Update on Horst Mahler:

As soon as Horst Mahler is released from prison in August, he faces more charges:

Tuesday, 04.09.07, 14:00 Hours

Amtsgericht Cottbus
Vom-Stein-Str. 31
03050 Cottbus

Saal 18

Vorwurf - Allegation

"Verwendung von Kennzeichen einer ehemaligen nationalsozialistischen Organisation",
§ 86 a StGB, - use of symbols of a former national socialist organisation

Verwendung des "Hitlergrusses (Ausstrecken des rechten Armes und der rechten Hand)"
am 15.11.07 - use of the Hitler salute - extending the right arm and hand.

Schleyer-Mahler discuss Germany's future                                              

HORST MAHLER Talked the Talk, now WALKS the WALK into Prison


Neo-Nazi Horst Mahler transferred to prison in Bavaria                        


- new address -

Horst Mahler

Baumannstr. 81

D - 83220 Bernau


Email: Sylviastolz@aol.com


On 15 November Horst Mahler walked into

Vollzugsanstalt Cottbus-Dissenchen, Oststrass 2, D-03052 Cottbus-Dissenchen, Germany,

where he will remain for 9 months.



 Es kommt der Tag der Wahrheit - wenn wir es wollen        
                                                       Der Kampfauftrag des Weltgeistes ist an das Deutsche Volk vergeben - handeln wir!

                                                 Splitterbomben - Das Wesen des Talmudischen Krieges -essence of talmudic war

        Horst Mahler writes to Ingrid                                                          

                                                                Horst Mahler's Passport confiscated                                                                                                   

                       Teheran lädt Blair zum Holocaust-Kongress ein                                              

                          Mahler will nach Teheran                                                                                    

                           It is not surprising that such things are publicly stated...                         

                            Jahwe als Satan und Feindesliebe                                                                     

                         Peter Scholl-Latour setting up Islam as Germany's enemy                    

                         Mahler Appeal date abandoned                                                                       

                       Horst Mahler - beginning of 2006                                                                   

                                            Horst Mahler and Robert Faurisson on possible Tehran Revisionist Conference    

   Dramatic Turning Point in the Lüneburger Trial of Dr. Rigolf Hennig for insulting Germany: Deutsch  


  Seminar in Mosbach                                                                                                             

Mitgliederversammlung des VRBHV                                                                              

 Horst Mahler advises                                                                                                          





  Horst Mahler defends himself                                                                                            

   On the danger of the Orange - Soros - Revolution                                                         

                                               Zum Auschwitzstag an alle Bundestagsabgeordneten: Soll bloß keiner sagen, er hätte nichts gewußt     

                      "Die Juden gehen schweren Zeiten entgegen - The Jews are entering a difficult period."   

     Alarmstufe ORANGE II – Einladung zu einer Krisensitzung der Reichsbewegung   

 IBM - Holocaust                                                                                                                      

  Horst Mahler fights for German Idealism against Jewish Talmudism                      

I think You are right. But truth has two different moments. The one is a correct analysis of the given situation. The other one is a notion of what is coming out of our will to escape the catastrophe. People must see a future they want. It is not enough to say "stop it". Show them the direction they have to take. We in Germany had it already. That - and only that - was the reason why we were crushed by the Jewish secret power, because the self-conscious Volksgemeinschaft is the natural end of Mammonism. The German Revolution of 1933 was not as bloody as the French or the Russian Revolution. Everybody talks about the French Revolution with respect. Many do the same with the Russian Revolution. Almost nobody dares to do so about the German Revolution. One hundred years of hostile propaganda against the German way - denounced as "Deutscher Sonderweg" - made it almost - but only almost - impossible to talk about the real meaning of this way. Now we have to regain first this possibility. What is hindering us to do so? I guess it's the Holocaust-lie. Let's join our efforts to kill this Big Lie!
Horst Mahler
24 September 2003


'Liberation from forced Liberation'

****************8 May 2005****************

 On this day Germans who still want to be Germans converge on Berlin's Brandenburger Tor

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