British Historian David Irving recants?


24 Nov 2005
Irving acknowledges gas chambers


A lawyer for British historian David Irving said on the eve of a court hearing that Irving admitted past statements could be interpreted as denying the existence of Nazi gas chambers - but now acknowledges they existed.

Prosecutors charged Irving earlier this week under an Austrian law that makes denying the Holocaust a crime.
The charges stem from two speeches Irving delivered in Austria in 1989 in which he allegedly denied the existence of gas chambers. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

Irving has changed his views on gas chambers in recent years, his attorney, Elmar Kresbach said.
"He changed some of the views he is so famous for," Kresbach said.

Kresbach said he will argue at a custody hearing that Irving should be released on bail.
It was unclear when the trial will begin.

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Sent: Friday, 25 November 2005 10:47 AM
Subject: David Irving Update: Judge Dr. Seda's Wa

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

The following on-the-scene report comes from George Kadar. Mr. Kadar – in my previous report I identified him a Kovac – in Washington-based American Free Press’s European correspondent.

After several inquiries over the Internet, I can confirm that CAFÉ is collecting money to assist David Irving’s defence. Donations will be passed on to his Austrian attorney. Send an e-mail with your VISA and expiry date or mail your cheque to Canadian Association for Free Expression, Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada.

Paul Fromm

Judge Dr. Seda’s War

After a half a dozen calls through the court systems in Vienna one arrives to the office of Judge Dr. Peter Seda. He is the Judge who is willing to take the responsibility for locking up the best living historian on planet earth today.

The calls are routed around and placed on hold time and time again in a manner that indicated a desperate try for the tracing of the source. In my case the calls are looped again and again – they seem to have difficulties tracing a call originating from an IBM laptop, sitting behind a few layers of firewalls.

Finally one arrives to the secretary and it all seems so easy: “If you wish to visit Mr. Irving please come to our office between 9:00 and 12:00AM in the morning on Monday or Wednesday. We will give you a visitor’s permit and you can talk to Mr. Irving.”

I arrive at 11 Landesgericht Strasse close to the center of Vienna from another country, after many hours of traveling. The building is one of those century old huge structures with three feet thick walls, reflecting on the past glorious days of the country when it was Austrians who set their laws, foreign policies and even controlled their own monetary system.

At the entry the metal detector is busy, they take my camera, my metallic ballpoint pen and anything else that can kill, maim or terrorize the deputies who are running around with their side arms.

A friendly woman takes me to the half mile long hallway on the second floor, toward room #2080, at the end. As we are walking toward the room she points out Judge Dr. Seda. He is rather short, dark eyes, with some sort of slight physical disability that shows in his walking, the type who realized at an early age that the ultimate security is in the power of a government position. Judge Seda is a veteran champion for the cause of the Austrian Jews. He is on record for tracking internet thought criminals for at least ten years for “anti-Semitic expressions”, “denial of the Holocaust” and “spreading revisionist literature”. He is also a choice of the establishment for politically sensitive cases: He handled the Austrian investigation into the poisoning of Victor Yuschenko, then a candidate in the elections of The Ukraine, who was poisoned and was treated in Vienna. (2004)

Judge Dr. Seda seems to be a dream came through for the none-too-popular Jewish community in Vienna.

The woman who is leading me realizes that she made a mistake, apologizes and leaves. Judge Dr. Seda tells me to walk to his office and wait there. The secretary is around thirty, long blond hair, blue eyes, with a little extra weight that is normal in her profession. Her face is actually pleasant and I can easily track the ways of her mind as she takes me through a routine that she must have played many times before. As she fills out the half a page sized paper she asks questions: My relation if any to Mr.

Irving. How long did I know him? What year was he born? How did I learn about his arrest? Is there a big publicity about the arrest in other countries? Am I also a writer?

When I ask about the type of charges filed against Mr. Irving, I’m  told: “That is not public information.” And so is the bail information.

When Judge Seda arrives in the room he signs the paper, they send me to room  #1011 for the paper to be stamped on the first floor. Another half mile in the long hallways, a rather useless exercise since the woman in the room does not ask any questions, simply stamps the paper.

The jail is in the very same building complex. The visiting area is on the ground level. (In Europe they do not count the “first floor” as such, they count it as “ground level” and they number the floors above that.)

The officer behind the window explains it to me that Mr. Irving can have only one thirty minute visit per week and he already had one on Monday.

“Can I call Mr. Irving?”


“Can Mr. Irving call me?”


