The Trial of Germar Rudolf in Mannheim District Court


Day 12, 15 March 2007

Justice, where art thou?


Günter Deckert reports


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Germar Rudolf sentenced to 30 months prison

 His scientific research contradicts a number of official dogmas of Holocaust religion

- Fredrick Töben

On 15 March 2007 the Mannheim District Court handed down a 30 months prison sentence to the world’s leading Revisionist and publisher – in stark contrast to the sentence a Mannheim court a month earlier imposed on veteran Revisionist Ernst Zündel who received the maximum of five years. Both men have made it their life’s work to set the record straight about that vile allegation levelled against Germans that during World War two they exterminated six million European Jews in homicidal gas chambers. Zündel has been at it for almost half a century and Rudolf since the late 1980s.

In today’s The Australian newspaper the feature article discusses the Palestinian plight. In ‘Israel’s secret Gaza servants’, Martin Chulov speaks with two of Hamas’ executioners who reveal to him “how they hunted down and killed Palestinians … as a warning to other traitors”. The usual lures ensnared individuals to become traitors to the Palestinian cause: sex and money. In their battle for supremacy over the Palestinians, the Israelis have begun to target individuals with such soft weapons – a far more effective attack on the Palestinians than brute force, which the world, via the Internet, can observe without hindrance.

So, what relevance has the above to Revisionists? It goes to the heart of character and values! I am reminded what Ernst Zündel advised me years ago, that if you are into historical Revisionism, then this is a war, and so it is advisable not to have moral failings, such as sexual, drug or any material addictions. Spending time in jail is to be expected and not to be feared, and a fact that needs to be considered when embarking on this intellectual adventure, as Robert Faurisson termed it. Interestingly, Art Butz’s The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, first published in 1977 still remains definitive. Although weathering all kinds of personal public attacks in the media Art Butz still retains his professorship at a Chicago university – and no-one to date has refuted his book’s basic premise: that the homicidal gas chambers never existed and that Germans never had an official extermination policy.

Udo Walendy published his Historische Tatsachen until ordered by a court to desist, and after spending some years in prison, which he did on account of his age – he celebrated his 80th birthday this year. Siegfried Verbeke continued to publish and disseminate Revisionist material and is currently locked up in a Belgium prison, i.e. after last year spending some months at Heidelberg prison. Günter Deckert spent close to five years in a German prison because he had invited Fred Leuchter to address his Weinheim group on the 1988 published The Leuchter Report. Deckert, it was alleged, smirked or sneered while translating, thereby disparaging the memory of the dead! Then from prison he wrote a letter to a Mr Mannheim, who was travelling around German schools talking about his escapes from Auschwitz, etc. In his letter Deckert asked Mr Mannheim 12 questions, and Mr Mannheim felt hurt by the letter’s contents and took it to the police. This writing of a letter and asking questions earned Deckert another three months. I took up this matter and sent my views on the Deckert case to a number of German judges and public prosecutors. It was the contents of this letter that earned me a ten-month sentence in Mannheim in 1999, and the Adelaide Institute website’s content was not taken into consideration. Justice Klaus Kern accepted the push-pull argument, i.e. that material via the Internet is NOT pushed into Germany, but rather that an individual must pull it down from the Internet. A subsequent appeal reversed this decision; thereby my case became a precedent-setting case: German law extended around the globe – much like the Israeli Holocaust law that enables the Zionist-racist state to demand extradition to Israel of anyone and anywhere in the world who refuses to believe in the ‘Holocaust’.   

The December 2006 Teheran Holocaust Conference that aimed to review the ‘Holocaust’ has been the single most significant event within the last decade, and it followed closely on Germar Rudolf in 2000 beginning his publishing of the Holocaust Handbook series – about 21 published volumes and as many waiting to be published – now waiting for Germar to return to the USA and continue his work there. Anyone who believes in the ‘Holocaust’ now needs to wade through these volumes to be informed of the Revisionist argument.

