting remarkably against the abominable "Holocaust" lies spread by Jewish propaganda against Germany. He is a revisionist. In the past he often tried to make the Arabs and the Moslems understand that the alleged "Holocaust of the Jews" was (and is) the sword and the shield of Israel. He would say: "If you really want to defend yourselves against Zionism, don't go and buy expensive weaponry but, with the help of the revisionist findings, go and destroy its monstrous lie, the lie of the "Holocaust"."
It is time that Arabs and Moslems understood the importance of Revisionism and, to begin with, Sahar and all the media associated with Sahar ought to make known what Canada is doing right now to that hero. Ernst Zündel should not be deported to Germany. He should be freed and taken back to the USA, where his American wife has been waiting for him since February 5, 2003. Could Iranians go and protest at the Canadian Embassy in Tehran? It would be a good thing for freedom of speech, for freedom of historical research, for the Arab and Moslem World, and for Iran and Palestine.

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