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Tarpley, Webster Griffin.

9/11 Synthetic Terror:Made in U.S.A.

Joshua Tree, Calif, U.S.A., Progressive Press, 2005.

Paperback, 478 pp. ISBN 0-930852-31-1

Niccolo Machiavelli, author of "The Prince" said: "Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration." It could be added that most people live a life of dreaming, unaware of political and psychological realities, manipulated by other people, to their detriment, and in the interests of those in control.

This is the problem dealt with by Webster Griffin Tarpley in his book, available through, an imprint of Tree of Life Books, PO Box 126, Joshua Tree, California 92252, U.S.A., which tries to reveal the way in which Al Queda, the terrorist outfit cited by politicians as the force that invented 9/11 and later on other terrorist moves, such as 7/7, the date of the terrorist attacks in London and elsewhere, is actually a utilization of a force manipulated by rulers to deceive the public.


Tarpley is well qualified as a writer on security measures and understands how it works. Tarpley understands the way people are controlled by forces beyond their understanding by citing the story in Plato’s "Republic", of people chained in caves and unable to turn their heads, who can only see shadows cast by fires behind them and mistake this for reality. If someone breaks his chains, escapes from the cave and sees the sun outside, he cannot persuade the captives that what they see is false, a kind of deceitful presentation of reality shown in the movie, "The Matrix" (Tarpley, pp. 346-7)

This is the dilemma most citizens face, controlled by hidden forces which present a false reality for political reasons. (p,24) "Blatant lying has become part of the daily routine- in part because of neocon guru, Leo Strauss’s theory that truth is dangerous for the masses, and rulers therefore have to be esoteric, that is, lie through their teeth." (p. 24) It is surprising that Tarpley does not mention another figure in Plato’s "Republic" called Thrasymachus, who claims that "justice" is the will of the stronger, that "might is right" or to quote the cynic’s Golden Rule, "he who has the gold makes the rules!" Each government makes laws in the interests of the ruling class, and this is what they call "justice". This is the basic idea, resuscitated by the Marxist writer, Gramschi, with his "cultural harmony", transmission of ruling class values through the community as a political control device. This is the basic policy used in today’s world by controlling political powers and "intelligence" and "security" powers implementing them.

An interesting quotation from George Orwell’s "1984" is cited by Tarpley showing the way wars and terrorist attacks can be used by governments to control the people:

"In some ways, she was far more acute than Winston, and far less susceptible to Party propaganda. Once, when he happened in some connection to mention the war against Eurasia, she startled him by saying casually that in her opinion the war was not happening. The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself "just to keep the people frightened." (Tarpley, p.13)

As Tarpley expresses it, "terrorism in the modern era is the means by which oligarchies wage secret wars against the people which it would be politically impossible to wage openly.Oligarchy, in turn, always has one and the same political program, which has not changed since the time of Thucydides,Plato and the writer that classical historians call the Old Oligarch." (p. 60) Oligarchy includes the United States, Israel, the UK and other groups.


Despite the popular illusion that terrorism is a popular reaction from oppressed groups, Tarpley nevertheless identifies it as groups such as CIA, FBI,NSA,KGB,Stasi, MI-6 and the rest. Tarpley tells us that "secret intelligence agencies in their modern forms go back to the Republic of Venice, which was famous for its intelligence doctorate, the Council of Ten, and its pervasive network of spies, informers and provocateurs-and the Republic of Venice was the longest-lasting oligarchical system in world history" (p.61) It is "the most desolate and grim sector of human endeavour, where no human value can subsist." (p. 61)

Tarpley shows that historically governments agencies have, for centuries, invented "terrorist attacks" to get control of their people. He mentions one example, the way in which Guy Fawkes and his supporters were blamed for a tactic to blow up British Parliament, a scheme encouraged by Lord Robert Cecil, the Earl of Salisbury, and publicised for the political purpose of persuading James I to stop his policy of tolerating Catholics in England and wanting to accommodate the Spanish Empire.


The promotion of the Guy Fawkes’ plot and its announcement as the "9/11" of Britain of the time, succeeded in demonizing the Catholics and stopping any of James I’s accommodation of the Spanish Empire. England set out on wars against Spanish and Portuguese Empires and developed the British Empire.

To further discredit Papists, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Lord Shaftesbury promoted Titus Oates as the promoter of the "Popish Plots", allegedly backed by France to restore Catholicism in England, before Oates was later exposed as a fraud.(Tarpley, pp. 68-70) These are examples of "false flag terrorism", incidents attributed to other countries to discredit them and authorize attacks against them.

Tarpley realizes that 9/11 was a device used by oligarchical powers as a device to move towards total political power, and he documents evidence well known to many readers that it was fostered by forces within the US government and that it was not planes slamming into the Twin Towers that brought them down but explosives planted within them.


Many think that Building 7 behind the Twin Towers generated signals and attract the planes, but was then also destroyed to prevent outside sources detecting it.


Tarpley seems to think that President Bush may have been threatened with murder if he did not go along with the attack system. "9/11 was carried out primarily by a US-centered rogue network or invisible government faction, but it was not carried out alone. The foreign intelligence service which contributed the most indirect support to 9/11 was unquestionably the British MI-6...the CIA and MI6 are basically Siamese twins sharing a number of vital organs" (p. 324)

Tarpley gives more emphasis than many about Vladimir Putin’s awareness of the way international terrorist tactics are used against Russia, seen as danger because of its possession of nuclear powers, and claims that "a US attack on Iran bids fair to be the opening of World War III." (p. 425)

We have reached a stage historically where the power of the Anglo-American system is threatening existence itself. Perhaps the worst aspect of the problems raised by Tarpley is his conclusion that: "it is unfortunately more likely that world government will be attained, if it ever is, as a result of a new and cataclysmic world war in which entire national states, weakened by the globalisation depression, will disappear as readily as royal dynasties did at the end of World War II." (p. 453)


Will the world end, in a bang or a whimper?

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