It was sadly noted that only Michael Collins Piper from the USA made it to the Teheran Holocaust conference, Patrick McNally and Bradley Smith do not live in the USA. American Revisionists such as Michael Hoffmann, Paul Grubach, Michael Santomauro and Mark Weber, to name only a few, would not take the risk of travelling to Teheran for fear of being pursued by their own internal security forces for having travelled to a country that the US president labels ‘Axis of Evil’.

So, what will Germar do once released from prison? Will he continue the Revisionist enterprise and continue where he left off, and seek out Michael Santomauro who has taken over the distribution of his books in the USA, or will Germar continue to pursue his academic career and finally obtain that much-deserved doctorate in science, which the University of Stuttgart withheld from him on account of his having written that definitive Revisionist book: The Rudolf Report?

The human factor and David Irving

Well, the human factor has already kicked in because there are now some individuals within the Revisionist ranks who, for whatever reason, claim they have worked out why there is this discrepancy between the Zündel and Rudolf judgment.

Drawing on the early 20 December 2006 David Irving release, speculation is now rife that Germar Rudolf did a deal with the German prosecutors.

According to Dr Schaller, David Irving did a deal with his Austrian defence counsel in the hope of getting out of jail immediately after facing the judge, a week after his 11 November 2006 arrest. Before appearing in front of the judge and before being charged, Irving through his defence counsel, re-canted, i.e. that limited gassings occurred and that Auschwitz had gas chambers. This prior re-canting backfired and did not impress the judges who stooped so low during sentencing that one of them described Irving as a prostitute who had not seen the error of her ways. That such a statement came from a judge is shameful because it scapegoats without going any deeper into the problem of prostitution. I have noticed that men who have a special hatred for prostitutes are lacking a moral dimension where compassion has a home.

After settling down to prison life, so according to Wolfgang Fröhlich who was also spending his time in the Vienna jail, David Irving certainly saw the error of his ways by jettisoning his young defence counsel and reverting to the wise counsel of Dr Schaller for that appeal hearing on 20 December 2006.

Upon Irving’s release on 20 December 2006, something Dr Schaller predicted at the Teheran conference, one of the judges stated that his early release was justified because Irving had stated he now believes in the Holocaust.  Of course, once back home in England, Irving stated that he does not now have to show any more remorse about what he has been doing for decades. For some Revisionists such a jumping about with one’s beliefs is tantamount to selling out…

Neither Ernst Zündel nor Germar Rudolf re-canted, and that is befitting of two Germans whose lives are inextricably linked to the odious and oppressive ‘Holocaust’ story, while for British historian, David Irving, the ‘Holocaust’ remains a symbol of British imperial decline. Since 12 March Irving is in Budapest stirring up the nationalists with his knowledge. After all, Irving’s knowledge as a military historian of World War Two remains unsurpassed and his 30-odd books can be ignored but cannot be dismissed as not having contributed anything to world knowledge.

Interestingly, Georges Theil who almost spent time in a French prison for Revisionist work, feels passionately for the German cause and has stated as much in his book.

Back to Germar Rudolf’s case

Why was defence counsel Sylvia Stolz removed on the final day of the hearing, and replaced by another lawyer from a Munich legal firm? Why was there this sudden closing of the case that had been set down for a number more days?

On 10 March 2007 I phoned Sylvia Stolz to find out what had happened because the unofficial court report on that day wasn’t privy to what had occurred behind the scene, and thus only offered speculations as to what had happened.

Sylvia Stolz informed me that:

1. Germar Rudolf had said everything he wanted to say and that is why he did not make a final submission to the court and remained silent;

2. Rudolf did not recant in any way. Germar stands by the material he presented to court.

3. Stolz’s removal as a defence counsel from the case was a tactical matter because her task in any subsequent hearing was to contextualize the whole proceedings within an historical framework. It would have drawn parallels with Socrates’ demise by drinking a cup of poison and with Giordano Bruno’s burning at the stake. This aspect of the Rudolf trial was dispensed with – and instead the focus returned to Germar Rudolf, the scientist, the husband and father.

