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Press Release - 31 March 2006

1. Professor Fraser responds to allegations

2. The President of HREOC, The Hon John von Doussa, QC, responds

3. Professor Fraser responds to decision made by President of HREOC

4. Professor Fraser raises the 'joinder' issue






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Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Golden Oldie: Character Assassination

You really only have to write the reply once; the smears don't change over time.

Yes, I'm aware that Daniel Pipes of the so-called Middle East Forum sent some puppy out to slime me over at David Horowitz's Frontpagerag. So this is the way it goes with the Likudniks. First they harass you and try to have you spied on. Then they threaten, bully and try to intimidate you. And if that fails and you show some spine, then they simply lie about you. (In this case the lies are produced by quoting half a passage, or denuding it of its context, or adopting a tone of pained indignation when quoting a perfectly obvious observation).

The thing that most pains me in all this is the use of the word "antisemite." Pipes already had to settle one lawsuit, by Douglas Card, for throwing the word around about him irresponsibly.

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