5. Mossad Assassinated Sweden's Future Prime Minister

Anna Lindh – Future PM of Sweden

An Assassin Stabbed Her In Public

She Was Rushed To The Hospital

Thousands Gather To Mourn Anna Lindh's Death

Who Was Anna Lindh?

Foreign Minister Anna Lindh was an outspoken human rights advocate who was widely believed to be Sweden's next prime minister.
She called Sharon a butcher on national TV

The Attack

The petite Lindh lifted both arms and held out her shoulder bag in front of her body to defend herself, but the attack was too violent to resist.

It was a brutal knife attack, where the assailant slit her stomach open. When the paramedics arrived, she was in a pool of blood with her intestines hanging out.

Lindh, 46, died Thursday, September 11th, 2003, after 10 hours of surgery.

Why Was She Assassinated?

She was a popular outspoken critic of Israel's occupation, and their constant slaughtering of Palestinians. She openly questioned Israel's nuclear arsenal. She was instrumental in blocking Sweden's adoption of the Zionist financial cabal's Euro currency.

What About Future European Leaders?

A blatant assassination like this sends a message to anyone contemplating challenging Israel.

Israel’s Gift To Sweden

The Mossad followed her – an assassin slit her stomach open and stabbed her 22 times. She lost 60% of her blood. and all the lower organs were beyond repair – professional job.

What's This Tell You?

Israel wanted Iraq's oil, and they got it. Next, Israel will instigate an attack on Iran, and no one will probably dare say boo. They slaughter Palestinians like they were mosquitoes, and the US just looks the other way about it.

They control most of the US Government, and openly trounce any opposition candidate with their media control. Now they openly assassinate foreign heads of state.

If Anna Lindh was Prime Minister of Sweden, she would have never committed troops to Iraq.

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