It is perhaps as a result of Sylvia Stolz from the very beginning of the proceedings adopting the Horst Mahler strategy that this somewhat light sentence came about. In the Zündel case there was no bargaining left at the very end, only more of the same. It is to be noted that Horst Mahler for his troubles is currently also resting in a prison for a total of nine months.

The fact that Germar has from his prison cell attempted to distance himself from overt political Revisionist figures can be seen as his way of retaining that pure scientific focus.

Yet, I am reminded of the Iranian maxim: everything is politics and everything is religion. The Iranian vision of the world –  Weltanschauung – is of course far more all-embracing than our liberal western democratic fractured world where things are divided up and compartmentalised – to the detriment of our holistic appreciation of life itself.

Is it little wonder then that when Western men cry, women generally regard this as a ‘macho’ failing instead of viewing it as a source of strength for compassion and mercy. Islam has enabled men publicly to cry by adopting in its religious ritual observances such a public display of compassion. In the liberal democracies of the western world hat helps individuals to overcome the lack of a wholesome spiritual vacuum is alcohol, psychiatry and consumerism held together by the slave system of predatory capitalism.

Germar – the personal perspective

Germar, 42, he has spent much reflective time on himself, especially within the past 16 months. It is said that most men start to think only in their early 30s – and I think there is some truth in this observation. But whatever happens after Germar’s release from prison, I wish him well in his endeavour to re-establish contact with his family from which he was so brutally and unjustly ripped. Any talk about his person, and what he has done – or did not do – for the Revisionist movement, is of secondary nature, though I hasten to add that on numerous occasions he has exclaimed to me that his first love is and always will be REVISIONISM. Whatever happens when he gets out of prison I sense we have not heard the last of Germar Rudolf, the POWERHOUSE of REVISIONISM.

As some hostile ‘Holocaust’ believers advised Revisionists some time ago: get a life beyond REVISIONISM. To that I responded: any thinking person is a REVISIONIST.

So, let’s not diminish the REVISIONIST enterprise because I recall that someone in Sacramento in 2004 stated REVISIONISM IS DEAD. This was quite an accurate statement about that person’s own mental processes because when we stop being revisionists, then we stop to think, and when we stop to think, then we may as well terminate our life of our own free will. I don’t think the REVISIONISTS I know would even contemplate adopting such nihilistic thought patterns. For that we have too much work awaiting us, and so, quoting Germar, let’s get back to work! 

Fredrick Töben


16 March 2007




Judgment Day


German court jails Holocaust denier

MANNHEIM (AFP-EJP )--- A German court on Thursday sentenced 42-year-old Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf to two and a half years in prison for inciting racial hatred.

The court in Mannheim in southern Germany found that Rudolf had contested the murder of six million Jews in Europe during World War II in propaganda on the Internet and in various publications.

Rudolf described the Holocaust as "a gigantic fraud" at the start of his trial.

He said that he had found no evidence that the gas chambers used to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews ever existed.


A trained chemist who once worked at the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart, Rudolf has published pseudo-scientific claims that it was impossible that Zyklon-B poison was used in the gas chambers at the Nazis’ Auschwitz death camp.


Rudolf fled Germany in 1995 after a court handed him a suspended sentence of 14 months for whipping up anti-Semitic sentiment and went to live in the United States.

In November 2005, he was extradited to stand trial in Germany where he was charged with incitement to racial hatred.


His conviction follows that of neo-Nazi "historian" Ernst Zündel, one of the leading figures in the Holocaust denial movement, also in Mannheim last February.

Zündel was jailed for five years, the maximum sentence for Holocaust denial in Germany, for his books and websites which contained fulsome praise of Adolf Hitler and abuse towards Jews.





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