“Can I leave some books for Mr. Irving?”

“No, he does not have a permit from the judge.”

“But yes, I can come again next Monday morning and try to be the first…”

“But then Mr. Irving will not be able to see his own family members if they show up…”

I think every one of the players in this tragic-comedy believes that he is normal. They play their parts in this totally insane drama with the true believe that everything is A1, Ok around them but one can actually sense the suffering on the over-controlled faces. These people need help and it will be our job to provide this help for them one day. They need to be freed from the forces of evil that are literally and visibly all around them.

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Sent: Friday, 25 November 2005 11:06 AM

Brad Love Back In Jail For Writing Letters to Local Newspaper

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

Canada is swiftly becoming a free speech Gulag for dissidents.
Inveterate letter writer Brad Love, a bricklayer with a passion for writing letters protesting the immigration invasion of this Dominion, is back in prison. Canada's second most famous political prisoner was arrested November 4. He's being held at the provincial reformatory called Maplehurst in Milton and faces a trial date in March. The Crown is opposing bail for this non-violent man. What did Mr. Love do: stage a drive-by shooting in the Jamaican gang territory? join Vietnamese in running a multi-million dollar marijuana grow-up? None of these things! He's back in prison for "breach of probation" for writing 10 letters to his local newspaper, The Etobicoke Guardian. The letters, sent between January 9 and October, 2005, were actually copies of other newspaper articles with Brad Love's comments on them. That the Etobicoke Guardian kept the envelopes used by Mr. Love strongly suggests that the paper acted in cahoots with the police.

One letter contained a copy of a National Post article on Black crime in Toronto to which Brad had added the comments: "100% of this is immigration" and "So what is a hate crime?" Another incident involved sending a copy of The Canadian Immigration Hotline. The charge states that this "flyer addresses recent gun violence in Toronto and goes to great lengths to link violent crime to Blacks. The article blames immigrants for the increase in violence. By sending material of this nature in the mail, the accused violated his probation order" by which he was "not to communicate ... or disseminate material in the nature of that which is the subject matter of these convictions; that is, scurrilous or hateful messages." So, apparently, Ontario's political police who have a major hate on for Brad Love believe that factual statements about Black immigrant crime in Toronto are "scurrilous or hateful."

Another mailing contained a Toronto Star article of July 22 dealing with Canadian immigration problems and the potential for terrorism and featuring photos of Anne McLellan, Toronto Police Chief William Blair and Immigration Minister Joe Volpe. Brad's handwritten comments: "These ass-slurppers are the reason for the problem" and "Yes, and it's all thanks to immigration Canada." Not nice, perhaps, but criminal? The police charge notes that the material arrived in an envelope with "Remaining silent about Black crime is a crime!" written on the outside. The Etobicoke Guardian must have a wonderful filing system and plenty of staff to do it, if they can even file incoming envelopes.

Another item that riled that thought police was a copy of CFIRCGRAM I sent out earlier this year using a Toronto Police Service Press release about their search for a missing retarded, Vietnamese immigrant. My comment

was: What was this person, obviously a major expense to the taxpayer, doing in Canada is the first place. The material passed on by Brad, says the charge, "was a sarcastic and insensitive account of the search by the Toronto Police Service for a missing Vietnamese immigrant who happens to be mentally and physically challenged. The piece also included the original press release from 51 Division dated May 27, 2005."

It's important that we support Brad Love. Write to the Attorney General of Ontario and protest the jailing of a man for nothing more than sounding off to his local newspaper. Brad Love had previously been sentenced to 18 months for writing letters to MPs and chief of police. Unwisely, he'd been persuaded to plead guilty to charges under Canada's notorious Sec. 319 "anti-hate" law and received the stiffest sentence in Canadina history under this repressive measure. Earlier this year, he served 41 days in jail - denied bail - for having written letters to MPPs about immigration abuses.

These letters, it was alleged, were sa breach of his probation. He was then hit with a further probation condition: he was not to contact any elected official - federal, provincial or municipal - for the next three years.

Essentially, he's been stripped of his rights as a citizen.

The Attorney General of Ontario is The Hon. Chris Bryant. Here are his contact numbers: Ministry of the Attorney General720 Bay St, 11th Flr., Toronto ON M5G 2K1

Tel : 416-326-2220
Fax : 416-326-4016
email :

Paul Fromm
Visit the Canadian Association for Free Expression's website:

 Please support CAFE in our efforts:
CAFÉ, Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada or e-mail us your VISA number and expiry date.


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