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Germar Rudolf's Lectures on the Holocaust


Sent: Thursday, 29 September 2005 9:50 AM
Subject: "Lectures on the Holocaust" by G. Rudolf

"Lectures on the Holocaust" by G. Rudolf (August, 2005): A Non-Expert Report

These "Lectures" could be called introductory [as could Hegel's "Lectures.."], but this tome's 566 pages take the reader very far into the various scientific, forensic, and historiographic issues in contemporary holocaustology. This book is a very important, up-to-date, and thoroughly researched one-volume expose of the Hoaxoco$t as a shameless and obstinate lie of the Jewish misleaders. The 527 pages of text are a multi-faceted and fascinating presentation of the widest possible range of material relating to the actual hoaxoco$t, its antecedents, and its subsequent misuses.

The book has at least four different aspects:

1.) An informal series of lectures in which the listeners were permitted frequent interjections, questions, objections, etc. Both holocaust faithful and sceptics were given the opportunity to participate.

2.) The 27 tables and 156 illustrations make this book a valuable reference work to be consulted in any discussion about holocaust fact and fiction.

3.) An extensively annotated bibliography on virtually all the well-known and not so well known books dealing with holocaustory has been integrated into the text.

4.) A cogent and incisive analyses of complicated political, constitutional, and philosophical issues.

Most of the book is quite easy to read because of the informal and conversational tone of the lectures, but the wealth of detailed and invaluable information in the tables and illustrations make it advisable for the serious student-holocaustorian to have his own copy on hand for ready reference purposes.

For example, Table 1 compares Hilberg and Davidowicz on the number of supposed victims at different alleged murder sites and on the total number This one table exposes the totally unscientific nature of the main works of these two leading holocaustomaniacs and is a good introduction into the problem of "hoaxoco$t arithmetic," i.e. whatever components are used the magic total of 6M always pops out.

Tables 5 and 12 show the incredibly shrinking number of victims claimed by hoaxoco$tomaniacs for Auschwitz and Treblinka respectively. Over time the total alleged for Auschwitz has shrunk down from 9,000,000 to 510,000 and Treblinka's from 3,000,000 to 200,000. There are similar tables for other camps.

The illustrations are equally valuable and perhaps even more essential to understand the author's arguments and to prove one's points [One picture is worth a 1,000 words.]. For example, Illustrations 84-86 respectively show:

1.) "what the airtight doors of [the Nazi] homocidal 'gas chambers' looked like,
2.) the door to a single-person execution gas chamber in the USA, and
3.) the door to a delousing chamber at Dachau. Just these three photos are rather convincing evidence that the fable of Auschwitz's mass-homocidal gas chambers is a shabby lie believeable only by well brainwashed children and village idiots. Illustrations 104, 105, 112, 113a-c, 114, 115, 116, 117f, 119, 120, 121 deal with photo fakery, forgery, and mislabeling. These photo-illustrations are an essential part of the author's argument and, therefore, absolutely indispensable for the reader and anyone with whom the reader would like to discuss these issues [One fake photo is worth a 1,000 lies.]

One very detailed annotated bibliography [pp. 132-184] shows the gingerly way in which historians writing in German have written about the holocaust. This 52-page section is very useful in giving the non-specialist an overview of the gradually strengthening of revisionism in Germany.

Because Rudolf is a PhD-level chemist, it is not surprising that he discusses in great detail issues of forensic evidence, chemistry, and on-site investigations of the alleged gas chambers. [Notate bene: Holocaustomaniacs deprived Rudolf of the opportunity to receive his PhD, so the phrase "PhD-level" is used.] A liberally educated chemist writing for non-scientists should make the important issues clear. Rudolf certainly does. For example, the backcover has four photos: 2 from Auschwitz, 1 from Majdanek, and 1 from Stutthof. Three of the photos show the widespread blue staining characteristic of the extensive use of Zylon B. Only one photo shows no blue staining whatsoever. It is the photo that should actually show the most staining, i.e. the alleged genocidal gas chambers at Aw-shucks. Jurists and Latinists use the phrase, res ipsa loquitur, to describe this type of situation and the unavoidable conclusion. Please check out the author's photos and arguments for yourself!

