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Dear Members and Friends,

As we embark on our 3rd year, we reflect on how much Generations of the Shoah International (GSI) has grown and how much we have accomplished. We have become a network that reaches thousands of people all around the world. When the seven founding groups initially got together in October, 2002 none of us imagined how much the organization would grow or how quickly. We owe that success in large part to you, our members, and your willingness to share what is happening in your local communities. GSI has remained faithful to its original mission: the objective is to share information and resources and to help each other. Take a look at the program listings from around the world and see what others are doing that might be of interest to your local community. We can benefit from each other's experiences.

GSI has helped form new second and third generation groups, provided a venue by which we can share program ideas, conference information, educational tools, and begun development on our speakers bureau. We are collecting information on Yom Hashoah commemorations so we can share ideas for making future commemorations more meaningful. We are posting new books and films on our website so our members can see some of what is now available on the Holocaust. We have accomplished much together. There is still much to do.

Our congratulations to The Generation After in Washington, DC on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. If any of you are going to be in the DC area on October 17th, feel free to join the anniversary event at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum with speakers Martin Goldman and Peter Masters. See events section below for more details.

There are going to be some major international and multi-generational events in 2005 to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe. GSI will keep you posted on these events in both our newsletters and our website www.genshoah.org. See below for information on the March of the Living 2005 and Generation to Generation Sharing the Legacy.

Our newsletter is becoming too long so we are considering ways to shorten it while still keeping our members updated on events and programs. Stay tuned.....

If you do not receive your newsletter by the 3rd of the month, let us know. Please remember to send us your November program information a week or two before the newsletter goes out on the 1st. Send your submissions to: gsi@imeg.com.

We also invite you to visit our website to see the latest on books, videos and conferences, and more: www.genshoah.org. You may contact us at any time at gsi@imeg.com.

Generations of the Shoah International (GSI)

The Austrian parliament will pay Austrian Jewish victims of Nazi persecution an additional $1,200 in Holocaust restitution from the Austrian National Fund for loss of rental apartments, household belongings and personal values. This payment will total approximately $22 million. The payment comes in the wake of calls by the Claims Conference for Austria to make advance compensation payments from another fund that has been stalled due to legal technicalities. For more information: www.claimscon.org, e-mail: infodesk@claimscon.org. Telephone: (49) 69-970-7010

Austrian Holocaust Survivor Emergency Assistance Program
Selfhelp Community Services is pleased to announce that there is a new source of emergency financial assistance available for Jewish Austrian victims of Nazi persecution. The funds for this program have been made available from a settlement that was reached by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) with the Austrian Government and Bank Austria.

Victims of Nazi persecution may request grants to pay for current medical, dental, housing, or other emergency expenses, up to certain limits. Heirs and spouses of deceased Nazi victims are not eligible for this program. Application criteria specified in GSI September newsletter.

Individuals residing in New York City should contact Selfhelp in order to apply. Outside of New York City applicants should contact their local Jewish Family Service Agency, or contact Selfhelp for a referral to a participating agency.

Selfhelp Community Services, Inc.
Austrian Holocaust Survivor Emergency Assistance Program
520 Eighth Ave, New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212)-947-8760;
Fax: (212)-947-3224;
e-mail: rgerhard@selfhelp.ne

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