In connection with the "Germans murdered 6M Jews" filthy blood libel, Rudolf raises two issues that are very important for modern nations:

1. Are human bodies self-cremating, i.e. can they be used as fuel?

2. Is it possible to eliminate 6M bodies with no trace?

Question #1 is very important for India, Japan, etc. and any country that cremates bodies rather than burying them. The Japanese annually spend billions of increasingly valuable Yen on imported fuel for cremations. Moreover, there are over 25,000 Japanese over the age of 100 who will soon need to be cremated. Let us find out from holocaust survivors how bodies were used as fuel in order to save a lot of money in the near future!

Question #2 raises important environmental issues. It would be possible to free up immeasurable amounts of land if bodies could be made to disappear without a trace.

The most interesting parts of the book for the general reader might well be the many cogent and brief analyses of issues surrounding the holyhoax. I list only a few:

1. the holocaust as a sociological taboo much stronger than any other taboo in pseudo-enlightened societies that pride themselves on not having any taboos [pp. 9-14]

2. the case of Dr. Carol Loftus [pp.348-351], the racist American Jew, who would not testify at the Demjanjuk Trial in Jerusalem. Her racism is more disgusting than that of the locust plague of professional holyhoax witness-liars. After all, these professional liars make a living off their deceit. For Loftus human rights are a "Is it good for Jews?" issue.

3. the modern holocaust show trials and medieval witch trials [413-416]: Rudolf lists c. 23 similarities and shows that the Stalin-type hoaxoco$t trials were and still are a throwback to pre-modern judicial proceedings and were essentially the same as the Moscow show trials of the 1930s.

4. the Demjanjuk Case and the vicious lies told and forgeries committed to give Israel another Eichmann-style shoah-business circus [pp.103-110]. And the ensuing petty revenge of American Jewry's elite in getting the victim re-deported back to the Ukraine.

5. The utterly phoney basis of democracy and human rights in the Federal Republic of Germany [pp.397-412]. In the early 1950s, West Germany got a so-called Basic Law but no constitution. The Basic Law required Germany to accept all the verdicts of the Allies' holocaust show trials so that the "hoax of the century" became the very foundation of today's Germany. Consequently, freedom of speech in Germany has a very Stalinesque twist, i.e. you can say anything you like as long as the government does not dislike it. So Germany is a HOG [Hoaxco$t Obsessed Government].

6. The extent to which racist Jewish holocaustomaniacs have willy-nilly become revisionists and then the shameless way in which they shift the blame for their own original lies onto Gentiles and finally claim for themselves the merit of having exposed the lie. Examples are the:

a. human-fat-into-soap lie,
b. human-skin-into-lampshades lie,
c. Wannsee-Conference-to-murder-Jews lie,
d. fable about the homocidal gas chambers.

Will the same psychotic Jewish elite eventually come forward to claim that the Germans made up the whole holyhoax story of 6M murdered Jews "to create a time bomb against the Jews"? [p. 177] They probably will!

At any rate, the Jewish misleaders' trick of falsely accusing others of making false accusations has been very shrewd and effective. I never understood this until Israel Shamir wrote about it in reference to the false charge attributed to Christians that Jews are responsible for the death of Christ. It has never been the teaching of mainline Christianity that Jews in general are responsible for Christ's death or for anything whatsoever. Each individual [Self-Chosen or Unchosen] is responsible only for his own actions according to Plato, Aristotle, and Christian teaching. Shamir points out that the Talmud teaches that Jews should be proud of having killed Christ who is supposed now boiling away in hell in excrement. The Jewish elite trick works like this: Make false accusations! Get caught? Falsely accuse others of having made the false accusations!


Dr. Joachim Hoffman wrote a 4-page "Expert Report" on Rudolf's "Dissecting the Holocaust." I am only a beginner in holocaustiana -not anywhere being an expert- and my most basic qualification for writing this review is that I attended eight years at a good grade school in the 1950s. In those years we intensely practiced all four basic arithmetic operations so we could not be fooled by anything as shallow and stupid as "holocaust arithmetic." If the components of a sum total go down, the sum total must go down. We were also taught, "Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!" and the right to self-defense against physical violence and outrageous lies. Have smaltzy professional hate-mongering hoaxoco$t liars fooled you? Do you need to defend yourself? Read Rudolf's Lectures on the Holocaust to answer those two important questions for yourself! This book is also a great detective story that makes Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie mysteries look positively boring.


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